Welcome back to MLW and to the weird and wonderful world of wrestling contained within it. Tonight, was a special night as it was time for SuperFight, a four-match extravaganza of title fights and grudge matches. A free mini-PPV offering one of the most hyped World Heavyweight Title matches to date as Alex Hammerstone defended his title against the Opera Cup winner, Davey Richards. Alongside that we’d see Alex Kane defend his National Openweight Title against Calvin Tankman and ACH, 5150 defend the tag titles against the Von Erichs and, we’d get a grudge match between nZo and KC Navarro after nZo’s ruthless attack on the blessed one. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the action as in MLW, nothing is ever as it seems.

MLW National Openweight Title: Alex Kane (w/ Mr Thomas) defeated ACH & Calvin Tankman via Mark of Kane on ACH

Up first tonight we had the next chapter in the Alex Kane vs Calvin Tankman feud. The two had been after each other’s blood for weeks and now they were going to get it two weeks in a row. Now though, there was an added element as Kane had made another enemy with his BOMAYE antics, ACH. He was now going to be another combustible element in an already explosive feud. He went from being treated as an afterthought to being the main aggressor in the match. Tankman and Kane originally knocked him aside so they could continue taking lumps out of each other. Tankman got a measure of revenge on Kane bludgeoning him in and around the ring but a crafty use of the ring post forced him to take a breather outside. Kane and Thomas tried to focus ACH but he broke his way into the match and started taking out both foes. He would fly and throw Kane around and managed to chop Tankman down from the top rope. It wouldn’t be enough as is usually the case with triple-threats, you focus on one foe you get blindsided by the other. No one could truly capitalise on what they’d done until the very end when Tankman was taken out of the picture and Kane could end ACH with the Mark of Kane. It had been a manic match with a whole host of exciting moments to kick off the show. Kane seems unbeatable at the moment and this is without seeing the potential might of the Bomaye Fight Club. If I were any future challenger, I’d be wary. This kicked ass and Kane continues to shine as a champion, no matter who he pisses off. Everyone delivered and got the fans excited.

Grudge Match: nZo defeated KC Navarro via Done-Zo

nZo, is one of the most polarising men in wrestling. Love him or hate him, he won his debut and decided to put the cherry on the cake by attacking a former protégé, KC Navarro. Someone he’d taught, putting him out of action. Now it was time for some revenge. Or he might have, had nZo not attacked from behind. He dished out another nasty beating, launching Navarro into railings and crotching him across another. He hit the Razor’s Edge into the ring post again and dumped Navarro into the ring for a further beatdown. This was getting highly excessive for whatever lesson nZo was trying to teach. Navarro wasn’t going to give up that easily but he was in rough shape and the bell was only just now ringing. nZo even did a call back to the infamous Gotch spot, using the ropes as a weapon on Navarro. It was pure torture as nZo just kept breaking Navarro’s back and neck, upping the ante when Navarro wouldn’t quit. He was just a walking, mocking sadist, revelling in the damage he was causing. It was actually kind of cool. nZo knows people hate him so why not play that up to the max. He eventually ended things with Done-Zo and jumped onto the mic again. He talked about a meme he’d seen about the world being ugly. He tied this into what he was teaching Navarro, don’t trust anybody. Navarro was blessed, hell everyone who’d rocked up to the building was blessed. This was a sermon on gifts and the fact you have to step up and stop being afraid. Even then, life still ain’t fair. He offered Navarro a hand and delivered another Done-Zo further teaching that “don’t trust anyone” lesson. It had been an impassioned promo full of real truths delivered by a dickhead. I am so conflicted here. Like, if nZo stays like this, he’s going to be very interesting to watch.

Between the Matches:

  • Emilio Sparks caught up with the Clout Couple Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout asking if Holliday was going to interfere in the title match tonight. He was sent packing and Atout asked the same question. Holliday didn’t deny it but also hinted he had more important business with Cesar Duran.
  • Sparks was back again as he came to visit the Judge, EJ Nduka. He didn’t have a match but he was very much watching his competition. He had his eyes on both titles.
  • Now, you might be wondering where the tag title match went. Well, it couldn’t happen as 5150 ambushed the Von Erichs, smashing Marshall Von Erich’s leg with a chair. Dr. Sweggler would not clear them for competition and the match was postponed. 5150 had smashed in the challengers and proved their points. That wouldn’t be their only victim tonight… Later in the show, at a fan meet and greet, they jumped Nduka, strategically pissing off the biggest man in the company to prove their point.

