Welcome back to Paradigm Pro and the continuation of the UWFI Contenders series. This train just keeps on a-rolling as the company has a wealth of UWFI-infused shoot-style fights to share with us all. We’ve seen some strong contenders for Match of the series already but tonight’s show boasted not one but two that could topple them all. Firstly, there was MERC making his Paradigm return to squash some dissidents and beat the hell out of Bobby Beverly, and in the main event slot, we were getting a new ruleset as Jordan Blade defended her Super Middleweight Title against Trish Adora under Combat Fight Unlimited rules. Alongside that, we’d have Tyler Voxx returning to the rule-set against Pete Youngblood, Jeffery John vs Gorgeous Morgan Taylor and, the Locksmith Brandon Williams making his big return against Chris Lyons. Let’s get into the action… after these messages.

Let’s quickly go over the rules. UWFI is all based on shoot wrestling and points. Each fighter starts with a set number of points and will lose them based on rope breaks, knockdowns, and breaches of the rule set in intervals of 1-3 depending on the infraction. Victories can come from KOs, submissions, or losing all your points. There are no time limits, closed fists, no groin shots, and no intentional fighting outside the ring. The system is in place to make sure fights have winners and are as rapid, violent, and efficient as possible. Now let’s get to the fights.

Pete Youngblood defeated Tyler Voxx (w/Ohio State Karate Champion Bruce Grey) via Southern Lariat KO

Tonight started with some trash, DDTrash. Tyler Voxx was opening his second episode of the series and he was once again being seconded by friend and Ohio State Karate Champion Bruce Grey. This time he was doing battle with the explosive grappler Pete Youngblood. Would he get the win here or was he going to taste the bitter sting of defeat again? Sadly, history repeated itself for Voxx as he came out hot and got the early knockdown with high knees into a Saito but that was all that he got as Youngblood recovered, winded him with palm strikes, and took his head off with a lariat. It was game, set, and match to Youngblood in just around a minute. Youngblood didn’t brag or hang about, deciding to quickly depart as everyone attended to Voxx, only talking on the ramp for a quick I told you. I love the Lycan but he is really getting wrecked by these UWFI matches. As per, we opened with a quick, sharp shock to kick off proceedings.

Jeffery John defeated Gorgeous Morgan Taylor via Cartwheel Koppu Kick

Oh no, it was Jeffery John again. It was supposed to be the year of the Babushka Baron but so far, everyone was out to sabotage that. First, it had been Scarlett putting him to sleep, now it could potentially be Gorgeous Morgan Taylor turning off the lights. Taylor was taking his first steps into the UWFI rules so this could be another case of most people losing in their debut. Taylor did not break that rule as this was the match John chose to reassert his dominance under this ruleset. He was at a size disadvantage but didn’t let this stop him as he ducked, weaved, and dropped Taylor on his head. This proved to be a very competitive match as Taylor got his licks in and kept trying to catch out John but couldn’t quite land that killing blow. He almost sealed the deal with a spinning backhand but John was able to rebound into a Cartwheel Koppu Kick and seal the deal, knocking Taylor’s lights out. Now, this is the Jeffery John that earned the UWFI spot. He was focused, efficient, and still had that confidence you’d expect of him. It was a nice return to form and hey, maybe we are about to see the rise of the Babushka Baron? Also, let’s not take anything away from Taylor. He fought well from the start but just fell foul to someone with more experience. A great match for both and surely an indicator we’ll see more of them. Well, more Taylor. Try as they might, Paradigm can’t get rid of John.

