Welcome back to ChocoPro and to the tropical celebrations of Yuna Mizumori’s fourth wrestling anniversary. The Tropical Fairy has clobbered her way through four years of wrestling life and now it was time to have a weekend acknowledging that. We started the road at #205 where she had the main event spot against Sayaka and would bloom in #206 where she battled the Ganbare Big Boss Ken Ohka one-on-one. Alongside those big matches, we’d see Baliyan Akki round out #205 with a triple-threat against SAKI and Sayaka Obihiro and for #206, the Super Asia champion would be teaming with SAKI against Shin Suzuki and Yuko Sakurai and the Asia Dream Tag Champions CDK going to war with Rina Yamashita and Sayaka Obihiro. It was all going to get a bit hectic, let’s get into the action!

ChocoPro #205

Baliyan Akki defeated Sayaka Obihiro & SAKI via Propellor Clutch on Obihiro

With Mei Suruga out resting following the hellacious battle with CDK, Baliyan Akki was flying solo for today’s episode of ChocoPro. He was sore from the Asia Dream Tag Titles loss but he still had a Super Asia Title and a whole lot of people gunning for him. In his way today was a triple-threat fight pitting him against the Iron Chef Sayaka Obihiro and the Kawild one SAKI. It would be a Curly Crazies implosion before the pair would team tomorrow. This started off as a handicap match with Obihiro and SAKI teaming up to deck the champion. That alliance quickly fell apart but ended up reforming as the champion stirred to life. As expected Akki didn’t take this beating lying down and started breaking backs as he was spurred to life, almost taking the win with The Spider. The match erupted into chaos with everyone going for everyone and Akki putting on one hell of an intense striking session with Obihiro. In the end, the champion walked away the winner but it had been far from the one-sided war you may have expected. The recent foray into three-way fights from ChocoPro has often led to some absolutely madcap moments and this was no different as it left three tough fighters scrambling for any advantage. Seeing Akki win with his partner’s move also added a bittersweet touch as he kept the Best Bros spirit alive in these more trying times.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Sayaka via Wall-run Tropical Splash

The first main event of the weekend was the warm-up to the Ohka battle. Yuna Mizumori was going to battle one of the few who could match her power game in the gen 4 standout, Sayaka. it would be heavy hands meeting raw power and would no doubt lead to something excellent. The posturing started almost instantly as the pair shunted each other around the studio and denied the other clean breaks. They got technical and tried to lock down each other, wrenching waists, wrists, and heads for whatever damage they could get. Sayaka kicked her way towards victory and locked on her Crab but it didn’t yield a winning result. They scrambled around the mat for more submissions and started just beating the hell out of each other. Sayaka went back to the Crab but still couldn’t make Mizumori tap. Even then, Sayaka just relentlessly pursued Mizumori with more counters and kicks, trying to soften her up for the submission. Even when Mizumori was on the attack, Sayaka seemed to have a dodge or counter ready to go. That would only last so long as Mizumori would not be denied and muscled through Sayaka’s defences to deliver her signature hits. Even then the Beautiful Cosplayer kept hitting back just as hard, even threatening to outpower Mizumori. At one point, I thought Mizumori was going to rip Sayaka’s leg off from the ferocity of her Half Crab. Sayaka kept fighting on but Mizumori kept landing killing blows and by the end, Sayaka’s roll-ups couldn’t trap her and she was crushed under a Tropical Splash. it had been an intense, hard-hitting, and competitive bout between the pair but when the dust settled, only the Tropical Fairy was left standing. This is how you prepare for a challenger like Ohka, by bringing out and taking the best shots of those who can push you. Sayaka shone here but it just wasn’t her day as Mizumori pushed through to victory.

ChocoPro #206

Curly Crazies (Baliyan Akki & SAKI) defeated Shin Suzuki & Yuko Sakurai via Crazy Plex on Sakurai

The second show opened with the reunification of the Curly Crazies. SAKI and Akki had fought yesterday but that was forgotten as the pair linked up to take on the odd pairing of COLOURS powerhouse Yuko Sakurai and the creative headstand king, Shin Suzuki. We had an established team taking on an odd couple so who knew what was going to happen? It was given an extra layer of humour as Brookes was on commentary losing his soul and Suruga was getting jealous of SAKI. The tag opened with mini fights between SAKI and Suzuki into Sakurai and Akki. Both offered unique variants of chain wrestling with SAKI getting mean as Suzuki tried to stunt on her. The Crazies isolated Sakurai with their style of offence whilst Brookes ran them and their methods down from commentary. Akki and SAKI were brutal in their work on Sakurai and made sure to keep Suzuki out of the equation if he got too close. Sakurai eventually dropkicked to freedom and we got another wonderful exchange between Suzuki and Akki. He ended up taking out both Crazies and celebrated with a headstand. He kept the pressure up on Akki and attempted a Taka-Tonic but Akki fought it off. That didn’t stop Suzuki’s elbows as he kept slugging on the champ but his momentum was cut off by a dropkick to the face. Akki managed to get the tag and SAKI rampaged into the match, picking up where she left off in her damage to Suzuki. That didn’t last as Suzuki dropped her with a Flatliner and Sakurai finally got to dish out some revenge. However, that too was only temporary as SAKI’s energy couldn’t be stopped, even if Suzuki and Sakurai were finding their footing as a team and stringing things together. Akki was forced to intervene but he too felt the wrath of the duo. The Crazies hammered their way back into the match with a booted Tornado Facebuster and tanked any further resistance to pin Sakurai with a Crazy Plex. Sakurai and Suzuki actually galvanised as a team once the pressure was on and brought quite the challenge to Akki and SAKI. Both teams put on a show and the opening match was given an extra layer of story as both Brookes and Suruga seethed throughout this match.

