With the Crockett Cup less than a month away, NWA is starting to ramp up the action on this week’s Powerrr. Colby Corino was in action against The Foundation’s Rhett Titus, the “Hot Mess” faced Kenzie Paige, and NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille looked to defend the title against Taryn Terrell. First up, the decorated NWA powerhouse Jax Dane had some choice words for everyone in attendance and faced Eric Jackson in the process.

Jax Dane vs Eric Jackson

What’s next for Jax Dane? Joe Galli posed the question to him, to which he responded by saying, “violence.” Just like he killed the fan’s hometown hero Crimson, he had killed the old Dane. As he stepped in the ring to face Jackson, Dane proved that violence was his sole focus. He stomped down Jackson in the corner, then pulled his body into the ring post as he stood outside. Dane destroyed Jackson with a huge lariat to pick up the three count. After the match, Kyle Davis got in the ring and brought up Dane’s one-mile restraining order Anthony Mayweather had against him. Dane didn’t seem to care. He said that after the Crockett Cup, everyone will be talking about him. Dane looked like a caged animal tonight. If violence is indeed on the cards, the entire NWA locker room needs to be careful.

Chelsea Green vs Kenzie Paige

I’m a big fan of the Hot Mess. From watching her in Lucha Underground to her current run in Impact, GCW, and other promotions, Green is on fire. Her match tonight proved just how versatile she is. Green took an exploder suplex and shotgun dropkick from Paige, but after grabbing Paige’s legs following a failed dropkick through the ropes and pulling her to the concrete outside, Green continued to show her nasty side. She landed a big boot and choked Paige on the ropes while applying pressure with her shin. Green continued to dominate with a chin lock and two short-arm clotheslines, followed by a German suplex. Not to take away from Paige, who showed her resilience with some big strikes and one hell of a superkick, but Green was on fine form. Green ended the match by delivering Unprettier for the win.

Two out of Three Falls: Colby Corino vs Rhett Titus

This was easily the match of the evening. Titus is in phenomenal shape, and he’s the Ring of Honor TV Champion for a reason. Corino may have abused the rules throughout, but he also showcased some fantastic athleticism against The Professional. Corino hit a huge Tope Suicida on Titus that sent him hard into the barrier at ringside. Back inside, Titus landed a bridge suplex, backbreaker, and a gutwrench suplex. Titus connected with a perfectly executed high dropkick to pick up the first pinfall of the match. Straight after the pin, Titus connected with two huge running boots to the face. The Last Bastion fought back and swept Titus’ legs off the second rope, then delivered a package backbreaker. He locked in the Sharpshooter but broke the submission to land an elbow to his back. Both guys’ backs had taken quite the beating so far, and it continued. Colby dropped his knees into Titus’ back, then booted him in the spine. After some further back and forth, Corino connected with a double underhook backbreaker for a two-count. Titus hit a dropkick as Corino jumped off the second rope, he tried to pin Corino a number of times with no success. Corino then pinned Titus by holding the ropes as the referee was focusing elsewhere. Titus went for a suplex, but Corino was able to land a cutter in mid-air. Titus recovered with a belly-to-belly, then attempted to lock in a half-Boston crab. Corino got out and double-stomped Titus’ back. He hit a suplex transitioned into a backstabber, followed by a unique leg submission to almost make Titus tap out. Titus was finally able to lock in the half-Boston crab, but Corino grabbed the ropes. It was Corino who got the final pin, however, a low blow and a rolling elbow to Titus’ back allowed him to pick up the pinfall. After the match, The Fixers came out to celebrate with Corino.

NWA World Women’s Championship Match: Taryn Terrell vs Kamille (C)

Taryn Terrell is built on being an annoying internet celebrity and influencer. In my opinion, she nails it, but damn, she is so irritating. Don’t get me wrong, I love her for it, and it goes to show she knows how to pull off her character. Kamille wasn’t standing for any of it, though. Before the match, Kyle Davis interviewed Terrell, and she did her usual schtick about being amazing and how she was going to beat Kamille. As soon as the bell rang, Kamille dominated her. She landed a gutwrench suplex, backbreaker, and smashed Terrell’s chest with some huge forearms. Terrell was able to hit a jawbreaker, but it only angered the champion. Kamille hit a fallaway slam as Terrell rushed to the corner to have a drink of water. Kamille stomped her midsection and hit a European uppercut. Terrell went for more water in the corner. Kamille stomped her again as water spat out of her mouth. Terrell took advantage and was able to land a flying neckbreaker and lock in Thirst Trap. Despite Terrell’s flurry of offence, Kamille was the better woman and landed a huge Spear to pick up the win and retain the title.

Images courtesy of NWA

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