Welcome back to MLW and the continuation of Cesar Duran’s ultimate violence parade. The Wishmaster of MLW has been granting people what they want and demanding absolute loyalty back as he looks to use his influence to take over the wrestling world. The easiest way to do this is violence, glorious beautiful violence. In today’s show, we’d see Mads Krügger appease Duran and Karlee Perez by taking on Bestia 666 in a Tijuana Streetfight, 5150 defend their MLW Tag Titles against Aerostar and Drago, Pagano ambushes Richard Holliday in a Barrio Street brawl and we get more incredible Lucha action as Toto takes on Proximo. Let’s get into the carnage.

MLW Tag Team Titles: 5150 (Slice Boogie & Rivera) defeated Aerostar & Drago via 456 Head-Crack to Aerostar

Up first tonight was more Tag Title action. 5150 have been fighting champs and now they were granting a challenge to a pair that had been brawling with them the past two weeks, Aerostar and Drago. These two teams brawled last week, brawled before the show, and were now going to scrap in-ring. It opened with another brawl but Aerostar and Drago quickly got the better of the champs with dives and a unique cannonball from Aerostar. Rivera hit back and 5150 quickly retook control with a springboard German on Aerostar. They kept beating down their victims as Aerostar ate a multitude of heavy shots and Drago was continuously knocked off the apron. It was merciless as these two dished out every bit of annoyance Aerostar had given them. Aerostar made his escape but momentum refused to shift as Boogie and Rivera just dominated Drago too. 5150 were just having fun at the Luchadors’ expense. They struck back with a launchpad cutter and kept hitting inventive double-team combos on 5150 until Boogie spoiled the party. 5150 did the same to Drago and despite Aerostar’s high-flying acumen, Rivera knocked him loopy and the pair finished him off with the 456 Head-crack. Once again, 5150 had mostly dominated another Tag Title match. The duo had managed to vent frustrations, control their foes and send another message to the MLW tag team scene. This was an excellent Lucha-infused tag bout that opened the show right.

Proximo defeated Toto via Springboard Spanish Fly

After the tag team chaos, it was time for a Lucha Showcase. The Crash was hosting MLW for this leg of the tour so it was only fair some of their stars got to shine. Enter Toto and Proximo, two guys ready to tear the house down. Toto is the Crash Junior Champion so this could be a massive win for Proximo if he could pull it off. Proximo had the experience edge but would it trump Toto’s energy? This opened quickly with kicks and dives as Toto managed to rebound off a handspring and land a German. Proximo took a breather on the outside and picked the pace up with a Tijeras. Proximo rope-walked into an arm-drag and followed Toto to the outside, only to get caught into a destroyer on the ramp. Toto kept the pressure on with a slam but Proximo scored big with another Tijeras. Toto’s leg gave way and his counter efforts were blocked as Proximo knocked him outside for an explosive Tope con Giro that launched him into the first row. Toto shook that off and slammed Proximo down again but got stunned on the top and dumped down with a Springboard Spanish Fly. Proximo craftily gained extra leverage by putting his foot on the ropes, and secured the win. He’d scored a big win over the current champion in an absolute sprint of a match that made both guys look like stars. It was fast, furious, and certainly kept the energy up in the building.

Barrio Street Brawl: Pagano defeated Richard Holliday via Ripcord Lariat

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Richard Holliday. First, he ends up dealing with the authorities then he has to rescue Hammerstone, and now, he’d been locked into a battle with the demonic clown Pagano. Holliday was terrified but he’d stepped up, hyped himself up on coffee, and was now in his street fighting gear after a team meeting with Hammerstone and Alicia Atout. He had been led to a fighting pit and Duran unleashed hit pit bull Pagano on him. They traded fists and chair shots around the pit as Holliday gained momentum when Pagano cracked his hand off a pole. Pagano didn’t appreciate Holliday trying to grind his head into a railing so lit him up with a stiff combo and dragged him outside as an ad break hit. When the feed returned, they’d fought out of the pit, through the gate, and were brawling on a rooftop. Holliday had the edge as he had smashed Pagano off a door and was ready to kill him off with a chair shot when he got fixated on Duran. He started making a move on the boss so the Azteca goon reffing this one choked him out and Pagano KO’ed him with a ripcord lariat. All props to Richard Holliday, he held his own in a fight he had no idea about. He traded well with Pagano but the deck was rigged and the boss got the last laugh. This was pretty nasty and a nice slice of cinematic brawling chaos.

