Randy Orton puts an Uso through a table while Rick Boogs looks on

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will both be on tonight’s WrestleMania go-home episode of RAW. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos have a match against RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro, which should be great before it’s inevitably interrupted. And there will be an eight-woman tag match featuring all the women in the tag title Fatal Four-Way. Sasha Banks & Naomi team with Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan against Shayna Baszler & Natalya, and Carmella & Queen Zelina. It feels like it’s going to be a busy three hours.

I’m Amanda and this is the RAW review.

Match Results

Rey Mysterio def. The Miz

Omos def. The Viking Raiders

Sasha Banks, Naomi, Rhea Ripley, & Liv Morgan def. Queen Zelina, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, & Natalya

Austin Theory def. Ricochet

Drew McIntyre def. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

The Usos def. RK-Bro (DQ)

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar arrives
credit: wwe.com

The Show

RAW came from Pittsburgh tonight and opened with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Michael Cole joined the commentary team, making it a four-man desk.

Couldn’t give a shit, just having fun, Brock Lesnar is by far the most fun version. He welcomed everyone to Monday Night RAW and laughed at himself because it didn’t sound as good as he wanted. He allowed and encouraged the crowd to, ‘What,’ him and even gave a shout out to Steve Austin as a fellow ass-kicker, while he explained his game plan for his match at WrestleMania. A trip down memory lane, starting at Suplex City, and ending with a wedding where the titles are unified, have a baby, and he gets full custody.

The crowd were well behaved and mostly stopped the ‘What’ chants when he said enough. For possibly the first time, Lesnar really has the crowd behind him and he’s loving it.

Brock Lesnar
credit: wwe.com

The Miz brought out Lucha Logan, Logan Paul wearing the ask Miz stole from Rey Mysterio last week. He said he wants one of his own, so he was planning to take whichever one Rey Mysterio was wearing tonight.

The Mysterios arrived and Dominik dived straight onto Miz. Rey stalked Paul at ringside and Dominik got himself ejected from ringside for trying to get his hands on Logan Paul while the ref was holding him back.

Once he’d gone, The Miz, with Logan Paul, vs Rey Mysterio began. Mysterio got ambushed by Miz because he was chasing Paul and took a DDT on the outside heading into a break. I almost missed the finish because I was expecting it to go longer, but a minute or so after we came back, Rey shifted his weight as Miz had him on his shoulders and pinned him.

Dominik ran down and threw Logan Paul to Rey after the match. Paul avoided the double 619, but they got the mask back. Miz took the double 619 and frog splashes from both Mysterios.

The Miz takes a double 619 from The Mysterios
credit: wwe.com

Veer Mahaan will finally arrive on RAW new week.

Seth Rollins was summoned to Vince McMahon’s office to talk about his behaviour on the Road to WrestleMania and whether he’ll actually be on the show. Rollins showed up two hours early for the meeting but didn’t get to go in until five minutes after.

Vince McMahon didn’t stop writing when Rollins came in, all delusional confidence and put his feet up on the desk. McMahon told him to get his feet off the desk and kept writing, so Rollins kept speculating about his punishment. Vince said he didn’t bring him there to fire him. He was surprised Rollins didn’t win his way to WrestleMania and asked why he didn’t ask him if he wanted to be on the show.

He told him he was going to WrestleMania but wouldn’t tell him his opponent. Rollins won’t know who he’s fighting until his opponent is announced. Rollins was too busy celebrating to care. He ended up celebrating on the desk while McMahon winced.

Rollins’ opponent is, of course, the worst kept secret of recent years. It’s going to be a very strange return.

Omos vs The Viking Raiders – 2 on 1 Handicap Match – was a WrestleMania week roster crossover and a boring count out after Omos and Erik fought for less than a minute. Omos clotheslined him and Erik rolled out for the count-out. Ivar took a post-match kick in the head.

After the match, Kevin Patrick asked if there was anyone Omos thought could threaten him. Omos laughed and said he’d dominate everyone.

Bobby Lashley arrived. Omos seemed to approve. Lashley looked at the WrestleMania sign and Omos shoved him into the corner. Omos manhandled Lashley, but Lashley got him off his feet. There was much sign pointing and growling, and we have another WrestleMania match.

The match was made official later in the show.

Bobby Lashley takes Omos off his feet
credit: wwe.com

Dana Brooke and Reggie were holding hands backstage. He said he’s wanted to talk to her about something then proposed. She said yes then Tamina attacked them. They ran off and Akira Tozawa appeared wearing a suit and proposed to Tamina. She also said yes, but they had a little trouble getting the ring on to start with.

