Move over Tony Hawk because there’s a new favourite American Wasteland and it comes to us courtesy of Jimmy Lloyd and the marvellous minds of VxS. There were going to be a multitude of matches to enjoy as the ace of the company booked his own trap house fight club show. With a pre-show boosting the new generation and a whole host of cross-generational dream matches, VxS were set to knock it out of the park again. Just to name a few we had, EFFY vs Jimmy Jacobs, PCO vs Matthew Justice, Nick Wayne vs Rich Swann, the return of Aerial Assault and so much more leading to the main event American Wasteland deathmatch between the booker boy Jimmy Lloyd and The Bulldozer Matt Tremont. Let’s get into the carnage.

Pre-game: Alec Price defeated Reid Walker via The Prize Kick

The pre-show opened with two of the fastest rising stars of their respective areas. The OG Bustakillah Alec Price had been tearing it up around the country and was going to butt heads with H2O’s fastest rising star in Reid Walker. Both have a similar style of fighting so this would make for an excellent little bout. It was Walker’s home turf and the crowd very much reflected that, leaving Price very pissed off. As expected, the pair meshed well bringing rapid technicality, crisp wrestling, and rampant personality to their match. Price was out to make no friends and Walker just calmly did what he does best. It got pretty stiff and nasty at times with Price looking to throw salt at everyone in the crowd by crippling one of their favourites. Everything had a raw edge to it as you could just feel the hatred in most shots. Walker obviously didn’t take that lying down but sadly, couldn’t get the win here. Price had tanked the best Walker had and brained him with multiple head drops before kicking his head into the canvas one final time. Alec Price is incredible in the ring and it’s almost a shame these two ended up on the pre-show. The bonus is though, everyone can watch this one, no excuses.

Pre-game: Jay Malachi defeated Jackson Drake via Springboard Ace Crusher

This match is the best type for me. It takes two fighters I’m familiar with and showcases them on a big show with no training wheels. Jackson Drake and Jay Malachi are two young and hungry stars from the Midwest and were going to make the most of the spotlight. This was a furious one with both guys just going right after it, all gas no brakes. It started hard and just got harder with both out to blow some minds. It started fast and stayed fast with heavy shots, ridiculous amounts of athleticism, and a whole lot of painful-looking landings. Malachi got the win but both guys showed out with the time they had. They stole the spotlight and showed off all the innovation they were bringing to the table. Again, it’s free to watch so do it, there’s a wealth to enjoy. These two will be on my radar and I hope to see more of them in VxS. Speaking of the pre-show, it’s there below, for your viewing entertainment.

Aerial Assault: Dyln McKay defeated Colby Corino, Cole Radrick, Eli Everfly, Ruckus & Jason Kincaid via Body Pile Shooting Star Press on Radrick

The main show opened with the revival of a torturous old stipulation. We had six high-flyers stepping up for the Aerial Assault. It would be veterans, OGs, and VxS regulars all colliding for a top spot. Ruckus didn’t even get an entrance as the action just booted off. it was a continuous mess of bodies flying, breakneck speed and landings, and exceptional fun. It was a very high-energy opener that started the fans off hot with a mess of action. It was so hard to keep track of that even commentary couldn’t keep up. It was a continuous one-up game of multi-man moves, vicious kicks, and fantastic flips. A perfect mess of chaos. The show had started with a bang as everyone brought it. There was no dead weight, no weak links, just six guys with it all to either prove or get in. It’s always great seeing Ruckus in action and goddamn did Kincaid show the hell out. The hometown venue seemed to imbue McKay with even more invincibility than normal as he was able to withstand the six-person barrage to take the win, racking one up for the H2O roster. This was wild and very much started the show as it was meant to go on. My one issue is that the actual Aerial Assault box was barely ever used, it was mainly just a six-man scramble, albeit a very high-quality scramble. Hell, it’s worth it just to see Everfly defying gravity with a wall post Moonsault.

