This Mania weekend is the greatest moment of the year for the wrestling fans as there are so many shows to watch, and so many amazing moments to witness and keep in our wrestling memories forever. For its comeback at WrestleCon, Impact Wrestling had made itself a treat (and also the fans). The Multiverse of Matches is about everyone and everywhere, I mean promotions and talents from all over the world welcomed in the Impact Zone. That also means matches that would have never happened in a promotion’s show context. Three weeks before Rebellion, this event will set the tone for the PPV to come. Let’s dig into it.

  • Ultimate-X Match for the X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Vincent vs. Chris Bey vs. Blake Christian vs. Rich Swann

You know the song by heart… The best opener is always an X-Division match. An Ultimate-X Match is even better… Jordynne Grace officially becomes the first woman to take part in an X-Division and a Knockouts Championship Ultimate-X Match, which is so well-deserved. I honestly wish she could become the first-ever female X-Division Champion. Only Bey and Swann were former X-Division Champions but Vincent and Blake Christian had a lot to win in this match. As Hannifan noticed, Trey has never won a match like this before but, as Rehwoldt added, he had never come into a match like this as the Champion, so with a lot to lose…

Four of them climbed as fast as they could but Bey cleaned the sky until Grace stopped him with a hurricanrana. Vincent, then Trey entered the fray. Trey climbed but both Bey and Swann brought him back to the ring. Kicks followed, with Bey having the upper hand. Grace prevented him from climbing and calmed him down with a Muscle Buster, knocking down Swann at the same time. Christian hit Vincent with double knees and went climbing, but Trey stopped him and sent him outside with a dive. “You have to have 6 eyes in the back of your head in a match like this,” noticed Rehwoldt.

Vincent hit a flatliner on Trey, then tried to climb but Swann stopped him and hit a superkick, followed by a cutter. Swann tried to climb but Bey stopped him with a spinebuster and The Art of Finesse. Bey now climbed, Christian followed him, they fought on top until Christian hit a marvel of a Canadian Destroyer on Bey. Trey dropkicked Christian before hitting a Tope Con Hilo onto the others outside. Christian climbed but to dive onto the group outside. Except for Jordynne who rushed to climb. She nearly grabbed the belt but Trey was not that far. Vincent made her fall and Trey grabbed the belt. BRILLIANT.

Meanwhile, backstage…

In a sit-down interview with FITE, The Good Brothers previewed their match against The Briscoes.

  • Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green vs Mickie James & NWA’s Nick Aldis

Who is the power couple tonight? Here is the question with this match. It started out with a catfight before the bell even rang. Aldis got the best of Cardona who made Chelsea fall right into Cardona’s Jewels of the Crown. Aldis and James continued to work on Cardona. Chelsea distracted Mickie so Cardona could hit a clothesline. Chelsea punched Mickie and then choked her with the ropes. Corner kicks followed. Cardona hit a neckbreaker, then locked her in a submission hold before tagging Chelsea. She continued to mishandle Mickie, then Cardona. He prevented her from tagging Aldis.

Chelsea threw her in the corner. Cardona missed a kick but Mickie countered the Radio Silence into a flapjack to finally tag Aldis. He clotheslined Cardona multiple times and hit a Piledriver. Aldis climbed the ropes to hit an elbow drop. Mickie stopped Chelsea but Chelsea kicked her out. Cardona replied with a codebreaker but Aldis then threw him outside. Aldis went for a Cloverleaf on Chelsea, but Cardona stopped him. Chelsea slapped her husband, again thanks to Aldis. Chelsea was thrown outside, Cardona missed the Radio Silence and Aldis locked him in the Cloverleaf. Chelsea tried to hit Aldis with the IMPACT Digital title but Mickie kicked her and locked her in a Cloverleaf too. Mr and Mrs Cardona tapped out. NOT BAD.

Meanwhile, backstage…

ROH Women’s World Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo told Gia Miller, ahead of the Champ Champ Challenge, later on, she denies any claims of Mercedes Martinez becoming the interim ROH Women’s World Champion diminishing her legitimacy as the real champion.

