Here was the case. Being a Don Corleone, sitting on the chair and watching the family fighting… We all know that story and its end… In the Impact Zone, the weapons are words and the fights are whether for Honor, passion, titles… There’s always a reason to compete, and so to fight… And the case continues…
On the menu this week, from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA, IMPACT Tag Team Champions Violent By Design will face off The Good Brothers in a Lumberjack match. Mickie James will try to regain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship in a Street Fight against Tasha Steelz. Eddie Edwards will fight against Rocky Romero.  Steve Maclin will compete against Heath. Willie Mack, Laredo Kid and Mike Bailey will face off for the last spot in the Rebellion 3-Way Match for the X-Division Championship. We’ll hear from Josh Alexander as he addresses the actions of Moose last week. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Tom Hannifan and The Drama King Matthew Rewholdt were on commentary. On ‘BTI’, Mahabali Shera w/ Raj Singh defeated Crazzy Steve (BTI is now available only on Impact Wrestling YouTube and Facebook channels at 7.30 PM EST/12.30 AM GMT, and on Impact Plus).

  • The episode opened with a pissed-off Josh Alexander entering the arena.

  • Josh came out to the ring to kick things off and he was pissed after Moose decided to stop by his house last week. Josh thought he was ready for everything Moose could do but he didn’t think Moose could be as stupid as he was last week. Moose has pushed him over the edge after having the nerve to intimidate his wife in his own home. Josh said, as a husband and father, he feels nothing but pain and disappointment but, at Rebellion, he will make sure Moose feels all of that himself when he takes the Impact World Championship from him. Josh said if Moose has no problem approaching his home, then come on down because Impact is his home.

  • Moose answered Josh’s challenge and made his way down the ramp. He told Josh, at Rebellion, he will fail to get his hands on the championship. After he beats him at Rebellion, he might just stop by Josh’s house and show his son what a true role model is. Moose promised not to fail him like Josh. Josh was pissed and a brawl ensued. They fought through the backstage area and Josh sent Moose face-first into a garage door before trying an ankle lock on the stairs. They brawled at the top of the arena and teased Josh tossing Moose off the edge but the Impact roster showed up to break them up. Ace Austin frantically asked Josh if he wants to go to jail for killing someone.

  • Backstage, Josh Alexander was with Scott D’Amore and said he would’ve tossed Moose off the balcony if Fulton didn’t stop him. D’Amore told him that maybe Fulton did him a favour. D’Amore reminded Josh that he has a championship match coming soon and he needs to get his emotions in control. Josh said it’s not his emotions, just keep Moose away from his family.

  • Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Willie Mack and Laredo Kid to win the last spot in the X-Division Championship match at Rebellion.

  • Backstage, Jay White was with Chris Bey and criticized the result of last week’s match. He called out The Motor City Machine Guns for another tag team match. The Good Brothers liked the sound of that but said that it’s a shame they have to wrestle in a lumberjack match but Bey and Jay will have their backs. Doc said that The OG Bullet Club are coming for their Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles and it’ll be just Too Sweet.

  • After a recap of BTI, Raj Singh was backstage with Shera and told tells Gujar he had a chance to align with Singh but now it’s too late. Shera yelled at the camera, setting up an eventual matchup down the line.

  • Steve Maclin defeated Heath.

  • After the match, Rhino hit the ring and drops Maclin with a huge Gore. Rhino celebrated with Heath.

  • Tenille Dashwood’s “All About Me” with Kaleb with a K as her guest host to interview her. He asked a question but she told him to ask what she was thinking instead. Kaleb asked and she said that she’s thinking about if Kaleb really has their back or if he’s with the IInspiration. Kaleb was defensive and Tenille started to pressure him and he claimed his neck is hurt and ran off. Kaleb ran into Madison backstage for “Locker Room Talk” and, of course, Johnny Swinger was there as the cohost. Kaleb tried to run off again but he’ was stopped by Tenille. Madison said they only have one question, who he’s loyal to. He stuttered at first but said, of course, it’s the Influence. Madison handed over a lie detector test and Kaleb ran off.

  • JONAH cut a promo while walking in the streets. He told Tomohiro Ishii if he steps to him he will break his neck. JONAH told Ishii that, at Rebellion, they will fight (Ishii is also coming to the Multiverse of Matches event at Wrestlecon, he will face off Eddie Edwards on April 1st in Dallas).

  • Violent By Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering w/ Deaner) defeated The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) in a Lumberjack Match to retain the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship. As the referee was distracted, Honor No More screwed over The Bullet Club, hitting Karl with a NutCracker and allowing Eric Young to cover Anderson for the victory.

  • Backstage, Gia Miller asked Tasha if she was going to follow Mickie’s lead and leave Savannah in the back. Tasha mocked her and then said what they do has nothing to do with her but she thought about it and decided to give Savannah the night off. Tasha said she plans to take care of Mickie on her own.

