This week on NWA Powerrr there were three big matches including a Crockett Cup Round One match and a title fight. In the main event, Chris Adonis was defending his National Heavyweight Championship against Anthony Mayweather. After the vicious attack by Matt Cardona and Mike Knox at Hard Times II, Pope returned to the ring looking for some payback. First up, The Fixers took on The OGK that featured a surprise announcement from the man himself, Mr Billy Corgan.

The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) vs The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

Before their match, Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky were in the ring with Joe Galli who were talking about their No DQ match with OGK. Bradley said Taven and Bennett’s time in NWA was done, just like that other company. It’s weird seeing Taven and Bennett in NWA because of their heel status on Impact right now, but if it means I get to see more of them on a weekly basis, I am all for it. Billy Corgan came to the ring and talked about being ramped up, and wondered what he could do to reward the fans for selling out the venue. He then made the announcement the match would be a round-one match of the Crockett Cup. Erm, what? That’s a massive announcement. Props to Corgan for mocking Bradley, too. That guy’s an ass.

Legursky took quite the beating from OGK, but he got back to his feet and threw Taven on top of Bennett. The Fixers sandwiched Bennett and made sure they isolated him from Taven. Bradley smashed Bennett’s chest on the apron. Back in the ring, The Fixers hit duel headbutts on Bennett. Wrecking Ball hit a standing splash on Bennett and knocked him to the outside. As Legursky teased a Tope Suicida, Bradley ran around the ring and double clotheslined OGK. The action returned to the ring where Legursky dropped Taven head-first into Bennett’s crotch. The Fixers were in full control, with Legursky being a force of nature.

Bradley powerslammed Bennett, then dropped a knee, but could only get a two-count. He knocked Taven off the apron with a big boot then turned his attention to Bennett. Wrecking Ball tagged in and landed an atomic drop. Bradley accidentally kicked Wrecking Ball as Taven finally tagged in. He got in some great offence and was able to hit a Tope Suicida on Bradley. He hit a spinning neckbreaker and Shining Wizard on Legursky, but he kicked out at two. Taven was able to powerbomb Legursky off the turnbuckle, but Bradley made the save. The Fixers hit a double powerbomb on Bennett and a double brainbuster on Taven to pick up the win. A dominant performance by The Fixers who deserved to go through. OGK never looked like they would pick up the win.

Mike Knox vs Pope

We got a look back at the brutal attack by Matt Cardona and Mike Knox on the Pope at Hard Times II, as well as his phenomenal promo from last month. I’m not going to lie, it was special seeing him back in an NWA ring. Pope has shone in NWA, and he’s been missed. He ran down the ramp and went straight after Knox as the bell rang. He unleashed a ton of strikes on Knox, then assaulted him by smashing him head-first into the guard rail. Pope splashed Knox in the corner three times. Knox was able to break his momentum with a standing crossbody. Pope got a thumb to the eye, then hit some elbows to Knox’s head in the corner. He continued to bring the aggression by clotheslining the big man over the ropes.

Back in the ring, Knox hit a big boot. After hitting a leg drop as Pope rested on the second rope, he squashed him in the corner and landed a sidewalk slam. Pope went for a crossbody off the turnbuckle, but Knox caught him and dropped him with an Uranage. Knox slammed Pope and hit a powerslam, but Pope kicked out of the pin. Just when it looked as though Pope was back in the game, Knox knocked the wind out of him with a huge clothesline. As the referee checked on Pope, Knox exposed the top turnbuckle.

Pope could barely get back to his feet as Knox mocked him. The energy flowed through the veins of Pope as he landed a step-up Enzuigiri. He headed to the outside and taped up his hand while landing a DDT on Knox. He finished taping up his hand and hit three huge punches and a trio of elbow drops. He ran at Knox who hit him with a boot. Pope attempted it again but ran face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. Knox ended it by squashing him into the turnbuckle with his waist. Is Pope OK? As Jim Ross would say, Baw Gawd!

National Heavyweight Championship Match: Anthony Mayweather vs Chris Adonis (C)

The Masterpiece was incredibly cocky early on, but he was able to block any attack Mayweather tried. It took some time, but Mayweather exploded and knocked Adonis off guard and to the outside. Adonis got in the face of some fans which allowed Mayweather to attack from behind. He threw Adonis into the guard rail down the entrance, then did it again at ringside. Back in the ring, Adonis offered his hand, but Mayweather unleashed a succession of elbows to knock the champ to the mat. Adonis fought back with a punch to the back of the head and a neckbreaker.

Adonis choked Mayweather with his boot in the corner and squeezed the life out of him with a headlock. They hit a double clothesline and fell to the mat as the referee started the count. Adonis ran at Mayweather who got a boot up, then hit the Polish Hammer and a spinebuster. He landed an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle, but Adonis kicked out. Adonis scraped the eyes and attempted the Master Lock but couldn’t get it, so he hit a spinebuster instead.

Adonis stalked Mayweather and attempted the Master Lock again, but Mayweather sent him to the outside. Adonis got back in and finally locked in the Master Lock, but he managed to break free and roll up Adonis for the win. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new National Heavyweight Champion. This was amazing. So happy for Mayweather. Not only is he the champ, but he was able to evade the Master Lock, which is something few have ever done.

All images courtesy of NWA

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