Seth Rollins Stomps Riddle

RK-Bro and Alpha Academy have the last of their Academic Challenge contests tonight, in the form of a quiz bowl. Lita will be making an appearance ahead of her match at Elimination Chamber. And Seth Rollins goes one on one with Riddle.

I’m Amanda and this is the RAW review.

Match Results

Alpha Academy def. Street Profits

AJ Styles def. Damian Priest

Dominik Mysterio def. The Miz

Bianca Belair def. Nikki A.S.H.

Kevin Owens def. Austin Theory

Doudrop def. Liv Morgan

Riddle def. Seth Rollins (DQ)

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins & Kevin Owens def. RK-Bro

Randy Orton and Riddle during the quiz bowl

The Show

RK-Bro and Alpha Academy were in the ring at the start of the show, for the quiz bowl. Kevin Patrick officiated proceedings. They’re tied at one apiece, so Riddle and Orton needed a win to get their title shot.

Chad Gable interrupted Patrick because he wanted to explain the rules and insult the audience at the same time. Anyway, teams must pick a category and answer the multiple-choice question. One point for a right answer, and if the team gets it wrong, the other team has a chance to steal the point. First to five wins.

Gable got his history question right. Riddle picked biology and got a question about octopus hearts right. Gable correctly answered a Greek mythology question, and Riddle got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right.

Orton goaded Gable into letting Otis answer a geography question, which he got right. RK-Bro answered their pop culture question incorrectly and Gable stole the point. That left Alpha Academy needing just one point, but Gable fluffed the question about which Shakespeare play has been adapted into the most movies. Otis tried to give the correct answer, Hamlet, but Gable shushed him and said, Romeo and Juliet. Riddle got it right to grab a point back.

Alpha Academy during the quiz bowl

Randy Orton chose sports, and it was a question about Denver Broncos quarterbacks. As RAW was from Denver, the audience helped him out and made it 4:4. Gable picked Metric Conversions and got it wrong. Everyone would have expected Riddle to know there are 28 grams in an ounce, but it was Orton who got it. Gable kicked off and fell to the floor like the buzzer being repeatedly pressed was hurting him.

Happily, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins saved us from the amateur theatrics. They mocked Alpha Academy and got an RK-Bro chant going. Gable challenged them to a match and Otis attacked Ford from behind when they accepted.

Alpha Academy vs Street Profits would have started after a break, but the first hour was ad-free, so we got a couple of WWE branded commercials while they cleared the ring. Really fun opener. Gable ended up bleeding from the mouth. Ford took Otis down with a suicide dive but grabbed at his back on the landing. Dawkins almost pinned Gable off the distraction but he kicked out and got Dawkins in an ankle lock. Angelo Dawkins struggled to get free, but Gable grabbed his legs to transition to the pin. Montez Ford was a couple of seconds late.

Otis stops Angelo Dawkins pinning Chad Gable

Lita got a… I’d say it was an intro package, but it’s Lita so a Legend’s package ahead of her appearance.

WWE 2k22 got a promo package as well. It’s available for pre-order.

MVP brought out Bobby Lashley for the celebration he said they should have had last week but didn’t get. They’re still not impressed about Lashley having to defend in the Elimination Chamber. They’re even less impressed about Brock Lesnar being one of the other entrants. But they’re still confident Lashley will leave champion.

Lashley talked about Brock being disrespectful by demanding a rematch. He doesn’t think Lesnar’s earned it, and he posed the question of when Brock’s last RAW match was. He’s not being locked in the Chamber with Brock, Brock will be locked in the Chamber with him. Once he’s done with that, he’ll go on and defend his title in the main event of WrestleMania.

MVP and Bobby Lashley

Alexa Bliss still had the replica Lilly doll the therapist gave her last week. This time, he asked her to give it back. She did, but she broke down weeping.

AJ Styles vs Damian Priest was a nice surprise. Excellent match, I’d love to see a nice short feud between these two. There was no set-up for it in the match. Styles won clean as a whistle with a Phenomenal Forearm. But Priest was looking very ‘Damian’ as the cameras cut away, so maybe. Styles is due a title shot now.

