Welcome back to the wildest company in wrestling. Casanova Valentine and the New Fear City were back and bringing more bloodshed to the local bloody boozer, The Kingsland. They’d once again brought the no-ring fights, the go-go dancers, and the anarchy of it all to another bloodthirsty crowd. Three matches were booked and all had a different flavour of fury to them. Firstly, Hoodfoot was taking the fight to the Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith in a match that was going to rock some jaws, secondly, Reed Bentley was celebrating his big ICW American Deathmatch Title win by putting it on the line against the Russian Deathwish Masha Slamovich and in the main event, it would be the King of ICW taking on the King of the no-ring deathmatch in a battle for deathmatch supremacy. This was going to fuck hard so let’s waste no more time and jump into the carnage.

Hoodfoot defeated Bryan Keith via Tilt-a-Whirl Con-Chair-To

What better way to start a show than with two big, heavy-hitters just beating the shit out of each other? Keith had travelled up from Texas to deliver a no-ring ass-kicking to the Hoodfoot Mo Atlas. This was going to hit hard and hurt like hell. They started in the pit of people and talked some smack before delivering the beatdown. This was physicality personified as the pair just slugged, chopped, and kicked the shit out of each other amongst the sea of humanity. It was blow-for-blow as both guys refused to fold. We had suplexes into walls and more horrifying kicks as the crowd had to continuously part for the hurricane of violence brawling through the venue. Keith got mean once he realised that Hoodfoot was going to show no mercy and tried to rip Atlas’ face off. He also brought out the plunder as he introduced a trashcan lid to the match and Hoodfoot’s back. That just woke him up and Keith suffered the consequences for it. Chairs met flesh as both guys had limbs rattled by steel, Hoodfoot getting it in the legs and Keith having another wrapped around his head. Keith kept trying to work the leg whilst Hoodfoot just looked to brain Keith with either the floor, his fists, or assorted weaponry. Things just got even nastier though as they fought to the stage and Hoodfoot got driven through a trashcan with a Tornado DDT. In the end, it took a Con-Chair-To to end things but goddamn these two proved they could absorb inhuman levels of punishment. This was a red-hot brawl amongst a crowd that lapped up every bit of it. Keith adapted well to the no-ring, no rules style and opened the show off right.

ICW American Deathmatch Title: Reed Bentley defeated Masha Slamovich via Stage Piledriver

Next up was something equally as brutal and much glassier. It was time to bring the death to “deathmatch” as Masha Slamovich made her way to the pit for her match with By Gawd Reed Bentley. These to have no issues doling out the punishment and were going to get very very violent. As an added bonus, Bentley had made their match a title match. He was still wearing the scars of a war he’d fought only 24 hours ago. Would that prove to be a mistake? It started with stiff shots and kicks as the pair tested the other’s mettle and the crowd’s capacity for cheering. Slamovich gave Bentley a painful walk around the venue and the pair kept slugging the shit out of each other. Both took trips into the crowd and wiped out bodies that were too slow in getting out of the way. Slamovich was relishing the violence and demanded more of Bentley, who obliged with even more stiff shots and a senton to the wooden bar floor. The fight went to the bar and Bentley attacked Slamovich with a fire extinguisher. A barfight at the bar broke out and Masha won it with a single stiff kick to the jaw.

They continued to brawl and Slamovich Suplexed Bentley across chairs and barstools. They returned to the stage and Bentley started using fans as weapons, driving them into Masha. Slamovich didn’t take too kindly to this and knocked Bentley loopy with an Aja Kong-like Back-fist. She went to the tubes and Axe-kicked one into Bentley’s back. Bentley fired back with the Pepsi Twist and tried for the Eagle but Masha snatched away the bundles and broke them on Bentley’s head. She was fired up and threw Bentley from the stage, into the fans below. She followed him down with a crossbody but only got two. Bentley found his feet first, rocked Masha with a rolling forearm, and dropped her on her head with a Piledriver. That got the win but it was clear Bentley had felt the effects of this one. This one started physical and just got nastier as the glass, plunder, and fans were turned on the fighters. It was a nice mix of hard-hitting striking and deathmatch fuckery that formed a midpoint for the show. Masha is a natural in this environment and thrived off the chaos. Hopefully, we see this type of fight from her again.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Casanova Valentine via Gusset 2×4 Pass out