  • Alex Shelley vs Speedball Mike Bailey

Another collision of generation with this match. We can’t deny how influential Shelley has been for generations of talents, that’s undeniable. It started out with a handshake and some back-and-forth. Shelley finally kicked the guts, then Bailey replied with a load of kicks and a high kick. He continued with a Tope on Shelley outside. Bailey kicked him in the chest multiple times. Back in the ring, Bailey climbed the ropes, Shelley followed and hit a jawbreaker. Shelley continued the attack, sending Bailey outside. Shelley dove to the outside. He clotheslined Bailey multiple times.

Back in the ring, a cocky Shelley drove his knee into Bailey’s chest, then planted him into the mat with a Fisherman’s DDT. Shelley choked him in the middle of the ring, dissecting Bailey as Hannifan noticed. Bailey tried to regain momentum but Shelley was resisting. He finally hit a flying knee, some kicks and a twisting Shooting Star Press. Shelley regained control by sending Bailey face-first into the middle turnbuckle. He locked in the Motor City Stretch but Bailey reached the ropes. Shelley connected with a series of chops, followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Bailey fought off another belly-to-back suplex attempt on the apron but got spiked instead.

Shelley dove through the ropes, hitting a DDT. Shelley suplexed him on the floor but Bailey, back in the ring, beat him to the floor with a Springboard Moonsault. Back in the ring, Bailey unloaded more kicks and dropped Shelley. Shelley replied with chops, then blocked Bailey’s kicks before eating some. Bailey sent his knees to Shelley’s ribs. Shelley blocked the Trouble in Paradise and hit a Sliced Bread in the middle of the ring. He locked in the Motor City Stretch again. Bailey hit the Trouble in Paradise, missed a Splash and Shelley kicked him in the back of the head. Bailey sent Shelley in the ropes and rolled him up for the win. WHAT A SURPRISE. GREAT MATCH.

Meanwhile, backstage…

The Influence told Gia Miller, even if this is their first title defence, “everyone sucks and we are Knockouts Tag Team Champions.” When it comes to Kaleb, he is irrelevant… Strangely, Kaleb and The IInspiration were nowhere to be found… And about that, Madison and Tenille had nothing to say.

  • Four-Way Elimination Match for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship: The Influence (c) vs Decay vs Gisele Shaw & Lady Frost vs IMPACT Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Rosemary and Tasha Steelz stared at each other, but Tasha tagged in Savannah. Rosemary attacked but Savannah knocked her out. Rosemary kicked her in the guts, bit her in the face but Savannah threw her in the ropes. She splashed her in the corner. Steelz in, Savannah dragged her into Rosemary. Gisele in clotheslined Tasha. She tagged in Frost and they delivered some double-team offence to Steelz. Havok in, Frost kicked her in the knee but Havok threw her in the ring and hit a running leg drop.

Rosemary came in with the follow-up Spear. Dashwood tagged herself in to steal the pin. Dashwood attacked Frost, tagged in Rayne who choked Frost with her foot. Rayne continued with a Northern Lights Suplex. Dashwood back in, she hit a draping neckbreaker on Frost to remain in control. Frost rallied and kicked Tenille in the face. Rayne and Havok in, Havok headbutted her, followed by kicks and a Fireman’s Carry. Savannah, Rosemary and Gisele got involved

Tenille attacked Gisele, then Tasha hit a cutter on Tenille, and then Madison kicked Tasha before they clotheslined each other. Everybody was down. Havok attacked Savannah when Rosemary targeted Tasha. The brawl continued to the back. In the ring, Shaw and Frost stereo-kicked The Influence. They went to the top rope, The Influence made Frost fall. Shaw attacked them before they planted her into the mat to retain the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. NOT BAD.

Meanwhile, backstage…

The leader of Honor No More, Eddie Edwards, told Gia Miller the reason why he’s representing Pro Wrestling NOAH against NJPW’s Tomohiro Ishii tonight – and not IMPACT Wrestling – is because IMPACT turned their back on him.

  • Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Eddie Edwards vs NJPW’s Tomohiro Ishii

To be honest, I’ve never seen Ishii wrestling before. But I can’t wait to find out what he is able of. They locked in, they exchanged clotheslines and kicks. They tried to make each other fall multiple times but that didn’t work. Ishii finally was successful. New kick exchange but Edwards sent Ishii to the outside and dove through the ropes, sending Ishii crashing into the guardrail.

