Here was the case. Let’s look back at the Hard To Kill review. It would be a shame to say any bad thing on such a great PPV. But here came a new threat. While Jonathan Gresham was there to defend and honour the ROH World Championship belt, a group of former ROH talents (all of them are free agents, excepted PCO who’s now signed by Impact Wrestling) invaded the Impact Zone, attacked the winners of the 10-Man Hardcore bout and made sure they could find a place for mayhem and RETRIBUTION. Matt Taven clearly said he and Bennett would target the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship. As I told you on Sunday, what’s next is a question that was remaining unanswered. Maybe tonight, we will have these answers… The case continues…
On the menu this week, from Dallas, Texas, ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo will put both titles on the line in a Winner Takes All Match. “Speedball” Mike Bailey will make his IMPACT debut against Jake Something, Chris Bey will face off Laredo Kid. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Tom Hannifan were on commentary. On ‘BTI’, Black Taurus defeated Matt Rehwoldt. 

  • Backstage, W. Morrissey was trying to find Moose. He headed to the ring, told Moose to get his ass out here. Morrissey said Moose calls himself the god of pro-wrestling but he’s walking around with a title he doesn’t deserve and he stole. Moose will do anything to keep the title, including hiding from him backstage. Morrissey said for once in Moose’s entire life have the balls to face somebody man to man. Unless Moose wanted to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life he had better give him a world title match tonight.
  • Moose appeared on the screen and said he didn’t think Morrissey was the complaining type but he already showed the world he’s the best world champion at Hard to Kill. Moose said there will be a World Title match tonight but it won’t feature Morrisey, it’ll feature someone Moose thinks deserves a World Title shot. He told Morrissey to get to the back of the line and wait. Morrissey told Moose he won’t make it to his world title match tonight and stormed off to the back. Scott D’Amore caught him backstage and told Morrissey he doesn’t have to like it but he needs to deal with it. D’Amore told Morrisey he understands his frustration but he cannot interfere in this title match tonight. Morrissey started to complain but D’Amore was cut off by someone on the headset.

  • At ringside, Matt Taven was stealing the headset from D’Lo. D’Lo got mad and went to beat up Taven but he got jumped by Vincent and Mike Bennett. Bennett and Vincent set D’Lo on a table and Taven did commentary to D’Lo getting put through a table. PCO had to hit 2 cannonballs onto D’Lo to break the table. Taven talked trash to Tom Hannifan and called him Tom Newname. Referees came to check on D’Lo.

  • Rok-C highlight video.
  • Laredo Kid defeated Chris Bey. X-Division Champion Trey Miguel was on commentary.

  • Backstage, Rich Swann was with Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack. They were all pissed about the (former) ROH rogue group. Eddie told the group they need to split up and get to them before they get to anybody else. Willie Mack reminded Eddie that he’s the only one who doesn’t have a partner. Eddie hyped the group up and Rhino was ready to go. They all walked off to take care of the ROH group. “Let’s find them and rip them apart.” Well said, Rhino.
  • “Brian Myers Presents: How to Be a Professional Wrestler”- Chapter 71: Making a Comeback – Myers told Zicky Dice and VSK that they’d embarrassed him. They are about to get cut if they don’t impress him. Zicky Dice said will it be impressive if he becomes world champion? They asked if he’s the one facing Moose. He said Moose saw something in him. Myers told him Moose mostly saw a night off. Zicky got a pizza (the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen…) delivered to him and said he eats whenever he has a big match. Myers and VSK took some pizza and said they’ll be there to watch his match later. Meanwhile, Tom Hannifan said he’s been here for a week and has no idea what the hell is going on if Zicky is facing Moose…
  • “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Jake Something. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton were on commentary.

  • Backstage, The Good Brothers were backstage with VBD and said they grouped up to beat two of the best teams in Impact and they didn’t get it done, so what are they doing together? Eric Young was annoyed by that but said that allowing Doering and Doc to work together helped everyone. Heath and Rhino just happened to be hurt like five feet away from everyone, so Karl and Doc went to check on them. Two people left to go get help and then The Good Brothers and VBD jumped on Heath and Rhino.
  • A sit-down interview with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. Gia Miller asked them if anything changed as they both were unsuccessful at HTK. Cardona said he realizes how rare it was to get a chance at the Impact title and he lost, so no excuses, but he’s going to stay “Alwayz Ready.” Matt said he’s going to do everything he needs to in order to create new opportunities. Chelsea said Matt was too modest and deserved to win his match, he did everything he needed to. Chelsea said she also deserved to win her match and let it slip through her fingers. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans walked up and told Gia to get out of here. Tasha told Chelsea she lost because Tasha took it right from her fingers, that’s what you do when you’re a winner. She told Chelsea it must be hard to wake up every day next to a loser like Matt. Matt and Tasha get in each other’s faces and Chelsea challenged her to a match. Tasha went to walk off but Chelsea shoved her and told her to ‘think about it winner’ before walking away.
  • Masha Slamovich demolished Vert Vixen in like a minute. Josh Alexander made his way to the ring as she was coming backstage. Nice glance.

