Welcome back to Paradigm and to another action-packed shoot fight masterclass. The UWFI series is chugging along nicely and continues to introduce new people to the world and ruleset of the UWFI. We have more disciplined, brutal fights to enjoy as episode three provides another six hard-hitting encounters. Josh Crane steps up to take on Tanner Keeler, Persia Pierce takes the fight to Victor Analog, Ronnie the Shooter returns to take on Mayhem, Dustin Leonard looks to school Irving West, Vincent Nothing wars with George Broman Jr, and in the main event, Big Beef Gnarls Garvin gets one of his toughest and most handsome challengers in Max ZERO. There’s a lot of action to enjoy so let’s dive in.

Let’s quickly go over the rules. UWFI is all based on shoot wrestling and points. Each fighter starts with a set number of points and will lose them based on rope breaks, knockdowns, and breaches of the rule set in intervals of 1-3 depending on the infraction. Victories can come from KOs, submissions, or through losing all your points. There are no time limits, closed fists, no groin shots, and no intentional fighting outside the ring. The system is in place to make sure fights have winners and are as rapid, violent, and efficient as possible. Now let’s get to the fights.

Josh Crane defeated Tanner Keeler via Cut Throat Suplex

Up first was the return of the BJW standout and all-around wrestling master Josh Crane as he made his big UWFI contenders’ debut against the amateur wrestling elite Tanner Keeler. There were few better ways to start the show as this was going to be a bout of beef and throwing bodies. Crane has made it through the deathmatch world and embodies the Danger lifestyle brought forward by Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, so this was going to be fun for him. Keeler surprised Crane early on with a duo of wrestling slams and ground-based locks. He had Crane reeling and seemed to be able to tank through the strikes Crane was throwing. Disaster struck as he went for a third and ate a scathing back elbow. Crane connected with another deadly forearm and ended things with a Cut Throat Variant of the Regal-Plex. It was a devastating manoeuvre and knocked Keeler out. Crane made his statement in seconds as he took what Keeler had thrown at him and ended things in a very nasty fashion. Again, Keeler looked like a pro but all it took was a single, destructive move to end things.

Victor Analog defeated Persia Pierce via Running Knee KO

The action continued with Victor Analog returning to PPW. He was being welcomed back by the MMA-infused grappler Persia Pierce. Both were chasing UWFI wins so this was going to be a hard-hitting affair. They opened with cagey kicks and Pierce quickly scored her first knockdown with a roundhouse. Pierce kept up the pressure with a slam and scrambled around Analog to try and secure a mount. Analog went to the ropes and struck Pierce across the head before dumping her with a Saito Suplex. Pierce beat the ten-count and caught Analog by surprise with a Triangle. Analog ruined the hold though with a swift powerbomb and knocked out Pierce with a running knee. It had been a competitive bout but it had come up roses for Analog. He’d been wrapped up and knocked down but he’d fought through and delivered the killing blow. He’s just getting started too as he’s here to knock people out and rot your brain.

Ron “the Shooter” Mathis (w/Officially Licenced Manager Bruce Grey) defeated Mayhem via Rear-Naked Choke

The returns kept coming as Shooter Ronnie returned to the UWFI rules to teach these young ’uns something. This time he was taking on the newly-debuting Mayhem. I knew very little of Mayhem but it was going to be fun to see him tangle with the master of white-trash grasps and the current Brass Knuckles champion. Mayhem tried to throw hands but the Shooter just dodged and threw Mayhem overhead with the SOS. Mayhem jumped into a choke but Mathis just threw him overhead again and launched him across the ring with a Suplex. This continued as Mathis took Mayhem to SOS and Suplex City with repeated tosses and Suplexes. If he’d held off for a second it would have gone to points but instead, he locked on a choke and Mayhem tapped out. This was Mathis’ most impressive UWFI match to date. Despite having a goofy old-school attitude for his character, he was all business in the ring and quickly mauled Mayhem. Mathis is the top guy and is carrying that mantle going into his three stages of hell match with Bobby Beverly at Room Two Thirty-Seven. This verbal sparring led to a standoff as all three members of WTF stared down Beverly, Gregory Iron, and their friend, Vincent Nothing.

Dustin Leonard defeated Irving West via STF

It was time for something a bit more disciplined. It was time for Dustin Leonard and his annoying entourage get into action and once again show his BJJ dominance. This time his canvas for brutality was going to be Irving West. This was an excellent chance for the Floral Prince to step up and he was definitely going to take full advantage. West had a huge bullseye painted on him due to bandaged ribs and Leonard went right after them with knees. Leonard tossed West aside and dropped him again with a Back Suplex. West struck back with headbutts and knocked Leonard to the mat but made the mistake of following him down and quickly got wrapped up. Leonard dragged West up and quickly sent him back down by rolling him into an STF. West quickly tapped and Leonard had racked up yet another UWFI win. West had tried but he’d been thrown to the wolves here. His head had been his deadliest weapon but the second Leonard smelled any kind of blood in the water, he’d taken it. Leonard’s track record speaks for itself, now he wants what he’s earned. Will Paradigm give him it though?

Vincent Nothing (w/Bobby Beverly & Gregory Iron) defeated George Broman Jr. via Execution Head Kick

This is the scary one. Vincent Nothing is terrifying. Not only is he an intimidating presence, but he also has all the wrestling and fighting credentials to kill almost anyone. George Broman Jr. was in for a tough debut as he was going to have to rely on all his tools to escape this one unscathed. This was very quick and competitive with Broman trying to use his wealth of techniques and styles to overwhelm Nothing but couldn’t quite top the size disparity. Nothing hit hard and selectively, leaving a mark with a thrown kidney kick and grappled with Broman before throwing him with a German and turning out the lights with an Execution head kick. He’d left Broman on his knees and straight-up decapitated him with that ending kick. It had been quick and merciless as Nothing played with his food, then ended things. He’s a scary contender for sure and when the time comes, his Heavy Hitters title match is going to push whoever holds that belt to the limit. Nothing is here to bring change and I wouldn’t like to be the one on the receiving end of that change.

Big Beef Gnarls Garvin defeated Max ZERO via Lariat

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for a battle of Beauty and the Beef as the Himboss got his first UWFI main event against the monster of the IUWFI division, Gnarls Garvin big beef. Few have toppled Beef and fewer have been able to intimidate him. ZERO had the size and strength but could he match Beef’s brutality and sheer invincibility? They locked up and ZERO was able to manhandle Beef and drag him to the mat for a choke. Beef used the ropes to escape and locked up again, this time managing to get the better of ZERO and forcing him to the ropes. They had another test of strength and ZERO woke Beef up with a shot to the face. The pair traded shots and ZERO cinched in a bearhug for a belly-to-belly that shook the ring on impact. ZERO rained down blows but Beef wouldn’t stay down and threw blows back up at ZERO. In retaliation, ZERO muscled Beef up and threw him overhead with a T-Bone. ZERO woke Beef up with palm strikes and the pair just kept throwing bombs at each other. Beef caught a kick and took out ZERO with one final strike into a lethal clothesline. ZERO had had Beef’s number for the whole match but all that rage built in Beef and he took the win with an absolutely hellacious lariat. Both guys looked great in this one, putting on a compelling grappling and striking bout with Beef having to withstand that Himboss power to get the win. Goddamn, that lariat had the power to drop a grizzly bear. Even with all these wins, Beef only wants one man, Lord Crewe.

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