Eddie rallied, sent him in the guardrail again until Ishii slammed him onto the floor. In the apron, both men exchanged shots before Edwards hit a DDT head-first into the hardest part of the ring. Back in the ring, Eddie attacked with kicks and clotheslines. He went for a suplex but Ishii countered it and hit his own suplex. Ishii clotheslined Eddie in the corner, and Eddie did the same to Ishii who replied with multiple strikes and a belly-to-back suplex. Edwards came back with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie went for the Tiger Driver, Ishii blocked. More kicks and enzuigiris.

Eddie set Ishii on the top rope, then went for a backpack driver but Ishii clotheslined him in the corner. Eddie hit a superkick but Ishii replied with German suplexes. They exchanged clotheslines, to the point of falling in the ring. They struggled to rally. Eddie clotheslined Ishii in the corner, attacked but Ishii woke up and hit a Zidane (headbutt…) on Eddie.

Eddie unloaded knees to Ishii’s neck and connected with the Tiger Driver for a very close near fall. Ishii blocked the Boston Knee Party and then hit a running knee of his own. Ishii hit a basement lariat before going for a Brainbuster. Eddie countered with kicks and the Boston Knee Party. He went for the Die Hard but Ishii kicked him in the head. Eddie hit a rolling forearm, Ishii a lariat. Ishii connected with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster to score the win. PROBABLY GREAT, BUT NOT MY STYLE.

  • IMPACT World Champion Moose & JONAH vs PCO & Josh Alexander

Alexander and JONAH were trying to decide who was going to start the match but PCO attacked them from behind to gain the early advantage. He choked Alexander with the ropes, punched him and threw him in the corner. Alexander replied with a kick to the chest. JONAH in, he argued with Alexander before they attacked PCO with kicks in the corner. PCO’s clotheslines hit a wall, and so did JONAH’s. Moose tagged himself in. JONAH pulled him into the corner, then to the floor. Moose kipped up, middle finger to JONAH. Moose hit JONAH with repeated running shoulder tackles but couldn’t take the big man off his feet. Moose unloaded chops and clotheslines before JONAH dropped him. JONAH hit clotheslines and launched Moose halfway across the ring before Alexander tagged himself in. An enraged Alexander ran after Moose outside the ring but PCO stopped him. Moose and PCO sent Alexander into the guardrail. PCO attacked in the ring, hit a sidewalk slam and a leg drop from the middle rope. PCO tagged in Moose who hit clotheslines in the corner. Moose removed the tape on Alexander’s right wrist and targeted it.

Moose tagged PCO back. Alexander rallied, attacked PCO, then hit Moose before hitting a suplex on PCO. JONAH was prevented from tagging. Alexander hit chops, clotheslines and a bridging German suplex. Alexander set PCO on the top rope, and followed him up but was sent to the floor. PCO hit the PCO-Sault but Alexander avoided it. Moose and JONAH in, JONAH dropped him, hit a Splash and a slam. The Senton missed. Alexander in, PCO in. He threw both JONAH and Alexande outside and then dove through the ropes on both men. PCO destroyed Alexander with the De-Animator on the apron. JONAH superkicked PCO, Moose shoulder-tackled JONAH, Alexander hit a bridging German suplex. Moose replied with a dropkick to Alexander. All men rallied. Moose took care of Alexander while PCO was taking care of JONAH. Moose and Alexander exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Alexander locked Moose in the Ankle Lock but Moose broke free and retreated. JONAH Speared PCO, followed by the C4 Spike from Alexander for the win. AWESOME.

  • Deonna Purrazzo’s “Champ Champ” Challenge

AAA’s Faby Apache answered the Champ Champ Challenge and chose to challenge for the Reina de Reinas Championship.

They locked in. Purrazzo began to target Apache’s arm in the early going. Apache replied with kicks. Purrazzo kept Faby to the ground with submission holds. Apache replied with a suplex and a leg drop. She sent Purrazzo into the turnbuckle and hit a running dropkick. Deonna rallied but Apache locked her in a modified Indian deathlock. Purrazzo broke free. Purrazzo hit a running dropkick, followed by a standing Moonsault. She continued to work on Faby’s arm. Apache planted Purrazzo face-first into the canvas. Purrazzo locked in the Venus de Milo, forcing Apache to tap out to retain the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. NOT BAD AT ALL.

After the match

Deonna Purrazzo got on the mic and said it doesn’t matter that Mercedes Martinez became the interim ROH Women’s World Champion earlier tonight at Supercard of Honor and referred to herself as the real champion. In a shocking turn of events, the longest-reigning IMPACT Knockouts World Champion of all time, Taya Valkyrie, confronted Purrazzo in the ring and challenged for the AAA Reina de Reinas Title at Rebellion.

