Welcome back to the big celebration triple-bill of ChocoPro wrestling. We kicked off the action yesterday with ChocoPro #199 and now, with season 12 officially started, it was time to break into the 200 specials. Day one boasted some fun, some fury, and a monster tag title match to round out the show. Firstly, we had TAMURA of HEAT-UP tagging with the yoga master Trans-Am Hiroshi against SAKI and Sayaka Obihiro. Second up we’d see Ryo Mizunami was back in Ichigaya for another throwdown with the Tropical Fairy Yuna Mizumori and finally, in the main event, Best Bros were putting the Asia Dream Tag Titles on the line against yesterday’s winners, the high-energy pairing of Chie Koishikawa and Kaori Yoneyama. Would we see the Ochazuke Sisters take it all? Let’s find out and jump into the action.

TAMURA & Trans-Am Hiroshi defeated SAKI & Sayaka Obihiro via Judo Armbar on Obihiro

For the second time this weekend, Sayaka Obihiro was opening the show as she was teaming up with SAKI, leader of COLOURS, to take on the unusual team of Trans-Am Hiroshi and HEAT-UP’s TAMURA. This could be ridiculously wild or ridiculously random as we had a team of martial arts, yoga, and gut-punch enthusiasts taking on two heavy hitters. Plus, who knew what operatic tones we’d be exposed to? What looked like a very sportsmanlike opening was soon crushed as SAKI and Obihiro attacked as the gong rang and turned TAMURA into a ping pong ball of pain. He could do nothing but run and withstand as he was decked with sentons and Kokeshis as Hiroshi and referee Suruga looked on in horror. It wouldn’t last though as Obihiro broke her hand against the wall and the dastardly duo took control of the match by mangling the injured hand with acoustically perfect finger snaps. Hiroshi tagged in and continued to work the hand, savagely biting alongside his more refined attacks. There was no escape from this onslaught for Obihiro as TAMURA took free reign over her fingers until she could build momentum and escape with a massive rolling chop. SAKI ran wild on both TAMURA and Hiroshi, then got into a very vicious and very loud strike exchange with TAMURA. The gut punches came out and TAMURA felt the pain of his own blow as SAKI posed on him. That just pissed off TAMURA and he went full Muta on her with a Dragon Screw and Shining Wizard.

Hiroshi came in again to display his martial arts skills and got run over by the SAKI and Obi express. Both teams formed Gundams and we had Hiroshi and Obihiro fighting on their partner’s shoulders. Team Obi got the win but she clipped a light and the pair got electrocuted. TAMURA and Suruga tried to interject and also got electrocuted so Hiroshi did the smart thing and turned off the lights. Everyone collapsed so Hiroshi roused them all back to life with the power of song. He tried to use this power again but TAMURA ruined the mood by butchering the song. Obihiro also gave the singing a go and joined Hiroshi for a debut as their partners watched from the sidelines. Hiroshi gave Obihiro a round of applause, then took the win by Judo throwing Obihiro into an armbar. This was an exceptional opening tag with equal parts smart and silliness with both teams having their laughs and their skills shown off. It made for a fun opener and once again shows no matter how friendly Hiroshi seems; he can never be truly trusted.

Ryo Mizunami defeated Yuna Mizumori via Lariat

Next up was a rematch for the ages as we got another round of action between the Aniki Ryo Mizunami and the Tropical Powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. This was going to be a pure power match as both have massive amounts of raw power to unleash and some of the heaviest hits in the whole company. This fight requires no play-by-play, this was pure hoss fight action. Mizumori and Mizunami shunting, struck and submitted each other around the studio throwing bombs that would drop lesser foes. These two fight in a very similar way and know each other very well and as such, they once again meshed to put on another back-and-forth epic. Mizunami had her usual swagger and pushed Mizumori to the limits with her power game. It just kept getting more and more violent as the pair upped the ante, pushing each other further. There were chops that rang out through the whole studio and they were just shaken off to deliver more punishment. It’s rare to see Mizumori as an underdog but she had to fight up from here and use the environment to her advantage. There were large swathes of this match that Mizumori had under her control but Mizunami used her head, literally and metaphorically, to knock her back down. This was a pure slug-out battle of attrition with Mizumori withstanding and delivering so much but just never finding that killing blow. Mizunami always had an answer or a way to kick out and would smash her right back down. The lariats alone made this a compelling watch. This is epic and very much worth the watch. The storytelling, the drama, the pure, stiff as all hell wrestling, all melt together to form one of the most intense matches ChocoPro has had so far. Mizumori might be 3-0 down against Mizunami but she just keeps on going and keeps on getting closer to beating Aniki.

Asia Dream Tag Titles: Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Ochazuke Sisters (Chie Koishikawa & Kaori Yoneyama) via Namaste Press to Yoneyama

Last but not least, the main event. Best Bros weren’t getting the original opponents they’d wanted for this big occasion but from the ashes, another team had stepped up to take the plate. Originally, it was to be Hagane Shinno and Kaori Yoneyama taking this challenge, now it was the Ochazuke Sisters, the team of Kaori Yoneyama and Chie Koishikawa. After that massive win yesterday, this was potentially Koishikawa’s time to shine once again. Suruga and Koishikawa opened with another round of heated chain wrestling, knowing the other well enough to counter most of what was thrown. Akki took over and felt the wrath of two hyperactive runners and almost lost as they trapped him in a Propellor Clutch. This hot streak wouldn’t last though as Koishikawa found herself in the all too familiar role of Best Bros punching bag. The Big Apple became the big bully as Best Bros utilised double-team damage and some goblin tactics to maintain their stranglehold over Koishikawa. Yoneyama could do nothing but watch and break up pins as her partner was mercilessly tortured by the champs. Koishikawa eventually escaped with a dropkick and Yoneyama came in hot, pummelling Suruga. The grand battle for Apple Mutilation broke out and Koishikawa got a measure of revenge by breaking the hold with a Demon Chop.

The Ochazuke Sisters got the chance to flex their teamwork muscles on both Bros and the match just kept getting more competitive as Koishikawa got to punish Suruga for the abuse she’d taken, breaking her legs for the muffler. Neither fighter could keep their submission locked on and resorted to pure slugging as tempers flared. As expected, when things got dicey, Suruga went back to biting, proving the goblin comments are still warranted. Akki worked to keep the match under the Bros control but found himself overwhelmed by Yoneyama and Koishikawa, narrowly avoiding the same fate Mizumori met the day before. Akki found his arm broken and his time running out as Yoneyama kept trying to submit him with a Cross-Armbreaker. That didn’t stop him combo-ing with Suruga to deliver more high-impact double team moves to the sisters. Yoneyama and Akki continued to beat the hell out of each other before the match broke down into a frantic closing sequence with all four fighters throwing whatever they could at each other to avoid defeat. Yoneyama became a crash pad for Moonsaults and Swantons before finally giving in to the Namaste Press. It had been one hell of a fight and a frantic hurricane of tag team action to round out this fun as hell ChocoPro episode. The festivities had begun in style with Best Bros doing what they do best against some very high-quality competition. It was all cylinders go from the get-go and offered another high-class tag bout. ChocoPro always delivers on its title fights and this was no different. On another positive note, this was one of the first times Koishikawa had lost a title match without eating the pin, again showing some growth. Akki got the win and can ride that momentum into his unification match tomorrow with Minoru Fujita but will the damage of today leave him weakened tomorrow? Check back tomorrow when we get to ChocoPro 200 Day 2 and another five matches of potential madness to dig into.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, DOGU, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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