Tick tock… tick tock. The countdown to destruction has been chiming away for weeks no months as not only has MLW had to deal with the cryptic messages of Killer Kross but also the simmering rage of Mads Krügger and his blood feud with Jacob Fatu. Now, all three of the monsters mentioned are going to collide in one episode. Killer Kross makes his grand return to the company after his WWE exodus, Gangrel makes his MLW debut and in the main event, we see Mads Krügger continue his persecution of his betrayer, Jacob Fatu in a Stairway to Hell match. Not to mention, Cesar Duran was holding Hammerstone’s title hostage so the champ was going to have to appear, no matter his condition. Today’s episode had every chance to get bloody graphic so let’s get into the carnage.

Killer Kross defeated Budd Heavy via The Quickening Beatdown

Up first tonight was the return of the Killer. For weeks, mysterious broadcasts had plagued MLW episodes and now the source had been revealed. The return of Killer Kross, a monster amongst the wrestlers who had been biding his time. He’d rebuilt as The People’s Executioner and now it was once again time to unleash his wrath on MLW. His first victim, the cult favourite, Budd Heavy. Kross appeared merciful at first, granting Heavy three strikes before ending his existence. Heavy got two of the three in but Kross cut him off because they were just making him laugh. From there, it was a textbook. Kross hammered him with elbows and boots before dunking him on his head with the Doomsday Saito and putting Heavy to sleep with the Quickening and a multitude of elbows to the back of the head. It was over before it could even begin. Heavy got two strikes then Kross mauled him. it was brutally efficient and showed Kross hasn’t missed a step. This was but a fraction of what he can do and it still ended someone in the most rapid of fashions. As a man of the people, he decided he hadn’t made Heavy suffer enough and ended things with another Doomsday Saito before heading for the back, excited and alive after his time away. This is just the start, I cannot wait to see what sights Kross has to show.

Gangrel defeated BEEF (Gnarls Garvin) via Impaler DDT

BEEF was in the building. He was pissed as he’d come to fight and MLW was skimping on the fighting. He wanted action, he wanted violence and he was about to get his wish as he tangled with a living legend and master of bloodlust, Gangrel. It was about to get gory in here as the legend got to fanging and banging. This was nasty. It started with shunting and just got nastier as the pair threw hands and brawled around the ringside area. It was a mess of hands and heavy shots with Gangrel utilising a lot of low blows to keep BEEF sedated. Even then, BEEF kept kicking so it took even meaner tactics to keep him under control, a hell of a cutting from Gangrel’s trusty sickle. Now, BEEF was dazed and a bloody mess. Even then, he kept swinging for the fences and landed shots despite the biting and brawling. Because of the violent content, Duran sent word that it was to be fought under no DQ rules. With his prey bloody and broken, Gangrel kept unleashing the punishment with heavy elbows and a Bulldog. BEEF kept hammering back but was the tool of his own destruction as he missed a Beefy Bomb and a massive splash, crashing and burning into the solid floor and canvas with each miss. Despite this, he kept fighting till the bitter end, eventually succumbing to that Impaler DDT. This was anarchic as hell but oh man, did it make for a fun match. I love BEEF, I love Gangrel and I certainly loved watching them try to murder each other. This was so damn fun and felt like a nice precursor to the violence to come.

Between the matches:

  • The Von Erichs caught up with one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time in Ricky Morton, approaching him for advice in dealing with 5150. Kerry and Ricky Morton were pissed at how they’d attacked Marshall and disappeared for food.
  • MLW’s Women’s Featherweight division is being kicked up a notch as MLW plans to bring in a title and have the best women fighting for it.
  • Richard Holliday was sauntering around the backstage area, chatting with MSL about Microman branding and chumming it up with Azteca goons. He clearly didn’t think Hammerstone would show. Hammerstone attacked him before he could begin his smug celebration. They brawled out of the frame and the show tried to continue.
  • Los Parks have opened their own restaurant because gringos don’t know how to eat properly. A customer didn’t seem too happy with his food so Los Parks jumped him and force-fed him proper food.

  • Cesar Duran had to field threats of an investigation into his deeds and TJP came to pile more pressure on him by demanding a title shot since he was done holding back all the “crayon-munching” indie darlings. He was about to grant TJP’s wish when EJ Nduka came in demanding a title shot at 5150. They both left Duran’s office happy as Duran had to stop Holliday and Hammerstone from fighting. Holliday ended up more and more naked as time went on. Nduka gets his shot next week.
  • MLW announced some Azteca Underground matches for the upcoming tour as we get Fatu/LA Park 2 and a Mexican Lumberjack Strap match between Gino Medina and Aramis.  Plus, Trios action as El Dragon, Microman, and Aerostar team up against Mini Abismo Negro, Arez, and a mystery partner.
  • Savio Vega broke into Duran’s office, helped himself to finances and documents before revealing Microman had been spying for him.
  • The closing moments of the show gave us more of Hammerstone’s pursuit of Richard Holliday as he stripped his former friend of his thousand-dollar suit and his dignity. The final shot of the show was Holliday running to his limo in just his underwear, fleeing the wrath of the champion… for now.

Stairway to Hell: Mads Krügger (w/Ikuro Kwon) defeated Jacob Fatu via Half-Nelson Facebuster

Last but not least, the Stairway to Hell. Krügger and Fatu were out for each other’s blood and after the first match failed to yield a finish to the feud, it was time to up the ante. Above the ring, the weapons of destruction hung, waiting to be plucked. It was going to be a violent battle of attrition as both monsters were going to tear each other apart to get to the weapons at their disposal. For Fatu, it was a barbed-wire kendo stick, for Krügger, a war club. It was time for some real CONTRA bloodshed. As expected, this went from zero to one hundred in an instant. Fatu cut off an early dive with his fist but was taken out by a second as Krügger kamikazed himself at Fatu and a ladder. Krügger retrieved his club whilst Fatu was stunned but the struggle with the weapon allowed Fatu time to breathe and tip the ladder sending the black hand crashing down. Fatu nailed Alé Uce and massacred Krügger with everything to hand, hitting a Springboard Moonsault onto Krügger and the ladder. It was Fatu’s turn to struggle for a weapon but Krügger wouldn’t allow him to grab one, throwing him from the ladder with a Powerbomb. The fight went outside and Krügger took the time to tenderise Fatu with a steel chair. They returned to the ring and Krügger put down any Fatu resistance with heavy hands and chokes. He got his revenge though when he reversed a whip and launched Krügger head-first into a ladder. They fought atop the ladder and Fatu gave Krügger a taste of wire by retrieving the cane. Fatu kept on the pressure with even more speed and power, drilling Krügger with a coast-to-coast Van Daminator.

No matter what Fatu did, Krügger wouldn’t stay down, prompting Fatu to up the ante with tables. They climbed the ladder for more assaults and Krügger took them both to hell with a Superplex through the table. Fatu thought he had things won but Ikuro Kwon came to interrupt proceedings. He gave Krügger the time to retrieve his club and crack Fatu upside the head for his finisher. Krügger took the win but it hadn’t been the easy fight he’d expected. He’d had to have the cavalry come and aid him but at the end of the day, the history books will show he won. He’d scored one against his rival but that only leaves them tied at 1-1. There will no doubt be more and when there is, I fear just how gruesome it will really get. I want more of it, this was awesome and I know the pair can keep going until one literally cannot stand. It’s compelling viewing and one of the best rivalries in the company. Let them keep fighting. Especially since Krügger has hijacked CONTRA to remake in his own image. The battle was won, the war is far from over though.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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