Nick Wayne defeated Rich Swann via Clout-Style Cutter

Next up was a big test for the hottest young gun on the scene, Nick Wayne. VxS were throwing him in at the deep end with a match against the life of the party, Rich Swann. Much like what we’d seen so far, this was no doubt going to get very damn fast. No one could be quite prepared for what these two would do. It started off with some rapid-fire chain wrestling and descended into madness as the pair flew, flipped, and fell around the venue. There were concrete dumps, head-scissors galore, and a whole lot of pain. Wayne had started hot but Swann ground him down and worked him over until he could finally fight back up. Swann held nothing back as he tried to break Wayne’s spirit and his face. No matter what you did, you couldn’t take your eye off either guy as there could be an ace in the hole at any moment. Swann gave Wayne everything and despite the pain, Wayne was able to take it and come back to win with a massive Clout-Style Cutter. This was an absolutely huge win over a respected ring veteran. Nick Wayne is great now and is only going to get greater. This was an excellent match everyone seemed to enjoy, myself included.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Slim J via The Bomb

Well shit, this was going to be awesome. We were getting a first-time-ever battle of the legends as 2 Cold Scorpio returned to VxS to get down and dirty with an underground legend, Slim J. This was a fight I never knew I needed but am glad I got it. There was an air of respect in the air as everyone got to witness these to practice their craft. Scorpio was being his usual aggressive and calculated self, targeting limbs and trying to systematically break J. The respect flew out the window as personalities clashed as much as the fighters. J tried the same limb-breaking approach on Scorpio and we found both guys left with broken arms. As you love to see with Scorpio, this got stiff as hell as the fight got scrappier, bringing out his flipping favourites as time went on and J brought out that springboard kick you always see in his clips. As things escalated, it seemed like neither guy would give in. They both threw the heaviest hits and killing blows but only got two. J had so many near-falls but Scorpio was always ready to kick out and punish him for it. In the end, Scorpio dropped the bomb and J was unable to get up. It was a fitting end to one hell of an excellent match. Slim J can clearly still go and left a very good impression on the VxS audience. It’s always great when you see legends can still go and put on classics like this.

Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Marcus Mathers via Flamingo Driver

It was back to test time as Marcus Mathers got his shot at one of the most beloved men on the wrestling scene. Speedball Mike Bailey was back in the US and was making up for lost time with a much-anticipated debut in VxS. These two have a very similar style and are naturally talented at the wrestling game. Mathers loves to cause upsets but could he derail Bailey’s big debut? This was another all gas, no brakes match as Bailey almost ended it instantly and Mathers made him pay for doing so. That didn’t last too long though as Bailey upped the aggression and tried to murder Mathers. These two were perfect for each other and it showed as the pair kept managing to up the intensity and keep everyone compelled. Mathers kept tanking the nastiest of slams and kicks like a zombie and finding more ways to put the boots into Bailey. I wouldn’t want to take a single kick from Bailey, Mathers took so damn many and just kept on going. That resilience finally wore off though as he couldn’t find a way to put Bailey away and succumbed to the Flamingo Driver. Still, you can’t take anything away from him. He’d made Bailey sweat and put on another kickass match. This was great to watch and another highlight of the broadcast.

PCO defeated Matthew Justice via Bubba Bomb

Nick Gage took over the commentary booth as the carnage count was about to go up. Matthew Justice and PCO were about to create a hardcore hurricane in the H2O Centre. Both guys have no care for their bodies and will throw everything at you, be it plunder or their bodies. No surface is too high and no landing too hard for them. This was pure chaos in the best possible way. These two fought around the venue breaking bodies, doors, and each other as the match went on. There were harsh landings on concrete, through doors, and onto invincible tables as they two connected on the same wavelength of insanity. They would strike it out, brain each other with doors and chairs and both flew at each other from great heights. This marked a change in tone for the show as it was purely beautiful hardcore violence. We got both guys firing on all cylinders and taking sickening levels of punishment. Justice was on top form with the spears and splashes whilst PCO threw caution to the wind with his daredevil sentons and Moonsaults. This was great and PCO walked away with his second VxS win, toppling the king of craziness himself. If you love plunder and brawling goodness with two near-invincible madmen then this is the fight for you.

