Impact Wrestling monthly special events have shown us they can become some interesting game-changers in the IMPACT routine. From the classic weekly shows and 4 PPVs a year system, we now have a monthly addition when the title can change hands, feuds can find an end or a beginning. Some must-watch shows, available on Impact plus and on Impact Wrestling YouTube Insiders, the fans couldn’t miss…
We’re miles away from Rebellion which will take place on April 23, Sacrifice is taking place in 2 weeks and we can only hope the WrestleCon shows will air. The build-up of No Surrender made sense after the most recent episodes and the feud they have developed. The former ROH renegades and the Bullet Club insinuated themselves in the card, trying to find a place or a belt in the Impact Zone.
Let’s dig into it. 

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated John Skyler. We hadn’t seen Trey Miguel in the Impact Zone since Hard To Kill. He said on social media he was dealing with some injuries and sadly, Trey’s mother lost her fight against cancer. It was a very emotional man who was supposed to become a wrestler again tonight, and he did it in a short but good match. Trey won with the Meteora and showed the 4 wrestlers involved in the #1 contender match he is not ready to relinquish the most coveted title in Impact Wrestling.

Havok defeated Tenille after Kaleb with a K received a phone call from the IInspiration in the middle of the match, distracting Tenille giving Havok a chance to secure the victory. The expected title match between The IInspiration and The Influence was removed from the card for a reason I don’t even want to know as, for me, Havok winning was worth everything.

  • The winner becomes #1 Contender for the Impact X Division Championship – Fatal Four-Way Match – Jake Something vs Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs Chris Bey vs Mike Bailey

You know the song by heart, there’s no better opener than an X-Division match. Two former Champions and two aspiring Champions were involved in a match that had everything to be a classic. Bailey and Austin shook hands but got taken off guard by Bey and Jake, sending them both outside. Bey rolled up Something but he fought out and sent Bey outside with a clothesline. Something teased a dive to the outside but Bailey cut him off with his combination kicks. Bey and Austin tried to get involved but both got dumped outside with a double dropkick. Bailey teased a dive but he was caught off guard by Jake who connected with a suplex that sent Bailey to the outside onto Bey and Ace. Jake dove out onto all three opponents and Madman Fulton. Something tossed Bey back into the ring and set up for a splash in the corner.

Inside the ring, Jake tried another splash but Ace dodged and hit him with a spin kick. Ace laid into Jake with a series of knees and strikes, Jake asked for more before getting dropped by a kick from Ace. He went to toss Jake into the ropes but he held strong and sent Ace into the ropes, Bey got involved and it turned into a brawl. Bailey was on the apron and Bey launched off Jake’s back with a dropkick on Bailey, dropping onto Jake’s back on the way down. Bey dove onto Bailey on the outside. Ace connected with a dropkick on Jake in the ropes, Bey went for a shot but Ace dodged and hit Bey with a kick to the face. Bailey hit a moonsault to the outside on all three opponents before tossing Ace into the ring.

Bailey set up for the Ultima Weapon on Ace but Jake grabbed him for a powerbomb, Bey hit a dropkick and sent Bailey off Jake’s shoulders. Bey connected with a Poisonrana on Jake. Bey hit a frog splash on Ace but Bailey hit a running shooting star press. Jake caught Bailey in the corner with a Spear before sending him into the ropes, Ace caught Bailey and both hit a stereo superkick to Jake. Another handshake that Bey broke with the Art of Finesse on Bailey. Bey caught Ace on the apron but Ace hit a clothesline sent Bey to the outside. Ace went for the Fold on Jake something but Jake caught him with the Into The Void for the win. AWESOME.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Eric Young cut a promo on his match with Jay White. He’s not political, not a kiss ass, or an MMA guy who stumbled upon pro-wrestling. He’s not a mark or a skinny asshole who got over on the indies. He’s a professional wrestler. Eric said for those that know the truth, know he’s the best all-around performer this business has ever seen. When it’s all said and done he will be considered the best this business has ever seen. In the end, Jay has his word and his reputation. But when you love something, you’re willing to die for it. He asked what Jay’s willing to do.

