Welcome back to GCW and its foray into the world of Loko Wrestling. The Texas tour was back and the first stop was the familiar Houston haunting ground, the Loko dojo. It would be more company vs company warfare as the best of Loko came for the best of GCW. This show fell to card subject to change rules because of the horrible weather affecting the US but that wasn’t going to stop them trying to put on the best show they could. On the card tonight, we’d see Allie Katch vs Mysterious Q, Sam Stackhouse vs Dante Leon, EFFY vs Bryan Keith, Mascara Dorada debuting for GCW, and much more leading to a four-way steel cage main event. Let’s get into the chaos.

Four-way: Jordan Oliver defeated Chris Carter, Low Rider & Grim Reefer via Orange Crush to Carter

Tonight’s show kicked off with a fast and furious Lucha-infused four-way. Jordan Oliver, the frontman of YDNB found himself the most grounded guy in the match as he did battle with Low Rider, Chris Carter, and the West Coast legend, Grim Reefer. The joint was lit and Reefer was out to put these young guns in their place. Texas was ready to get high on the Reefer supply. He got the spotlight for the match as the other fighters worked around his efforts to shut them down. These guys were all on the same wavelength and meshed well to provide an ever-escalating mash-up of flippy spots and fast-paced counterwork. Rider and Carter left another lasting impression as they always do on these shows as they threw caution to the wind to fly. Jordan Oliver got the big win in the end but it had been the cherry on top of a pretty sweet wrestling cake. These four nailed it in the opening spot and everyone got to feel the power of that Grim Reefer power joint. This was just a nice bit of opening match fun with Low Rider and Reefer being kept at bay over weed etiquette.

Allie Katch defeated Mysterious Q via Pussy Piledriver

Okay, this was going to be a wild one. It was the monster Luchador himself, Mysterious Q in the building and he was taking on the master of Katch as Katch can, Allie Katch. This was going to be one hell of a styles clash as Q is a Lucha master and Katch has that hybrid flair to take on all-comers. Katch was also the home state hero so she was coming in with extra momentum. It got very intense as there was very little flying from Q. He’d come to fight and took the physicality to Katch as he tried to use his strength and striking to get the win. Katch gave back as good as she got and the pair beat the absolute shit out of each other. It was display of heart and power after display of heart and power as the pair kept throwing bombs and kicking out of others. Both were stuck looking for the killing blow. These two put on a war of physicality, heart, and sheer brutality. Q brought out the big guns and Katch survived them all to take the win. She’d gone through hell to get the win and taken monstrous blows in the process. Every time I see Mysterious Q in action, he blows my mind with the stuff he’s capable of. Both fighters showed out and this became one of the gems of this show.

Ninja Mack defeated Nick Wayne via Roll-up

The flips were back as we got Ninja Mack coming back to Houston for another round of action. This time he was taking on the young breakout Nick Wayne and could potentially tear the roof down with what the pair are capable of. This was exactly what you’d want it to be. It was fast, flippy, and full of flying as the two kept the pace up with barely a moment to breathe. Both spent as much time in the air as on the ground and gave everyone a spectacle to enjoy. It was a chance to show the innovation the pair brings to wrestling and a good dose of competitive action, wrapped into a small package. Both guys were clearly having fun and made sure the fans did too. There wasn’t too much to say for this one, it was just good. Mack is one of wrestling’s best breakout stars and Wayne is a prodigy with a great career ahead of him. This just proved that further. Also, I will always pop when Mack steals the win with a roll-up or choke. Just because he flies a lot, doesn’t mean he can’t catch you off-guard with his wrestling acumen.

Loko Title Match: Sam Stackhouse defeated Dante Leon via Door-Breaking Moonsault

Time to up the ante with a title match. Dante Leon has been proudly carrying the Loko Title and showing out in every match he gets but now, it was time to battle Goliath. Sam Stackhouse was the number one contender and in Bam Bam Bigelow-inspired gear; he was coming for the gold. We know what Leon can do but now, we were getting to see the full might of Stackhouse. There was a very obvious size disparity and Stackhouse took full advantage of it whilst showing off the freakish agility he possesses. He brought out the first of the night’s plunder and ended up eating the doors he brought as Leon broke them with a Bulldog. It was a very all-or-nothing fight as both guys pulled out all the stops to secure that title. Stackhouse is a monster with an unbelievable repertoire and he pushed Leon beyond the limit before taking his title. This was another gem on this show as the pair brought the violence, the shocks, and the ability. Stackhouse was out here blowing minds as he broke bodies and tanked everything Leon threw at him. Now, he holds the Loko gold and it’s going to be a challenging task to pry it away from him.

