Welcome back to the Collective and to the final day of action. With Day 1 and Day 2 down, we had four more shows to enjoy and all of them promised to bring something special to the table. We were kicking off with the Big Gay Brunch as EFFY made Dallas gayer, prepared for some high-class women’s wrestling from Mission Pro, would be treated to some Unsanctioned action with Mulligan, and ended everything with another monster show from Black Label Pro. We were on the final stretch so let’s see what shone through on day 3.

GCW: “EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch Dallas

When EFFY goes big, EFFY goes big. The Padawan Braid variant has been doing bigger and bolder things since his incarnation and that was bleeding through to the booking as EFFY promised to make Dallas as gay as possible. To do that, he’d enlisted some of the best within the LGBTQ+ wrestling scene and brought them to the forefront. It was time for another super wrestling celebration for pride in a state that was trying to cripple it.

Jai Vidal defeated Carlos Romo via Power Bottom Bomb: We opened with an international showdown as Carlos Romo, the Spanish sensation locked up with the Vegas sensation, Jai Vidal. We had two high-speed competitors to open the show with a jolt of energy.  It made for fun opening match fodder as the pair served up a good dose of striking, sass, and great wrestling. Vidal got the big win but Romo had made him work for it. Romo probably made a lot of people jealous as he gave Vidal a kiss to end the segment.

Max The Impaler (w/Amy Rose) defeated Edith Surreal via Count-Out: The wasteland had come to brunch. That’s right, the Non-Binary Nightmare, Max the Impaler had invaded and was about to try and kill off one of the Brunch favourites, Edith Surreal. It was power vs skill in the ultimate battle for survival. Max did the unthinkable, they beat Edith Surreal. They put Surreal through a door and continued to beat down Surreal long after the match. The Wasteland comes for everyone and Max just left one of Brunch’s best broken at their feet. What a fight and what a result. This was vicious.

International LGBT Scramble: Jordan Blade defeated Kidd Bandit, Killian McMurphy, Shay Purser, Rico Gonzalez, The Whisper & Silvio Milano via Rear-Naked Choke: Time for some more international flair as we went into the super scramble. We had more first-time Brunch attendees from around the world as Shay Purser, Rico Gonzalez, and Silvio Milano, Australia’s Shade King, all travelled to the US for this super show. Plus, it had Kidd Bandit’s Brunch debut, the Anklebreaker Jordan Blade, and the Shamrock Shooter, Killian McMurphy. This was a stacked match. Even The Whisper rocked up to take part in this fight. Holy shit this was an absolute blast. It was a clash of personalities, styles, and violence as everyone killed it here. Blade came in with a fury, McMurphy came in to spoil everyone’s fun and Bandit came to steal the weekend with their style and flair. This gave me new names to look out for two as Milano and Gonzalez killed it too.

Keita Murray defeated Billy Dixon via Ankle Lock: After making history yesterday, Billy Dixon was back again to raise some hell and have some fun doing it. The Babyface Douchebag was bringing the purple rain to brunch and was about to take on the key to everything, Keita Murray. The East vs West Coast warfare continued here as a bitter Keita tortured Dixon. This was a methodical beatdown as Keita used all the tools in his arsenal to destroy Dixon and try to snuff out that babyface fire. Keita got the win and took the win in style with a devastating Ankle Lock.

4-Way Tag Team Mayhem: Petty in Pink (Dillon McQueen & Kenzie Paige) defeated Devon Monroe & Ace Perry &. Ashton Starr and AC Mack & MSP (Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro) via Package Piledriver on Starr: The anarchy was back with a staggered, four-way tag team chaos match. We had four teams all willing to kick the hell out of each other for the Brunch Glory. We had the attitude-heavy team of AC Mack and Ashton Starr, the vibe MSP, Petty in Pink, and Ace Perry with Devon Monroe all competing in this one. It was going to be wild. This was as chaotic as imagined and gave us a whole bunch of fun moments and attitudes. Starr and Mack kept the pressure on the whole time and were the last to fall, holding on until Petty in Pink snuffed them out. It made for excellent viewing and brilliantly showcased everyone involved. It’s hard not to have fun with matches like this.