  • Black Taurus vs JONAH

A BIG Men match, very different from the previous. JONAH backed Taurus up in the corner and they exchanged shoves before locking up again. JONAH with a wristlock but Taurus bounced off the ropes and laid into JONAH with some nice chops. Taurus off the ropes ran into JONAH. Off the ropes and again, JONAH was unfazed. Taurus rushed into a shove from JONAH that dropped him in mid-air. Taurus went on the ropes but JONAH sent him to the outside with a clothesline. JONAH followed and picked Taurus up but Taurus fought out and sent JONAH face-first into the ring post. Taurus dove to the outside and took out JONAH.

Taurus went to send JONAH into the ring but JONAH reversed, sending Taurus in waiting outside to catch his breath but instead was caught from another Black Taurus dive. Both men inside and Taurus tried to send JONAH into the ropes but JONAH reversed, lifting Taurus above his head and tossing him right into the top turnbuckle. JONAH lifted him up and again tossed him this time into the centre of the ring. JONAH headbutted Taurus a number of times before dropping down on him with a waist lock. Taurus fought out with a jawbreaker and bounced off the ropes but ran right into a back elbow from JONAH. JONAH sent Taurus into the corner but ran into a big boot from Taurus. Taurus connected with a dropkick, a reverse sling blade, and a crucifix bomb.

Taurus hit a running uppercut and a kick in the corner but JONAH hit a splash of his own on Taurus in the corner. Taurus caught JONAH with a headbutt but JONAH ran gut first into Taurus dropping him. Taurus sent JONAH face-first into the middle turnbuckle before heading to the top rope and hitting a twisting senton. JONAH blocked the Powerbull but ate a headbutt and was set onto the top turnbuckle. JONAH had Taurus on his shoulders on the top ropes. JONAH dumped him into the ring and caught him with a Thesz press off the middle rope. JONAH lifted Taurus up for a powerbomb, hit a lariat and climbed to the top rope. JONAH hit the Tsunami for the win.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Jake Something was telling Gia Miller about his victory tonight but Trey arrived, gave him credit for his victory and asked if he can beat him. Ace Austin got in Trey’s face and this set up a tag match for IMPACT on Thursday between Trey & Jake vs. Ace & Fulton.

  • Violent By Design banned from ringside – Eric Young vs Jay White

Leader vs Leader match. Lock up to start, Eric sent Jay into the corner but Jay countered with a shoulder tackle. Eric hit a headlock and a shoulder tackle of his own. Jay replied with a shot to the midsection and hit chops on Eric into the corner. Jay sent Eric into the opposing corner but ran into the turnbuckle, looking for a forearm. Eric hit some strikes of his own and went for a suplex, Jay tried to counter, they exchanged body shots and Eric backed Jay up into the corner. Jay sent Eric into the corner and Eric walked out into a back body drop. Jay sent Eric to the outside and tackled Eric into the ring apron. Jay hit a chop, sent Eric into the ring and nailed him with a huge chop. Eric sent Jay into the middle turnbuckle shoulder first and attacks Jay’s shoulder. Eric lifted Jay up and choked him with a neckbreaker from the middle rope. Jay charged Eric and dropped him with a DDT. Jay hit a running uppercut in the corner and a twisting suplex. He tries to set up Blade Runner but Eric fought it off. Jay chopped Eric into the corner and stomped away at him in the corner. Jay choked Eric, the referee forced the break. Eric Young hit a DDT of his own and dropped Jay with a discus clothesline. Eric lifted Jay up for a Death Valley Driver. Eric looked for the piledriver but Jay fought out.

