This week’s AEW Dynamite had four big matches on its card. PAC and Penta looked for payback against the House of Black, and Nyla Rose took on Ruby Soho in a TBS Championship Qualifier rematch. The main event we’d been waiting for for ages finally happened as CM Punk got his hands on MJF, we heard from Hangman regarding his Texas Deathmatch with Lance Archer next week, and Dan Lambert was back to speak his mind once again. First off, Jon Moxley faced Wheeler Yuta.

Quick Results

Jon Moxley defeated Wheeler Yuta via pinfall. ***

House of Black defeated Death Triangle via pinfall. ***½

Nyla Rose defeated Ruby Soho via pinfall. ***½

MJF defeated CM Punk via pinfall. ****½

The Matches

Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta W/ Orange Cassidy & Danhausen

Oh no. Poor Wheeler Yuta. Due to the debut of Brian Kendrick being pulled, TK decided to put Yuta against the most dangerous man in AEW. To be fair to Yuta, he came out guns blazing. He hit Mox with a shotgun dropkick on the outside as Mox squared up to Cassidy. Despite stunning Mox, he took one hell of a beating soon after. Mox landed a piledriver for a two-count. He followed up with a face lock, but Yuta got his foot on the ropes. Yuta came back with another dropkick until Mox slammed his face into the apron. Danhausen distracted Moxley outside as Yuta hit a crossbody from the top turnbuckle. Back in the ring, he nailed a German suplex on Mox and recovered from a cutter to hit a splash from the corner. Mox locked in a sleeper, then bashed Yuta with a lariat, followed by Paradigm Shift to pick up the win. Nice work by Yuta, especially against Jon Moxley, however, Mox remains undefeated since his return.

After the match, Bryan Danielson got in the ring and asked the fans if they wanted to see them fight. Danielson said he wanted to fight Mox, too. He said Mox was the best AEW World Champion, and if he had better support, he’d still be the champion. Danielson said they shouldn’t be fighting each other, but they should be fighting together. Woah, was not expecting that. He said a millennial cowboy, a dinosaur, and someone that does a vlog shouldn’t be champions in AEW. Danielson said they could run this company, and if they took Yuta, Danny Garcia, or Lee Moriarty under their wings, they could become great. He asked Mox to have a think about it, and think about the greatness they could create, as well as the legacy Mox wants to leave. What an interesting promo and proposition to leave for Moxley. I can’t help but feel Danielson will end up turning on Mox, but what if he’s serious? Imagine a stable featuring them both, along with Danny Garcia, or maybe even Wardlow down the line.

House of Black (Malakai Black & Brody King) vs Death Triangle (PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo) W/ Alex Abrahantes

I’ve been excited about this one ever since it was announced. From the moment PAC and Penta duel dived over the ropes on the House of Black, I knew it was going to be great. Black was being controlled by Death Triangle until King attacked PAC from behind. King used his brute strength to beat the crap out of PAC. You could see how red PAC’s chest was after King’s assault. Black continued to weaken PAC with some kicks and a headlock. PAC got the tag and hit a couple of sling blades on Black and King. PAC hit a shotgun dropkick on King outside as Penta hit a backstabber on Black. Black nailed a rising knee strike on PAC and continued to use his blend of knee strikes to almost pick up the win. PAC hit a German suplex and a brainbuster on Black. Penta and King traded blows. Penta then flipped over the ropes to wipe out King outside the ring. Death Triangle hit a couple of thrust kicks. Black fired black mist into Penta’s eyes as the House of Black dropped him with Dante’s Inferno for the win. A strong match that I could’ve watched for a lot longer. Once again, House of Black’s theme music is an absolute banger.

Nyla Rose W/ Vickie Guerrero vs Ruby Soho

Ruby went straight for the kill by attacking Rose before the bell. Rose quickly got back into it, delivering a suplex on Soho, followed by an arm lock, biting her fingers when the referee wasn’t looking. She rammed her shoulder into Soho, then drove her boot into Soho’s throat. The Native Beast hit a leg drop and a Death Valley Driver, but couldn’t get the three-count. Rose was in full control as she hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, followed by another backbreaker. Soho was able to drive Rose into the corner, then landed a couple of kicks to her face. They traded elbows on the apron until Soho dropped Nyla face-first onto it. Rose hit a spinebuster onto the concrete outside the ring. Back inside, she went for the Beast Bomb until Soho nailed No Future. Surprise, surprise, Guerrero put Rose’s foot on the apron. Soho went after Vickie, but Rose caught her and landed a neckbreaker. Soho missed No Future on Rose who was on the turnbuckle. Rose then hit a senton and followed up with a Beast Bomb to pick up the win. Not sure what was going on with that No Future, but it looked as though she botched it royally.

MJF vs CM Punk

CM Punk used the ropes as an elastic band, punching MJF over and over again as he bounced back up until the final strike. MJF climbed over the barrier and walked off up the steps until Punk stopped him. Punk stomped him down, then dropped him on the railings. He carried him back towards the ring whilst pounding his head. Back in the ring, Punk scoop slammed MJF four times and laid across the ropes in the corner. He was going to attack him from the top turnbuckle, but MJF rolled out of the way. Punk charged at MJF, but he moved causing Punk to get arm-first into the ring post. Outside the ring, MJF drove his knee into Punk’s arm as it rested on the table. Back inside, MJF locked in an arm lock and mocked him in the process as well as biting his fingers. MJF had Punk in a wristlock, then clotheslined him to the mat. MJF raked Punk’s eyes and suplexed him whilst holding onto his injured arm. Punk managed to recover a little, hitting a neckbreaker and a running bulldog. He signalled GTS, but MJF rolled to the apron. Punk slammed MJF on the apron, then allowed a fan to strike MJF’s chest.

