Welcome back to MLW and the bright lights of FUSION. Last week, we saw the betrayal of the century as Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout cemented their newfound partnership by destroying Holliday’s former friend Alexander Hammerstone and kissing over the corpse. This week we might get some answers for this alongside more exceptional matches. This week Dallas offers up three more high-quality bouts as ACH tries to ruin Davey Richards’ undefeated streak, Budd Heavy is back to team up with Gnarls Garvin against the Saito Bros and in the main event, 5150 give Los Parks the rematch they so desperately wanted in a ladder match. This was going to get wild once again as anything can happen in Duran’s playground.

Davey Richards defeated ACH via Ankle Lock

Up first tonight was an indie star dream match. ACH is one of the most beloved figures on the scene and now, in an MLW ring, he was taking on the American Wolf Davey Richards. This would make for one hell of a clash as it would be interesting to see if ACH would fly or keep it grounded. ACH might be the home state hero but this seemed to be one of the most split crowds to date. This opened with a technical masterclass as both fighters went hold for hold until Richards started targeting the ribs and locking down ACH. This lasted until ACH was able to create some separation with an Enzuigiri and picked up the pace. They both struck the hell out of each other and ACH nearly took the win with a Bridging German. Richards changed tact after dodging a Double Stomp and began going for the ankle but ACH was prepared for it as had a counter. They run the roads together for a long time so their knowledge of each other kept leading to some excellent counterwork from both. ACH made sure to leave his mark as he flew over the ropes from the stage with a running cutter and winded him with a massive Frog Splash. Somehow that only got two so ACH went up again but Richards cut him off with headbutts. He dumped ACH with a Superplex and went straight into the Ankle Lock as ACH kicked out. He kept the pressure on with a Spinning Brainbuster and forced ACH to tap with a third application of the Ankle Lock. This was bloody awesome; it went from crisp wrestling to a greatest hits compilation for both guys as ACH pulled out a lot of his signatures throughout the course of the match. This is how you open a show in style with two aggressive but respectful fighters. Hopefully, we get more ACH as time goes on. Post-match, Richards took to the mic to address the stolen Opera Cup and gave one final warning to Hammerstone as the hunt closed in.

The Saito Bros (Jun & Ray Saito) defeated Budd Heavy & Big Beef Gnarls Garvin via Saito Splash on Heavy

Who knew beer was so good at bringing people together? Garvin and Heavy had bonded over a love of drinking beer after a chance meeting with Uncle Moon Man. Beef had killed Budd before, now they were gonna drink and fight other people. Their new partnership was going to take a swift kicking though as they were taking on the debuting All Japan team, the Saito Bros. Could the boozed-up brawlers score an upset over the Saitos? This was a battle of the big boys as Beef and Jun opened with competitive grappling before being relegated to a cheerleader as the Saitos beat up Budd. It was sad to watch as Heavy just became a heavy bag for the AJPW imports and got beaten down from post to post, finally getting a breather with a Jawbreaker. Beef got to go on the rampage but an ill-fated tag saw him be taken out and Heavy eating a double chokeslam and splash. The Saitos were victorious and had proven to be tough, malicious fighters out to embarrass their foes and work their way up. Beef wanted to keep fighting and kept throwing haymakers until they left. One day, we’ll see Budd Heavy win and the whole world will erupt.

Between the matches:

  • Calvin Tankman opened the show by announcing in two weeks’ time he was going to get his hands on Alex Kane. As expected, Kane come out to mock Tankman and the pair brawled into the title sequence. This would be recapped later as Crybaby Calvin sponsored a segment of the show.
  • Mads Krügger hijacked the feed once again to deliver another chilling threat to Jacob Fatu. He is the monster Fatu could never be and will make the blood pour from his torn flesh when they finally meet. The intensity is only getting higher as Krugger makes more and more horrific threats. That fight finally happens next week.
  • Mister Saint-Laurent was having dinner with Cesar Duran hyping up his new fighter. Duran wanted to debut them in a multi-man match and teased it could be next week. Myron Reed interrupted the dinner to ask for a title match. Duran was in a giving mood so when it happens it’ll be Tajiri vs Reed vs a mystery opponent.
  • MLW recapped that Killer Kross is making his return to MLW in Charlotte. Also, as part of the control centre later in the show, MLW confirmed nZo would be taking on KC Navarro in a grudge match.
  • Lio Rush is coming back to MLW again. The former Middleweight champion will be returning soon. What is next for the M.O.T.H?

  • Alicia Atout and Richard Holliday had contractually forced MLW to show their Dynastic Valentine’s Day special. Holliday was feeling free since shedding himself of Hammerstone. He had felt betrayed after everything he had done to save Hammerstone without getting the same back. He’d made everyone believe they were best friends but it was all done. Hammerstone wasn’t on the same level. Now, Holliday was gunning for that title and knew everything to exploit to get it.
  • The last segment before the main event was the big Hammerstone/Richards contract signing. They’d both met before Duran to sign the contract for their SuperFight main event and Duran couldn’t help rubbing salt in the wounds over Holliday. Richards played Peacemaker to stop Hammerstone from doing anything rash then had to have Hammerstone do the same as Duran taunted him. The contract was signed with both men wanting to fight each other at their best.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Gangrel is going to be at MLW SuperFight making his MLW debut and will be taking on Big Beef Gnarls Garvin. The master of fanging and banging is going to find himself against stiff competition in Charlotte.

MLW Tag Team Titles Ladder Match: 5150 (Rivera & Slice Boogie w/Dr. Julius Smokes) defeated Los Parks (LA Park Jr & El Hijo de LA Park w/LA Park) via title retrieval

Last but not least, the main event. What better way to culminate a blood feud than with a ladder match? No real rules to constrain the violence, just incapacitate your foes and climb the ladder to claim what’s yours. The Sons of Park were representing Los Parks against Rivera and Boogie but we all know both teams had tricks up their sleeves. Also, brief aside, Hijo had Skeletor gear and it was incredible. This was insanity from the start. Both teams went right after each other with flurries of offence and threw each other around ringside, giving the guardrails a thorough test. The ladders came into it and Boogie got the first bite of steel as Hijo broke his back with a spear onto a ladder bridge. Rivera wasn’t going to be outdone and risked it all to climb a support beam for a Tornillo. With the adrenaline pumping, both teams started battling around a central ladder, trying to reach the titles. That was soon knocked aside as Los Parks started breaking Rivera with chops and a Destroyer before flying onto their foes below, buckling another guardrail with a spear and Asai Moonsault. Homicide appeared to give 5150 the numbers advantage but he was quickly cut off by the Chairman LA Park who speared everyone in the match. He and Homicide got into another heated exchange and Homicide caused Park to spear Hijo.

Park was livid and made Homicide pay by bludgeoning his plums. More plunder came into play as everyone whacked everyone. Park Jr and Rivera fought atop a ladder and Boogie saved the match with a pelted chair. They took out Park Jr with the 456 Headcrack and retrieved their titles. in an absolute glorious clusterf*ck of a match, 5150 had retained their titles and managed to maintain their oath to Konnan. This was a vicious fight with a lot of fun chaos to enjoy, both teams bringing out their extra members for the fight. 5150 cannot be stopped right now and this just further proves that. With the show done, all that was left to do was tease MSL’s new man coming into the fight next week as part of a Lucha Trios match and give us one final video of Krügger and Fatu before their monstrous match. MLW is a hotbed of chaos right now and Duran is just there fanning the flames.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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