  • In the ring, Josh Alexander said he’s been told to get his emotions in check. First, it was Suzuki, then JONAH, he’s been spitting up blood and been through hell but never lost focus. He said the image of what Moose did to him in front of his wife and child will be burnt into his skull forever. Josh said Moose has no problem handing out championship matches to anyone who asks because he’s avoiding the one true challenge in this company. If Moose intends on wrestling in that ring tonight, he’s only going to do so when he goes through Josh. If he doesn’t get his championship match, then he has to think if Impact’s the best place for him to be. Josh was cut off by Charlie Haas (that’s when you remember you’re 42…).
  • Haas stared down at Josh, introduced himself to Josh and the audience because it’s the first time he’s even been in an IMPACT ring. He tells Josh he’s one hell of a wrestler, they have a lot of the same traits and both worked so hard to learn every hold, every counter and every counter to every counter. He was part of one of the World greatest tag teams (with Shelton Benjamin), and Josh was part of one of the best tag teams… on IMPACT. Josh is the pinnacle and Haas knows he has a lot left in the tank. Haas issued Josh a challenge to a match.
  • Josh says everyone knows who he is, he’s one of the best amateur and professional wrestlers of all time. He said it would be an honour to step foot in the ring with Charlie, but he’s had obstacles and excuses constantly put in his way. He wants to win the title first or Charlie’s just going to be an obstacle in his way. Charlie said Josh has it twisted he’d be an obstacle in his way. Haas hit Josh with a right hand and a brawl broke out. Security hit the ring to break up the fight. Haas headed to the back, told Josh he’s coming for him, Josh replied if Charlie wants the match, he’s not afraid of a fight so he’s got the match.

  • Backstage, Mickie James came to meet Rok-C. Rok-C said she appreciates Mickie coming to talk to her because the locker room felt cold with all the ROH issues but Mickie made her feel welcome. Mickie said boys will be boys but they’re fine. Rok-C told Mickie she was there to watch her match at Hard to Kill. Mickie thanked her and told her that she came to warn her about Deonna. She said Deonna is not afraid to go to any level to stay champion, so be careful. Rok-C thanked Mickie for the advice.
  • IMPACT World Champion Moose defeated Zicky Dice w/ VSK and Brian Myers in 15 seconds. Myers was on commentary. Moose wrestled in his suit. After the match, W. Morrissey rushed and attacked Moose, then Zicky and VSK. Moose was watching from the ramp and Myers never moved from the announce table.

  • Backstage, we saw Morrissey running after Moose who was fleeing in his car.
  • Scott D’Amore was on commentary and explained that Gresham and Rok-C are here as representatives of ROH. He’s talked to ROH executives to confirm that but he mentioned the Rogue group and said they came here on their own, not on behalf of ROH. He also said Impact Wrestling has an open-door policy, so Haas is welcomed. Meanwhile, Singh was begging for respect in the ring. He added he doesn’t care about fighting the smallest like the biggest… JONAH defeated Raj Singh in like 2 minutes.

  • Backstage, The Influence and Kaleb with a K told the IInspiration to get ready for their match and stop trying to rip off their show. They brought up the Decay who walked up on The Influence and challenge them to a match for next week. Before they can respond, someone busted through a door and called for help for Eddie Edwards.

  • Backstage, Jonathan Gresham told Gia Miller he has nothing to do with the (former) ROH guys invading them. He told them that he has to let them know that there was a war going on in ROH before they closed and he needs us to know the pure wrestlers won. Maclin came up and said that it sounds like a lie because there’s no honour in turning your back on your brothers. Gresham said he is HONOR and challenged Maclin to a match, but an ROH title match only under pure rules. Maclin said you’re on.

  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rok-C to become ROH Women’s World Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. Ian Riccaboni and Matt Rehwoldt were on commentary. Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer.

  • After the match, Maria and The Renegades came and attacked Rehwoldt, then Swann and Mack. They posed as the show ended.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey

Bey laid into Laredo Kid with some strikes to start the match. Bey got Laredo into the corner and went for a chop but Laredo ducked it and got Bey into the corner. Bey took a couple of chops from Laredo before sending him into the opposing corner. Laredo Kid connected with a springboard forearm and dropped Bey. Bey went back to his feet but Laredo hit him with a hurricanrana and a springboard dive to Bey on the outside of the ring. Laredo Kid threw Bey back into the ring but he spun through into a kick and dropped Laredo Kid. Bey climbed the ropes and hit a moonsault to the outside on Laredo Kid. Back from commercial break, Bey was still in control and covered Laredo Kid after a twisting uppercut to the back. Bey continued to lay into Laredo Kid with boots to the chest and tossed Kid into the corner but ran into a boot, then a forearm from Laredo Kid. Bey again charged in the corner but ate the double knees from Kid. Bey dropped Kid and hit him with an elbow drop to the back of the neck. Bey strangled the eyes and the referee finally called for a break, even though Laredo Kid was mixed up in the ropes. Bey tossed Laredo Kid to the outside.

