Welcome back to ChocoPro and to a rarer one-show weekend. It was a lad’s weekend as this show was going to be an all-men show. Chie Koishikawa and Mei Suruga were still in the house to present the show but all the matches were going to be the boys going to war. It did mean we got to see Chie-DK Koishikawa though, chilling in Takanashi cosplay with her shark. As for the matches, we had a new debut as Big Rude Seiya Morohashi came to fight against Shin Suzuki and Baliyan Akki and in the main event, CDK made another appearance to take on the star-studded team of Antonio Honda and Choun Shiryu. Once again, Honda was going to have to fight his friends if he wanted glory. Let’s get into the action.

Baliyan Akki defeated Shin Suzuki & Seiya Morohashi via Combo Elevated Backslide on both foes

The show opened today with another foray into triple-threat action. Choun Shiryu was going to have to officiate the debut of Seiya Morohashi as he locked horns with the Ace of the company, Baliyan Akki, and the Headstand King, Shin Suzuki. Morohashi had an interesting opportunity here as he could potentially leave this match with a title shot if he could get the pin on Akki. Suzuki wanted to be nice but he was the only one as Morohashi lived up to that Big Rude moniker. It got even worse for Suzuki as he became the middle piece in the technical puzzle as the feeling out process got underway. Morohashi entered powerhouse mode and the bodies started to fall as he tore and clawed through the competition. Akki worked to break his leg and Morohashi had to be reminded of the submission escape rules. Everyone wanted a bit of the champ as once Morohashi was forced out, Suzuki was right back in to pick up the slack. As always, I’m never going to complain at more Suzuki vs Akki, the pair just get each other and this was more of that fun, competitive fighting with Akki choosing to break Suzuki’s leg too. Suzuki wouldn’t give despite how many of his limbs were trapped and almost got the win with his Bridging Northern Lights. Morohashi broke up the pin and resumed terrorising the match, continuing the submissions on the Suzuki trend. Akki didn’t let this fly and the match quickly descended into a three-way slugfest. Akki realised he wasn’t going to get the win so long as Morohashi was still kicking and planned one of the smartest finishes I’ve seen from him yet. He launched Morohashi into the wall and used him as leverage to trap Suzuki in a Backslide, immobilising both foes. It was a stroke of genius and another big win for the champion. Not only had he seen off a vicious new foe, but he had also managed to keep that title contender’s list mercifully low. One day, I hope to see another Suzuki vs Akki singles match but it won’t be happening for a title anytime soon.

Speaking of title challengers. Akki took a moment to address his next challenger, Ganbare Big Boss Ohka, and reminded him just how he beat Minoru Fujita. It hadn’t been a three-count, he’d knocked Fujita out for ten. The problem is, Ohka is like the devil, you say his name and he has a habit of appearing. Things got heated in a hurry and the pair were prematurely knocking lumps out of each other. Ohka speared the hell out of Akki, in a suit no less and stood tall over the champ before storming off. Next week’s match is now going to be contested under falls count anywhere rules. Looks like Akki just can’t escape the hardcore side of title matches.

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Antonio Honda & Choun Shiryu via Oath of the Peach Garden on Honda

The main event for today was going to see more friends fight. Antonio Honda has a habit of finding himself in too many tag teams and today was no exception as he was on the opposing side to his CDK brothers, fighting alongside the Dragon Choun Shiryu. Brookes and Takanashi were in for a world of hurt and comedy as when Honda is around, shenanigans are soon to follow. Oh, and songs, Honda and Shiryu had kept their rhythm. Suzuki didn’t know what the hell he was in for being the referee for this. Brookes divided his attention between wrestling and hijacking commentary so Suruga would be quiet. He commentated as Takanashi and Shiryu opened with a technical contest. Takanashi did the same as Brookes wrestled, keeping the Apple girl from her camera. Honda stopped the action to read Brookes’ palm, finding good fortune in Brookes’ future in the world of hip-hop but his present was full of palm and arm slaps. Brookes turned the tables by reading Honda’s palm and finding the same dark present before locking his arm and using him as a pawn for the world’s greatest hanging Comaneci double submission. When they finally let him go, Honda collapsed to the ring with a broken knee, ready to give up but everyone willed him back into it. Takanashi celebrated this moment with a hug but it had all been a trap and Honda put him in a Backslide for two. Takanashi became the match whipping boy as Shiryu and Honda worked him over, the latter finding time to throw in some prop comedy, channelling his inner Rambo.

As expected, CDK quickly overwhelmed Shiryu and used a very supportive Chocoboquet to chop him into submission. Brookes got to work wrapping limbs and Shiryu lit Brookes up with kicks. It wasn’t enough though and CDK kept the former champ trapped in their clutches. Shiryu and Takanashi got highly competitive and levelled each other with kicks after both countering the other’s finish. Honda and Brookes took over but didn’t want to fight, falling to the power of peace… or not, as Honda betrayed Brookes and stabbed him in the throat and wrecked him with punches and the high knee. The dancing elbow battles began and a fake Honda (who looked a lot like Black Comaneci cohort Tokiko Kirihara) joined in on the jabs. Chie Takanashi also got involved and everyone danced, the fakes winning. Honda and Brookes kept hammering away at each other and Honda tried to activate his trap card, the timeout strike but Brookes knew it was coming and dropped him with an Enzuigiri. CDK had a malfunction at the junction so Shiryu and Honda charged, hitting Brookes with a barrage of tools from their arsenal, hoping to topple the giant. Takanashi saved Brookes from the fist drop and set Honda up for the Shotgun Neckbreaker. It was touch-and-go to a finish as everyone went into desperation mode and Gon made an appearance to kill off CDK. Brookes forced Gon to attack Honda and took the win with Oath of the Peach Garden, rolling up his friend as he tried to recover from the Gon in the eye. The evil duo celebrated with Gon before slamming the poor fox into the mat. This was amazing fun. Honda felt bad for losing and promised to improve himself. He had done fine here though, blending his comedy with crisp wrestling and devious ruses for his friends. It made for a nice main event and another big win for CDK. The champs remained supreme today. Will they next week though as Akki has his first real test since winning that title?

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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