They exchanged strikes. Back and forth until Eric went to the top rope, but Jay dropped him groin first on the top rope. Jay tried to climb to the top but Eric bit away at Jay’s face. Eric sent Jay to the mat and hit an elbow drop. Eric went for the piledriver again but Jay replied with the back body drop. Eric off the ropes ran into an uranage from Jay. Jay hit a Saito suplex on Eric and met him on the apron. Jay pulled Eric face-first into the apron. Back inside, Jay lifted Eric up for a German suplex but Eric fought out and went for a DVD. Jay fought out, back and forth, Young hit a piledriver on the apron. Eric went for a piledriver again but Jay fought out. Eric argued with the referee on his counts and walked into a Blade Runner attempt, Eric reversed and went for the piledriver. Jay reversed into a half-and-half suplex and lifted Eric up for the Blade Runner. Jay hit it for the win. GOOD BUT NOT A DREAM MATCH.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Ace Austin asked Mike Bailey to be his partner this Thursday. Mike said he’s not here to be a tag team wrestler but Fulton said sometimes it helps to have the right people behind you. Ace talked Mike into being his partner and convinced him.

  • Deonna Purrazzo’s Open Challenge For Either the ROH Women’s World Championship or the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship 

Former ROH wrestler Miranda Alize came out. Lockup, Alize with a wristlock and they chain-wrestled. Test of strength and Deonna locked in a body lock. Miranda looked for a crossface submission early but Deonna fought out. Deonna with a wristlock, Miranda rolled out and hit a dropkick to the knee. Miranda with a twisting arm drag and a hurricanrana, sending her to the outside. Miranda dove through the bottom ropes to send Purrazzo back into the ring. Deonna went to her feet and sent Alize into the ropes, Alize ran face-first into a pump kick from Deonna. Deonna lifted Alize up and elbowed her in the back of the neck.

Deonna hit a clothesline, then locked in a surfboard variation but Alize fought out only to get kicked right in her forearm. Deonna hit knees to the spine of Alize. Alize went for a headscissors takedown. Deonna kicked Alize, lifted her up and chopped her into the corner before tossing her in the other corner. Deonna sent Alize to the apron but she fought out with a spiked hurricanrana off the bottom rope. Both women made their way to their feet and exchanged forearms as they got up.

Alize took control, laying into Deonna with right hands. Alize connected with a Lucha roll and ran into Deonna with a forearm of the corner. Alize hit a knee to the face of Deonna in the corner. Purrazzo hit a variation of a suplex, looked for the Cosa Nostra but Alize fought out and hit a ripcord knee. Alize hit a sit-out hurricanrana into her crossface submission. Alize looked for the Shining Wizard but Deonna dodged it and locked her in the Venus de Milo for the win. Deonna held onto the submission for a few moments after the match. NEXT MATCH, PLEASE.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Chapel Hart, the band that sang the National Anthem when the show began, were backstage with Gia and Mickie James joined them to discuss her match tonight. Chelsea joined Mickie and offered her support for her upcoming match. They all were excited together.

  • IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match: Matt Cardona (c) vs Jordynne Grace

Cardona offered a handshake early but Jordynne laid into him early with a series of strikes. Cardona went for a suplex but Jordynne reversed it. Jordynne sent Cardona into the ropes but he reversed and ran into an uppercut from Jordynne. Grace locked in a sleeper hold but Cardona tried to back her into the corner. Jordynne let go and hit Cardona with a reverse backhand into a suplex. Cardona rolled to the outside to reset, making his way up the entrance ramp but Jordynne stopped him. Grace charged Cardona in the corner but he put the referee in the way, forcing Jordynne to stop. Cardona grabbed Jordynne by her hair and slammed her into the middle turnbuckle with the back of her head hitting first. Cardona tossed Jordynne into the corner again, this time face-first, and went for it a third time but Jordynne fought out sending him into the corner. Cardona was back in control quickly with a suplex into the corner. Cardona lifted Jordynne up but she fought out, Cardona got in her face and said he’s the champion.