R-Truth watched the whole thing through binoculars and told the ref he had with him that gave him an idea. – Just curious, which part of the demographic is this storyline for?

Roman Reigns, along with The Usos and Paul Heyman, were up next, for Pittsburgh to acknowledge him. You can make a cup of tea during Reigns’ entrance these days. It’s longer than some of the women’s matches. He was upset with the crowd for being nice to Brock and got very upset with the ‘What’ chants. He threatened to smash the crowd like he’d smash Stone Cold Steve Austin and like he’s going to smash Brock Lesnar.

Anyway, Reigns has done everything in the sports entertainment business except beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and that pisses him off. The crowd gave him a ‘Suplex city’ chant, so he said they’d talk about Brock as that’s what they want.

What bothers him is that two weeks ago Brock was out for blood, but he’s already split Reigns’ blood. In 2018 he split his head open and smashed his face to the point where his children didn’t recognise him, his wife wanted him to quit, and his family doubted him. But now it’s all a game to Brock. That’s ok because the Tribal Chief changed the game. He took his receipt and got the blood at madison Square Garden, and at WrestleMania, he’ll take his title.

Maybe that’ll show Brock what it’s like to make it personal because it’s always been personal to him.

The Bloodline
credit: wwe.com

The Steiner Brothers will join the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

Shayna Baszler and Natalya interrupted Queen Zelina and Carmella gloating about taking them out last week. They’re not happy about it. Baszler made it very clear they’re to take a backseat in the tag match, and they’re taking the title at WrestleMania. Baszler called them ‘Bootleg Barbie and her imposter queen’ and made it clear it’s not guaranteed Vega and Carmella will even get to WrestleMania. And they’re teammates tonight.

Sasha Banks, Naomi, Rhea Ripley, & Liv Morgan vs Queen Zelina, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, & Natalya was fun. Carmella puts her mask on before the match now, which is something. The early until in Naomi’s team was tested when she stole a tag aimed for Liv Morgan. It didn’t take long for the whole match to break down and for everyone to get involved. Vega kneed Banks’ head into the barricades heading into a break.

Vega tried to steal the pin from her own teammates after Baszler and Natalya gave Banks a Hart Attack. She threw Natalya out of the ring. Carmella pulled Baszler out of the ring and got punched out. Banks recovered during that and tagged Naomi while holding Vega’s foot. Everyone on the team tagged in for one move, with Rhea Ripley’s Riptide finishing the match.

Shayna Baszler kicks Naomi in the head
credit: wwe.com

The legend’s video package for Stone Cold Steve Auston was epic.

Kevin Owens was back to being himself this week. He gave the WWE video team a well-deserved shoutout but said the video was nothing compared to his tribute. He actively encouraged the ‘What’ chants from the crowd to demonstrate paying homage. Everyone’s excited about Austin’s appearance on the KO Show, but his impersonation last week was the closest anyone’s getting to the old Stone Cold.

It’s not Stone Cold anymore, it’s Steve. Beer drinking, bored, podcast making, Steve. He still looks and sounds like Stone Cold, but Stone Cold has been gone for 19 years and he’s not coming back. Steve won’t be picking a fight with Kevin Owens because he knows what would happen. Steve is coming for a nice little chat and Owens is a nice person so he’ll do that for him. He’ll even do something special. He hates beer, but he’ll have a beer and they’ll toast to Steve Austin officially passing the torch as the master of the stunner. And once that’s done, Steve can be on his way. But if he tries to get funny with him, he’ll be the one taking a stunner.

Kevin Owens
credit: wwe.com

Ricochet vs Austin Theory was an opportunity for commentary to talk about Theory’s match at WrestleMania against Pat McAfee. They couldn’t talk about Intercontinental Champion Ricochet’s WrestleMania match, because he doesn’t have one. He’s got a triple-threat on SmackDown. Theory got the win, and the prized momentum for WrestleMania, after a short match.

Ricochet flips onto Austin Theory
credit: wwe.com

Commentary paid tribute to Triple H, who announced his retirement from in-ring competition this week due to heart problems.

Bianca Belair returned to RAW after suffering a fractured hyoid bone a couple of weeks ago at the hands of her WrestleMania opponent Becky Lynch. She said she shouldn’t be talking right now, but she has to address Becky Lynch.

