This interview took place 5 days before Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill PPV. Even if he knew he would be in, never did PCO tell me he signed with the company. Everybody knew he gave his notice to Ring Of Honor when his contract came to an end, choosing not to sign a new contract when his current one expired by the end of November 2021.

Obviously, this conversation was about his future and the current Indie companies he has been working with. We talked about everything, every place, every wrestler because, at that time, only PCO knew what the future held for him. But never about Impact Wrestling…

At 54, PCO has spent more than 30 years, and nearly four decades, in a ring, working for every national-televised promotion in the USA. From a pirate to the French-Canadian Frankenstein, Pierre-Carl Ouellet has never stopped reinventing himself, even retiring a few years to come back even better.

Here is the conversation between a Nygma and a Monster, with no boundaries, no taboo subjects, just a wrestling veteran’s truth.

Did you have some regrets when you decided to leave Ring Of Honor?

“Well, it was hard for sure because I was there for 3 years but I knew things were not going in the right direction, and in December they had to let go all the roster. So I felt like a made the right decision.

We all ask ourselves what will happen in April.

“I don’t know. Will it be a new product with a new branding? In fact, I don’t know what to expect. I think they closed the parenthesis on an era in order to open a new one. They released everyone, but I think they will call back regular members of the roster, Jonathan Gresham or the Briscoes, and some promising talents from the DOJO. I think it will become a developmental company again. Competing with Impact Wrestling, AEW, and WWE. They will be more of an Indy Company with a great production, but they will not compete on the salary levels with the others for a while.”

COVID didn’t help…

“ROH played it safe, for the wrestlers like the fans, unlike other companies. But it cut the bond we had with our fan base and with the shows without fans over and over we began to lose traction.”

May we say that you felt things were about to change in ROH and so you left?

“Absolutely. I was seeing all the new guys coming in like Deppen, Dickinson, Homicide etc., guys without contracts. It looked like the company didn’t want to spend money anymore. That’s why I think they will work with the DOJO promising talents if they come back with the new face of ROH. not to spend too much money ROH will remain a good product to air on TV, on 216 channels in the USA, because the quality of the production is very good.”

Have you had some offers from other companies?

“Yes, I have had some. I have to study all the offers but I won’t make any announcement until I really debut.”

You have been working for a lot of indie companies since you left ROH. How are you dealing with a different audience and also a lot of young and hungry talents?

“The crowd is so loud and supportive. I like that, they get me so pumped up each and every time I have to perform.”

One of the companies you work for, GCW, has exploded since COVID.

“GCW has welcomed a lot of talents recently, they have become the number 1 indie company in the US. Expanding like they do requires a lot of money, and you need to be rock-solid to succeed. And doing forty shows a year is a lot.” They will have to expand on the executive side as well eventually to run things as smoothly as Impact, AEW, WWE, even how ROH was a top-level organization. GCW is surely eventually getting there. Hats off to Brett Lauderdale for GCW success.”

Do you feel good working with a company like GCW?

“I made my debut there against WALTER in 2018 at Joey Janela’s Spring Break II. I was like coming back home. I feel very good there, I love the intensity of the shows, I love their passionate core fans everything that comes with it ”

Who are the young talents that really impress you in GCW?

“Matthew Justice, Shane Mercer, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson, Effy, there are so many talented guys over there.”

Do you like the bloody aspect of those shows?

“I have no problem with hardcore, like tables, chairs and doors, but deathmatch is not really for me. But I’m never against a bit of violence, the Cactus Jack’s way.”

Do you want to continue working with those companies until you sign a contract with a new company, and even after? Or are you looking forward to working for one company only like you were doing with ROH?

“I felt like if we aren’t wrestling in front of the fans and run more shows it would be hard to be in the fans mind all the time. The last year of my contract was tough for those reasons. With the Indies, it’s increasing again. The number of followers on my social media platforms is growing constantly again with people from every city I wrestled adding up and joining the @PCOisNotHuman social media.”

Do you feel like some people haven’t known you yet?

“Every city I go to, I get a lot of awesome reactions but I want to connect with the whole planet. Hear them chant, “PCO PCO PCO” or “He’s Not Human!!!” All over the world!”

How many years of wrestling do you think you can still give to the business?

“Well, Sting, he is 62, he’s doing very well, but he’s not doing everything I can do in the ring. He’s not taking as many risks as I do, and he doesn’t put his body on the line like I can do. I think I can push the machine even further. I don’t know how many years I will be performing in a ring. For me, it’s all about the results. Some want to wrestle the best, sell tickets and bring a lot of people into an insane event. I just want to leave an impact on people’s minds, it’s not a matter of money or age. I just want to accomplish myself. I still have so many things to say and do and make sure Pro-Wrestling and Sports Entertainment remember PCO as the greatest of all time. That’s it, and then I’ll retire.”

What did you think of the recent WWE waves of releases?

“It happened to me twice when I was working for WWF. It’s always like that, they hire a lot, and then they let go people, it’s how this business operates. That’s part of being a pro-wrestler. How much and how bad do you want it.”

On the other side, AEW have a huge roster.

“There’s a lot of big names we never see on TV. Then, they make people come for a night, like Homicide or Nick Gage. Contracts are very different from one wrestler to another, even money-wise. The best example is Malakai Black, he’s doing a lot of Indies shows. It will be very interesting when the AEW guys will come to WWE after the WWE guys went to AEW… But one thing I appreciate with AEW is they’re not acting as if Indie wrestling doesn’t exist. Making Nick Gage face off Chris Jericho brought some new fans to GCW, but it was also great for AEW. WWE, they are not interested in the background of the guys, they just want to make it seem like they are WWE guys. Without any other pro-wrestling background or other experiences.”

Who would you absolutely want to face off in a ring?

“Big names like Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, Brian Cage, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, I would love to wrestle them.”

Where will we be able to see you next?

“Warrior, Alpha Junior, Destiny, Enjoy Wrestling in Pittsburgh, BCW in Philadelphia, VxS and PCW Ultra in California, C4 in Canada, a lot of promotions are asking me to come. My schedule is stacked till April.”

Promoters still want to see a 54-year old guy in their rings…

“I bring some new blood, some new strategies, some new methods and combinations. I bring something new, something creative. You haven’t seen the best of the French Canadian Frankenstein yet. The potential of this gimmick is so untapped. When PCO and Creator D. Destro will be reunited with the super entrance and all the electricity, it’s money! The fans will go nuts.”

Are you still in touch with NWA?

“I am still in touch with Nick Aldis and I really like Billy Corgan. Let’s see what the future holds.”

When can we expect a big announcement?

“I will be in the weeks to come.”

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Special thanks to PCO and John Deathman. All pics courtesy of Impact Wrestling, GCW and Earl Gardner.

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