Last week, RK-Bro defeated Alpha Academy and Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens in a monumental Triple Threat Match to reclaim the RAW Tag Team Titles. The Viper even proclaimed how much fun he was having with his friend Riddle. A Championship Celebration is set for tonight. Also, as Stone Cold Steve Austin accepted Kevin Owens’ invitation, promising to “open one last can of whoop-ass” on Owens, what does Owens have to say now that he is set to sit down with Austin on The Grandest Stage of Them All? With so much to talk about (irony), let’s not waste any more time and see what went down as we check out Monday Night RAW. Tonight is Monday Night Nygma (which night is not Nygma…).

Big RAW things happening this week:

  • The show opened with the news we were all expecting to hear about. Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, aka The Bad Guy, passed away at 63. A wrestler that generations of fans had loved to hate… RIP Bad Guy…
  • Here came Kevin Owens, who opened with a “Hey Yo.” He said he is the happiest Canadian right now because he is going to the main event of WrestleMania Saturday night. Owens used his superior Canadian intellect to get what he wanted. This drew a USA chant, with Owens saying that everyone, including the USA, will get to see Owens take Austin out. The only can that will be opened is a can of Canadian beer after Owens kicks him from one side of Texas to the other. Owens said he doesn’t drink beer but he will make an exception this time. He went on and said no one will be saying “Oh Hell Yeah!” when he’s done with Austin, they will say “Oh Hell No!” when he’s done beating the hell out of Austin. Owens hit a Stunner on the cameraman and walked out.

  • Damian Priest defeated WWE United States Champion Finn Balor, thanks to Austin Theory (isn’t he supposed to face off Pat McAfee at WrestleMania?). After the match, Theory hit the ATL on Balor, setting up the selfie and pointing up at the WrestleMania 38 sign.
  • Backstage, Kevin Patrick approached an unhappy-looking Seth Rollins and asked if anything has changed in the last week, well if he is still not a part of WrestleMania. Rollins just stared at Patrick as we could hear fans chanting “Cody!” in the arena.
  • Omos defeated Commander Azeez w/ Apollo Crews. After the match, Omos grabbed Crews and picked him up off the floor, bringing him into the ring and then chokeslamming him into the mat next to Azeez. Omos stood tall and posed as we get more replays. The referee checked on Crews as Azeez tried to recover at ringside.
  • Backstage, Kevin Owens approached Seth Rollins and said he understands things are tough, but tough times don’t last and tough guys do. Rollins can still get on WrestleMania 38 if he just focuses his energy elsewhere and come up with something, as Owens did. Rollins is The Visionary, so he needs to come up with a vision. Owens brought up some of Rollins’ WrestleMania moments and kept hyping him up, telling him to build something for himself at WrestleMania so that he can have a… Rollins was suddenly all smiles as he apparently had an idea. Rollins rushed off and Owens thought that he’s helped Rollins come up with a vision.
  • Liv Morgan defeated Queen Zelina. Their tag-team partners Rhea Ripley and Carmella were at ringside. Ripley scared Carmella over to Graves and jumped on his knees, leaving Zelina to get caught with Oblivion. After the match, A smiling Seth Rollins came out while Morgan and Ripley were standing tall in the ring.

  • After a video package of Roman Reigns destroying Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden and Lesnar chasing off Paul Heyman on SmackDown, Seth Rollins talked about how excited he is for his idea. He wanted Kevin Owens out here to hear this, so a rather happy Owens joined him and seemed interested in hearing whatever the idea. Rollins has an idea of his own: he could have a talk show at WrestleMania, like the Freakin Speaking With Seth Freakin Rollins. Or the Rollins Report. He could have Steve Austin as his guest. Owens said not so fast because that’s his thing, but Rollins thought they could have a match tonight, with the winner getting to host Austin on their talk show. Sonya Deville came out and made the match, leaving Owens in shock.
  • The Mysterios defeated Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander) when Dominik hit a frog splash on Alexander. Miz and Logan Paul were on commentary so, after the match, they attacked from behind. Rey and Dominik ended up fighting them off and sending Miz to the floor. Logan was surrounded. He tried to fight back but they dropped him into position for the 619. They went for the double 619 to Paul but Miz pulled him to safety. Miz and Paul retreated up the ramp and The Mysterios celebrated.