Lynch is threatened by her and that’s why she acts the way she does, trying to injure her, playing the victim, and constantly trashing her. Congratulations, she took her out for a week. But she’s right back on RAW and after everything Lynch has tried she’s still standing, so enough is enough. It’s been going on since SummerSlam and Lynch has used every trick in the book including trying to end her career. What else has she got? Nothing. There is nothing Lynch can do to stop her from coming for that title and leaving WrestleMania with it.

Lynch’s music started up and Lynch tried to ambush her from behind with a chair. Belair was ready and they brawled, but as Belair walked to the chair, Lynch pulled her to the canvas and grabbed it. She only used it twice, once to Belair’s abdomen and once to her back. Then she took out a huge pair of scissors and stood over Belair to cut off the braid. Belair gave her a K.O.D., looked at the scissors, then gave her another one.

Bianca Belair grabbed the scissors and cut some huge chunks out of Lynch’s hair. Sonya Deville, Adam Pearce, and three refs yelled at her until she stopped. Lynch came to and screamed at her hair all over the ring, but Belair doesn’t appear to have done any catastrophic damage. The crowd’s, ‘You deserve it,’ chant was the final insult.

An attempt to interview Lynch backstage resulted in her throwing Sarah Schreiber’s mic away and growling, ‘Bianca, you bitch,’ at the camera.

Bianca Belair cuts Becky Lynch's hair
credit: wwe.com

Brantley Gilbert will perform “America the Beautiful” on WrestleMania Saturday, Jessie James Decker will perform it on WrestleMania Sunday.

Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss – 2 on 1 Handicap Match – wasn’t really a handicap match as Corbin wasn’t remotely interested in participating. McIntyre threw Moss into the corner and outright told Corbin to tag in, but Corbin jumped off the apron and left his partner to take a Claymore defeat.

Corbin ran down to attack McIntyre after the match, while his back was turned. He stole Angela, McIntyre’s sword, after putting McIntyre on the mat.

Happy Corbin pounds on Drew McIntyre
credit: wwe.com

From an undisclosed location, Edge said he had a choice to make last week. He could have hit Rollins with the chair and given him a WrestleMania beating he deserves. But it had to be AJ Styles because they need each other. Styles needed Edge to pull up the veil of mediocrity and remind him he’s an era-defining superstar in the industry. Edge needed Styles to become what he has become. He’s the benchmark of the WWE. They’ve already pushed each other to better places. Finally, after 20 years of running parallel, collecting championships and blowing the roofs off arenas, they will face off in a match for the ages.

Edge knows he’s already in Styles’ head, and on Sunday it’s judgement day.

AJ Styles responded, via Sarah Schreiber, by saying Edge has changed since he attacked Styles with a chair, and he’s trying to get into his head. Mission accomplished. He wants to destroy Edge as well. Edge said his judgement is coming, but the verdict is already in. AJ Styles is going to deliver a beating neither Edge nor the WWE Universe will ever forget.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs joined commentary for The Usos vs RK-Bro, which was the main event of the show. The Usos got bounced off the announce desk by Riddle and Orton when they let themselves get distracted by Nakamura and Boogs.

After a break, it settled into a great match. Trouble is, with WrestleMania at the weekend, and both teams defending their titles, there was no good way for this match to finish. So a finish wasn’t going to happen and we were waiting for the inevitable interference.

Riddle spent the next ad break extracting himself from the timekeeper’s area and he was desperately trying to get back to Randy Orton when we came back. He used the energy he could have used to tag, to kick Jey Uso in the face, but he finally got there at the same time Jimmy tagged in.

Orton is having the run of his life at the moment, and he and Riddle are in sync. Jimmy tried to save Jey from the draping DDT, but Riddle took him out with a kick and a dive. Orton was all set up for the RKO, which is when Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins attacked him and caused the disqualification.

It got really messy once The Usos, Boogs and Nakamura all joined in. Boogs and Jimmy Uso brawled on the stage. Dawkins took an RKO from Riddle. Ford took an assisted RKO from both of them.

With a few moments left to kill, Ford took an assisted RKO with Orton delivering the move. Dawkins took one with Riddle delivering it. RK-Bro posed out at the end of the show.

Randy Orton RKOs Montez Ford
credit: wwe.com

It was a busy three hours, as WrestleMania go-home shows always are. Ok, so it might not be the best WrestleMania card of recent years, but some of it’ll be good and bits of it might be great. Join us next week for WrestleMania Monday and all the fallout from the big weekend.

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