In the ring, MJF suplexed Punk off the turnbuckle. Punk nailed a Pepsi Twist. MJF pulled the ref in the way. Punk walked the ref away as MJF choked Punk with some tape, hiding it behind a sleeper hold. Punk was fading. The ref held up his arm three times and called for an end to the match. MJF celebrated until the ref saw the tape on the floor and called for the match to continue. Punk exploded with some forearms, drove MJF into the corner twice, and unloaded twenty or so punches on him. He hit an atomic drop and a lariat. Punk tried to lock in a submission but failed, allowing MJF to kick him to the outside. He rolled into the ring where MJF stomped on his injured arm. He continued to work on the arm, then used the wrist tape to choke him again. MJF went for the Heatseeker, but Punk pushed him away and landed a clothesline off the turnbuckle. Punk went for GTS, but MJF escaped to the apron where Punk dropkicked him off. Back outside, Punk sent MJF into the barrier, hurting his knee in the process.

Punk rolled MJF in the ring and struggled to walk. MJF trapped Punk’s injured arm and locked in a modified Boston crab to hurt his knee. Punk wouldn’t quit, though. He was able to lock in an STF but had to let go as it hurt his injuries. Punk went for GTS, however, his knee gave way. MJF had Punk in an ankle lock until Punk launched him into the turnbuckle. They traded blows in the centre of the ring. MJF poked Punk in the eye, but Punk landed a reverse hurricanrana. Punk couldn’t stand up. MJF chopped Punk’s injured knee, then nailed a pump handle bomb, only getting a two-count. MJF hit a low blow and tried to pin Punk with his feet using the ropes as leverage, but Punk still kicked out. MJF whipped Punk’s knee into the ring post multiple times. He tried to lock in a figure four, but couldn’t get any proper purchase. Back in the ring, Punk almost rolled MJF up. MJF bit Punk’s fingers, then his forehead. As MJF tried to suplex Punk off the top turnbuckle, Punk bit him then nailed a Pedigree off of it.

MJF rolled outside the ring and Punk followed. They got back in the ring and reversed each other’s piledrivers. Punk landed an elbow drop off the top turnbuckle, but MJF kicked out at the last moment. MJF rolled out of the ring as Wardlow walked out. He stood over MJF, then looked into the eyes of Punk. He moved out of the way and let Punk grab MJF. As the referee was distracted, MJF struck Punk with the diamond ring and then pinned him. Wardlow was shown outside shaking his head. During the replay, we saw Wardlow had passed the ring to MJF. The show went off-air as MJF celebrated and Wardlow stood behind him. What the hell, Wardlow? Why give him the ring? I honestly thought he was going to lay MJF out with a powerbomb. Regardless, that match was exceptional. It told a great story, and was easily the best Punk has looked since returning. MJF might be a heel, but he made Punk look great. He was never going to win clean, but I wasn’t expecting Wardlow to help him.

The Promos

Brandi Rhodes was stood in the ring and mocked Chicago until Dan Lambert walked out with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Lambert said they may have given her a reality show, but what she needed was a reality check. He said Brandi can pretend Cody earned his place in AEW, she can pretend CFO is a real job title and even said her chest was fake. Brandi started to praise Lambert until the fans chanted, ‘shut the f*** up.’ She continued and said things were good for him, but not great. She said it was something that his best fighter got knocked out by Jake Paul, then mentioned Amanda Nunes. She said it might be better if Lambert spent more time with his team. Lambert continued to roast Brandi until she slapped him. Lambert said he had a feeling she might be in a fighting mood as Paige Van Zant came out and attacked her. The women’s locker room ran out and tried to separate them.  Boy, the fans really don’t like Brandi Rhodes. It was weird that Lambert got a bigger pop than she did. After seeing him on IMPACT last week, I wonder what he has planned.

Matt Hardy said he was disappointed in Private Party on Rampage. Andrade walked out as Hardy said he wanted Isiah Kassidy to face Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship. Hardy asked Andrade where Darby Allin was. Andrade said he might need to offer him more money.

Adam Cole said he was still undefeated in AEW and Cassidy didn’t beat him, it was a fluke. He said he still didn’t get the respect he deserved and everyone would see a new Cole. On Rampage, he would beat Evil Uno and the entire world would soon find out what he wants.

Tony Schiavone welcomed Adam Page to the ring and mentioned the Texas Death Match next week on AEW Dynamite. Page said he has been champion for 81 days and has defended it twice. Page said he needs something, he needs anything, and he needs it tonight. He asked Lance Archer to get his ass out here tonight. Lambert walked out with Jake Roberts and started slating Chicago. Roberts told Page to shut up after Page started to talk. Archer came out and attacked Page. Archer was thrown into the steel steps as Page grabbed Lambert and tossed him into the ring. Archer stopped Page and chokeslammed him into the steel steps. He then hit Blackout through the table at ringside. Archer said that next week everything changes. Am I the only one not invested in this feud at all? I’m not the biggest Archer fan, so I don’t think that helps. Let’s hope the match itself proves me wrong.

Chris Jericho was backstage. He said what happened last week was disrespectful. He asked if Eddie Kingston has a hold on them. He said he wants to hear from Santana and Ortiz why they did what they did. Jericho said there would be a full Inner Circle team meeting next week.

Everything Else

We got a video package hyping the match later between CM Punk and MJF.

Jungle Boy got attacked by Billy Gunn and the Ass Boys backstage. They took it to the streets of Chicago until Luchasaurus and Christian Cage interfered.

We got a look back at the Jay Lethal and Ricky Starks’ feud.

Match of the Night: MJF vs CM Punk

Best in Show: MJF

Overall Rating: ***½

All images and videos courtesy of AEW – Very special thanks to Fite TV for the captures

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