Welcome back to GCW and to part two of the newest Texas twosome. They were now in Dallas and they were bringing a whole host of the best Luchadors from the US and Mexico in this time to mix it up with the GCW regulars. It was going to get wild, no… it was going to get loco. This was the night that will give Brett Lauderdale nightmares for years to come as there were more broken chairs than broken bodies. On the card this time, we’d see Gringo Loco vs Psycho Clown, ASF vs John Wayne Murdoch, Speedball Mike Bailey vs Jimmy Lloyd, AJ Gray vs Allie Katch, and much much more, leading to the main event wtf match of Joey Janela vs Dr. Wagner Jr. There was a lot to get into so let’s dive into the carnage.

Dante Leon & Ninja Mack defeated Nick Wayne & Jordan Oliver via Phoenix 630 on Wayne

It was time for another breakneck opener as Ninja Mack and Dante Leon teamed up again to battle Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver. Leon was still stinging from losing his title but he was going to put that behind him and score a tag team win alongside his best frenemy. As expected, it was a very nice match to behold as both teams brought the best out of each other and Leon found himself becoming a punching bag for his foes. Wayne and Oliver already showed a wealth of tag chemistry in this match alone so it would be nice to see that trend continue. This did exactly what it needed to do as it had everyone fired up. It was incredibly energetic, very fast, and very fun as once that fuse was lit, it was just a countdown to Mack and Leon blowing up and flying everywhere. Both teams were competitive until the end with Mack and Leon walking away victorious because they have just that bit more tagging experience. This rocked and we need to see more tag team matches for Oliver and Wayne, that’s a dynamic duo right there.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated ASF via Avalanche Door Brainbuster

Next up was a change to the card as the weather had robbed the duke of hardcore, John Wayne Murdoch of an opponent. He’d left the door open to anyone who’d want to fight him. ASF answered that call and we prepared for the ultimate styles clash. The beloved Luchador was about to be tested in a style of fight he may not be that familiar with. What followed, was an excellent hardcore Lucha hybrid as ASF took on Murdoch at his own game. It went from a dominant beatdown to ASF being as attuned to the plunder as Murdoch. He used his speed and athleticism to use doors and chairs for flying and high-speed attacks whilst Murdoch just tried to kill him. He was the colossus in this one and just had to keep ASF grounded. This went from being a makeshift replacement match to one of the biggest surprise hits of the night. Murdoch and ASF had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands and told an excellent little story of ASF stepping up to play Murdoch’s game. He may not have won but he definitely shut Murdoch up and showed him who the fuck he is. Murdoch had literally had to kill him to get that three-count.

GCW Extreme Title: AJ Gray defeated Allie Katch via Avalanche Blue-Eyes White Dragon

It was Title Match time. SGC collided with BUSSY as AJ Gray put the Extreme Title on the line against Allie Katch. These two know each other well so it would be fun to see if and how they’d adapt their styles for that. Hell, this one could just descend into an all-out slugfest (which would be cool too.) It became quite epic as Katch had the early match under control with her Katch as Katch can grappling but the match was blown wide open once both turned up the heat. Gray wanted to be a menace for this one and Katch had to use her heart and wits to make him pay for it. The action was crisp and brutal, the momentum continuously shifting and both fighters just pummelling the shit out of each other. It was all very compelling to watch and another damn good match from the pair. They clearly respected each other and hurt each other all the more for it. This was one of those matches where the action does the talking. Just watch it, there’s more than enough to enjoy. Gray and Katch are two of the most dependable hands in GCW, quality is nearly always assured.

Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Ultima Weapon Shooting Star Knees

Next up was one of the more unlikely matches on the card as Speedball Mike Bailey continued his GCW run with a match against the Different Boy Jimmy Lloyd. We were about to see quite the hybrid fight as both these guys can adapt their styles at a moment’s notice. Lloyd was in for a tough fight this time. He tried to prove himself to Bailey, offering up the first shot and the first kick, trying to fire up throughout. Bailey more than obliged, bludgeoning Lloyd around the venue with his varied array of attacks. Bailey was feeling this one, playing with his food and mauling Lloyd. It didn’t stay that way forever as Lloyd would not be denied and started throwing back just as hard as he was getting hit. It was a proper battle of attrition as the pair just kept going back-and-forth with damage. Lloyd gave it his all but those Shooting Star Knees ended him. This was quite the wild slug-out brawl with Bailey giving Lloyd a taste of the brawling style we know him for. It was all rather vicious but also rather enjoyable.

Falls Count Anywhere: Psycho Clown defeated Gringo Loco via Door Breaking Avalanche Spanish Fly

Now for the match, everyone was looking forward to. Gringo Loco has bust his ass for GCW. For years he’s put on banger after banger and been the most dependable scramble guy around. Now, the company had taken notice, and to build to his own Collective show, he was going one of one with the legend in the making master of Lucha Libre, Psycho Clown. This shocked everyone with just how brutal it got. Loco wanted to feel alive again and this madcap, fight around the venue brought out the Loco side in him. There was blood, broken bodies, and broken doors everywhere as the pair went hell for leather. It was a circus of madness with Clown being his own ringmaster. I was blown away by the barbarism on display as they took the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation to the limit. Loco had gone through hell to get to Texas and now, he’d given his all to steal the show. This became a murderous brawl as both guys got bloody, bludgeoned, and brutalised, Clown’s mask torn up to hell. Loco embraced that Rudo fury for this one, lavishing the fan’s hatred and using it to dish out more furious barrages. They had a venue full of diving spots so, of course, they were put to good use. Even AJ Gray had a cameo in this one, trying to protect his merch as Loco dived from an indoor goal post.