Cardona ran into a big boot from Jordynne who hit a running knee to Cardona, laid into him with open palm strikes and hit a spinebuster. Cardona hit a dropkick to Jordynne off the middle ropes and caught her with a boot in the corner, then another off the bottom rope. Cardona argued with the ref and set Jordynne up for Radio Silence but she sent him over into the top turnbuckle. Jordynne dropped him into the middle rope and hit him with double knees to the back and a running elbow to the jaw. Cardona went to the outside, Jordynne looked for a dive but Cardona held up a steel chair. Jordynne kicked the chair right into Cardona’s face and sent him back into the ring. She picked the chair up and slid it into the ring. Jordynne lifted the chair up and the ref took it from her. She ran right into a lariat from Cardona. Cardona flipped off the camera and lifted up the chair. The ref tried to grab the chair but he tried to use it anyways. This prompted Jordynne to hit Cardona with a NutCracker for the DQ. NEXT MATCH, PLEASE.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Tasha Steelz was telling Gia about her upcoming Championship match but she was distracted by someone yelling for help. Eddie Edwards was laid out in the backstage area and Chris Sabin was calling for help.

  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: The Good Brothers (c) vs Guerillas of Destiny

Tama laid into Karl early with forearms and sent him face-first into the corner. Tama laid into Karl with body shots, dropping him to the mat and stomping away at him in the corner. Tama held the choke for a bit longer. G.O.D had Karl outside isolated for a moment before Gallows made his way over. Big brawl outside. Tanga Loa hit a Superman punch to Gallows as Tama sent Karl into the ring. Both men exchanged lefts and rights, as well as a series of forearms in the centre of the ring. Karl hit an uppercut on Tama, Tama went off the ropes and dropped Karl with a clothesline. Tama headbutted Karl and made the tag to Tanga Loa. They hit Karl with a combination of strikes and a neckbreaker. Tanga Speared Karl into the corner and laid into him with shoulders to the midsection. Karl strangled Tanga’s eyes and made the tag to Gallows. Gallows and Tanga exchanged strikes, Tanga sent Doc into the corner and hit him with a clothesline. Gallows strangled the eyes of Tanga and he tagged in Tama. Tama hit a splash on Gallows in the corner.

Gallows lifted Tama up onto his shoulder and dropped him face-first onto the mat. Gallows hit a series of rights and lefts to the midsection of Tama in the corner before tagging in Karl. Karl dropped Tama and tagged back to Gallows. Gallows dropped Tama and laid into him with elbows across the chest before locking in a rear chin lock. Gallows lifted Tama to his feet and Tama fought out with shots to the gut and a jawbreaker. Tama ran into a right from Gallows but replied with an enzuigiri. Karl tagged in and stopped Tama from making a tag, sending him into the corner. Tama bounced out, dropped Karl, and tagged in Tanga Loa. Loa ran through Karl with shoulder blocks before dropping Gallows off the apron. Loa lifted Karl up, Karl fought out and bounced off the ropes, Loa hit a hip toss into a neckbreaker and tagged in Tama. Tama lifted Karl up for a suplex but Karl reversed into a neckbreaker. Gallows in dropped Tanga with a right and hit an assisted neckbreaker to Tama inside the ring.

They went for the Magic Killer, Karl said now they kill the Bullet Club. Tama fought out of it. All four men exchanged moves, with Anderson and Tama as the legal men, Karl lifted Tama onto his shoulders. Tama reversed and lifted Karl to his shoulders for a roll-through Death Valley Driver. Tama hit a Splash from the top onto Karl. GOD went for the Magic Killer but Gallows blocked it. Bey came to the ring to fight with the ref, Tanga Loa seemed confused about why he was here. Loa pulled Bey off the apron but Gallows dropped him with a big chokeslam outside the ring. Bey was shocked on the outside and asked if he did that. Jay White slid into the ring and dropped Tama Tonga with the Blade Runner. The Good Brothers hit Tama Tonga with the Magic Killer and cover for the win. After the match, Jay White, The Good Brothers and Chris Bey shared a “too sweet” on Tama’s body. GOOD MATCH, BAD END.