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Rina Yamashita & Sayaka Obihiro via Figure-Four Pin on Obihiro

It was time for something scary. The Deathmatch Amazon Rina Yamashita was back and was teaming with someone just as deadly in Sayaka Obihiro. Devastating power and lethal chops were on the menu as CDK made their first appearance clutching the Best Bros’ former gold. They’d taken the belts to DDT and now they were going to show why they’d won them against this intimidating and loud team. That too pissed off Brookes as he’d only had four hours sleep and was rather grouchy. Takanashi opened with some technical torture on Obihiro and Brookes tried to play power games with Yamashita. Brookes was overpowered and stormed out of the studio, even Takanashi unable to aid in the shoving contest. When he returned, he tried to use his height to taunt Yamashita so she knocked him down to size then onto his back. A pineapple proved to be the difference-maker and allowed CDK to take control of the match, targeting Obihiro for mockery and damage. Yamashita came to her aid and pushed her into Brookes, sandwiching them both into the wall. Even then, Obihiro was just victimised again. She finally broke to freedom and unchained the Amazon, letting Yamashita run wild on CDK. Sadly for her, CDK were prepared this time and Brookes kicked the soul out of her. The two giants continued to trade bombs until Yamashita prompted a double tag with a grounded clothesline. Takanashi and Obihiro picked up the fury, Takanashi trying and failing to temper the wild energy of Obihiro. He got some revenge by pushing Obihiro out of the window and Brookes took out Yamashita with the Shoop Cutter. Takanashi and Obihiro had the world’s most dramatic thrust fight and Brookes fell victim to a Splash Mountain Thrust. Takanashi managed to save the match and used Obihiro as a weapon against Yamashita. He put on the Figure-Four and took the win with his pin. It had been another physical war but CDK had come out on top, using their brains to outwit the brawn. Obihiro seemed to have found a kindred spirit in Yamashita and I hope it isn’t the team’s only rodeo as it would be fun to watch this odd couple develop.

Ken Ohka defeated Yuna Mizumori via Spear

Last but not least, it was time for the tropical celebration match. Yuna Mizumori was celebrating her fourth wrestling anniversary by beating up a very special foe, the head of Ganbare, Ken Ohka. It would be a true battle of the power players in this one. She wasted no time in battering Ohka and blasted him with an inflatable watermelon before launching him at the wall for a diving shoulder block. They both tried to use Mizumori’s Ohka artwork as a weapon and after a power struggle, Mizumori bounced it off Ohka’s head. She kept up the artful assault and paid for it as Ohka snapped and bust the canvas on her, stabbing her with the broken frame. The two started jaw-jacking as they elbowed each other in the jaw and Ohka scored big with a fist drop. He got mean with goblin tactics and vented the fury Mizumori had built up in him right back at her. Mizumori hit back just as hard but Ohka shut her down with a headbutt. He continued to bludgeon her around the studio and Mizumori kept answering back in kind, dropping a table on him. Mizumori started targeting the back and literally threw herself into the strikes and splashes she landed on it. They both fought over chants and refused to stop throwing bombs.

They even took the fight outside as Mizumori launched Ohka out of the window. Ohka gave Mizumori a taste of her own medicine with a flying shoulder block and played to the camera as he brained her against the wall. Mizumori countered his spear into a dropkick and nearly tapped him out with the Tropical Crab but Ohka wouldn’t give. They battled it out over lariats and despite her heaviest shots, Ohka kept kicking out. He got the knees up on a Tropical Splash and again, started throwing out elbows and forearms. The back-and-forth beatdown resumed and Ohka went headbutt wild, almost taking the win. Mizumori ran into the Spear and Ohka almost ended things again with a Samoan Driver. He tuned up the band for a second Spear and nearly broke Mizumori in half. That got him the win and ended the match. Bloody hell this was a blast. Talk about letting two mastodons out to butt heads. These two went hell for leather and despite losing, Mizumori certainly looked like a star. Ohka even made sure to put that fact over as he tried to get his breath back. He didn’t stop there either. Post-match, he stepped to Akki and now has a shot at the Super Asia Title at #208. Akki has better be ready for war. That is how you celebrate in style. Happy four years Yuna Mizumori, here’s to many many more. The Tropical Fairy continues to impress each passing year and with time, who knows just how big a star she will become?

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, DOGU, FlyingVTrigger, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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