  • NJPW’s Jay White vs Chris Sabin

They locked in. White hit a clothesline on Sabin in the corner. Same sequence a second time. Some back-and-forth before Sabin dropped White. More moves until Sabin hit a huge clothesline that made Jay retreat to the outside. Sabin clotheslined him to the outside. White retreated again but Sabin dove. Another clothesline before he sent White face-first on the apron and delivered a penalty kick from the apron.

Back in the ring, Sabin hit a top rope crossbody. Sabin continued his assault on White. He climbed to the top rope but White dropped him and hit chops, sending Sabin toppling from the top rope to the floor. White went to the outside and hit a pair of belly-to-back suplexes on the hardest part of the ring. Back in the ring, White argued with the ref, allowing Sabin to rally. White locked in a single-leg Boston Crab but Sabin grabbed the rope. White continued with a backbreaker and then kept him to the ground with a submission.

Sabin got to his feet and ate more shots from White. Sabin rallied and hit a jumping kick to Jay’s head. He continued with a knee to the ribs, a forearm, and a kick to the chest. Sabin connected with a missile dropkick from the top, a forearm to the back of the head and a DDT. White replied with a DDT of his own. Sabin rallied with a tornado DDT. White countered the Cradle Shock into a quick Saito suplex. White unloaded chops on Sabin’s chest before hitting a twisting vertical suplex. White connected with a flatliner, a German Suplex, and a uranage. More chops and clotheslines from Sabin and White until Sabin countered the Blade Runner into a rollup for the win. White was stunned and argued with the referee. VERY, VERY GOOD.

After the match

After the match, Steve Maclin attacked Chris Sabin outta nowhere. Jay White joined the fray and delivered a NutCracker to Maclin.

Tom Hannifan revealed that the match between Deonna Purrazzo and Taya Valkyrie for the AAA Reina de Reinas Title at Rebellion has been made official.

  • The Good Brothers vs The Briscoes (who already lost the ROH titles at Supercard of Honor…)

Anderson and Mark started off. Mark took advantage and tagged in Jay. They worked some double-team moves on Anderson. Gallows attacked Mark outside the ring while Anderson was taking care of Jay. Gallows sent Mark face-first into the ring post while Jay was strangling Anderson’s eyes. Jay replied with a forearm. Anderson and Jay were back in the ring while Gallows and Mark were still brawling outside. Gallows distracted Jay and Anderson strangled Jay’s eyes and nose. Anderson targeted Jay’s bandaged forehead, then Gallows did the same. Jay unloaded clotheslines on Anderson but he attacked the forehead again. Jay couldn’t do anything but suffer.

Finally, Jay fought out of the corner with a series of back elbows, allowing him to make the tag to Mark. The pace quickened as Mark went on the attack. Mark knocked Gallows off the apron before planting Anderson with a Saito suplex. Mark put Anderson on the top turnbuckle and slammed him to the ring. The Briscoes hit a double team neckbreaker powerbomb on Anderson. Jay argued with the referee. Anderson came back with a Spinebuster to Jay. Anderson and Gallows hit a double-team neckbreaker on Jay. They went for the Magic Killer but Mark attacked. Everyone was down following a wild flurry of offence. Jay White pushed Mark off the top rope while the referee was distracted by Chris Bey. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer for the win. WELL… SEE YOU BACK AT REBELLION.

The Bullet Club celebrated as Multiverse of Matches went off the air.

To be eNYGMAtic…

A “Doctor Strange” title from your favourite Nygma… I helped myself with Impact Wrestling’s own words (italicized) to give you something different about a different show. I feel like, unlike the weekly reviews, the iPPVs and PPVs reviews, I have not to be judgemental on what happened tonight.
The Multiverse of Matches was about the fans and the pleasure they can have to watch a show like no others, whether in Dallas or on TV. Of course, there was some build-up for Rebellion but, maybe, we can keep that for later and just, for once, not “over-analyzing.” I’m a wrestling fan, like you, and I took pleasure to watch a great show. And nothing else matters… Except, I see you on Thursday night for the special IPWF episode…

All pics, videos, and screencaps courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fite TV, Fight Network, and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag

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