  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Mickie James (c) vs Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans

Mickie tossed her ring coat into the face of Tasha before the match started. Lockup early that went all the way to the outside. Back in, Tasha and Mickie continued to lock up now with a test of strength with neither gaining an advantage. Mickie dropped Tasha with a running knee. Tasha hit a chop that dropped Mickie before sending her into the corner. Tasha ran into an elbow from Mickie, Mickie on the apron hit a shoulder to the midsection of Tasha. Tasha dropped Mickie off the apron with a dropkick. Tasha regrouped for a moment before hitting Mickie with a superkick, Tasha yelled into the camera and asked Nick Aldis why he didn’t tell wifey to stay home.

Mickie hit a neckbreaker to Tasha on the outside, tossed Tasha into the ring but Tasha rolled through to the outside. Tasha distracted the ref as Savannah sent Mickie face-first into the ring post. Tasha sent Mickie back into the ring, hit a clothesline, Mickie went to her feet in the corner and laid into Tasha with some rights and lefts before dropping her with a hurricanrana. Tasha went to her feet and ran into a series of forearms. Mickie bounced off the ropes into a pump kick from Steelz. Tasha laid into Mickie with a flurry of forearms.

Mickie hit a forearm, then a PusssyCracker on Tasha. Mickie laid into Tasha with some forearms and a flapjack. Mickie connected with a kip-up and climbed to the top rope. Mickie hit the diving seated senton. Savannah Evans went on the apron and Mickie hit the Mick Kick to drop her. The distraction allowed Tasha to hit the Cutter. Chelsea Green hit the ring and jumped on the apron. Chelsea dropped Evans, Tasha went for the Blackout but Mickie countered, Mickie ran Tasha into Chelsea on the apron and rolled her up for the win.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Team Impact got into it. Rhino accused Maclin of foul play. Rich Swann ran up and said Eddie can’t compete but he has some help, Willie Mack. Chris Sabin was pumped up.

  • IMPACT World Championship Match: Moose (c) vs. W. Morrissey

Brian Myers was on commentary. Moose and Morrissey exchanged rights and lefts early, both men went for a lariat and neither budged, again. Finally, they took each other down. Morrissey ran right into a Spear from Moose, Morrissey to his feet and Moose hit another. Morrissey rolled out before Moose could cover. Morrissey to his feet, Moose went for another but Morrisey hopped over it, Morrissey dropped Moose with a big boot and a powerbomb. Moose rolled to the outside to prevent a pinfall as well. Morrissey to the outside grabbed Moose, tossing him into the barricade. Morrisey sent Moose into the barricade again.

Morrisey went to toss Moose into the barricade but, this time, Moose reversed and sent Morrisey through a table with a uranage. Moose lifted Morrisey up and sent him face-first into the ring post. Moose rolled through to reset the count. Morrissey told the cameraman to get out of his way but Morrissey caught Moose with a big boot and then dropped him with a powerbomb on the apron. Morrissey gets in the face of Myers, then sent Moose back into the ring. Morrissey went for another powerbomb and Moose hit a hurricanrana out of it. Moose connected with a dropkick to Morrissey in the corner. Moose set Morrissey up in the corner and lit him up with a chop in the corner. Morrisey tossed Moose into the corner and hit a clubbing blow of his own, they exchanged chops going back and forth in the corner before Morrissey took control laying into Moose.

Morrissey off the ropes and Moose hit him with a dropkick, Moose off the ropes and ran into a lariat. Morrissey lifted Moose up but Moose finally hit another Spear. Morrissey rolled near the ropes. Moose set up another spear but he ran into a lifting powerbomb from Morrissey. Morrissey set Moose up for another powerbomb but Moose backed him up into the corner. Morrisey was up on the top rope and Moose set him up for a superplex, Morrissey fought out and sent Moose to the mat, Moose went to the top quickly and hit a hell of a superplex. Moose hit a kip-up and another Spear for the win. AWESOME.