Damian Priest elbows AJ Styles in the face

A Women’s Elimination Chamber match has been announced for the event. Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Bianca, Belair, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H., and an unnamed superstar will compete to become Number One Contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. Speculation about the mystery competitor is rife. Asuka has been missing for ages. Bayley has been out injured for a really long time. And Lacey Evans must be due back from maternity leave soon.

Promo picture for the Women's Elimination Chamber match.

Kevin Owens is convinced that if he beats Austin Theory tonight, Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce will remove Theory from the Chamber match and put him in instead. Seth Rollins wasn’t so sure but told Owens he believes in him. He laughed after, so Owens got paranoid that he didn’t mean it.

Miz TV happened with Maryse as The Miz’s co-host and Rey and Dominik Mysterio as their guests. Rey criticised Miz’s underhanded tactics in beating Dominik, and Miz got offended at the implication he’d cheat… which he does, often. Miz complained about Beth Phoenix cheating by punching and kicking him in their Royal Rumble match, but failed to mention the hurricanrana Edge got from Maryse.

Miz said if anyone was cheated, it was him because he should be in the Elimination Chamber Match, but Rey got the opportunity instead and lost. For each win Miz listed, Rey added how he cheated. Got to hand it to him, no one does obnoxious quite like The Miz. He’s also bitchy about Rey Mysterio being on the 2k22 cover instead of him or Maryse. All he wants is some respect.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio confront The Miz

Dominik stood and told Miz he should show his father some respect, so we got ourselves a rematch. To finish things off, Miz said he noticed Dominik is a lot taller than Rey and asked if he’s sure he’s not Eddie’s son. Dominik held Rey back, then shoved Miz over himself.

The Miz vs Dominik Mysterio, the rematch, started after a break. Maryse tripped Dominik in front of the ref to save Miz from a 619 and he ejected her. Miz kicked Dominik in the face to give him time to argue with the ref. Rey tripped Miz while the ref was making Maryse leave, and Dominik rolled and pinned him while he was being outraged.

Diminik Mysterio rolls up Miz and pins him

Austin Theory and Vince McMahon were shown conversing in McMahon’s office, but we didn’t hear what was said.

Bianca Belair vs Nikki A.S.H. was one of many battles between Elimination Chamber opponents that we’re getting this week and next. A.S.H. got Belair hung up on the ropes and gave herself a knee to target. She targeted it hard, but it didn’t stop Belair from picking her up and slamming her a couple of times. Nikki struggled free of the third one but took a delayed vertical suplex later. She almost got the win with a tornado DDT, but that was her best and final shot. Belair delivered the K.O.D., still favouring her knee, and pinned her.

Nikki A.S.H. hurts Bianca Belair's knee

R-Truth, Tamina, and Tozawa were running around the arena looking for Dana Brooke, but she was hiding with Reggie. When the danger had passed, she thanked him for everything he does for her, then kissed him on the cheek. He asked what it meant, she said they were friends and they hugged. They nearly kissed but had to run from Truth and co.

Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory was really good. Theory sent Owens into the ring post and he fell out of the ring. Owens retaliated by smacking Theory into the steps then delivering a cannonball off them.

We got back in time for Theory to take a cannonball in the corner and a frog splash from the apron to the outside. He got his second wind but Owens knocked it out of him when Owens ut him on his shoulders and rolled from the second rope. Somehow Theory not only kicked out but got his knees up for Owens follow-up frog splash. That was it though. Owens superkicked him and pinned him off a stunner.

Austin Theory pounds on Kevin Owens

Randy Orton told Riddle to focus on the Elimination Chamber Match, but not until after tonight. Tonight, he has to focus on Seth Rollins. Riddle was still speculating about walking into WrestleMania as a double champion, and looking forward to a party he’s planning.

Bianca Belair got to meet Jackie Joyner-Kersee on Royal Rumble weekend. They showed a little of the meeting and talked about the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, as part of the celebration of Black community leaders for Black History Month.

I wonder if Veer Mahaan will have had the most coming soon vignettes ever by the time he eventually appears.

