Welcome back to DMDU and to another hybrid show as the company carves its way across Australia. This was another one for new blood as we had several new debuts and returning faces to enjoy as DMDU continues to expand. It would be a fun mix of strong style, tag team, and graphic violence across seven matches. On the card today, we’d see Joel Bateman welcome Kyla Knight to the company, Will Walker vs York in what could potentially be one of the most one-sided deathmatches of all time, Bobby Bishop vs Edward Dusk, and much more leading to the DMDU Australian Deathmatch Title open challenge held by Callen Butcher. No one could be sure who’d step up and take on the Australian King of the Deathmatch. With that intrigue in the air, let’s jump into the carnage.

Joel Bateman defeated Kyla Knight via Designated Driver II

Up first tonight was a new debut for the company. EWA Women’s Champion Kyla Knight was exploding into DMDU and was getting a warm welcome from one of the top dogs, Joel Bateman. This was going to get interesting as Kyla Knight might have a god complex and Bateman specialises in death. Just who would be left standing? There was no messing about in this one. Both fighters came in with a plan and both pretty much executed said plans to the letter. Knight wanted to break Bateman’s arm and Bateman had his sights set on Knight’s neck. This rapid technicality was matched with knockout blows and other nasty joint manipulation throughout. There was a lot of intensity as neither wanted to leave the show with a loss. Bateman was on a roll and Knight had travelled a long way to get here. The longer the match went on, the harsher it got as both pulled out the stops and kept trying to break each other. It was like Holmes and Moriarty as the pair continuously had an answer for each other. In the end, after an absolute war with both fighting near-falls, submissions galore and head drops, Bateman avoided one final Crossface to nearly KO Knight with the Designated Driver II. Knight still had some fight in her so it took a second run of the deadly driver to keep her down. It had been one hell of an opening match with both fighters just beating the shit out of each other. Knight left a lasting impression on the DMDU audience and certainly fit in nicely with the strong division within the company. Plus, we had a heartwarming display of indigenous pride to end things. Plus, in a post-match speech, Joel Bateman called out Matt Tremont since he wants to fight him when his US Tour takes him to H2O on March 14th.

Edward Dusk defeated Bobby Bishop via Dusk Driver

The debuts kept coming as next out was The Cult Classic Bobby Bishop as he prepared to do battle with the cerebral Edward Dusk. We know that Dusk is the next contender to the DMDU Heavyweight Title so he was going to use this match as a message to Royce Chambers. Would the Retro King be able to upset Dusk’s momentum heading into the Palais? The pair couldn’t be more different as Dusk was pure brooding intensity whilst Bishop seemed rather happy to go lucky about the whole situation. Dusk tried to make Bishop hurt but Bishop kept finding unorthodox methods of either escaping or downing Dusk. Bishop couldn’t stop celebrating after a trip and that flipped the switch in Dusk who just launched into a murderous assault on Bishop. This was where the sadistic side of Dusk really came out as he just beat Bishop from corner to corner, methodically breaking down his opponent. Bishop exploded back to life but even then, Dusk was just back on him, hurting him further, and tried to end the fun and games. Bishop finally kicked into gear and almost scored the upset but just couldn’t quite keep Dusk down. it got super competitive and Dusk paid the price for taking Bishop so lightly. Even then, he could never find the right move to end things and Dusk would snake back in and start doing more damage. It would be Dusk that walked away the winner as he ratcheted up the brutality and ended Bishop with one hell of a nasty driver. He’d been in more of a competitive bout than he’d been expecting but he’d still won. His title match was safe and he’d shown how many tools he had hidden in his arsenal. Bishop also shone as he went from being a bit of a goof to a serious competitor and gave us all a quirky but hard-hitting fight. It all made for a fair bit of fun.

