Welcome back to GCW and to the second half of the GCW weekender in Atlantic City. The first show saw things go off the rails as deathmatch stars were made and others tried to destroy everything. Tonight, we get more of the same as deathmatch Cole Radrick steps up to the plate against Orin Veidt, Jordan Oliver welcomes Alec Price to the company, SGC battles Joey Janela and Marko Stunt plus a hell of a lot more leading to the main event massacre for the GCW Tag Titles between The Rejects and the H8 Club. After last night’s shenanigans, the main was going to be hotter than ever since you don’t threaten the king and his crew and expect to get away with it. Let’s get into the action.

Jordan Oliver defeated Alec Price via Orange Crush

What is the best way to get rid of an invasive species? A culling of course. That’s what Jordan Oliver was looking to do tonight as he opened the show against the Prize City OG Alec Price. Everywhere Price goes he tries to take over and very few people have managed to stop him. Both these guys are young, hungry, and ready to kick ass so we were starting off hot. Much like the last time I saw him, Price was fired up and ready to break everything in his way to take over the shop. The problem was he was in with Jordan Oliver who was ready to give it back and then some. It led to a competitive and fast bout with bother guys getting a strong showing. It made for some nice opening action with Price getting to show his worth against one of the pillars of GCW. With a showing like this, I doubt it’s the last we’ve seen of him as he really left a mark on Jordan Oliver.

ASF defeated Drago Kid via ASF Driller

Here we go, time for some Lucha madness. ASF, the resident Lucha hero was taking on Drago Kid. It would be a battle between two fast and furious Luchadores. They were both similarly matched and as expected, the pairing gave us an incredible spectacle to watch. It was a non-stop thrill ride of counter wrestling, high-flying athleticism, and stiff striking as the pair beat the hell out of each other. It was a pretty intense affair as neither guy wanted to eat the loss and brought out the big guns to do so, ASF losing some of that saw ASF losing some of that Technicos nicety and go for some less than savoury tactics. There’s nothing quite as fun as seeing two Lucha masters put on an exceptional display of their craft. It’s hard to describe this one as it was just good fun to watch. The action was mind-blowing at times and it was another one of those matches that just needs to be watched, not read.

Blake Christian defeated Ninja Mack via Heart-Drop DDT

That pace continued as we went into a meeting between Ninja Mack and Blake Christian. Given Christian’s latest dive into the more physical and less flippy styles, could we see him ground Mack, or would they both go for broke with flips? Turns out it was a bit of both, it started fast and flippy with both guys trying to get in the other’s head and descended into some hellacious dives and kicks on the outside. It was a mix of excellent wrestling, nasty landings, and flippy fun as both guys seemed to be enjoying their time. This was a chance for both guys to remind people they are more than just one style and succeeded because no matter the flying they pulled off, they could back it up with stiff strikes and technicality. Again, this was just a hell of a lot of fun to watch. This is one of those pairings that could probably have several matches and make each one different, they’re just that good. Christian just keeps getting better as he continues to push towards Gresham. He might also now have the highest of high knees on the GCW roster.

Wreckshit Mountain Deathmatch: Cole Radrick defeated Orin Veidt via Crucifix

You want blood? You’ll get it. Orin Veidt, the Wizard King had been left without an opponent so we were getting a special treat as deathmatch Raddy Daddy was coming to play. That’s right, Cole Radrick was having his first one-on-one GCW deathmatch and he’d even brought a bundle sword with him. This was going to be fucking awesome. Guess what, it fucking was too. Cole Radrick stepped up and then some. I’ve seen him get hardcore before but never to this extent. By the end of it, he was a mess of blood and cuts but he stood victorious over the deathmatch veteran. He’d taken every tube, every wired landing, and every ladder bump and came out on top. The King of Wreckshit mountain even threatened to break a chandelier with his antics. His ambition would cost him at times as Veidt knew when to strike and when to maximise the damage he’d deal but that couldn’t stop the Wildheart. Radrick even got to use the weedwhacker. If that wasn’t enough, he even risked it all with a super ladder Swanton. Just when you’d think it was over, they’d do even more to each other. It was a compelling bloodbath with Radrick becoming the ultimate underdog, never giving up despite the blood loss. Him getting that win set the Showboat alight. Everyone was behind Radrick and now, we need to see him in ToS, surely? A performance like that also shows he’d probably have fun against his biggest nemesis, Nick F’N Gage. Cole Radrick has been so damn good for so long, this just helped even more people see his versatility.

Scramble: Jack Cartwheel defeated Bryan Keith, Billie Starkz, Jimmy Lloyd, Marcus Mathers & Colby Corino via Corkscrew Shooting Star Press on Keith

With the ring cleared and intermission done, it was time for the customary GCW scramble. This one was extra spicy as it had one of my favourite wrestlers from Texas in it, Bryan Keith. Alongside that, we had Jack Cartwheel, Billie Starkz, Jimmy Lloyd, Marcus Mathers, and Colby Corino all entering too, ensuring we were in for a madcap scramble of styles. As expected, this was pure chaos. It was the melting pot of the high-flyers, hybrids, and hard strikers with everyone doing battle for the spotlight. It had a rapid pace which meant it was an almost constant highlight reel of everyone’s greatest hits. Keith fit right in amongst the rapid pace as everyone kept attacking everyone, even Mathers and Starkz having an awkward sorry moment, in their quest for victory. No one was safe as an opponent could strike at any moment. Cartwheel stole the match and the victory with a Super Sasuke Special and the wildest Corkscrew SSP I’ve ever seen. What a return to the action and an insane way to get the fire going again.

Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray & Matthew Justice) defeated Joey Janela & Marko Stunt via Doomsday Device on Stunt

Fire up the sound system as Pantera, Pat Benatar, and Protovision were about to fill the air. We were in for another fight as SGC was bulldozing to the ring to take on the returning Marko Stunt and Joey Janela in tag team warfare. There was no telling where the action could go in this one not to mention how many doors might lose their lives as SGC turn any match into a brawl. Janela and Stunt didn’t even wait for the bell as Janela launched Stunt then followed outside himself with a Swanton. The chaos erupted amongst the crowd and Janela even used a wheelchair-bound fan as a weapon. He even managed to score a field goal on Justice with a trashcan. This went everywhere. They went from production to merch and back again leaving a hurricane of destruction in their wake. SGC broke the Snack Season table and gave Marko Stunt a free sample of the BUSSY hot sauce. When it eventually reached the ring, it didn’t slow down as the ring was filled with plunder. Welcome back Marko Stunt, you got beaten to a pulp as SGC did what SGC does, hurt people and fight. Even then, there was a competitive edge to the match once things really kicked off and it became even more maddening. It was a barrage of plunder, fuckery, and heavy hits. Stunt got revenge, Janela got to fly and SGC kept ploughing on, creating the ultimate clusterfuck of doors and chairs. This was enjoyable as hell and showed what fun can be hand when you have a whole host of mad bastards ready to fight. This evolved into one of my favourite matches of the show.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Gringo Loco via Moonsault Double Stomp

Well, this was an unexpected match-up that no one could complain about. Gringo Loco has been firing into another gear lately, dragging himself to the forefront of GCW’s Lucha Division, and now, he was getting the chance to fight one of the greatest veterans in the sport, 2 Cold Scorpio. Here was a chance to battle and make even more of a name against one of the best in the business. This was another enjoyable little bout as we had similar styles with clashing personalities. There were fun bits of flying, fighting and even some hatred for the fans as Scorpio put a gobby fan in their place. Scorpio did what he did best, grinding down Loco before eventually dropping those famous flipping bombs. It was very aggressive and thoroughly engrossing to watch what they’d do next. It didn’t go Loco’s way but goddamn was it a joy to watch these two do their thing. It was a nice change of pace from what had come before and what was about to happen.

GCW Tag Team Titles: The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Matt Tremont) defeated The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley) via Tack Diving Splash on Bentley

Last but not least, the main event. It was time to watch H8 Club take their big Hammerstein win and put their GCW Tag Team Titles on the line against one of the most hated teams to re-enter GCW, John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley, The Rejects. After their attack on Kevin Gill, they were somewhat heroes but Gage doesn’t enjoy people attacking one of his own. The original H8 Club music blasted out as Tremont and Gage prepared to go to war. There were tubes, glass, and other fuckery at their disposal here. We opened with heavy hands between Murdoch and Gage until a sneak attack with a bundle took Gage out. Tremont came in to fuck up Bentley and we got even more hard shots from the pair. Murdoch was speared through a glass pane by Gage and ate a bundle to the head from the king. Bodies kept getting thrown as Bentley and Tremont fell to the outside to brawl as Gage kept giving Murdoch the tube treatment, bringing out the pizza cutters to take a slice out of the duke’s forehead. There was carnage everywhere as Bentley got the best of Tremont but could only watch on as Gage mutilated Murdoch. The odds were evened as the King and Duke had a barfight and Tremont got buried under a sea of chairs. The Rejects were in firm control as Bentley and Murdoch took their time carving Gage up and smashing tubes galore on him. Gage took it like a champ despite being a cut-up and bloody mess. Bentley did the same to Tremont on the outside and made sure he was still out of the equation.

The Rejects rearranged some furniture, lapped up more of the crowd’s bitter hatred, and booted another pane into Gage with a double corner dropkick. That almost got them the win but Gage kicked out. The Rejects just kept piling on the abuse, slowly dissecting both foes. Just as the end looked to be at hand, Gage and Tremont got their second win and broke Murdoch and Bentley with a bundle Spinebuster and Bundle DVD respectively. Gage nailed Murdoch with the Bundle Face wash and took him to the top for a second-rope Glass Pane Piledriver. The King was fired up but he’d forgotten about Bentley. Tremont rushed Bentley and Chokeslammed Bentley onto a barbed-wire board. Tremont rained tacks all over Bentley and ended things with a splash from the heavens. This had been an absolute war. The Rejects had come into this swaggering and had torn the champions apart but there was no killing blow to be found. Murdoch and Bentley left their mark across the company but could snatch away those tag titles. H8 Club had taken the abuse and come back swinging, making sure Murdoch and Bentley were out for the count. It had been vicious, nasty and full of anger, just the type of match you want for a blood feud. The climb had been hard with blood everywhere but in the words of Slayer, Payback’s a bitch motherfucker. Gage had given Murdoch the punishment his words had earned him and proven once again, that within GCW it’s MDK all fucking day.

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