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for the king of the no-ring, DIY style deathmatch Casanova Valentine to take on the Duke of Hardcore and a credible contender to the best American Deathmatch Wrestler, John Wayne Murdoch. This was two deathmatch veterans colliding in the ultimate battle for fuckery supremacy. They had all the tools they could need for this battle and a crowd that wanted this as much as they did. Things opened with a handshake as Murdoch gave the hometown hero the first shot. They slugged it out and Valentine sent Murdoch on a walk with an eye rake. They brawled around the pit and Valentine used some Lucha skills to throw Murdoch through a door with an arm-drag. Murdoch broke Valentine’s hand against the support beam and drove him headfirst into the door pile with a Bulldog. Murdoch continued to stomp the hand and made the blood flow with a gusset to Valentine’s head. Valentine gave Murdoch the same gusset to the head and knocked him down towards the bar. They traded amongst the merch tables and Valentine tried to suffocate Murdoch with one of the dancers’ asses as she danced on the bar. Valentine retrieved a snap-covered snow shovel and the dancer trapped Murdoch so he could break it across his back. I hope Valentine remembered to tip for the service, same with Murdoch. They took a seat at the bar, enjoyed some whiskey, and threw more hands into headbutts as another barfight broke out. Murdoch didn’t have his drink though; he threw it in Valentine’s eyes and hammered more blows into his skull.

They dragged the action back to the pit as Murdoch bludgeoned Valentine with every door and pole he could find on the way towards the stage. The Garden Weasel made its appearance as Murdoch retrieved it and dug it into Valentine’s already bloodied forehead. A barbed-wire door was set up and the pair took a seat for a bundle-breaking showdown. Glass and spooky dust went everywhere as the pair went hog wild with bundles, moving to singles as the tube supply dried up. Valentine got the better of the exchange and dove at the Duke to break a whole load of tubes trapped in his shirt. Valentine tried for the Stage 5 Clinger but his hand was fucked so Murdoch used the opportunity to launch Valentine through the door with an arm-drag. Valentine wouldn’t die so Murdoch brought out a giant tube fan and smashed it over his head. He didn’t stop there though, grabbing a gusset 2×4 and hammering it into Valentine’s arm. With Brooklyn Black Death still kicking, Murdoch dragged him to the stage and finished him with a Brainbuster to a broken door. Or at least, would have if Valentine didn’t kick out at one. He was pissed and lashed out at Murdoch, trying to lock the claw for the Stage 5 Clinger. Murdoch fought it off, brutalised Valentine further with the 2×4, and put Valentine to sleep with it. The Duke had taken the win but he had been left bloodied and bruised. Valentine took his pound of flesh but he couldn’t cope against the gusset 2×4, Murdoch’s sickest weapon. It had been a valiant match and definitely lived up to the hype. Nothing can beat the story of two top-tier talents trying to prove who’s better. Doesn’t matter if that proving ground is a ring or a bar.

The pair had their end of showing respect, then Murdoch gracefully left to give Valentine the floor. He did the usual thank you’s then dropped a very juicy announcement. To be the best in the world, you have to beat the best in the world. Once upon a time, Valentine went on a deathmatch tour of Australia and had the first Deathmatch Downunder show against Joel Bateman. Now, it’s time to revisit that rivalry as the Smash Hit is coming to New York. March 19th, it’ll be Valentine vs Bateman 2 in another no-ring deathmatch. That match helped spark a deathmatch revolution, I cannot wait to see what the second one brings. As it stands, this was fucking great. Valentine and co know how to book compelling, violent, and outlandish shows, bringing out the best of everyone involved. This one was not different and clocking in at just over an hour is worth the watching. Support the DIY and the underground some of the best shit is hiding there.

All images courtesy of NFC, 2ndGunny, Red Shoes Media, Casanova Valentine

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