  • Eddie Edwards defeated Rocky Romero.

  • After the match, Eddie teased a handshake, then hit Rocky with a boot to the face. He went for a suplex but Jonathan Gresham hit the ring and brawled with Eddie, making the save for Rocky. He hit a moonsault and a series of forearm shots to the face, sending Eddie on the run. Rocky confronted Gresham, then they shook hands.

  • Backstage, Johnny Swinger was with Zicky Dice after he trained in Swinger’s Dungeon. Before Zicky could go back in the dungeon, Swinger said he has to be part of the “Chump Chump” challenge next week.

  • Tasha Steelz defeated Mickie James in a Street Fight to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. Both Savannah Evans and Chelsea Green got involved.

  • After the match, Chelsea berated Mickie while still sitting in the chair. Mickie was nearly crying and slapped Chelsea. They slapped the hell out of each other and started brawling before Chelsea escaped.

  • Chelsea had Mickie distracted and Matt Cardona showed up and hit Mickie with the Radio Silence. Cardona lifted Mickie up and Chelsea dropped her with a shot from her cast. Chelsea ripped off the cast, showing she didn’t even need it, and stood tall with Cardona to end the show.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Eddie Edwards vs Rocky Romero

Rocky offered a handshake but Eddie refused. They locked up but neither took advantage. Eddie connected with a wristlock but Rocky reversed out into a wristlock of his own. They grappled for a moment before Eddie got a headlock takedown. Rocky reversed into a headscissors but Eddie fought out. Rocky connected with a headlock of his own, Eddie sent him into the ropes and they clashed in the centre, both looking for a shoulder block. Rocky hit a stiff chop to Eddie but Eddie returned the favour and dropped Rocky to a knee. They exchanged chops again but it fired up Rocky, he went for it again but instead, strangled Eddie’s eyes. Rocky replied with a hurricanrana to Eddie, sending him to the outside of the ring. Rocky followed and hits another hurricanrana on the outside of the ring.

Back for the commercial break, Rocky was maintaining control. He sent Eddie into the corner and hit him with the forever clotheslines until Eddie ducked one and dropped him with a clothesline of his own. They showed a replay of Eddie injuring his forearm when hitting it off the ring post during the commercial. Rocky laid into Eddie with a couple of kicks to the leg, then went for an armbar but Eddie rolled out of dodge quick. Rocky bounced off the ropes and hit Eddie with a suicide dive. Eddie lifted Rocky onto his shoulders and dropped him face-first on the ring apron. He then tossed Rocky into the ring steps before tossing him back into the ring.

Eddie posed as Rocky tried to regain his composure in the corner. Eddie ran into an elbow from Rocky in the corner, Rocky followed up with a tornado DDT. They exchanged strikes, Eddie got sent to the apron, Rocky tied him up and hit him with a kick to the chest. Rocky went for another but Eddie caught the leg. Rocky connected with a reverse kick and set Eddie up on the ropes. Rocky continued with a dropkick, called for the Sliced Bread but Eddie dodged it and hit Rocky with the forearm shiver and followed with a powerbomb. Rocky targeted the arm but Eddie hit him with a headbutt. Eddie bounced off the ropes with another forearm, then hit a Tiger Driver. Rocky reversed an attack from Eddie into an armbar but Eddie countered that into a roll-up for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

I am a bit too French for Johnny Swinger… Ok, I understood “Chump Chump” is his version of “Champ Champ.” Then, what is a “Chump Chump?”

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Ishii, with 2 I

“A stone pitbull, he hits hard, he is immune to pain and will drop you on your head with a vertical drop brainbuster. One of the most beloved in NJPW.” I had to ask Mr Deathman about him because my knowledge of NJPW is not very good but I am just so excited to see him come to IMPACT. Whether against Eddie or JONAH, it will be magic.

Impact Wrestling Multiverse of Matches – April 1st won’t (still) be a joke…

It will be a must-watch… And the card is not complete yet…


I still don’t have the graphic for the 8-team World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match. But isn’t it appealing to see a card like that?

To be eNYGMAtic…

I really sound like a broken record, I know, but I have repeated that, since Hard To Kill, we have been blessed with really good episodes. I hate the word perfect, you know that, but this episode was very close to it. I just found nothing bad to say about it as everything was good. Great matches, storylines building, promos, backstage segments. The little flat note will be, I want to see what happens in the Dungeon… 
Don’t miss the Multiverse of Matches show at WrestleCon, it will be very unique. Rebellion will be epic and we already know the following event will be Under Siege on May 7. The Mania week is about to start and, for us, wrestling fans, it’s Christmas in March/April…
On this “Nygma is Right On Time Note”, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fight Network, Fite TV, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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