After an explosive night of tag team action in the Crockett Cup first round and quarter-finals, only four teams remained. The Cardonas, The Briscoes, Commonwealth Connection, and La Rebelión fought to see who would become the winners of the prestigious trophy. Elsewhere, Kamille defended her NWA Women’s World Championship against Chelsea Green and Kylie Rae. Anthony Mayweather and Jax Dane reignited their feud in a battle for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, and a new NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion would be crowned as Homicide, Austin Aries, Darius Lockhart, and Colby Corino wrestled for the gold. The Hex looked to hold on to their NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championships against Kenzie Paige and Ella Envy, Tyrus battled Rodney Mack to keep hold of his NWA World Television Championship, and Nick Aldis challenged NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona in the main event. First up, The Cardonas and The Briscoes went one-on-one to see who would advance to the semi-finals of the Crockett Cup.

Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match: The Cardonas (VSK & Mike Knox) vs The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe)

To say I was nervous going into this match was an understatement. The Briscoes are without a doubt one of the best teams in professional wrestling, but VSK and Mike Knox have been pretty lucky so far. Thankfully, Mark and Jay were in fine form. They demolished VSK in the early stages with some Redneck Kung Fu and a flurry of vicious chops. Knox tagged in and hit a running crossbody on Jay as VSK choked him with the referee distracted. The Cardonas were able to keep Jay from tagging his brother, landing a standing moonsault and elbow drop combo. Thankfully, Jay made the tag as Mark went off. He hit a step-up Enzuigiri on Knox, a shotgun dropkick on VSK, followed by an impressive arm whip powerbomb. The Cardonas looked to be making a comeback, but Mark got his knees up as VSK went for a frog splash which allowed The Briscoes to hit Redneck Boogie and a Doomsday Device for the victory.

Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match: Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) vs La Rebelión (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf)

I felt incredibly proud of Commonwealth Connection throughout the Crockett Cup. I’ve always admired what Williams has done throughout his career, and advancing to the finals just showed why he’s one of the best to ever do it. Harry Smith has been impressive throughout the tournament, too. Despite some fantastic work from Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf, Williams and Smith were superb. They hit a double shoulder block on 666, followed by a devastating headbutt to his stomach from Smith. Williams hit some clotheslines and a flying European uppercut on Mecha Wolf and followed it up with a Tiger Driver. Mecha Wolf connected with a step-up Enzuigiri and a springboard DDT, but when he and Bestia 666 went for Mark of the Beast, it all went wrong. Commonwealth Connection took advantage of their mistakes as Smith landed a top turnbuckle powerslam to pick up the win.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match: Jax Dane vs Anthony Mayweather (C)

Jax Dane is a beast, but Mayweather is an incredible competitor in the squared circle. Unfortunately, the super heel Dane was able to come out of the encounter with a championship. Dane was impressive, despite taking a Tope Suicida from Mayweather early on. From the moment the bell rang, these two beasts went at each other hard. Dane resulted in some dirty tactics by pulling Mayweather’s legs into the ring post. He worked on Mayweather’s injured leg by whipping it into the apron and putting him in a modified half Boston crab. Mayweather fought back and landed a spinebuster and an elbow drop off the top turnbuckle. Mayweather’s leg was giving him a lot of problems as it gave way a couple of times, however, he was able to put Dane in an armbar to make him tap. As Mayweather was carried out by officials, Dane went after him and smashed a spare turnbuckle part into his knee, then dragged him back to the ring. He told Kyle Davis to announce he was cashing in his Championship Series opportunity. Dane hit his signature clothesline and pinned Mayweather to claim the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. It honestly sucks to see Mayweather lose this way, especially after fighting so hard against Chris Adonis to become the champion. I can’t imagine this one is over between these two.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Bell) (C) vs Pretty Empowered (Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy)

How good are The Hex? Seriously, they showed more than once tonight why they’re the champions. Pretty Empowered never stood a chance, as both Kay and Bell performed well together and alone. They hit Hex Express on Paige, as Kay connected with an impressive backbreaker. Paige and Envy tried to distract Kay, but she didn’t fall for it and hit a fallaway slam on Paige. Bell tagged in and connected with a penalty kick on Paige. Envy was able to roundhouse kick Paige by mistake, which led The Hex to end it with Hex Marks the Spot. An impressive victory, and another reason why it’s clear they’re the champions. The question is, who’s next?

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Colby Corino vs Darius Lockhart vs Homicide vs Austin Aries

I’ll never forgive Aries for no-selling Johnny Impact, so I was happy to see him lose out to Homicide. Regardless, he was impressive throughout, as was everyone else. There was a clear power struggle between Aries and Homicide as both guys tried to outdo each other. Homicide hit a basement dropkick on Corino as Aries hit a Tope Suicida on Lockhart. Homicide went for a Tope Suicida of his own, but Corino connected with a springboard spear, as Lockhart landed a splash. Corino locked in a sharpshooter on Lockhart as Aries put Homicide in Last Chancery, but both guys managed to grab the ropes. Homicide was able to break up the pin as Corino planted Aries with a tombstone. Aries dropped Corino with a shin breaker and belly-to-back suplex combo. He then took out Lockhart with a rolling forearm, dropkick, and brainbuster, but Homicide was there once again to stop the three-count. Homicide then hit a cutter on Aries and Cop Killa on Corino for the victory. Really happy for Homicide. He’s one of a kind.