  • If Honor No More win, they remain in Impact Wrestling – 10- Man Tag Team Match: Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent, and Kenny King) w/ Maria Kanellis vs Team Impact (Chris Sabin, Rhino, Rich Swann, Steve Maclin, and Willie Mack)

Big brawl before the match even started. It continued until Maclin and Bennett kicked things off in the centre of the ring with an exchange of strikes. Bennett hit a shoulder tackle on Maclin, Maclin popped back up and they continued exchanging chops. Bennett hit a kick to the face of Maclin, then a chop. Maclin leapfrogged Bennett and dropped him with a back elbow. Sabin was tagged in as was Matt Taven. Taven sent Sabin into the corner, Sabin hit a springboard crossbody out of the corner. Sabin on the middle rope hit a hurricanrana to Taven. Sabin tagged in Swann but Taven quickly reversed a strike and dropped Swann. Taven pulled Swann to the opposing corner and tagged in Vincent. Vincent off the ropes hit a crossbody to Swann, went for a suplex but Swann fought out. Swann hit a dropkick to Vincent who tagged in PCO. PCO hit a Dragon Screw to Swann who tagged in Rhino. PCO laid into Rhino with a series of chops. Rhino fought back with chops of his own, sending PCO into the opposing corner. PCO and Rhino laid into each other with lariat attempts and neither man budged. Rhino finally dropped PCO and tagged in Willie Mack. He connected with a wristlock to PCO but PCO pulled him into a lariat and tagged in Kenny King. Mack off the ropes onto a face full of Kenny King’s bottom. King sent Willie into the corner and hit him with some shoulder blocks and a strike that missed. Willie ducked some strikes from King and dropped him with an arm drag.

Mack tagged in Swann who tagged in Rhino. Rhino hit a Spear in the corner and tagged in Sabin who hit a corner shot and tagged in Maclin. Maclin hit a clothesline on King in the corner and a uranage into a backbreaker. Maclin tagged in Sabin and we got some clean tag-team work between Sabin and Maclin. King off the ropes ran into a knee to the midsection from Sabin. Sabin went for a kick to King and Maria got in the way. Bennett in the ring laid out Sabin, Taven hopped in with a knee to the face, King came back in the ring. King pulled Sabin into the corner and tagged in Taven. Taven hit a backbreaker and stretched out Sabin. Bennett hit Sabin with a chop. Taven tagged in and we got some tag team action until Sabin fought out and dropped both Taven then Bennett with a tornado DDT. Sabin rolled through and tagged in Swann. Swann dropped Taven, then went after Honor No More on the apron. He drops all four members and sent Taven into the corner. Bennett back in but Swann sent Taven off the middle rope into Bennett with a hurricanrana. Swann on the apron dove onto Honor No More but they caught him and Vincent hit a double stomp onto Swann on the outside.

Taven tagged in Kenny who pulled at Swann’s hair before hitting a crossface. Kenny sent Swann into the corner and caught him with a spinebuster. Kenny tagged in Bennett who kicked at Swann in the side of the ribs. Bennett now dropped everyone on Team Impact’s side. Bennett hit a brainbuster onto Swann. Bennett tagged in Taven but Swann fought through both men momentarily until Bennett set Taven up for a Blue Thunder Bomb on Swann. Vincent was tagged in and continued the attack on Swann with a suplex. PCO was tagged in and sent Swann into the corner. He followed with a splash, a DDT, then the nerve hold on Swann’s shoulder but Swann fought out only to eat a splash in the ropes from PCO. PCO dove, then managed to tag in Bennett and Swann tagged in Mack. Willie got all three corners full of members of Honor No More and Willie dropped both members of OGK (Bennett and Taven) with splashes in the corner. Mack set his sights on PCO and caught him with a forearm shot in the corner. PCO connected with a cannonball in the corner and landed on his feet.