Gore defeated Jordan Samson via Dominator

Who’s ready for a hoss fight? We had one of the standouts of the Roll On Scramble, Jordan Samson getting another shot at glory by having him go one-on-one with the Snuff King Gore. We all know the fun Gore has in throwing people around like ragdolls but could he be meeting his match in Samson? Holy shit, this was a blast. It threatened to get technical then became a totally unhinged big man bout as both guys threw each other around the ring and brawled around the fans. It was hard hits and harder landings as we had a rare contest of someone being able to match the might of Gore. The problem for Samson was that he got too confident. Being a match for Gore is a great achievement but he had tried to toy with the Snuff Daddy and gotten snuffed out for it. There’s not much to describe with this one, it was a literal hoss fight between two monsters that provided a bit of variety after two-hybrid fights. I do love a bit of Gore. Following that spectacle, we got the glorious news that two weeks after his nightmarish fall, Broderick Valentine was back and cleared to compete. Everyone should be shit scared.

Kid Valiant & Ryan Rapid defeated Emman the Kid & Royce Chambers via Dusky Frog Splash on Chambers

It was time for some tag team action as Ryan Rapid had his big DMDU debut alongside Kid Valiant. They were going to make the fast and furious competition for the Golden Boy Emman the Kid and the DMDU Heavyweight champion, the Menace 2 Society Royce Chambers. Rapid and Chambers have a lot of history so there was a high chance we’d see that bubble to the surface here. That did become the case but there was so much more to it. This was the perfect showcase for everyone here. Chambers got to hang back for a while as Emman, Rapid, and Valiant all fought for the spotlight. He picked his moments to strike and helped Emman with double-team efforts on Rapid and by being the necessary hot tag later on. When that moment came, almost no one could stop Chambers. Ever since losing his mask, Valiant seems to have become way more confident in the ring and was laying it in against Emman and Chambers. This match became mind-blowing at times as everyone pulled off shock moves and daredevil antics, including a Tower of Destroyer on Rapid. So much blink and you’d miss it action. No one slouched here. Just as Chambers looked to have it won, Edward Dusk came out to throw him from his perch. Chambers was knocked loopy and Valiant quickly followed up with a Frog Splash to end things. It was a huge win for Valiant and another stab in the heart to Chambers from the calculated challenger, Dusk. It was a shocking finish to a shocking match and gave Rapid a win in his debut, something that’s never guaranteed in DMDU.

Hector Jones defeated Kay E Prince via Cut-Throat Clutch

Well fuck, we couldn’t get away from the Anti-Deathmatch Party for a whole show. This time the party was being represented by Cut-Throat Hector Jones. The protégé of Mr. Wrestling Mitchell Wright had been chosen to be the debut opponent for the once-in-a-lifetime talent, Kay E Prince. He didn’t know just how rough a welcome he was receiving. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Loverboy Lochy Hendricks had invaded commentary because one party member wasn’t insufferable enough. Jones started strong enough but his cockiness got the better of him and Prince started showing off the strength advantage he had. This had Jones reeling and running to commentary for a pep talk from Hendricks. Prince continued to attack but Jones just had to wait for him to get in the ring for an ambush. From there it was all Jones as he picked apart Prince, ignoring the rules at his leisure. Prince started striking back again so Jones smartly just targeted an arm and started breaking. As expected, he also mangled the fingers and ignored even more rules for extra damage. Icarus flew too close to the sun again though and Jones got too cocky, earning another crash landing. To his credit, he powered through and wisely picked another moment to strike, ending the match with the Cut-Throat Clutch after giving the knees to a Frog Splash. As irritating as they are, every member of the ADMP knows how to wrestle and Jones is no exception. He might have been outpowered but that just pushed him to fight smart. Prince pushed him to the limit but the ADMP always finds a way and Hendricks was ecstatic.

Harden the Fuck Up and Have a Spoonful of Concrete Deathmatch: York defeated Will Walker via Barbed-Wire Hold the Line