  • After a look back at last week’s dark promo from WWE Hall of Famer Edge, the announcers plugging the new WWE 2K22 video game, a video on Queen Sharmell’s WWE Hall of Fame induction (it was announced that WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, her husband, will do the induction), a serious Edge came to the ring with a new theme song for another serious chat. Edge talked about how no one has ever gotten what he does, so he’ll put this in terms anyone can understand. He is the benchmark of WWE, he is better than everyone, including all of the people here. What he means is that he is better than everyone in this entire industry but he hasn’t shown that since he has been back. The real Edge wouldn’t let Randy Orton injure him or let Seth Rollins invade his home or let the Aqua-man cosplayer Roman Reigns stack him up at WrestleMania. Edge won’t be judged by any of us, including AJ Styles. He will be passing the verdicts around here and if AJ Styles can make it to WrestleMania, Edge will be passing the sentence.
  • Backstage, Bianca Belair told Sarah Schreiber her hair is an advantage, but also a disadvantage. She did use her hair to whip some sense into Becky but only after Becky used her hair against her. Belair went on and said the real advantage is this: we no longer hear Becky running her mouth and RAW has been quiet since she taught Becky a lesson with the hair. Belair said tonight she will use Doudrop to give Lynch a preview of WrestleMania, and if Becky can’t talk now, wait until she shuts her up for good at WrestleMania.
  • Veer Mahaan is still coming soon…
  • Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop. After the match, Belair was standing tall when Lynch suddenly appeared at ringside, using Belair’s braid to bring her to the floor. Lynch talked some trash and sent Belair into the steel ring steps, then face-first into the announce table as fans boo. Lynch sent Belair face-first into a standing steel chair. Lynch then wrapped Belair’s head in the chair and used her hair to yank her and the chair into the ring post. Lynch talked some more trash, then walked away smiling. We saw officials tending to Belair at ringside now.

  • RK-Bro was in the ring for their Championship Celebration. We saw how Orton and Riddle became the new RAW Tag Team Champions by winning last week’s Triple Threat over Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, and the former champions, Alpha Academy. The ring was set up for a party with balloons, a banner, snacks and all. Riddle said he keeps playing last week over and over in his head, and he’s excited because they’re going to WrestleMania. Orton said damn right they are. This WrestleMania will be his 18th, and he thinks it will be his best because he’s never been tag team champion, but he’s also never had a partner or a friend like this. Orton organized this party and said he’s not as good as Riddle with things like this but… Riddle said this is the greatest night of his career. Orton had gifts on the table, concession-stand popcorn, bubble gum, and one more item that Orton said goes with the gum and must be shared. It’s a small green bag and Orton said he looked high and low for it. Before Riddle could reveal the gift, out came The Street Profits who officially challenged Orton and Riddle to a match at WrestleMania. Orton went on about all they had to do to get a rematch for the titles, they can’t just win a match and expect to be next in line. Orton thanked them for coming, offered them some popcorn, and said the answer is no. Riddle called them “Bros” but Dawkins said when it comes to the titles, they’re not Bros. Ford said he doesn’t know if Orton understood him, they’re telling RK-Bro that they will be facing them at WrestleMania. Orton went on about how none of the big names he’s faced has told him what he will do when in the ring, including Vince McMahon, and Ford won’t either. Orton told Ford to take his homie and leave the ring, or he’s going to listen to the voices in his head and make them leave. Riddle got in between Orton and The Profits, saying they did make a good point and RK-Bro need opponents for WrestleMania. Riddle said it’s the right thing to do. Orton and Riddle stepped to the side and talked it over. Orton said The Profits are lucky his boy, Riddle, is so cool. They accept the challenge for WrestleMania. Ford thanked them and said next time they’ll show RK-Bro how to throw a party. An upset Riddle stopped Ford from leaving and said to him not to disrespect Orton like that because he put work into this party. Riddle thought they were cool but he doesn’t even want to wait until WrestleMania now. Dawkins said if Riddle wants to mess with Ford, he’s got it because they’re up and they want the… Orton interrupted and says we’re not ending this segment like that, we’re ending it with the three most dangerous letters… RKO.
  • Riddle defeated Tez via DQ when Otis suddenly appeared at ringside and attacked Orton, sending him into the barrier. Chad Gable attacked Dawkins and sent him into the ring post. Riddle came out but Otis attacked and launched him into the barrier. After the match, Alpha Academy hit a big double team move on Dawkins in the middle of the ring. Otis connected with a second rope Vader Bomb. Gable immediately followed up with a moonsault to Ford. We saw RK-Bro laid out at ringside as Alpha Academy posed over Ford.
  • The announcers paid tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall and showed us a video package with highlights from his career.
  • Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins. After the match, Owens sat up. The referee checked on Rollins as Owens exited the ring. Rollins was shocked now. He looked up at the WrestleMania 38 sign as RAW went off the air.


We are less than 3 weeks before WrestleMania… This means 2 episodes of RAW until The Grandest Stage of Them All. I could end the review up here because enough was already said, but I have some last thoughts to share with you. I had the feeling that they were beating out the bush instead of making us go straight to WrestleMania itself. Without a World Title story to build towards on a show, things can take a strange twist.

Balor losing so soon into his reign isn’t a good sign. And I still ask myself what Austin Theory was doing here…
Let’s stop the dance now, we understood the RAW Tag Team titles match will end up as a Triple Threat bout. And Rollins vs Cody was so teased that a Cody surprise arrival at Mania would have the effect of a wet firecracker.

Edge on the edge is just fascinating. He has always been so good when it comes to promo and I love how the storyline has been built, as two generations colliding. Styles vs Edge is one of the very few matches I can’t wait to watch at WrestleMania. Finally, we know that action can speak louder than words. Even if Becky Lynch couldn’t talk, she found a way to make her message be heard. The Man just made clear she is not decided to let Bianca Belair take the belt away from her.

The Nygma Note: So, we’re on The Road to WrestleMania? Really?

All pics and videos courtesy of WWE

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