Bobby Beverly (w/Gregory Iron) defeated MERC via Knee to Head

Stand to attention people, the Generalissimo of Merxism is on deck. That’s right, the MERC was back in Paradigm and he was going to slug it out with one of the top dogs of the division, Bobby Beverly. These are two big guys that like to hurt people and throw hands, what was not to love? As expected, it was a constant barrage of vicious strikes and knees with Beverly breaking the flow with the occasional toss. It was pure physicality from start to brutal finish with neither guy giving an inch. The only time either man stopped was when the other needed a breather. MERC was relentless in his striking and Beverly absorbed it all like a sponge to deliver some nasty throws. In the end, it came down to the pair just straight up slapping each other until Beverly took the easy way out by kicking MERC’s knee out and delivering a lethal knee strike to the head. MERC was knocked out and Beverly continues to reign supreme as one of the best in the division. This was awesome. A pure slugfest from start to finish with both guys just going hell-for-leather. Both guys were probably left aching after this. Going forward, Beverly is aiming to take the Brass Knuckles Title from Ron Mathis in their upcoming three stages of hell and continue being the most decorated champion in the company.

Brandon Williams defeated Chris Lyons via Ankle Lock

We changed tone as the next match kicked into gear. It would be the return of the Locksmith Brandon Williams as he went into battle with the Cruiserweight Kaiju Chris Lyons. We know Williams loves to get technical with his grappling and submission work but Lyons is also known for his martial arts and new-gen Pancrase style of grappling. It would make for an excellent melding of styles. Okay, this was another banger. Both guys came out hot and traded their way through bouts of grappling, heavy striking, and grounded submissions. They both had a lot to prove and this personal rivalry led to some nasty impacts. Lyons’ striking ability is incredible and he left Williams hurting on several occasions after heavy kicks, elbows, and eventually double stomps. Williams seemed to be on the back foot for most of the match but this would all prove to be a ruse as he baited the overconfident Lyons into another double stomp and stole the ankle to lock him up. That sealed the deal and gave Williams the win but I’ll be damned if Lyons didn’t impress everyone in the building. This was another highly-physical hybrid fight that delivered on all fronts. The Locksmith still feels like he has a point to prove so now, he’s calling out Filthy Tom Lawlor for a real battle of technical supremacy.

Super Middleweight Title Combat Fight Unlimited Rules: Jordan Blade defeated Trish Adora via Cross Armbreaker

Last but not least, the main event. It was time to switch up the rules as Combat Fight Unlimited took over for the Super Middleweight Title Fight. Jordan Blade has carried that title into some excellent matches so far and was now facing one of the greatest challenges yet in one of the world’s most decorated champions, Trish Adora. This was going to be a super-fight. There’d be three, three-minute rounds to fight within and score that important KO, submission, or stoppage. If that couldn’t be reached it would be all down to the ringside judges. With the rules out of the way, time to fight. Round 1 proved to be the feeling out process as it consisted of pure mat grappling with both fighters scrambling around the mat, switching up positions, and testing the other with elbows. It was a pretty even split as Adora was able to keep pace with Blade and had her under wraps for a lot of the round.

After the rest period, round 2 kicked in with quick striking before returning to the mat for another scramble of back-and-forth grappling. The pair kept reaching stalemates as Adora scored points with elbows and Blade found ways to switch up her position. The fight fell into the ropes as Blade took control and tried to sink her hooks in for the kill, softening Adora up with nasty shots to the spine. Adora remained defiant and aggressive, continuing to give Blade a run for her money and ending out the round with the upper hand. It was all down to round 3 and the pair started hot with Blade attempting a kick and finally starting to get her gameplan off the ground as she took the back for a choke. Adora bucked that off but was still in the viper’s nest as Blade kept wrapping her up for more holds and attempted submissions. With just over a minute to go, Blade grabbed the arm and took the win with a Cross Armbreaker. It had been well fought and very much even split until Blade went for the kill in round 3. This was some grade-A grappling with the rounds system forcing them to go for broke lest the judges rule unfavourably against them. Blade and Adora took to the system well and kept the grappling compelling and competitive. Blade walks away the winner, retaining her title and really gaining steam. Here’s to hoping for a rematch and more UWFI Trish Adora. Blade is still looking ahead as she called out two challengers and someone on her list, Killa Kate, Eden Von Engeland, and Angelus Lane. All any of these fighters have to do is step up. Plus, if you liked what you saw here and thought if only this had a cage, CFU has you covered. Paradigm knocked it out of the park again and I cannot wait for the next one.

All images courtesy of Paradigm

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