Here was the case. Let the adults talk, he said. Let the adults wrestle the boys, they say. You ruined a company as its Champion, he said. Let them wrestle and see if they ruin the company, they say. The best place to make sure the truth will be told is a wrestling ring. We are listening… The case continues…
On the menu this week, from Louisville, Kentucky, Josh Alexander will face off Matt Taven. Steve Maclin will feel the wrath of Rhino. Deonna Purrazzo will put her 2 belts on the line against Gisele Shaw and Lady Frost. Larry D and Bhupinder Gujjar will square off. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Tom Hannifan and The Drama King Matthew Rewholdt were on commentary. On ‘BTI’, Karl Anderson w/ Doc Gallows defeated Deaner w/ Eric Young and Joe Doering in a very good match. Anthony Carelli and Tom Hannifan were on commentary (BTI is now available only on Impact Wrestling YouTube and Facebook channels at 7.30 PM EST/12.30 AM GMT, and on Impact Plus).

After the match, Anderson asked VBD if they realized what they started, they brought the Good Brothers to the Bullet Club back. He said they want the Tag Team titles back. Gallows added they are the OG Bullet Club and they want their rematch for their tag team titles next week. This episode was dedicated to Scott Hall.

  • The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Bullet Club (Jay White & Chris Bey).

  • Steve Maclin defeated Rhino. Anthony Carelli joined the commentary table for this match.

  • Backstage, The IInspiration told Kaleb with a K they forgive him but said he has better get it right next time. They said they know he will before walking off.

  • Backstage, Heath came up and said to Rhino they’re better as a unit and they need to get the band back together and get the Impact Tag Team titles. Heath said he knows what he’s saying, they need to fulfil the promise they made to each other and the fans. Rhino got real hyped up and said they’re going after the tag team titles now.

  • Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Larry D. Brian Myers was on commentary and Raj Singh at ringside.

  • After the match, W. Morrissey headed to ringside to once again beat up Meyers who ran to the back. Raj tried to celebrate with Gujjar but he sent him to the outside. Raj ran into W. Morrissey who hit him with a powerbomb through the table.

  • Backstage, Ace Austin, with Madman Fulton, told Mike Bailey he’s excited for him to have his back so he can become X-Division Champion again. Mike Bailey said he is as well because he’s certain ONE OF THEM will become champion. Ace was sceptical of his wording before walking off.

  • Backstage, Honor No More had words for Josh Alexander. Kenny King told him to sleep with one eye open. Taven said they came to Impact and took what they wanted, whether it’s the tag titles or the world title it doesn’t matter. Alisha Edwards came up and Taven told Eddie to keep his girl in check. Alisha told Taven he can’t beat Josh because he’s the one who brought the title back to Impact at Bound for Glory. Eddie said that’s fine she chose Impact. Alisha said it’s a bullshit ultimatum, she said she chose Impact over Honor No More but he’s still her husband and he doesn’t want to see her go down the wrong path. Eddie said he’s not going down the wrong path Impact is.

  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Gisele Shaw and Lady Frost to retain the AAA and ROH titles.

  • Backstage, Josh Alexander told Gia Miller (happy birthday, lovely…) he’s going to take care of Taven tonight and then set his sights on Moose and his Impact title because the contract is already signed, at least on his end. Moose still has to sign but Josh said Scott gave him until the end of the show and he expects Moose to try and do it the most dramatic way possible.

  • After a recap from BTI,  we saw The Good Brothers backstage with Scott D’Amore. He told them they’ll get their match. He told them he wants to tell them this face-to-face because, next week, he’s letting all of the other teams watch their match next week. He said they’ll be lumberjacks to keep an eye on the action next week. He said, at Rebellion, the winners will defend the titles in an Eight-team elimination challenge. Gallows said he doesn’t care because they’re 7-time champs and won’t mind becoming 8-time World Tag Team Champions on Scott’s dime.

  • JONAH killed Zicky Dice in like 30 seconds. After the match, JONAH tossed Zicky to the outside before PCO’s theme hit. The doctors wheeled PCO out on a medical bed and he stepped off it while wearing a neck brace. He slowly made his way to the ring and got face-to-face with JONAH. They brawled in the centre of the ring before officials hit the ring to break it up. They tried to walk JONAH up the ramp but PCO headed to the top rope and tried to dive on JONAH and the security. JONAH moved just in time, so PCO took out a bunch of security on the outside.

  • After a video of Tasha Steelz ambushing Mickie at her own concert before cutting, backstage, Gia Miller asked Mickie about her upcoming streetfight. Mickie said she will give Tasha the ass-kicking her mama never gave her. Chelsea Green told Mickie she needs to be in her corner but Mickie said it was not necessary. Chelsea said she knows she’s a legend but begged her to let her help. Mickie told Chelsea she’s hurt so she can’t have her at ringside because it’s not worth it. Mickie said she will become the new Knockouts champion and told her to trust her.