  • Gangrel is coming to MLW. We have that appearance to look forward to in the near future. Can’t beat a good bit of fanging and banging.
  • TJP returned to the MLW screens and announced he was coming for the MLW Middleweight Championship. He wasn’t going to chase down Myron Reed, he was going to make Reed come to him after all the displays he was going to give him on the road to being the greatest middleweight of all time.
  • Battle Riot is coming back once again. June 23rd, from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City, MLW will be bringing back the 40-wrestler battle of attrition.

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Alex Hammerstone defeated Davey Richards via Nightmare Pendulum

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for the World Title SuperFight. Davey Richards was cashing in his Opera Cup win to get the title match he wanted. The hunt was on and he was gunning to be the top dog of the company. To do that, he’d have to beat the CONTRA killer, Alex Hammerstone, and pry the title from him. Plus, there was the issue of Richard Holliday lurking from the front row, watching everything. This was going to be Hammerstone’s biggest challenge to date. It started well enough for Ya Boy Hammer as he avoided an early Ankle Lock and gratuitously displayed the power advantage he had. Richards rolled out to catch his breath but Hammerstone followed and drove him into the railings. Holliday caused an early distraction and Hammerstone’s plans fell apart as he kneed a guardrail. Richards had his target and after giving Hammerstone a kicking, he threw him into the ring and began breaking that leg with ferocity and focus. It was a very painful ride for Hammerstone as Richards just showed off how many different ways he could turn his legs into pretzels and work the joints. It was relentless as Richards just moved from submission to kick to snap and back again, all focused on breaking that leg and removing the base of Hammerstone. It would take all of Hammerstone’s might and will to take the pain and fire up as Richards hammered into his head with Kawada Kicks. He challenged the wolf to bring it and Richards did just that, caving his chest in with a PK. Somehow, Hammerstone was straight back up and asking for more.

They teed off on each other and Hammerstone finally got another huge move in with the Muscle Mountain Ride. He destroyed Richards with more strikes and tried to work on that broken wheel but Richards made him pay with an in the ropes Dragon Screw. Richards went up top, wincing slightly at back pain, and missed the double stomp. He tried to rebound with a charge but ran right into a Buckle Exploder. Hammerstone stalked Richards to the apron and the pair fought over an apron Brainbuster, Richards escaping death with another Dragon Screw. Richards went for broke with a duo of double stomps and applied the Ankle Lock. This looked to be the end but the champion wasn’t going to let things end like this. He dragged Richards into the Nightmare Pendulum but couldn’t cover, Richards rolled away. He forced Richards back into the ring and fought off a cradle and the last gasps of Richards resistance to clothesline him loopy and hit a Stonebreaker. Richards was still kicking so he delivered a second Nightmare Pendulum to take the win and end the undefeated streak of Richards. This was exceptional. Super Fight is a term that is thrown around a lot but this lived up to the hype. It was compelling, technically masterful and so very brutal. Richards was going to break Hammerstone’s leg and nearly succeeded. This was one hell of a showcase for something I’ve always said, Hammerstone is more than his power. He has the heart, guts, and will of a champion, and Richards dragged him through hell so he could prove it. This was insanely fun to watch whilst having me on edge the whole time. Richards had been undefeated in MLW and now after coming for the king, he was handed his first loss. It would have been the perfect heart-warming end to the show…

It wasn’t the end though. We still had the smug observer, Richard Holliday to contend with. Hammerstone was a wounded animal and as we’ve learned, Holliday is not above putting the boot in. He sarcastically applauded Hammerstone’s victory and as we were shown that TJP was battling Buddy Matthews next week, he struck. A verbal altercation turned physical as Atout sprayed Hammerstone with mace and Holliday started throwing hands on the blinded champ. Security couldn’t pry him from his former dynastic brother as he bust him open and stained his fancy Italian suit red with Hammerstone’s blood. It was a nightmarish assault with a nightmarish result. What should have been Hammerstone’s crowning moment had left him broken and bloody at the hands of his former friend, who skulked away, happy with his handiwork. It was a dark end to one hell of a super-show. We know what comes next but just what is Holliday going to do in pursuit of that title?

 All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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