Not to be outdone, Clown joined the flying fun with a balcony dive. These two got the biggest spot of the night and they damn well made the best of it. This blew the roof off the building as they kept trying to find more ways to kill each other with moves and plunder. In the end, Clown took the win but it had taken a whole lot out of him. Loco had left him with tubes and he’d used them to great effect, scoring the win with an Avalanche Spanish Fly through a door. Holy shit, watch this match. It’s a brutal epic between two of the best Luchadores on the planet right now, shedding a whole lot of blood throughout a venue hot for the violence. Better still, when the red haze had subsided, Clown gave Loco his due and demanded another match down the line. There’s going to be a rematch, fucking brace yourselves.

Scramble: Atticus Cogar defeated Dark Sheik, Alex Zayne, Deranged & Grim Reefer via Taco Driver Steal on Deranged

We returned from intermission with a good old-fashioned scramble. We had five fighters ready to duke it out as Grim Reefer, Deranged the scramble specialist, the Sauce God Alex Zayne, Dark Sheik, and the Silver Teeth Satan Atticus Cogar all came to the ring. Cogar has been on a roll as of late but with the odds that stacked against him, would one of his opponents ruin his streak? He was taken out quickly and everyone else went into show-off mode as we got a competitive four-way fight between the varied stars of the scramble. Cogar made everyone pay for ignoring him and picked his moments for maximum effect, dodging disaster when he could. He even ruined Reefer’s joint, what a bastard. Things went from bad to worse as Deranged used a body pile to create a gnarly double tower of doom spot and everyone landed awfully. Reefer and Cogar found their feet first and it was weed v skewers with weed coming out on top, Reefer putting that spliff out on Cogar’s forehead. As per usual, excellent scramble, an excellent mix of styles, and a whole lot of fun throughout. Everyone shone and Cogar got another win to brag about despite having to steal it from Zayne. Post-match, he made sure to thank Zayne for his service by skewering him.

Blake Christian defeated Laredo Kid via Spike Dragging DDT

Time for the perfect combo. it’s cliché to call things such but Laredo Kid and Blake Christian share a similar style and adaptive ability that makes them perfect in-ring foes. They’d met before and now they were going to take what they’d learned and do it again. Christian is still on the build to Jonathan Gresham and was looking for another high-quality scalp for his collection. This got very hard and very fast very quickly as the mean streak of Christian came out. Laredo matched him and we had ourselves quite the hard-hitting affair. As you would expect, it had all the high-flying fun you’d want mixed with nasty striking and power games. Christian has come back to be the best and he is certainly clawing his way to that spot. Again, this was a very close, very compelling, ultra-competitive fight that saw both fighters stealing the spotlight from each other at every opportunity. They’d killed it on Impact and now they’ve killed it on GCW too. Let this pair keep fighting as every fight brings out the best in them. Christian keeps racking up the wins and with another date with Gresham set, we know exactly what he wants and just what he’ll do to get it.

Dr. Wagner Jr defeated Joey Janela via Wagner Driver

Last but not least, the main event. Joey Janela has been a magnet for high-quality, unbelievable opponents and this one might just top that list as he was about to be the GCW debut fight for the legendary Dr. Wagner Jr. What a holy shit moment, the mad doctor was in GCW and Joey Janela was very much in for the fight of his life against the best of the best. We had two forces of personality colliding in that ring. They went from big manning each other with the one-finger salute to beating the shit out of each other until Janela was a bloody mess. They had intense grappling sessions, brutal slugfests, and more peacocking than the previous matches combined and it all worked incredibly well to make the match main-event worthy. It didn’t need to coast along on the WTF factor alone as both wrestlers were doing what they do best. It didn’t quite have the insanity of Clown vs Loco but it didn’t need it, this was all about the technicality and posturing. Wagner Jr took his time to lay in all the damage on Janela, finding a whole lot of ways to cause him great amounts of pain. Despite not being Falls Count Anywhere, these guys also decided to go on a brawling tour of the venue, Janela working with blood in his eyes.

Things got hardcore as Janela used that bloodletting to fire him up to new levels and throw himself and Wagner into chairs. Both guys were hurting by the end of it as they’d both been pummelled or stretched to the limit. Janela tried to pull off his usual daredevil antics but the blood loss and ring IQ of Wagner Jr made it difficult and often self-destructive to do so. He did everything in his power to win but it just wasn’t enough and the legendary Luchador walked away victorious. He’d used Janela’s chair contraption to kill him off and ended things with the Wagner Driver. Wagner Jr got to stand victorious and close the show but he was cut off by a very familiar foe, Psycho Clown. This was the man who had unmasked Wagner in an infamous mask vs mask match. Wagner Jr was livid and as the pair got heated, they set another match, hair vs mask in a GCW ring. That should headline Gringo Loco’s WRLD on Lucha Collective show. You think you’ve seen Lucha violence? Just wait until you see what the hell they do to protect their masks and hair. There’s a reason those types of matches headline the biggest events in Mexico. This show rocked and might have just set up even more Lucha insanity on the horizon.

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