“Now that I have your attention, here’s the truth.” – ec3

The “Control Your Narrative” concept has manifested itself from an idea to a movement, to a live touring/televised wrestling company.

“We, collectively as wrestlers, can no longer wait. We can not wait on companies that answer only to shareholders. Companies where billionaires collect talent as “toys.” Companies that fire their entire roster for the mistakes their office made. Companies that are complacent in presentation.

Companies where talent sits in the back and say “nothing matters.”

To create true change, you have to be bold. You have to bet on yourself. With CYN, talent bet on themselves.” -ec3

What has started as a self-produced, independently crafted concept focused on character development/wrestling through a “cinematic lens,” Control Your Narrative and their “Free The Narrative” series was created by ec3 and his partner Jedediah Koszewski in April 2020.

“The world was changing and everyone felt fear and anxiety. When you only have questions, and there are no answers, the best therapy is to create.” – Koszewski

“The talent that has reached out, wanting to create with us, wanting to control their narrative has been humbling. It’s an honour to be able to help tell their story.”

One of these talents is the former Universal Champion “Braun Strowman,” now known by his birth name Adam Scherr.

“I was so impressed with what Control Your Narrative was creating, that I told ec3 and JC how much it inspired me. How much I would like to create with them one day. The next day I was released from my contract. Things happen for a reason. Preproduction of “Free The Narrative II: The Monster in us All” began immediately. This is what’s next.” – Scherr

All talent featured in CYN has asked to be a part of the project. These competitors range from known to unknown and include names like Matt Cardona, Moose, Jon Skyler, Matt Sydal, Marina Shafir, Westin Blake, Matt Taven and more.

Opportunity awaits for up and comers through CYN’s “Project Initiation” (seminars hosted prior to CYN Live Events.)

On 3/31 CYN: Dallas, the much-anticipated debut of Killer Kross takes place.

“If you want to Control Your Narrative, all you have to do is knock.” – ec3

At CYN there is no corporate hierarchy. There are no deep-pocketed investors wanting to use the sport simply to profit. There are no contracts or political agendas. There is only passion to create with the platform for a talent to “become who they are supposed to be.”

The one thing missing for CYN to “become who they are supposed to be” was a proper platform and network distribution. That has been achieved.

“The Whisper Campaign has begun. Yes, CYN has a new partner. Yes, CYN has network distribution. Yes, we are very excited to take CYN to the next level.” – Koszewski

“No, we will not tell you anything further. You will learn everything you want to know at CYN: Dallas on 3/31” – Scherr

“In Control Your Narrative I speak about finding your purpose. This idea and this company will be bigger than any one person. I can’t promise anything other than my undying effort to create a platform for the right wrestlers to do what they love and provide the freedom they crave. For fans to have an intimate, unforgettable LIVE experience along with an artistic, action-packed, emotional TV presentation.

Control Your Narrative is my purpose.” – ec3

For more information www.controlyournarrative.co

Control Your Narrative already produced 2 “Free The Narrative” shows, with Matt Cardona and Adam Scherr, that aired on Fite TV.

All pics courtesy of CYN

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