On Thursday, April 14th, at 9:00 PM/ET AdFreeShows.com will turn a little bit extreme, as the ‘Human Suplex Machine’ Taz and ‘The most Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac’ Sabu join the platform for an exclusive Watchalong event of their ground-breaking match at Extreme Championship Wrestling’s (ECW) very first pay-per-view ‘Barely Legal.’

This April marks the 25th anniversary of ECW’s ‘Barely Legal’ pay-per-view, and Taz and Sabu will be joined by AdFreeShow.com’s Conrad Thompson to give a full breakdown on everything that went into their match. From the unique build-up of Sabu being repeatedly called out by Taz for months, to Sabu’s dramatic return to the ring to accept Taz’s challenge, to ultimately their almost-18 minute war, Taz, Sabu and Thompson will cover it all.

This special event is available to any AdFreeShows.com member at the $29 level or higher. Top-level members of AdFreeShows.com will be able to come on screen to ask Taz, Sabu and Thompson questions during the event. To become an AdFreeShows.com member, or to upgrade an existing membership to make sure you don’t miss out on this event, go to AdFreeShows.com.

“At AdFreeShows.com, we are always looking to over-deliver for our members, and I think a Watchalong with Taz and Sabu checks that box,” said AdFreeShows.com founder and podcast host Conrad Thompson. “I can still vividly remember the anticipation for the ‘Barely Legal’ pay-per-view, and there was no bigger match everyone was talking about than Taz versus Sabu. To have the opportunity to sit with both men and hear their takes about the match is an opportunity I never thought would happen.”

Along with access to the ‘Barley Legal’ Watchalong event with Taz and Sabu members of AdFreeShows.com at the $29 level receive early, ad-free and video episodes of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, Grilling JR with Jim Ross, My World with Jeff Jarrett, What Happened When with Tony Schiavone, ARN with Arn Anderson and The Kurt Angle Show. Plus, all bonus content on the site, including exclusive series like Ask Conrad, Conversations with Conrad, Title Chase, Monday Mailbag, Eric Fires Back, and the new ‘The Insiders’ program.

AdFreeShows.com also just announced that on Tuesday, April 5th at 7:00 pm/EST, there will be an exclusive Watchalong event featuring Ric Flair watching his classic WrestleMania VIII match against “The Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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