  • Masha Slamovich defeated Arie in one minute.

  • Backstage, Zicky Dice told Gia Miller he doesn’t understand. He has the look, the body and charisma but there’s a hole in his game, maybe he just sucks as a wrestler. He said Brian Myers tried to help him, but he needs someplace to help. Gia told him to try a wrestling school, he said the words as she said them and then immediately seemed pumped up.

  • Video of the opening of the Swinger Dungeon. Swinger listed off a group of guest trainers, including Bruce Hart, Dr. D, Tony Chimel and Bob Seger. Lance Storm made sure to say he doesn’t endorse the school. We saw a few of the students, heard some whip sounds, as Swinger was talking about the intergender tag teams he is welcoming.

  • Josh Alexander defeated Matt Taven w/ Maria.

  • As Josh was celebrating in the Impact Zone, we saw Moose show up at Josh Alexander’s house to hand his wife Jade the contract for the Impact Championship match. Moose told his wife that he was on the way to the Anthem offices and figured since they live close they can deliver the contract for him. He talked to Josh’s son, Jett, and told him to give him a message for him and said he’ll see him soon before walking off.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Bullet Club vs MCMG

Like at Sacrifice, Shelley offered a handshake early but White simply taunted in his face but, unlike at Sacrifice, he ate a series of chops for his gloating. White fought back with chops of his own and tried to send Shelley into the ropes but Shelley countered and tagged in Sabin. They hit a creative tag team move on White, sending him to the outside. White slowly re-entered the ring and tagged Bey in to face off with Sabin. Sabin connected with a headlock takedown, Bey sent him off into the ropes, Sabin bounced back with a shoulder block but Bey replied with an immediate kip-up and told Sabin to bring it. Bey hit a dropkick of his own before posing for the camera. Shelley did a blind tag, Sabin set Bey up and Shelley hit a kick to the chest. Shelley and Sabin connected with the double running kick on Bey, Shelley then with a shoulder breaker. Sabin tagged in Shelley, set Bey up and he leapfrogged Shelley onto Bey’s shoulder.

Sabin continued to work the shoulder with a wristlock, Shelley tagged in and dropped right onto Bey’s shoulder. Sabin set his boots up in the corner and Shelley sent Bey face-first before tagging him in. Again, the MCMG set up a unique tag-team combination on Bey. Sabin continued with an abdominal stretch but White tried to break it up. Shelley jumped in the ring and locked in a stretch of his own. White finally countered and broke up the hold Sabin had on Bey. Shelley went for a baseball slide and missed but Sabin connected with one of his own. Bey charged at Sabin near the ropes he launched onto the apron where Shelley dropped him to the outside. Shelley opened up the ropes so Sabin can easily hit the Tope to the outside. Shelley tossed Bey into the ring, Sabin set him up on his shoulders, Bey rolled through but Shelley still hit a splash.

Bey got set up in the corner and Sabin headed to the top after tagging in but White pushed his leg out from under him, sending him groin first into the top turnbuckle. White held the MCMG outside the ring, so Bey could dive onto them outside the ring. White and Bey were suddenly back in the ring after just being on the ramp (magic). White tagged in and nailed Shelley with a chop and a suplex. White connected with the elbow to the head of Shelley and tagged in Bey who started choking Shelley in the corner. Bey distracted the referee while White held Shelley by the hair. Bey charged Shelley in the corner but Shelley dodged, Bey stopped the tag and hit Shelley with a standing moonsault. Bey headed to the top and went for a double stomp but Shelley countered and sent Bey face-first into the middle turnbuckle and both men made a tag.

Sabin got the upper hand early but White sent him into the ropes, Sabin replied with a flurry of forearms and a back body drop. Bey went to the top rope and dove in but ate a dropkick. Sabin hit White in the corner with a clothesline. Sabin set him up in the Tree of Woe but Bey went for a suplex. Shelley sent Bey into the corner, Sabin sent Bey into White in the corner by way of a Shelley suplex. Sabin went to the top rope and hit White with the satellite DDT. Sabin charged White in the corner but White moved and hit Sabin with a snap suplex into the bottom turnbuckle. Bey tagged in and dropped Shelley off the apron. Bey hit an uppercut to Sabin in the corner and ran to dive on Shelley across the ring. Bey went to the top and hit Sabin with a big crossbody. Bey set Sabin up on his shoulders and spinned him out into a neckbreaker. Bey looks for The Art of Finesse but Sabin countered. Shelley caught Bey and had him with a Dragonscrew party. Bey hit a forearm on Shelley. Shelley took control, set White up and dropped Bey and White with double-team moves. Sabin connected with a neckbreaker to Bey and Shelley hits a crossbody. They hit the Skull and Bones for the win.

