Alex Kane, the Suplex Assassin, a name that strikes fear into a large portion of the MLW roster. Despite only being in the company for a number of months, he has continuously clocked in and given everyone in his way all that work. Since starting, he has been throwing bodies, crushing dreams, and now has the National Openweight Title, his own fight club, and a long list of people clamouring at the chance to fight. We here at SteelChair got the chance to sit down and talk with Kane about all things MLW, including working with Duran, Crybaby Calvin, being a champion, and so much more. Enjoy!

Firstly, what brought you to MLW and what’s it been like there so far?

“I feel that me and MLW go hand in hand. My style and MLW, how it’s presented. My run has been, it’s been exactly how I envisioned being the Suplex Assassin on a TV product. It’s been great, I’ve been there for literally like six months, and I’m already National Openweight Champion. It’s doesn’t get any better than that, running through dudes big, small, it doesn’t matter, everybody is getting this work. It’s a good time.”

How’d it feel to win that title? It’s not like you won it in some low-stakes match, it was a very packed ladder match…

“First off, it was my first ladder match ever. That’s one thing. Two, yeah, it was crazy being in there with Alex Shelley and ACH. I used to watch Alex Shelley on TV all the time, so to be in there and throw Alex Shelley around like I did, that was pretty insane for me. I was marking out on the inside. To be only the second person to hold this championship is also nuts, it’s like I’m on cloud 9, you could say.”

You aiming to beat Alexander Hammerstone’s record with the belt then?

“Yes, 100%. I’m aiming to beat Hammerstone’s record and then go even further than that. I’m not losing this thing anytime soon. It’s my baby.”

When you joined you were part of America Top Team, you’ve now splintered off and formed your own team, The Bomaye Fight Club. Can you tell me a bit about that, how you came to form it?

“I started watching this Muhammad Ali documentary, it was Ali and Fraizer at the Rumble in the Jungle. The Republic of Congo was chanting “Ali Bomaye, Ali Bomaye,” which means finish him, kill him. Listening to them chant that way at the start gave me goosebumps. So, I started to get the idea of forming my own fight team. MLW is huge on fight teams, so I decided to start working on my own, and I was given the green light, so I was like, “let’s go, let’s get this going.” So, the mission is submission, but the mission is to make Bomaye Fight Club the most dominant team in MLW.”

And that “kill them, finish them” mentality is a large part of that?

“Yes, yes.”

Is there a recruitment process? So far, it’s just you and Mr Thomas. Are there any other names you have in mind and how are they going to prove themselves?

“I can’t really give you any names or let you in on the process, but I definitely have my eye on a few different athletes.”

Obviously, right now your biggest target is Calvin Tankman…

“Crybaby Calvin. Don’t forget it, Crybaby Calvin.”

Yes, Crybaby Calvin. Are you not afraid of what he’s going to do to you when he gets back?

“No, I’m not afraid of Calvin. When Calvin gets back from handling his legal fees and stuff, I’m going to punch him in the mouth just like anyone else. I’m not afraid of Calvin, he’s a big old crybaby. He’s going to get ahead of himself, his emotions will get the best of him, and he’s going to wind up hurt. Just watch, just watch.”

That definitely leads into the Bomaye mantra because you’re just going to use him to destroy himself…

“Exactly, exactly,”

In the most recent episode of MLW, you were wanting more competition. Is there anyone that springs to mind that you want to give that shot to?

“Like I tell everyone, anybody and everybody. Whoever Cesar Duran can cook up and can throw at me. I will punch them in the mouth and Suplex them into oblivion. Is there anyone that’s sticking out there? No. I’m open to any and everybody. Bring it on.”

One of the things I’ve noticed, especially seeing you pre-MLW is that you’re a very accomplished grappler. You’re obviously very good at suplexing people and choking them out. Is there a chance we’ll see you bring in specialist rule-sets, potentially UWFI stuff? Could that be a calling card of the Bomaye?

“That is, I didn’t think about that, that is a great idea. I’m going to get with Mr. Thomas and start working something. That is a great idea.”

I just love this idea of the Bomaye UWFI Challenge and it’s just you choking someone out for three minutes. It would be highly entertaining…

“Y’know what, you’re alright with me. You just filled a special place in my heart because that is a great idea.”

The other key thing with MLW at the moment is Azteca Underground and Cesar Duran’s weird schemes. How has it been trying to navigate those waters?

“Man, Cesar’s definitely an interesting one. You never really know where he’s coming from until you know where he’s coming from. Like I said in the last episode, me being in this Trios match on Thursday, I’m doing him a favour. With that favour, he doesn’t know when I’m going to cash in that favour, but when push comes to shove, I’m going to be like yeah.”

I have a horrible feeling it’s going to be used to punish Crybaby Calvin…


I feel bad saying that because Calvin could punch me in the face and my jaw would end up on the wall over there…

“Don’t be afraid of Calvin. He is nothing to be afraid of. He may be “dangerous,” but he’s nothing to be afraid of.”

How are you feeling heading into that Trios match? Lucha isn’t something we’ve really seen from you…

“And you won’t be seeing no Lucha either. I’m going to slide in there, shut everything down and make it all about me because that’s what it’s all about. When you hear the Suplex Assassin’s music through the arena, it’s all about me at that point. So, they can do all their flippy trash, flipping and flying, and all that other stuff. When I get in there, I’m shutting it down and people are getting tossed. That’ll be the only flippy stuff going on, just people getting tossed.”

That was pretty much the MO with the Aerostar match as well…

“Throwing around Mexican legends. It’s what I do.”

It’s a fun thing to do…

“It is. They’re so light. It’s like throwing a pillow but with organs and a heartbeat.”

And a nasty crash landing…

“And a very nasty crash landing. You can almost hear their bones break as they hit the mat.”


You’ve already achieved a massive goal already by becoming National Openweight Champion and getting your own fight club off the ground, but whilst you’re in MLW, is there any other goals you want to achieve?

“Become World Heavyweight Champion. Whether it’s Hammerstone, I don’t really care who it is or who holds the title when I’m coming for it. That’s my ultimate goal.”

Have you found any difficulties in the transition from indies to TV wrestling? Anything you’ve had to learn or have you taken to it quite naturally?

“I guess from a performer’s standpoint, working TV and working the indies is very different. It’s very different in how you have to present yourself, the camerawork you have to do, being larger than life. I think that is the biggest adjustment because on the indies; depending on where you are, you can kind of just cruise. With it being MLW, you have to always be on your game. No matter what, because everyone is a threat. Everyone there is there for a reason. You’re in a tank of sharks basically.”

With MLW touring, you’ve seen Mexico, you’re going to see other parts of the US, they have Japan deals. Are there any special moments or matches you want to experience through the connections of MLW?

“Man, I’m trying to go to Japan. I’m trying to go to Japan. I’m trying to go to Canada. I’m trying to go to the UK. I’m trying to wrestle everywhere I possibly can because the whole world needs to see my face. Whether it is on-screen or in-person, the whole world needs to see my face and needs to see me suplexing everyone that you put in front of me.”

That does it for my questions. Any closing remarks?

“Go get your Crybaby Calvin tees on MLW Shop. When we’re in Charlotte, I need to see a whole section of Crybaby Calvin t-shirts. That’s what I need to see.”

That’s the dream. We’re just going to get a whole row, no a whole wall of Crybaby Calvin…

“A whole wall of Crybaby Calvin and Calvin’s just like, “Oh my god, what’s going on here, why does nobody like me? Because you’re Calvin Tankman. That’s why. Have you seen you? Have you seen you?”

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