With just over a week until GCW’s The Collective, One Night Only featured tons of surprise matches that filled a stacked card. Normally, I’d go through each one, but like me, I’d rather you be surprised by each one as you go through the review. It was a really fun night, and I’d suggest you get around to watching it if you can. Anyway, first up…

Kevin Blackwood vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

To kick off the show with a main event calibre match was a big move, but it paid off. These two guys were exceptional throughout. Bailey has a gift of bringing out the best in everyone, and seeing Blackwood perform this good was a fucking treat. It was fast-paced from the start. They traded multiple blows until Bailey launched a tirade of quick kicks, then hit a pump kick off the apron and a moonsault from the turnbuckle to the outside. Blackwood was able to use his raw power to punish Bailey with some massive chops and a massive clothesline. Bailey connected with a standing 720 corkscrew, but Blackwood retaliated with a German suplex, backbreaker, and a suplex. Bailey hit his first backflip double knee on Blackwood, then rubbed salt in the wound with a couple of kicks and a Spanish Fly. Although Blackwood got up and connected with the Three Amigos, Bailey hit a second overhead double knee, except this time it was off the turnbuckle onto Blackwood who was on the apron. Blackwood wouldn’t give up as he hit a powerbomb, then a piledriver for a two-count. Bailey hit his third overhead double knee for a two-count. He managed to pick up the win by hitting a final overhead double knee, doing so from the top turnbuckle and onto Blackwood’s back. You could feed me this match for the whole three hours and I would’ve watched it. Superb effort by both men and a fantastic way to start the show.

Jack Cartwheel vs Nick Wayne

Although not quite as intense as the opener, Cartwheel and Wayne showcased their aerial ability with some wonderfully choreographed action. Wayne landed a hurricanrana, but Cartwheel retaliated with a big clothesline that sent Wayne spinning through the air. He followed up with a back body drop and a standing moonsault for a two-count. Wayne was able to get back into it, picking up some momentum with a cutter. He was able to keep the pace going with a moonsault to Cartwheel who was outside the ring, then drove him into the mat with a Canadian Destroyer and another cutter. Cartwheel landed a couple of sling blades and a sit-down powerbomb, then traded Poisonranas with Wayne which was beautiful. After a follow-through Death Valley Driver, an over-the-ropes elbow drop, and a moonsault over the turnbuckle to the outside, he missed a corkscrew. This allowed Wayne to hit a cutter from the apron to the ring and one off the turnbuckle for the victory.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Sandra Moone

The fans were well behind Sandra from the start, chanting “fuck him up Sandra, fuck him up.” The Different Boy has a knack for modifying the best moves in the playbook to administer punishment, and he was able to do that a fair few times. Moone was impressive, though. She hit Code Red and some back heel kicks, but Lloyd returned the favour with a tombstone for a two-count. Moone hit a leg sweep faceplant, Canadian Destroyer, and a DDT to the concrete outside the ring, however, it wasn’t her day. Lloyd landed a modified Muscle Buster and a package piledriver, and after a failed pin attempt, drove her into the mat with a modified swinging piledriver. There was no coming back after that. Lloyd picked up the win, but Moone was impressive from start to finish.

Matthew Justice vs Dark Sheik

It’s not long until Justice and Mance Warner take on The H8 Crew and The Briscoes in what’s likely to be an epic three-way tag match for the GCW Tag Team Championships. For now, though, we got to see him go toe-to-toe with one of GCW’s finest, Dark Sheik. It was a brutal encounter, with Sheik being inventive as ever with the violence. Justice was quick to grab a chair, but Sheik flew off the turnbuckle and hit a spinning heel kick, sending the chair into Justice’s face and busting him open. Shortly after, she went for another, but Justice threw the chair straight into her face. They fought into the crowd where Justice smashed a chair across Sheik’s back and sent her flying into the ring with an epic Razor’s Edge. Props to the fans for chanting “Scott Hall.” Justice set up a door between the apron and a chair. He went for a Death Valley Driver through it, but Sheik got out of it and punched him in the dick. She then hit a leg drop through the door as Justice lay on top of it. Justice went for another DVD after recovering, but Sheik escaped yet again and hit him with a chair twice, then connected with a German suplex onto a chair. She double stomped Justice through another door, threw a chair at him, the landed a spinning DDT. Just when it seemed as if Sheik was going to get the win, he speared her and finally landed a Death Valley Driver onto a pile of broken doors and a chair, and connected with a standing splash for the three. It was an enjoyable match that showcased just how cool Sheik is, but props to my favourite big man for taking the win.

Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) vs Gangsta Party (B-Boy & Lil Cholo)

I don’t think it’s possible for me to get tired of seeing Effy and Allie Katch together. I mean, they’re great on their own, but who doesn’t love a bit of Bussy? There was some great humour in this match. Lil Cholo got uncomfortable after Effy was kneeling down in front of him, so he tagged in B-Boy. B-Boy hit him with a dropkick and some chops. Lil Cholo got back in the ring to hit a hanging vertical suplex. Out of nowhere, B-Boy returned to the action and kissed Effy as even Katch looked surprised outside. He punched Effy then did a bit of a dance before tagging in Lil Cholo. Effy twisted Cholo’s nipples then bit one, following it up with a Northern Lights suplex into a bridge. Katch tagged in and took out Gangsta Party and hit multiple cannonballs into both of them in opposite corners. Gangsta Party fought back, with Cholo landing a double stomp off the turnbuckle on Katch who was resting on B-Boy’s knees. Effy broke up the pin and beat down B-Boy, but Cholo pushed him off the turnbuckle to the outside. B-Boy landed a sit-down powerbomb on Katch for a two-count. As Gangsta Party stared down at her, she flipped the bird at both guys. Effy attacked them as Buffy heated up. Katch locked in a Boston Crab on Cholo as Effy locked in a Dragon Sleeper to pick up the win. I loved this match. A bit of light humour on a GCW show is always a good thing, especially when it comes from Bussy. They’re both great wrestlers as well, so it’s always a treat seeing them together.

Jai Vidal vs Blake Christian

Vidal had some impressive bursts of offence throughout the match, but Christian was phenomenal as always. Vidal landed a pump kick and a suplex after quickly moving around the turnbuckle. Christian fought back with a hurricanrana and a spinning kick, then locked in an arm breaker. Vidal used his knees to drive Christian’s head into the mat, but he recovered to land a standing frog splash for a two-count. He superkicked Vidal off the turnbuckle, then did an insane 360 flip right over the turnbuckle from the stage to the outside. Back in the ring, Christian locked in the crossface, but Vidal grabbed the rope. Christian took a modified powerbomb from Vidal but got the victory after a release German suplex and his signature double-arm reverse DDT.

Eli Everfly vs Juicy Finau

This one is right up there for the match of the show. Despite his size, Finau embraces the agility of the big Tongan in every match he has. Once again, he defied what a big guy can do to destroy Everfly at certain points. As they stood across the ring from each other, the size difference was staggering. Although Everfly was at a disadvantage in the power department, he still took Finau to the limit. Finau hit a one-arm powerbomb and a diving headbutt, then chopped the soul out of Everfly as the room fell silent. Everfly recovered and landed a pop-up headscissors and a 619, followed by sliced bread and a corkscrew off the turnbuckle to Finau on the outside. Everfly looked to capitalise, but Finau caught him following a flip, only to be powerbombed onto the hard stage. Finau was able to Gorilla Press him back into the ring and followed up with three leg drops, a hanging vertical suplex, and his own version of the People’s Elbow. Somehow, Everfly was still alive. He landed a sliced bread off the turnbuckle to the outside, but Finau dropped him with a Samoan Drop back in the ring. Finau hit a massive lariat that sent Everfly spinning through the air. He grabbed some chairs from underneath the ring, then got kicked in the dick by Everfly. Finau didn’t take kindly to it and chokeslammed Everfly through two chairs on the stage. Everfly hit Finau with a chair and a powerbomb off the turnbuckle but didn’t connect right. It allowed Finau to hit the Rikishi Driver for the win. I wouldn’t want to be Everfly in the morning. Despite the loss, it was a valiant effort.

Ninja Mack vs Joey Janela

Sean Waltman joined commentary just in time to hear Janela back on his bullshit once more. As Mack waited patiently in the corner for him to shut up, Janela talked about being in GCW before Brett Lauderdale. When he was in GCW back then, so was Sean Waltman. He mentioned how Waltman was a mess and was always drunk or out of it, then said they lost the tag titles because it was Waltman’s “fucking fault.” Janela said Ninja Mack was there because of him, as was Marko Stunt. He also said Jungle Boy was getting big paychecks because of him. He shouted that he was a God, asked for his damn flowers, and said Mack should show some respect before hitting him. The match began as Janela attacked Mack, but he was able to trap Janela in a sleeper, only to have the Bad Boy fall on top of him. Janela went on the warpath. He tried to tear off Mack’s mask, then landed a brainbuster. Janela mooned at Mack before dropping him with a neckbreaker and locking in the body scissors. Although Mack tried to fight back, Janela slapped his chest and landed a back body drop. Mack finally started to show the heart he’s known for by hitting an atomic drop and a spinning kick, as well as a standing corkscrew splash. He kicked Janela off the turnbuckle and connected with a spinning DDT for a two-count.

Janela hit a back body drop off the turnbuckle, then went to grab a door off the stage. He set it up in the corner and threw Mack at it, but he was able to fly over the top of it and kick Janela. Mack jumped off the turnbuckle, flipped across the ring, then landed a corkscrew splash over the ropes to Janela on the outside. Ninja Mack jumped through the air, but Janela got his knees up and hit a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. Mack landed a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle and a bridged German suplex for a two-count of his own. Janela looked to have won it after a piledriver on the apron and a package piledriver back in the ring. He hit some spinning forearms, a couple of superkicks and then threw a couple of different chairs at Mack. Janela took too long setting up a door that allowed Mack to land a superkick. He attempted a Coast-to-Coast but got a chair thrown at his face by Janela. He smashed the chair across Mack’s back, then hit him with an X-Factor. Janela beckoned Waltman to come to the ring, but as he was distracted, Mack locked in a sleeper hold to force Janela to pass out. I’m really happy for Mack. He’s been consistently great, and a high profile win over Janela was just what he needed. Great to see Waltman do the crotch chop, too.

All images courtesy of GCW. Thanks to Fite TV for the captures.

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