Oh no… look, I like Will Walker. He has guts, heart and nearly always pushes on but he was fucking dead here. The Main Character loves to push his limits in deathmatches but he was going into a very nasty match with the Weight of the World York. Joel Bateman had had to kill Walker to win their last match, York was going to do it for fun. As the name implied, there was a lot of concrete in the form of cinderblocks. Much to my amusement staunch deathmatch detractor Lochy Hendricks had decided to stick around and was absolutely “loving” life. Honestly, this match was horrifying. It was a totally ultraviolent thrill ride that started “tame” with staples and descended into cinderblock, rock, and other fuckery madness. I loved it. Once again, Will Walker went above and beyond to take on a difficult opponent and though he took the ass-beating of a lifetime, he also dished out his fair share of punishment. Some of the stuff in this match was nightmarish and it was given an extra layer of both intensity and comedy as we got the morbid curiosity and outright disgust from the Loverboy’s commentary. It’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at an ADMP member advocating for certain things to happen in a deathmatch. This is a nasty deathmatch to watch and some of it will make people uncomfortable but hell, to me that’s what makes it more fun. Both guys sacrificed a lot during it and York as expected, walked away the winner, in a lot worse shape than a lot of people would have guessed. Also, because this is the second time the mad bastard has done this, fuck safety pinboards.

Australian Deathmatch Title Open Challenge: Callen Butcher vs JXT ends in Anti-Deathmatch Attack

Last but not least, the main event. We had an open challenge issued by the number one deathmatch wrestler in Australia, Callen Butcher for the DMDU Australian Deathmatch Title. He’d filled the ring with assorted fuckery, now all he needed was a challenger. Just who would be brave enough to answer the call? It turned out that the answer would be a bit of a surprise. Whilst not a total stranger to deathmatch, the one to answer the call would be the Jaystick JXT. White Claw in hand, he’d come to try his luck and score some gold, especially since he thought Callen Butcher was trying to be him. Plus, he had the credentials, he’d been in CZW, GCW, fought in the ECW Arena, and had had a deathmatch in DMDU. JXT caught Butcher off-guard with some quick pin attempts but the champ powered out and nearly decapitated him with a stiff clothesline. That technicality and traditionalism faded quickly as chairs came into play and the violence counter got ticking. JXT was the first to bleed as he was driven into a chair and repeatedly cracked in the head with White Claws. JXT made him pay for wasting precious White Claws and returned with an entire shopping cart of fuckery, disgusting his cheerleader, Lochy Hendricks. He loaded the ring and Butcher loaded him into the trolley for the trip from hell, smashing him off a ring post and dumping him to the floor. More fuckery was set up and the pair fought to a platform where JXT got some much-needed revenge with a barbed-wire axe handle. With Butcher stunned, he sent them both crashing through a door and to the floor with a tackle. They returned to the ring and JXT suffered another spinal smash as he crashed onto the trolley after a Back Body Drop. JXT proved to be a tough bastard though cos he shook it off and picked his moment to strike, bringing out Shazza McKenzie’s offence in mocking tribute to his former friend.

He missed the elbow drop and got cut to fuck by the axe-handle as Butcher showed no mercy. To his credit, despite the crowd’s jeering, JXT wouldn’t quit, forcing Butcher to set up another door and move in for the kill. JXT used the time to recover and powerbombed Butcher through the door. Again, that wasn’t enough for a win so they both lay knackered in the ring. JXT looked to set up something but Butcher came at him with skewers. Thankfully for him, he was able to protect his money-maker from skewers with a chair to the throat. He broke the same chair with a Suplex but still only got two. That pushed JXT over the edge and he fully embraced death, smashing Butcher with a barbed-wire chair and skewering the champion. The icing on the cake was a Pedigree onto the wired chair and trolley. That insanity powered Butcher up and he came back swinging, ripping the skewers from his head and laying out JXT with lariats. He broke the guitar over JXT and KO’ed him with the Executioner Elbow but didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to make JXT suffer and dragged out a gusset board to do so. Just as Butcher was about to hit a Package Piledriver, Hendricks and his ADMP goons rushed the ring and attacked everyone. They stomped Butcher, booted out JXT, and fought off York when he came to the rescue. Even Iron-ref Jay Stevens got attacked when Mitchell Wright speared them to the mat and Hawko got choked out just for being there. They used the fuckery and the title as a weapon before slinking away, taking the deathmatch title with them and leaving nothing but carnage and multiple broken bodies. They’d ruined an exceptional match where JXT had shown just how hardcore he could get. Fuck the Anti-Deathmatch Party, fuck the hypocrisy, and fuck these snake tactics. I’d run if I were you, you don’t know what you’ve just brought on yourselves.

All images courtesy of DMDU, Digital Beard

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