Atticus Cogar defeated Gino Medina via Chair Brain Haemorrhage

Things were about to get very hostile as Atticus Cogar entered the building. 44OH!’s most popular member was back in action and this time; he was taking on El Intocable Gino Medina. This was going to be an interesting one as I didn’t quite know what to expect. Both guys are highly adaptable in the ring and Cogar’s fights all depend on his mood. This time, he was feeling mean and attacked instantly, stomping out Medina before he’d even taken his jacket off. What followed was a back-and-forth hurricane of flying, brawling, and Cogar antics. Medina tried to get by on his flying and kicking but Cogar was too wily and too brutal as when he couldn’t get his own way, he just started shanking with skewers. A chair was the real difference-maker as Medina tried to brain Cogar with it but he was the one who was crushed by it, once with a knee strike and once with that devastating Brain Haemorrhage. It was over in a flash but it delivered on the heavy hits. Cogar remains persona non grata in Texas as the crowd despised him by the end of this, even the people cheering for him at the start were put off once he started spitting at them.

EFFY defeated Bryan Keith via Jack-Knife Pin

We had a new EFFY variant to enjoy today as the Padawan variant had been born with a new hairstyle and new braid. EFFY was stepping up to the challenge here as he was battling the Bounty Hunter, Bryan Keith. This was one of those fights where the mind games wouldn’t work because Keith is a cold-hearted killer. All business and all pain. Turns out, this variant of EFFY was up to the task as these two put on an absolute SGC-level slugfest. This EFFY was aggressive as fuck and violent as fuck just throwing strike after strike, knee after knee, and stealing kisses. There was still that sense of fun but damn, EFFY was out to cause the hurt. There were new moves, a new attitude, and some unseen playing with his food. All that did was piss Keith off and brought him a double dose of pain as Keith just got mean and started laying it in stiff. EFFY thrived though as he just wanted it harder. These two pulled off shock spot after shock spot and took some of the hardest landings thus far as EFFY nailed a top-rope Blockbuster to the floor. I loved this fight and holy shit am I intrigued to see what else this new EFFY variant brings to the table. I’d have watched these two fight all night. They meshed so well and Bryan Keith always captivates in his matches. Keith was pissed with how this one ended so please give me a rematch to enjoy. This was awesome. EFFY is fine and guess what, his punches were fine too. BUSSY went big in Texas tonight.

Four-Way: Blake Christian defeated Gringo Loco, ASF & Mascara Dorada via Drag DDT on ASF

It was time to get wild once again as we had another Lucha showcase to tuck into. Mascara Dorada was back and one of his first stops since leaving his former place of work was GCW. Now, he was getting to kick it alongside some of the best and brightest in the company as he was in a four-way fight with All Heart Blake Christian, the Base God Gringo Loco, and the ultimate underdog ASF. Time to get those gifs ready. Goddamn, they kicked this into another gear. It was just continuous heart-stopping moments. Mascara Dorada made up for lost time, showing just how good he still is whilst everyone else mixed it up around him. There were nightmarish multi-man spots, dives galore, murders on the concrete and so much more as these four just went to war. It was pure chaos in the best of ways. Blake Christian pulls off another big win over some of the best around and shows off another vicious way to end a match. This was great. The Luchadores in GCW are some of the best parts of the company and this again proves it.

Four-Way Steel Cage Deathmatch: Atticus Cogar defeated Sadika, Chris Carter & Jimmy Lloyd via Skewered Brain Haemorrhage on Carter

Last but not least, the main event. We had an impromptu main event cage deathmatch put together. It was originally meant to be Jimmy Lloyd and Sadika in a cage of fuckery. That was hijacked by Chris Carter, who entered himself into the fight for the fun of it then it was hijacked again by Atticus Cogar who came to vent some frustrations on the mic and set a new stipulation, if he lost, he’d pack up and fuck off back to Ohio. With all that talent in the ring, it was bound to get ugly. Despite the concept of getting rid of Cogar, there were no alliances. Everyone was out for themselves and out for blood. You know what you’re getting with Sadika and she did more of the usual, just fucking people up and breaking fuckery at will. Cogar had an added mean streak to his offence and Lloyd was trying to end Carter again. This was just pure violence as chairs, doors and tubes just met the fury of everyone in that cage. Across the course of the match, Sadika ended pretty much everyone as she made Lloyd infertile with chairs, clawed Cogar and killed Carter. Lloyd did the same with doors and chairs as he’d fought Carter on the first show and they still had bad blood. There were so many broken tubes in that cage by the end of it as everyone battled with the number one deathmatch weapon.

Sadika nearly became the saviour of GCW with a tube-breaking Sky Twister Press and Carter hit one of the gnarliest Canadian Destroyers to date. With all the carnage going on in the ring, it was only a matter of time before Cogar could isolate a target, this time it was Carter and introduce those lime green skewers. He took the win seconds later with a chair shot and Brain Haemorrhage. He’d kept himself alive and hijacked the main event to grant himself two wins tonight. It turns out when plans go wrong, Cogar is there to capitalise. This was a pretty nice dose of chaos to end the show. It was a good way to recoup from a bad situation and helped keep Cogar’s stock rising. I don’t envy the position GCW found themselves in here. The weather fucked them big time but they were able to make the best of a bad situation and still put on a decent show. They had a nice mix of talent, some interesting matches and some absolute bangers as well. It’s always nice to see some blood on GCW shows.

All images courtesy of GCW, HeyyImRob

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