EFFY defeated Jimmy Jacobs via Door-Breaker Bomb

Oh, fuck yes. The Zombie Princess was back. We’ve seen Jimmy Jacobs back in action but now, it was pure zombie princess mode to battle EFFY, pro-wrestling’s Daddy. This could be the most unpredictable fight of the night as EFFY and Jacobs can bring the death, the fight, and the mind games. This was going to be good as No Peace Underground presented the time Daddy fought the prom queen, Mary Lou eat your heart out. It started calmly enough, some hand-holding, some slaps then went right off the deep end as EFFY wanted to see under Jacobs’ dress. EFFY was granted the glimpse of wonderland then got stabbed to death with a spike. The niceties were gone and we got ourselves another hardcore horror show. EFFY was a crimson mess as the Padawan Braid variant got stabbed, choked, and bludgeoned with that spike and chairs galore. EFFY always claims to be fine so Jacobs pushed that mantra to its limit. They both beat the hell out of each other and EFFY may have pulled the nastiest move of the night by spiking Jacobs in the dick. This was so goddamn fun to watch. My words won’t do this one justice. Just enjoy it, get the show and watch it.

H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Ultraviolent Ladder Match: Lucky 13 defeated Alex Colon & G-Raver (w/Evelyn Sage) via Title Retrieval

What happens when you have an H2O champion, two H2O faithful challengers, and a whole lot of ladders? You get Lucky 13 defending the Danny Havoc Hardcore Title against G-Raver and Alex Colon in an ultraviolent ladder war. We’ve talked about show-stealers all night but this had the chance to be the match of the night as we had three high-flying hybrid hellraisers and a whole lot of fuckery ladders. Raver had Evelyn Sage watching his back as everyone started bringing the pain. Again, there was no easy opening as the trio just went to town on each other. Raver seemed to really be in his element and 13 found the odds against him as he had not one but two challengers to contend with and a ladder climb to make. The more the fuckery came into play, the nastier things got and the more creativity was shown from the fighters. Colon once again showed why many consider him the G.O.A.T but he could get the win as his every effort was thwarted. This was a vicious one as all three guys tried to outwrestle each other and when they couldn’t do that, the fuckery came into play. Colon ate barbed-wire, Raver and Colon both met glass and 13 was left in peace to get the belt after the gnarliest of glass pane double stomps to Colon. This kicked ass but I knew from the name value going into it that it would. This match threw one more surprise at us as Kit Osbourne came out to kill 13 as he celebrated his win. Osbourne seems to want the title and is making his challenge. The problem for Osbourne was, so does Bam Sullivan and he ambushed the ambusher with a Spear. This match was a clusterfuck of violence and ended with another clusterfuck of title challengers.

Wasteland Deathmatch: Jimmy Lloyd defeated Matt Tremont via Glass Pane Drop

Last but not least, the main event. This whole show had been Jimmy Lloyd’s birthday celebration and now it was time for the icing on the cake. He’d come into Tremont’s house and now, he was in the main event against the Bulldozer in the first-ever Wasteland Deathmatch. That meant no-ropes, barbed wire, and a whole fuckton of tubes. This was a wire and glass wonderland for both of these guys to kill each other in. That’s just what they did. It went from back-and-forth striking to barbed-wire dancing to pure tube-breaking madness. Tremont brought out the tube-fu and both guys ended up being hit with unhealthy amounts of light tubes. Lloyd kept asking for more so Tremont just kept bringing the pain and the glass. Both were fired-up, bloody, and willing to just keep slugging it out with their fists or the tubes, even Chokeslamming Lloyd onto more glass. Even a fork came into play, entering the torn flesh of Tremont’s forehead. Lloyd was determined to prove he was taking Tremont’s torch but Tremont wasn’t eager to pass it over. Lloyd introduced a staple gun to the mix and dropped Tremont through a glass pane to get the win. This was an excellent main event bloodbath full of heart, pride, and broken glass. With the Bulldozer back, everyone is gunning to take that position. He is still one of the best and he put Lloyd through hell before succumbing. For a wrestler like Lloyd, this felt like the perfect birthday present. Happy Birthday, Lloyd, you’re still the ace to everyone here. Except for Jordan Oliver, who stormed the ring to finish the show by breaking Lloyd’s leg with a baseball bat. Looks like war has been declared, Jordan Oliver just crippled Lloyd in the nastiest form of party-pooping. To end on a brighter note, this show fuckery rocked. From start to finish, it provided a nice mix of styles, generations, and violence. VxS remains one of the best US companies around and that trajectory doesn’t seem to be changing. I highly recommend this one.

All images courtesy of VxS, IsThisWrestling, Video courtesy of VxS YouTube

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