Bey connected with a chop to Laredo Kid on the outside and Bey continued to go back and forth with Trey. Trey’s commentary got Bey distracted as he had Laredo Kid on the apron. Laredo Kid dropped Bey onto the top ropes and onto his own back. Bey fell to the ground. Laredo Kid made up for it by hitting a Tope on Bey outside of the ring. Laredo tossed Bey into the corner and hit him with a running forearm and a moonsault. The crowd called for one more and Laredo Kid gave them what they want. Bey and Kid went to their feet and exchanged forearms, Laredo Kid sent Bey to the outside but Bey caught him and sent him into the middle turnbuckle. Laredo Kid charged Bey and ran right into a spinebuster. Bey hit a brainbuster. Laredo Kid charged Bey into the corner and slapped him in the face. He followed up with a forearm before setting Bey onto the top rope. Bey dropped Laredo Kid off the top rope. Laredo fought back and caught Bey on the top rope. Laredo Kid hit Bey with the Spanish fly for the win.

– Winner Takes All Match: Rok-C vs Deonna Purrazzo

Rok-C with a headlock early but Deonna shoved her into the ropes, Rok-C followed with a shoulder block, dropping Deonna. Rok-C with a cartwheel over Deonna and copied her taunt. Rok-C looked for a German suplex but Deonna fought out. Rok-C looked for the Rok-Lock but Deonna slid out of the ring. Back from commercial break, Rok-C hit an arm drag into the rok-knees. Rok-C with a chop and grabbed Deonna’s hand to help her as she ran up the ropes. Deonna shoved her off the top rope to the outside. Rok-C crawled back into the ring just before the ten-count and Deonna started to work over the arm. Deonna slammed Rok-C onto the mat shoulder first. Rok-C crawled to the corner and Deonna used the bottom rope to work over the arm before kicking the rope to cause further impact to the arm. Deonna pulled Rok-C to the centre of the ring and stomped on her forearm.

Rok-C fired away with forearms that sent Deonna into the corner. Rok-C sent Deonna into the opposing corner but she ran out and we get a lockup that ends with Rok-C’s arm getting bent backwards on the mat. Deonna uses her knee brace across the face of Rok-C before locking her in a submission hold to wear out Rok-C. Rok-C reversed out and sent Deonna to the mat. Deonna went for a Spear on Rok-C in the corner but she moved and Deonna went shoulder-first into the ring post. Both women were back to their feet and Rok-C dropped Deonna with a boot in the corner. Rok-C off the middle rope into a Thesz press and laid into Deonna with rights and lefts. Rok-C dropped Deonna and locked in the Rok-Lock but apparently, her arm gave out and she let go of the submission. Rok-C went back after Deonna but again, she was slammed shoulder-first into the ring.

Deonna continued with a side Russian leg sweep and locked in a Fujiwara armbar. Rok-C hit a Code Red, went for another but Deonna countered out and locked in the Fujiwara armbar again. Rok-C rolled Deonna through and locked in the Rok-Lock. Deonna refused to tap and crawled to the bottom rope but Rok-C rolled her through to the centre. It allowed Deonna to reverse into the Fujiwara armbar and Rok-C was trapped. Deonna wrenched back on her arm and Rok-C just stared. She started to fade and the referee went to call it but Rok-C grabbed the ref’s leg to stop him. Deonna punched at her arm to pull her off the referee and locks in the Venus de Milo. Rok-C was finally forced to submit.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

I wanted to tell you about the flood of prostate meds ads on AXS TV… But I honestly have a problem with the good ROH, the bad ROH… First of all, no wrestler can be said to be ROH right now because the company is on hiatus and released all its talents. Then, PCO was a free agent way before the hiatus and it was confirmed he signed with Impact Wrestling. Ring Of Honor is back on April 1st, and it’s not a joke, we’ll see who will be in the ring at that time.

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Coming and going… And invading…

Rohit Raju, Fallah Bahh, Mercedes Martinez left the company, PCO signed, Charlie Haas is in. And Matt Taven, Maria, Mike Bennett and Vincent invaded the Impact Zone… This is a normal life, isn’t it?

– La Assolute (The Absolut One)

Less than 2 years ago, Deonna Purrazzo was a name on a list of wrestlers released by WWE, another talent who’s been barely given a chance. Today, Deonna Purrazzo is a former 2-time Knockouts Champion, a first-ever Iron Woman, AAA Reina de Reinas Champion (the third from Impact Wrestling, I think) and ROH Women’s World Champion. She really represents the company’s audacity to bet on the right talents and let them shine. The Era of The Virtuosa may be on, we have now reached the perfect pitch (absolute ear in French).

To be eNYGMAtic…

The fallout episodes from a PPV are usually not the best ones, because they’re all about revenge and celebrations. Not this time. Some matches were short (very short) but there was some revenge on the menu. Not a lot of promos, just enough to set some matches up. We were strictly in the same vibe as the PPV and that was very cool. These FORMER ROH guys have been doing quite a mess… Don’t forget, the case continues…
On this “Nygma Will Turn ROH-Red” note, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fight Network, Fite TV, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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