– Josh Alexander vs Matt Taven

Maria Kanellis was on commentary. Slow start early, Taven connected with a headlock, Josh reversed into a headlock of his own, Taven sent Josh off the ropes. Josh replied with a shoulder block and Taven slid out of the ring. Taven got back into the ring and teased a test of strength before kicking Josh in the midsection. Taven hit a chop, then a suplex to Josh. Taven sent Josh into the corner but Josh hit him with an elbow to the face. Josh charged Taven in the corner, Taven reversed out and hit Josh with a dropkick as he bounced off the ropes. Taven taunted before chopping Josh in the corner and following with a knee to the midsection. Josh charged him but Taven countered and sent Josh to the apron. Taven caught Josh on the top ropes and went for something off the top ropes but Josh ate a dropkick from Taven to the outside.

After the commercial break, Taven was driving Josh’s shoulder into the mat. Taven continued to work the shoulder as Josh made his way to his feet but was just slammed to the mat again. Taven locked him in a submission but Josh went to his feet and ate a clothesline from Taven. Taven continued to work the shoulder but Josh fought out with strikes to the midsection. Taven lifted him up but Josh reversed, Taven connected with a ripcord flatliner and drifted over into a submission hold. Both men went to their feet and Josh hit Taven with a series of suplexes. Taven fought out and took Josh down with a twisting neckbreaker. Taven went for a lionsault but Josh got the knees up. Both men went to their feet again and Josh dropped Taven with a clothesline. He sent Taven into the ropes and hit him with a back body drop. Taven went in the corner to regroup, Josh connected with a forearm and a big boot.

Josh let Taven get up, Taven fought but Josh hit a Northern Lights suplex into a bridging cover. Taven lifted Taven up for the C4 Spike, but Taven fought out but ate a forearm to the face. Josh sent Taven into the corner but Taven countered with an enzuigiri and followed with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Taven locked Josh again in a submission. Josh fought free and hits Three Amigos of his own onto Taven and lifted him up for the C4 Spike again. Taven countered and took Josh out with a running knee strike. They got to their feet and started exchanging strikes. Josh sent Taven to the outside, he tried to skin the cat but Josh tried to catch him, set him on the apron and hit a crossbody to the back, sending them both to the outside. Josh connected with a forearm to the back of Taven, looked for the C4 Spike again. Taven fought to block it, Josh hit another forearm but Taven replied with a springboard enzuigiri. Taven looked for the Climax but Josh fought out and locked in the ankle lock. Taven crawled to the ropes and forced the break. Taven hung up Josh’s arm on the top ropes and headed to the top. Josh caught him up top with a superplex into a C4 Spike for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

I have no doubt the Swinger Dungeon will be a very special dungeon… Did you see the face of Hannifan and Rehwoldt after the segment? They’re definitely not ready to give it a look… Sad because this Dungeon, for sure, will be a “hot stuff”…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– PCO is definitely not human…

I won’t tell you again how biased I can be when it comes to PCO. Of course, I love this week’s segment, but… There’s no Frankenstein without the Doctor Frankenstein. And PCO has a Creator named D. Destro. What they have done in other promotions or on the Internet is pure madness. Bringing Destro to Impact Wrestling would give all its sense to what PCO represents. I invite you all to take a look at PCO’s Twitter account, also his YouTube channel, to find out what these men are able to do when they are together. I’m sure you will agree with me, after watching a few videos, to say “Bring Destro to Impact.” We could even create a hashtag…

Impact Wrestling Multiverse of Matches – April 1st won’t (still) be a joke…

Still 5 matches on the menu, I can’t tell you more about this week. Stay tuned…


A new match was announced this week. And what a match… I don’t have the graphic for the moment but you know I’m talking about the 8-team World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match.

To be eNYGMAtic…

I have repeated that, since Hard To Kill, we have been blessed with really good episodes. I hate the word perfect, you know that, but this episode was very close to it. I just found nothing bad to say about it as everything was good. Insane matches (so good to see the MCMG back), storylines building, promos, backstage segments. A little flat note on Masha Slamovich who deserves way better than squash matches. 
I see you in Philly next week as a new set of tapings is happening there right now. Don’t miss the Multiverse of Matches show at WrestleCon, it will be very unique (if you think I will miss it…). Fite created a bundle, with NJPW, AAA and IMPACT Multiverse shows included, that should delight the wrestling fans you and I are.
On this “Nygma is Late and Knows It Note”, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fight Network, Fite TV, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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