This week’s Dynamite was packed with some great matches on paper. Both members of the Blackpool Combat Club were in action, FTR fought Gunn Club, and the first match in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament took place, featuring a surprise debut. The Jericho Appreciation Society were in attendance, Adam Cole and reDRagon led a special Undisputed Elite celebration, and MJF addressed FTR’s status in The Pinnacle. First up, CM Punk faced Max Caster.

Quick Results

CM Punk defeated Max Caster via submission. ***

Jon Moxley defeated Jay Lethal via pinfall. ***½

FTR defeated Gunn Club via pinfall. ***

Bryan Danielson defeated Wheeler Yuta via submission. ***½

Toni Storm defeated The Bunny via pinfall. ***

Andrade El Idolo defeated Darby Allin via pinfall. ****

The Matches

CM Punk vs Max Caster W/ Anthony Bowens

Punk opened up Dynamite once again with a match against Caster, and while the match wasn’t anything special, he addressed what those gestures referred to last week. As for the action, it was a relatively slow match, possibly down to how much last week’s fight with Dax Harwood took out of the best in the world. Punk got in some decent offence as he hit Caster with an axe hammer, atomic drop, and snap suplex. Caster dropped Punk with a couple of Fisherman Busters, but Punk retaliated with a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle, a knee strike, and bulldog for a two-count. Bowens interfered which allowed Caster to hit a coast to coast as Punk balanced on the ropes. Caster couldn’t capitalise as he missed Mic Drop, allowing Punk to nail a piledriver and lock in the Anaconda Vice to make him tap. Afterwards, Tony Schiavone joined Punk in the ring to ask him what the belt gestures were all about. Punk said he had grey in his beard and scars on his head, but there would be more. He addressed Hangman and Adam Cole and said he would be AEW World Champion before his time in AEW is up. I love CM Punk like most people, but I don’t think he should be champion. There’re so many other guys that deserve a chance, and it’d be unfair of him to hold the belt when guys like Andrade El Idolo, Miro, Darby Allin, and MJF are waiting in the wings.

Jay Lethal vs Jon Moxley

Tony Khan gave us some really good matches this week. Lethal had some bad luck last week against Adam Cole, but he was phenomenal and should have won. The problem with facing Moxley is that he was highly unlikely to come out of it with a win. Mox is on fire at the moment and has been since he returned. Being a part of the Blackpool Combat Club only heightens his appeal and standing within the company. Mox was his usual self, putting his hands behind his back and allowing Lethal to get in some smacks. They traded blows until Mox rolled through on a German suplex and landed ten punches in the corner. Lethal fought back and delivered two Tope Suicida, then worked on Mox’s injured leg. Mox fought through the pain to land a superplex and a King Kong Lariat, but Lethal nailed a backbreaker and faceplant combo shortly after. Mox tried for the Paradigm Shift, but his leg gave out. Lethal went for Lethal Injection as Mox countered with a rear-naked choke, however, he almost got pinned after Jay reversed it. He hit a brainbuster and elbow drop for a two-count, but it was Mox’s night as he was able to connect with Paradigm Shift for the win. After the match, Mox extended his hand and Lethal shook it. Lethal continues to rise in AEW, but he could do with a high profile win. The man’s phenomenal in the squared circle and deserves some success against big opponents.

Bryan Danielson vs Wheeler Yuta

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Wheeler Yuta. After wanting to be trained by Regal to his argument with Trent Beretta last week, it’s clear he has a lot to prove. Despite the loss, Yuta was fantastic. He gave just as much as he got, and even escaped Cattle Mutilation to get in some heavy attacks. Danielson issued his vicious brand of punishment with some kicks across the chest and a knee to the back of the head. He landed some more kicks to Yuta’s leg, followed by a big palm strike in the corner. Yuta fought back to land a bridge German for a two-count, but Danielson hit two Dragon suplexes and some savage hammer and anvil elbow strikes to Yuta’s chest. Yuta continued to show a lot of heart, getting out of the Cattle Mutilation to hit some of his own hammer and anvil elbows. Danielson connected with a Busaiku Knee and grabbed Yuta’s hands. Yuta spat in Danielson’s face, to which the American Dragon snapped. He stomped the hell out of him and hit a gut-style piledriver, then made him tap with the LeBell Lock.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs Gunn Club (Colten Gunn & Austin Gunn) W/ Billy Gunn

The Ass Boys have had this beating coming, and they were not shown any compassion. Despite Billy Gunn’s presence at ringside, FTR showed just why they’re the best in the business. Wheeler schooled Austin with some arm drags and a dropkick. Billy attacked Wheeler at ringside which gave Gunn Club a brief offensive run. They hit a double back elbow on Wheeler as Billy attacked him again. Austin got some leverage with a headlock on Wheeler, but he broke free and landed a back body drop. Harwood finally tagged in and beat down Gunn Club, ending the flourish with a stiff lariat on Austin. Colten was able to sweep Harwood’s legs as he held Austin in a suplex. MJF was on commentary for the match, and Wardlow finally showed up. Security tried to stop him, but he beat down plenty of guards on his way to the ring. Eventually, about eight of them held him down. Back in the ring, Wheeler knocked Billy off the apron after he tried to interfere, then FTR hit Big Rig for the win. Afterwards, MJF joined them to celebrate, but Dax was visibly annoyed with him. It’s happening, guys.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Qualifying Match: The Bunny vs Toni Storm

I’m not going to lie, it was wonderful seeing Toni Storm turn up tonight. With Shafir as well, it looks as though TK is serious about building the women’s division. Despite some decent offence from The Bunny, Storm was impressive throughout. She hit some elbow strikes and a snap suplex. Bunny poked a thumb in her eye, but it didn’t stop her as she connected with a basement dropkick. Bunny got in some offence with a lariat at ringside and an Irish whip into the ring post, followed by a sliding elbow strike in the ring. Storm gained some momentum with an elbow strike and a lariat, followed by a headbutt and hip attack in the corner. She continued to beat down Bunny with a high boot and Fisherman’s Suplex for a two-count. Bunny landed a Death Valley Driver and a couple of thrust kicks, but it was Toni’s time as she hit a German suplex and a Storm Zero for the win.