Between the matches:

  • The show opened with a confrontation between Hammerstone and Duran as Emilio Sparks captured the first moments after Hammerstone’s escape. Hammerstone can’t do anything to Duran or he loses his belt.
  • Following his big win last week, Alex Kane had snagged a new sponsor, a t-shirt deal with Crybaby Calvin with 1% of profits aiding Calvin Tankman with his return for their eventual fight.
  • Something or someone is coming as there is an hourglass counting down to destruction. Based on previous encounters, I can take an educated guess as to who this will be.
  • We got more news on the Davey Richards attack. The league is still investigating the attack and theft but in good news for Davey Richards, he’ll go one-on-one with Alexander Hammerstone for the World Heavyweight Title in the Superfight Charlotte main event, if Hammerstone keeps the title. (Did you know SC interviewed Davey Richards? Read HERE)
  • The Von Erichs dropped another promo video but as we know, the Von Erichs tested positive for COVID and won’t be in Dallas until they return in March as they’re on the COVID reserve list.
  • We got a behind-the-scenes look at Jacob Fatu. Since the CONTRA breakup, he’s been AWOL and now he was ready to open up about his wrestling history. We only know the Samoan Werewolf, now we’re learning more about the man behind it. It was very honest and very emotional as we learned wrestling helped turn his life around.
  • Next week, the AAA Mega Championship is on the line as El Hijo del Vikingo battles Aramis.

Tijuana Streetfight: Mads Krügger defeated Bestia 666 via Chair Landed Full-Nelson Facebuster

Last but not least, the main event. Mads Krügger was back in action after the CONTRA breakup and was about to do his bit for El Jefe. He wants Jacob Fatu at all costs and now, he was going to earn it by getting into a streetfight with the Tijuana Gremlin Bestia 666. This was going to get ugly as it would be strength vs pure hardcore insanity. It started quickly as the two collided for heavy shots and Bestia used his speed to avoid Krügger’s attacks. Krügger didn’t appreciate the showmanship and dragged Bestia down by his hair then started to methodically destroy his foe. Bestia managed to hang Krügger up in the ropes and kicked the monster to the floor. Krügger caught Bestia’s dive but couldn’t follow up as Bestia countered an apron Chokeslam into a Tijeras to the floor. Bestia started throwing chairs but they were having little to no effect on Krügger. He tanked a chair to the dome and broke it over Bestia’s back, raining down more nasty shots and an apron backdrop. He kept the pain coming with an apron leg drop and emptied more weapons into the ring. Bestia charged into a boot and both guys took cookie sheet shots to the skull. Bestia had the monster rocked and started attacking him with a cheese grater, carving up his chest and back. Krügger shook this off and gave a little nod to the God of this Shit by hitting the Chokebreaker. The show cut to ads and returned to Krügger getting knocked out of a dive by a chair shot to the head. Krügger ate more chair shots and got his throat crushed with a chair-trapped ring-post collision.

Bestia threw Krügger back into the ring and went back at him with the cheese grater. The fight went to the top and Bestia succeeded in the mammoth task of launching Krügger with a head-scissor. He set up another chair and prepared to end things but Krügger tanked the running knees and ended things with that hideous Facebuster onto the chair. Krügger had taken the win and once again proven just how tough he was. The plunder was out in force and even that hadn’t phased him. He upheld his part of the bargain, now it’s time for Duran and Perez to pay up and give us all the fight we want to see, Krügger vs Fatu. If it’s anything like this, I’m going to love it. This rocked, I love seeing Bestia 666 get unleashed and Krügger is still a total monster.

All images courtesy of MLW, video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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