GCW has broken its tradition and signed a wrestler to an exclusive multi-year contract. The wrestler to be included in this historic moment is none other than the face of the company, Nick Gage. The God of Deathmatch and master of the pizza cutter has been a pivotal part of the company for several years now as a multi-time champion and one of those most associated with the company.

GCW owner, Brett Lauderdale tweeted out the news, confirming Gage may be the only contract ever offered by the company,

“This is the first & likely the last contract GCW will ever offer. Nick has earned the right to finish his career on his terms w/ dignity & a focus on the future he deserves. I’m proud GCW can give him that. For the hard work, sacrifice & loyalty over 23+ years, MDK ALL FN DAY!”

During his time with the company, Gage has been a multi-time GCW Champion, still holds the record for the longest reign with that title, defending it in deathmatches and hardcore fights across 2017 to 2019 before finally recapturing the title from Rickey Shane Page in one of the indie’s biggest multi-year stories at RSPring Break. Sadly, that title was lost to Matt Cardona several months later. He also gained notoriety for his deathmatch with David Arquette, his recent fight with Chris Jericho in AEW, and his world-received episode of Dark Side of the Ring. He is now currently one half of the GCW Tag Team Champions after making a surprise main event appearance at Hammerstein’s WRLD on GCW. Whilst the terms of the contract are uncertain it means we will be seeing Gage on our screens for more years to come and after everything he has given for GCW, few are more deserving.

All images courtesy of Brett Lauderdale, Hee_bawn, Chris Grasso

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