Lita talked a little about Royal Rumble and said she’s wanted a match against Becky Lynch for a long time before Lynch came and joined her.

She said it’s quite something to hear such nice things from her teenage idol and asked to explain why she initially said no to a match. Lita supported her when she first arrived in WWE and without her, there would be no Becky Lynch. But now that there is a Becky Lynch, there can be no Lita. She’s hurt by someone she looks up to so much trying to take everything away from her. She’s dropped friends and alienated the people to keep the title and she’ll get rid of Lita, no problem, as well. Lita may have brought her up, but she’ll have no problem putting her down.

Lita said Lynch is the odds-on favourite and she has no problem being the underdog. She was just a punk rock dumpster diving kid who went out and chased her dreams, but the fans made her four-time champion and chanted for her from day one to enable her to live her dreams. She hasn’t had a title match in fifteen years, but the crowd still supports her and while they’re there, there’ll be a Lita. She told Lynch to think about how she’s going to feel when she takes the title off her at Elimination Chamber.

Lynch faked out leaving then lunged at her. Lita was ready, but Lynch still came out on top in the scrap. She should have left it at that, but she went back for a Manhandle Slam and took a Twist of Fate and a moonsault.

Becky Lynch and Lita

Sonya Deville’s arm is in a sling post Ronda Rousey. Kevin Owens went to them to ask if he was in the Elimination Chamber match now, and they said no. He objected and said they can’t deprive the WWE Universe of him main-eventing WrestleMania with his best friend.

Deville told him he might not even be at WrestleMania. Owens suggested that might cause a riot because they love him in Texas and he’s had so many career highlights there. He has to be there and the people need him there. He left them to think about it.

Liv Morgan vs Doudrop was another Elimination Chamber opponents match. They each had a little video during their entrances. Morgan is still driving herself mad about not winning the title, but now she’s focused on the Elimination Chamber. Doudrop thinks she’s been too passive and too nice, but nice doesn’t make it in WWE so she learned to get nasty. Now everyone is disrespecting her. She knows why though, they’re scared because she can splatter every single woman on the roster.

The good match finished with a splash from Doudrop. Moran had several chances as well as absorbing a lot of punishment, but Doudrop’s power advantage was just too much.

Doudrop stand over Liv Morgan

In our second visit to Alexa Bliss and her therapist, he congratulated her on not reacting violently to giving Lilly back. He asked her how her week was. She described two incidents where she controlled her anger. And one where a woman, who she described as looking exactly like Lilly without mentioning Lilly, cut in front of her in the grocery store and she threw her down an aisle and hit her with a loaf of bread.

Seth Rollins told Kevin Patrick that he has never main evented WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. This is his year and no one is going to stop him.

Seth Rollins vs Riddle would have been a great match if it had been allowed to reach its natural conclusion. Their styles mesh very well, and we haven’t seen them fight thirty times in the last six months, which is always refreshing. Alas, as good as it was shaping up to be, Kevin Owens arrived and attacked Riddle causing the disqualification.

Randy Orton ran down post-DQ and RKO’d Owens for attacking his partner. With fifteen minutes of the show left… the rest is obvious.

Randy Orton RKOs Kevin Owens

Adam Pearce was at ringside after a break, having made RK-Bro vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens official. Owens, however, was still down after the RKO, and Rollins was struggling. When Owens did come in, it was off an unseen tag and Riddle ended up in trouble. They kept Riddle isolated and wound Orton up at every opportunity. Rollins punched Orton off the apron seconds before Riddle moved out of the path of his frog splash. Owens prevented Riddle from getting to his corner until Orton was ready for him.

Rollins took Orton’s draping DDT but shoved him away when he went for the RKO. Riddle tagged in when Orton stumbled into their corner and had an advantage for about ten seconds. Less than thirty seconds later, he was eating canvas and losing the match off a Stomp.

Orton got an RKO in on Owens. Rollins just laughed and walked away.

Randy Orton assists Riddle's Bro Derek to Seth Rollins

Next week, Damian Priest put the US title on the line against AJ Styles, and Riddle is throwing an RK-Broga party. Join us then… the match should be good.

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