Dark Sheik (w/Pollo del Mar) defeated Parrow via Roll-Up: Time to get violent. Parrow is always a destructive force when it comes to the Big Gay Brunch. This time though, he wasn’t destroying twinks, he was going for one of the most beloved stars of Brunch, Dark Sheik. This could get ugly fast. Sheik was wrestling a very angry bear. He brutalised Sheik for most of this match and held the show hostage after taking out the match’s ref and Pollo de Mar during his rampage. He wanted to send a message but EFFY used the match to get one over on Parrow by becoming the ref and fast-counting a roll-up. Sheik gets another big Brunch win despite the onslaught of pain and brutality Parrow had thrown at her. Talk about survival of the smartest. Though hell have no mercy like a Parrow scorned.

Allie Katch defeated Dirty Dango via Pussy Piledriver: We closed the card out with the BUSSY matches. First up was Allie Katch who was fighting Cranberry’s hand, I mean the paw-picked opponent for her. It turns out she’d racked up a lot of citations and was facing the wrath of the fashion police. That’s right, she was facing Dirty Dango. What followed was a match charged with sex appeal. We had dirty dancing aplenty, hip swivelling galore, and a lot of violence. Dango wasn’t messing around and with Katch’s mocking turned the intensity up on her before getting stopped with a lot of shots to the dick and a piledriver. This was fun as hell and another great match from Katch this weekend. I think everyone was left feeling a little hot after this one.

Pimpinela Escarlata defeated EFFY via Roll-Up: Last but not least, the main event. EFFY was bringing someone special to brunch this year. He had the main event slot against one of Mexico’s top Exoticos, Pimpinela Escarlata. This was going to be an excellent way to end things and help celebrate another trailblazer of the Exotico style. There was fun and fury to be found as Escarlata was all smiles and dancing and kisses until it was time to fight. Even then she was able to mix the two together dancing and putting the hurt on EFFY. It was all about mind games, biting, and dancing as EFFY had to navigate the minefield that was Pimpinela’s offence. The legend pulled off the win with a crafty roll-up and was decorated as the trailblazer she was. EFFY was more than happy to have lost here as he had helped celebrate another special figure in wrestling history. That ended another brilliant brunch that highlighted just how much talent is within the LGBTQ sphere and why they should be booked everywhere. This is the type of talent you cannot afford to overlook.

Mission Pro Wrestling: “Bangerz Only

It was time for a change of pace as the special shows continued. The spotlight was now on Mission Pro, Thunder Rosa’s mostly all-women company. She’d brought her crew and had a whole show of interesting matches offering a wide array of styles. Given the names on the card, there was going to be a lot to enjoy here and the potential to be introduced to fighters I’d never seen before.

Janai Kai defeated Shazza McKenzie via Tornado Kick: The show opened with some international flair as Shazza McKenzie continued her American road trip through the Collective. She was now stepping in the ring with someone terrifying, the Kick Demon, Janai Kai. This kicked things off with a literal kicking as these two beat the hell out of each other. It was very physical, very intense, and gave Kai a win over a world-travelled star. Great start here.

Allie Katch defeated J.P Harlow (w/Ayla Fox) via Pussy Piledriver: Next up was an odd one as J.P Harlow, the man of Mission Pro came out accompanied by Ayla Fox. He wanted Allie Katch in Dallas and he was getting his challenge. Katch was not going to hold back here and I have a feeling a lot of people wanted to see Harlow take a beating. That didn’t quite happen here. For the most part, Harlow and Ayla managed to twist the match to their benefit and forced Katch to fight the odds. Katch was more than able to do so and once she fired up; Harlow was done. Nice match showing cheaters never win.