NWA Women’s World Championship Match: Kylie Rae vs Chelsea Green vs Kamille (C)

Kamille’s reign as champion has been nothing short of impressive, and her defence tonight was no different. Green was also looking on fire as she connected with a double shotgun dropkick and a double elbow drop. She curb-stomped Kamille on the bottom turnbuckle and started to become the hot mess we all know and love. Kylie Rae also had some impressive moments in the match, especially her double crossface on Green and Kamille. Her high five with Kamille followed by a perfect superkick was a definite highlight. Kamille was the woman of the hour, however. She landed Radio Silence on Green and put her in the torture rack, but Green’s leg caught the ref and knocked him down. Rae was able to hit TKO, but when the ref recovered, he only counted two. Kamille got back in the ring and hit a spear on Rae to pick up the win. After the match, Thom Latimer came to the ring to celebrate with her.

NWA World Television Championship Match: Tyrus (C) vs Rodney Mack

This was a thunderous encounter featuring two big guys beating the crap out of each other. It wasn’t the most entertaining of matches and felt very slow at times. Tyrus controlled the match with a suplex and a splash. He powerslammed Mack, then dropped an elbow. Mack tried to fight back, even hitting a superplex on Tyrus. It wasn’t Mack’s night, though, as Tyrus hit the Heart Punch for the victory.

Crockett Cup Final: Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) vs The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe)

There couldn’t have been two better teams in the finals in my opinion. It was all class from the start, as both teams shook hands before the match got underway. Mark and Williams reversed submissions in the early stages. Jay tagged in and clotheslined Williams. Smith was able to hit a snap suplex and powerslam. Jay went for a Jay Driller, but Smith hit him with a back suplex. Commonwealth Connection got in some good teamwork on Jay, but he managed to make a needed tag to Mark. Mark hit various strikes on Smith and connected with a dropkick through the ropes. Following a fisherman’s brainbuster on Smith, the Brit almost got the win following a superplex. Williams tagged in and hit a Tiger Driver, but he only got a two-count. All four men battled in the ring, which led to Jay dropping Williams with a Death Valley Driver and a Froggie Bow from Mark. Smith booted Jay into a bridged German suplex from Williams, but The Briscoes were able to win following a Jay Driller and Froggie Bow combo. It was a special moment seeing The Briscoes hold the Crockett Cup. They were the most deserving team going into the tournament and, by far, the most impressive. It’s another accolade for The Briscoes, helping to cement their legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Nick Aldis vs Matt Cardona (C)

Before the match, the special guest referee Jeff Jarrett talked about how he wanted to see a clean fight, but Cardona was having none of it. Despite attacking Aldis before the bell, the National Treasure hit ten punches in the corner. He casually moved out of the way of a top rope dropkick from Cardona, then clotheslined him over the ropes. Cardona started sulking and walked towards the back, flipping the bird at Tim Storm in the process. Jarrett grabbed a microphone and said he wouldn’t count him out. Storm left commentary to grab Cardona and throw him back in the ring. Cardona left the ring again, but this time Aldis followed him and attacked him on the ramp. They fought into the crowd, using one of the benches to hurt each other with. Aldis landed a body drop and a snap suplex to Cardona on the ramp. Back at ringside, Cardona hit a Russian leg sweep into the guard rail. He dropkicked Aldis through the ropes after pushing Jarrett, then landed a double underhook on top of the concrete. He went to choke Aldis with a chain, but Jarrett took it off him. Cardona connected with a neckbreaker for a two-count then began mocking Jarrett.

Aldis hit a flying clothesline and a Michinoku Driver.  Cardona hit a codebreaker and went for a figure four, but Aldis reversed into one of his own. It all got very messy quickly after that. Cardona hit his wife’s finisher for a two-count. He went to hit Aldis with the title but got caught with a tombstone and elbow drop off the turnbuckle. Cardona hit a low blow, a boot in the corner, and Radio Silence, but Aldis kicked out. The Cardonas came out to ringside, but Commonwealth Connection stopped them before they could do any damage. Chelsea Green hit Jarrett with a low blow as Mickie James got in the ring and threw her out. Aldis made Cardona tap with a Sharpshooter as Jarrett called for the bell. Everyone thought Aldis had won, but Jarrett called a disqualification, thinking it was James who had hit him. Cardona headed to the back after retaining the ten pounds of gold. Cardona is an incredible heel. He played the fans. He played Aldis. He is still the champion, and that is only going to annoy everyone even more.

All pics and captures courtesy of Fite and NWA

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