Andrade El Idolo W/ Jose vs Darby Allin

This match was so good from start to finish. Andrade was a monster even before the bell rang. As Allin walked out, Andrade hit him with a tornado over the ropes. He threw Allin over the timekeeper table into the guard rail, then dropped him head-first into the table right after. Andrade threw Allin onto the apron, then charged at him, but hit the steel steps instead. Allin grabbed his skateboard and jumped on it into Andrade’s back. They continued to fight outside. Andrade went for a suplex, but Allin escaped, however, Andrade was able to drop Allin spine-first onto the steel steps. The bell finally rang as both guys got in the ring. Andrade was in full control. He stomped Allin down in the corner and whipped him hard into opposing turnbuckles, followed by a Meteora for a two-count. Alling hit a jawbreaker, but Andrade didn’t flinch as he sent Allin spinning over his head. Andrade locked in a standing bow and arrow, then hit a backbreaker on his shoulder. Allin fought back and hit Code Red. They traded palm strikes until Andrade hit a huge one to wind Allin. Allin nearly won after he delivered an overhead stunner. He connected with an avalanche crucifix and a Fujiwara armbar. Jose came out as Sting followed, but The Butcher and The Blade ran down. Allin landed a flying crossbody on The Butcher and The Blade. Allin got back in the ring where Andrade hit him with a buckle bomb and a hammerlock DDT for the win. After the match, Private Party ran out and the entire A.F.O. attacked Allin and Sting. The Hardys ran out and levelled the playing field. Matt dropped Mark Quen with a Twist of Fate as Jeff hit a Swanton.

The Promos

Alex Marvez was backstage with MJF, FTR, and Mark Sterling. MJF said Wardlow doesn’t exist anymore, but The Pinnacle did. Harwood brought up that Wardlow was their friend, to which MJF claimed he used to talk sh** about them. They were clearly uneasy about remaining friends with MJF. Other than the snake Shawn Spears, FTR will end up leaving The Pinnacle sooner rather than later.

A video featuring Marina Shafir aired which talked about her destroying the competition. Shafir is a beast, and I can’t wait to see her get some time on Dynamite and beyond.

We got a video package hyping Keith Lee’s match with Powerhouse Hobbs this Friday on Rampage.

The Jericho Appreciation Society were backstage. They cut another promo about being sports entertainers (yawn), when Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz appeared and beat the hell out of them. The brawl spilled into the arena and to the ring. Kingston connected with a spinning back fist on Jericho, Santana booted Garcia, and Mike Menard got thrown into the steel steps. Santana and Ortiz went for the Street Sweeper, but Angelo Parker stopped it from happening. Jake Hager attacked Kingston as JAS were able to overpower the three guys. Garcia locked in a sharpshooter on Kingston as Jericho hit him with his bat. Jericho then whipped Kingston repeatedly with his belt as Hager and Garcia held him in place. Jericho then landed Judas Effect on Kingston. I’m wondering if we get three members of JAS in a match with Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz, or if they find another two guys for a Blood & Guts match at some point soon. Either way, I want JAS to get beaten up so badly. Especially Menard and Parker. I really hate those guys.

Schiavone was with Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling. He asked if they’d found an opponent for Cargill. Leyla Banks walked out and Cargill laughed her off. Sterling then said it would be Marina Shafir. I mean, this is a big deal. Cargill vs Shafir has so much potential.

A promo hyping Darby Allin and Andrade’s match later on aired.

Adam Cole and reDRagon hit the ring to hold an Undisputed Elite celebration. Cole talked about Hangman, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus not being in the arena because they are ashamed. He said that AEW needed a new era, and they were the answer. Kyle O’Reilly tried to talk but said he’d had too much champagne backstage. Bobby Fish said he would put their resume up against everyone, and they were the best bar none. Hangman then pulled up in a Tesla with bull horns on the front. He ran out and attacked all three of them. Cole was pulled out of the ring before Hangman could hit the Buckshot Lariat, but Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus attacked them. Hangman missed another Buckshot attempt. I’m more interested in seeing reDRagon fight for the tag titles at the minute. Cole has had his chance, so let’s give an opportunity to someone else.

Tony Schiavone was joined by Thunder Rosa on the ramp. Rosa talked about being the first female Mexican champion, and how she came to AEW to become just that. She talked about how pillars get knocked down, but foundations remain standing. Rosa ended by telling Nyla Rose she would fight her anywhere.

FTR were backstage. Wheeler said they take things seriously because they are the best. Harwood issued a challenge to The Young Bucks to see who the greatest truly are. Yes, Dax. Let’s do it.

Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero were backstage. Rose said she was the foundation, and she would submit her legacy with Rosa’s blood.

Match of the Night: Andrade El Idolo vs Darby Allin

Best in Show: Andrade El Idolo

Overall Rating: ***½

All pictures and videos courtesy of AEW

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