Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another double-bill of anarchic action from Chocolate Square. It was time for two more shows highlighting the eccentric and wonderful world of ChocoPro as the champion and some of the favourites are put through the wringer once again. For #208, Baliyan Akki was going to have to defend his title against a top-tier challenger as Ganbare’s Ken Ohka had come to fight. If that wasn’t challenging enough, it would be a fight under falls count anywhere rules. Akki beat one madman for the title, now he’d have to beat another. In #209, it would be a tag team extravaganza as Makoto returned to team with Sayaka against the Drunken Dragons, and in the main event, Best Bros were back in action against Shin Suzuki and Yuna Mizumori. All the pieces were in place, let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #208

Super Asia Title Falls Count Anywhere: Baliyan Akki defeated Ken Ohka via Super Namaste Splash

The time had come to really make the champion. Akki had finally exorcised himself of Minoru Fujita but now someone just as deadly had come for the belt. Ken Ohka, the big boss of Ganbare had bulldozed his way into contention and he wanted the title. After a vicious attack last weekend, the ante had been upped and now it would be under falls count anywhere rules. Given how that turned out last time, this was going to get wild. Things got ugly instantly as the pair just unloaded on each other with kicks and elbows. Akki slowed things down with targeted kicks and started to break Ohka’s leg. He was at the champ’s mercy as Akki kept locking up and twisting his legs beyond use. Akki tried to go to the air and that was when Ohka struck launching him from the window. They took the fight outside and brawled into the street. Akki was bounced off the shutters and Ohka beat him with a stick. The fights went around the alleyways before exploding back into the street once again, Ohka and Akki beating the hell out of each other and using anything in the environment to deliver more punishment. All the while, no matter what Ohka threw at him, Akki never took his attention off the damaged leg. Ohka kept trying to climb the nearby scenery and left himself wide open to more of Akki’s offence as these plans barely ever worked. Instead, he just mauled Akki with a suitcase, DDT’ing Akki onto the hard container. Even with that harsh landing, he rose again to prevent Ohka from getting any height. Akki showed him how it was done with a crossbody off a wall and sent Ohka rolling away down the street. Okha used this to his advantage though and delivered the World’s nastiest  Spear with the run-up.

With that madness aside, the action returned to the studio and Ohka continued to drop more bombs on Akki to a multitude of two-counts. Akki evened the score with a high knee and they both had to will themselves up for a headbutt fest. The two kept knocking skulls and testing the other’s jaw with elbows. Akki turned to chops and really started laying into Ohka with whatever combination he could until taking him to the mat for more ground-and-pound. They just wouldn’t stop. it was getting intense as the pair just continued to brutalise each other with strikes. Neither would stop walking at the other and when Akki finally downed Ohka he crashed and burned on the Namaste Press. Ohka landed another spear but couldn’t seal the deal. The suitcase returned and Akki dropped it across Ohka’s face as he landed a Spinebuster. Ohka kamikazed the case with another spear and both guys had to take another breather, winded from their warfare. Ohka found his feet first but soon regretted it as Akki kicked him down and hit a wall-run Swanton onto him and the suitcase. Ohka tried to roll to safety from the Namaste Splash but Akki just propelled himself even further to end things. It had been a brutal test for the champion with both feeling the sting of the stipulation. Akki once again proved he was champion material by dispatching Ohka in this absolute slugfest. The fight had brought out the best in both and probably tested the architecture too. It was an excellent title fight and it was all capped off nicely with a good dose of Ohka-brand sportsmanship. He at least got to enjoy the chocolate as he beat Akki at Janken. Turns out Akki’s work is just beginning, his next defence is against Emi Sakura. The Queen returns to her kingdom on March 28th.

ChocoPro #209

Choun Shiryu & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Makoto & Sayaka via Bombs Away on Sayaka

Up first for this one was two former foes teaming together. Makoto and Sayaka once beat the hell out of each other. Now they were going to team up and beat the hell out of other people instead. The test for this unit, the Drunken Dragons, the best frenemies Choun Shiryu and Masahiro Takanashi. This was going to be a stiff one. Sayaka started out against Takanashi, trying to out-technique and outpower him. They reached a stalemate and released Makoto and Shiryu on the fight. Shiryu calmly worked over Makoto but a series of arm-drags forced him to get nasty with the claws. Makoto kicked his back in and the pair started a senton train, posing over both of their foes. Shiryu got his revenge with a double foot stomp and the dastardly duo got to work on Sayaka. They worked to break Sayaka’s arm whilst still keeping the mocking tone, taunting Makoto in the process. It was a continuous barrage on Sayaka, locking her down and keeping on the punishment. Every time she tried to escape, she was cut back down. It took a bodyslam to get her freedom and unleash the wrath of Makoto. She unleashed the strikes and kicks but Takanashi cut her down by breaking her legs. Makoto received the same double-team beating but was continuously kicking back, even if it didn’t secure the momentum. She speared Shiryu out of his boots and brought Sayaka back into the fight. She squared up to Shiryu and even managed to lock him up but the crafty vet escaped and felled her with a Tiger Kick. We got to see some excellent combinations from both teams, with Sayaka and Makoto finding a nice rhythm. That alone couldn’t stop Takanashi and Shiryu from getting the win with an Assisted Gory Bomb into the Bombs Away. It might not have been a winning effort but it made for a nice outing for this new team and provided a nice dose of opening match fun. There was a nice balance between power and technicality with the veteran team deviously getting the win.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Yuna Mizumori & Shin Suzuki via Back Roll on Suzuki

Last but not least, the second main event. It was time to get tropical as Yuna Mizumori was up and she was teaming with the Headstand King himself Shin Suzuki. We had power and creativity on tap here as their opponents would be the former champs Best Bros. We’d seen Akki survive Ken Ohka but was he at 100% for this one? Suzuki and Suruga opened with a creative scramble, Suzuki bringing out headstands and Suruga trying not to be a goblin with arm work and the ride. Mizumori and Akki took over to give us another round of the competitive physicality they bring. Mizumori got the better of their exchange and the Tropical pair began to murder Akki. He was crushed under the double-team, submissions, and outright power on display as he was bludgeoned half to death. He caused a malfunction at the junction and used his Backbreaker expertise to get the hell out. Suruga exploded into the fight and got to work on Mizumori, making a statement with Gateau Invisible. Suzuki made the save but not before the damage had been done.

The Goblin came out and Best Bros tried to bury Mizumori under their double-team but the Tropical Fairy downed them both with a headbutt, further piling on Akki with a splash. Akki found his feet and fought off both Mizumori and Suzuki, unleashing hell with the harshest of chops. That didn’t stop her from turning him inside out with a lariat. Suzuki hopped in to keep the pressure on and he too took his time beating down the champ. He again tried to fight off both but ended up in a headstand Supergirl, only narrowly kicking out thanks to Suruga. The Backbreakers came out again and after one hell of a cool closing stretch with Suzuki, Akki narrowly stole the win with a Backroll pin. Mizumori was furious but the match was over. Best Bros had survived again with Akki bearing the brunt of the beatdown. It’s been a rough weekend for him but he made it through with not one but two victories. I honestly enjoyed this more than I thought I would because it’s always fun watching Akki against either Suzuki or Mizumori. Granted, it could have done with more Suruga. That ends another action-packed ChocoPro weekend with even more madness planned for the coming weeks. A champion’s work is never done.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, FlyingVTrigger, videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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