Mack lifted Bennett up but Taven was in the ring and hit a superkick to the leg of Willie. OGK set up Mack for the Proton Pack. Maclin tagged in and ran into Vincent, setting him up for the Tree of Woe and hitting a Spear in the corner. Maclin ran into a chokeslam from PCO, Taven dove onto Maclin, PCO went to the top and hit a leg drop off the top. King tagged in, Swann went into the ring and ran into a chin checker from King. Rhino tagged in, King hit a leg drop to Rhino. King lifted Sabin up, Maclin made the save but got sent into the official. King dove to the outside on Maclin, Sabin dove onto King, Taven dove onto everyone, Swann followed. Taven sent Swann face-first into the apron but Mack caught Taven with a kick from the apron. Mack got speared onto the apron. Swann and Mack were on the apron and PCO hit his dive onto both of them. OGK held up Swann and Mack for a redrum to the outside. Everyone to their feet and PCO connected with a moonsault onto everyone outside of the ring. Rhino set Bennett into the ring but Maria cut him off. Bennett and Taven were there but Eddie Edwards ran to the ring with Kenny (the kendo stick). Eddie was face to face with Maria, he called for Rhino to hit the Spear but Eddie turned on Rhino and hit him with the kendo stick. Eddie attacked Swann, then Sabin, then Maclin, right in the face. Taven told Eddie to get the ref, Kenny King did the cover, the ref was confused why Eddie was helping and Eddie told him to count. King pinned Rhino for the win. DAMN.

After the match

Eddie removed the IMPACT patch off his jacket and posed with Honor No More.

To be eNYGMAtic…

Don’t ask a French not to take pride in the Nouvelle Vague of cinema we are the creators of… “A Lift to The Scaffold” is one of the very first movies of the genre. And it matched with everything that happened tonight and justify the road to Sacrifice. You know I keep my opinions till the end now, so let’s dissect this show. Once again, the Countdown matches were good. The X-Division stole the show right off the bat and it’s not a surprise. If Jake Something winning means he signed a new contract with the company, I couldn’t be happier for him and for IMPACT. He already proved he would be a fantastic X-Division Champion (remember his match against Josh Alexander last year…). JONAH had his hands full with Black Taurus and that was cool.
As strange as it can sound, I didn’t really stick to the White vs Young match. It was good but I was not blown away as I wanted. I was told Miranda Alize could do better than what she did because Deonna outpowered her so easily. Matt Cardona pushed the right buttons to make sure he would retain, forcing the DQ. This match had some great potential… I am going to be mean, sorry, but he earned his NutCracker. Mickie vs Tasha was an average match, again not a clean finish. GOD vs Good Brothers was a very good match and the finish is opening new storylines. Moose was awesome, the way he dominated the match is just mind-blowing. And then, the traitor was Eddie… The match was complicated to follow, with 10 men involved. Every man was able to show a bit of his repertoire. But, again, the finish didn’t help the match.
All in all, it was three good hours of wrestling. Some matches would have fit the weekly show,
but there was also PPV-calibre bouts. With Sacrifice in two weeks, the way things will turn could be easily predictable. I won’t bet on that. All we know now is we have 6 new members on the IMPACT roster, there’s a crisis in the Bullet Club, and we lost The IInspiration… Well, for the moment, all I know is there’s a new episode on Thursday night. Will I be there? Probably…

No Surrender Complete Results:

  • X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated John Skyler
  • Havok w/ Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood w/ Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K
  • Jake Something defeated Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton), Chris Bey, and Mike Bailey to become the new #1 contender for the X-Division Championship
  • JONAH defeated Black Taurus
  • Jay White defeated Eric Young
  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Miranda Alize to retain the ROH Women’s World Championship
  • Matt Cardona defeated Jordynne Grace by DQ to retain the IMPACT Digital Media Championship
  • The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) defeated Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) to retain the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship
  • Mickie James defeated Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship
  • Moose defeated W. Morrissey to retain the IMPACT World Championship
  • Team Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent, and Kenny King) w/ Maria Kanellis) defeated Team Impact (Chris Sabin, Rhino, Rich Swann, Steve Maclin, and Willie Mack) to earn the right to remain in Impact Wrestling.

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fite TV, Fight Network, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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