Welcome back to Paradigm and the wonderfully painful world of the UWFI rules series. We saw the series kick off with a card of classic style fights and styles clashes, now it was time to continue the trend with a whole load of fresh faces, returning hands, and the return of the King of the division, Isaiah Broner as he puts the Heavy Hitters title on the line against Steve Peña. Alongside that, Tommy Vendetta takes on Joseph Alexander, BK Westbrook battles Alex Weir, Scarlett goes one-on-one with Jeffery John and the Fantastic Andey Ripley steps in to battle Brutus Dylan. There’s a lot to see so let’s dig into the action.

Let’s quickly go over the rules. UWFI is all based on shoot wrestling and points. Each fighter starts with a set number of points and will lose them based on rope breaks, knockdowns, and breaches of the rule set in intervals of 1-3 depending on the infraction. Victories can come from KOs, submissions, or losing all your points. There are no time limits, closed fists, no groin shots, and no intentional fighting outside the ring. The system is in place to make sure fights have winners and are as rapid, violent, and efficient as possible. Now let’s get to the fights.

Alex Weir defeated BK Westbrook via Spinning Wheel Kick KO

Up first tonight was another interesting clash of styles as the Athletic Aesthetic BK Westbrook came to Paradigm to show off his mat supremacy against the weaponised master of Tang Soo Do and Krav Maga, Alex Weir. We had two highly skilled competitors looking to prove their point against each other. This was a very fast and furious fight. After an early kicking contest, Westbrook realised he was at a disadvantage and took the fight to the mat. They scramble to maintain holds and Westbrook switched between locking up Weir’s arms and trying to break his legs. Weir kicked him off and after causing some separation with an up kick, KO’ed Westbrook with a Spinning Wheel Kick. It was quick, efficient, and allowed the Intergalactic Mat Maverick to show off his incredible mat technique as Weir showed of his defences before wrecking Westbrook with one of the most devastating kicks I have ever seen. What an opening contest, both men should be happy with this one.

Brutus Dylan defeated Andey Ripley via Ground and Pound KO

This next match was a tad unfortunate. Andey Ripley had stepped in last-minute to battle one of the new monsters of the company in the Mastodon Brutus Dylan. Ripley was out-sized by a large margin but that wasn’t going to stop them from bringing the fight to Dylan. Ripley tried to charge but they met a brick wall that couldn’t be moved. Dylan let them try for a few more seconds, then hoisted Ripley up to powerbomb them down and took the win with a flurry of ground and pound elbows. The match lasted less than 30 seconds and didn’t really give Ripley a chance to show off but it definitely established Dylan as a monstrous threat to a division. A pre-30 second knockout is a lot to fear. If he doesn’t become a predominant threat in this division, I’ll be bloody surprised. The guy is built like a monster and hits like one too. I definitely want to see Ripley get a proper match too.

Scarlett defeated Jeffery John via Kata Ha Jime

Ah, Jeffery John never gets an easy ride when it comes to wrestling. The fighting model has continuously been tested around the wrestling world and this was going to be no exception. He was coming into this fight with the most UWFI experience but he was in the ring with Scarlett, another heavy hitter and berserker being brought into the division. John started nonchalantly as he disrobed and tried for a crafty charge but was levelled with a German. Realising that approach wouldn’t work, he went for Scarlett’s legs, dropped her on her head with a slam, and tried to lock on a Guillotine. Scarlett powered up and broke the hold with a spinebuster and forced John to the ropes by delivering hammer blows. The pair collided with headbutts and targeted shots and John rocked Scarlett with a decapitator lariat. Scarlett was quickly back up and even more fired up, locking her hooks around his neck and putting him to sleep with a modified Kata Ha Jime. Again, this was fast, furious, and very heavy. Scarlett broke the debut curse and won her debut, putting one of the UWFI roster mainstays to sleep. It was a wild fight and now, there are definitely a few opponents I’d love to see Scarlett fight, mainly Big Beef, Max the Impaler, and the Mad Dog Connelly.

REWIND: Alex Kane defeated Levi Everett via Mark of Kane

It was time for some history as Paradigm returned to the 2nd PPW Fighting Spirit Grand Prix and the debut of Alex Kane, the Suplex Assassin. He had impressed the day before at a Dan Severn seminar so the Paradigm office had put him on the card against the Amish Warrior Levi Everett. We know what Kane is capable of so let’s revisit the match that brought him to the dance, to begin with. They started with some amateur grappling and Kane hitting Gator Rolls before Levi dumped Kane with a headbutt. Kane beat the count and returned to the grappling but Levi dropped him again with a shotgun dropkick and started dropping blows into Kane’s head and back. Kane slid behind Everett, elbowed him in the head, and killed him off with the Mark of Kane. It was quick, brutal, and showed Kane has always been the killer we know he is. This was his first shift and he gave Levi all that work.

Tommy Vendetta defeated Joseph Alexander via Backpack Buckle DVD

Following that bit of time travel, we got into the most hyped fight of the series. Two new members were about to go to war and it was going to get ugly. We had the Loveable Psychopath Tommy Vendetta, a hard-hitting deathmatch expert taking on Joseph Alexander, an A-Game bringing shooter. Once again, styles clashes make the best matches and these two couldn’t be more different. It started well as Vendetta offered a handshake and socked Alexander in the mouth for accepting it. Alexander threw him for that and ran right into a knee lift, nearly knocking him out. Vendetta tried to keep attacking but Alexander hoisted him up for a wrestling slam and an Ankle Lock. Vendetta kicked free of that but couldn’t escape as Alexander trapped him again, this time in a Rear-Naked Choke. Vendetta struggled to his feet, held Alexander in the backpack position, and dived into the buckles with a DVD. Alexander was down and Vendetta finished the job with ground and pound shots. Just like that, it was over. Vendetta scored a KO victory after an explosive sprint of a fight. Alexander had every technical advantage and displayed incredible classic wrestling skill but just wasn’t ready for the sneakiness or tenacity of Vendetta. What a fight. Oh, and bonus, the whole fight is available on Paradigm’s Twitter.

Heavy Hitters Title: Isaiah Broner defeated Steve Peña via Back Elbow KO

Last but not least, the main event. Isaiah Broner was back in action and ready to defend the Heavy Hitters championship. We all know Broner is the king of knocking people out but was he ready for the grappling challenge that Steve Peña was about to give him? There was only one way to find out. They collided instantly as Broner charged Peña into a corner for heavy shots and a German. Peña found his feet and locked up again, getting the better of Broner with a Saito. Peña took the fight to the mat and tried to keep Broner locked down but Broner just knocked him senseless with a stiff elbow. Broner tried to follow up with the killing blow but Peña was lying in wait and locked on a Triangle. Broner powered through and just dropped Peña, giving him a very rough landing. He got to his feet a final time and stunned Broner with a knee but Broner quickly shook it off and turned Peña’s lights off with a back elbow. Peña was out and Broner had successfully retained his title again. Peña held his own well here, using brains and brawn to try and keep Broner down but fell to the lethal striking ability. No matter how good a fight looks like it’s going Broner can end it in a second. As of now, the company is still his bitch and no one seems able to stop him.

All images courtesy of Paradigm

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