Jody Threat defeated La Rosa Negra via Pin Trap: The physicality continued as Jody Threat, the Wild Child, locked horns with La Rosa Negra. They were both fired up and ready to throw down as Canada fought Puerto Rico. What followed was a fight that was equal parts stylish and scrappy, as the pair really laid into each other. It was technically vicious with a whole lot packed in. Both fought their hearts out and Threat had to use momentum and wit to take the win from La Rosa. This kicked ass.

Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski & Rache Chanel) defeated Bionic Kingdom (KiLynn King & Jennacide) via Reality Check on Jennacide: Well this made for a styles clash. It was the heavy metal juggernauts of the Bionic Kingdom KiLynn King and Jennacide battling the flashy fashionistas Madi Wrenkowski and Rache Chanel of the Bougie Reality. This was going to be a hard one to predict. Sometimes smarts and sneakiness can outdo raw power. That’s just what happened. Bougie Reality was blitzed early on but they fought smart and sneaky and took the win home. It was great to see these four collide and made for a decent change of pace.

Lindsay Snow defeated Masha Slamovich via Muscle Buster: Well, there goes the neighbourhood. Things were about to be kicked up another level as Masha Slamovich, the Russian Deathwish took on the American Kaiju, Lindsay Snow. This was going to be an absolute war. So, yeah this got aggressive. Snow was back with a vengeance and despite Slamovich’s best efforts, wouldn’t be stopped. This was stiff as hell, angry as hell, and brought out the fire I wanted to see. These two should fight every week, it’d never get dull. It’s nice to see Snow firing on all cylinders again after that unfortunate injury and hope she sets her sights on her enemy again. This is one I want to see again with even more violence.

Renegade Twins & Jazmin Allure defeated The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) & Laynie Luck via Leverage Pin on Luck: It was trios time. The Hex were making their big Mission Pro debut by coming to the aid of Laynie Luck. The Party Unicorn had had her issues with their opponents, Jazmine Allure and The Renegade Twins, the current Mission Pro tag champs. Allysin Kay and Marti Belle were sure jumping in at the deep end but that’s just what the Hex does. Once again though, evil is going to do what evil does. The Hex and Luck started strong but all it took was an opening and the Twins and Allure were bullying Belle. This got chaotic and personal with an explosion of activity from everyone. it was a very strong match, introducing me to Allure and The Renegades and showcasing them well. This one was never going to be contained by a ring. Allure was able to use the chaos to her advantage and walked away with a sneaky pin.

Thunder Rosa defeated Trish Adora via Pinfall: Right, I was excited about this one. Thunder Rosa and Trish Adora are two of the top champions on the planet right now and they were setting their sights on each other in a Mission Pro Exhibition. Adora was debuting against the Matriarch of the company in a match that was sure to blow some minds. It became a pure wrestling masterclass as the two did what they do best. It was technically charged, hard-hitting, and very cerebral. They brought the best out of each other and had the fans captivated. The only real issue came from a confusing ending. I’d not complain at another match between these two.

Mission Pro Championship No DQ: Holidead defeated LuFisto via Door-Breaking Spinebuster: We ended with some mayhem as the Mission Pro Championship was on the line. Holidead was in for a monster of a contest here as she was dealing with the Wounded Owl, the First Lady of Hardcore, LuFisto. We had two kaiju ready to kill each other. Christ this was a true statement. LuFisto was not messing around here and neither was the champ. These two destroyed each other for what felt like forever, upping the ante as they got more and more hardcore. These two seemed invincible for so long, continuing to fight throughout the nastiest of spots. Holidead is one hell of a strong champ and LuFisto made one hell of a challenger. The First Lady of Hardcore has still got it.

Unsanctioned Pro: “Mulligan

Unsanctioned Pro Tag Team Titles: Cincinnati’s Most Wanted (Lord Crewe & Aaron Williams) defeated Yokai (Yoya & Janai Kai) via Cincinnati’s Edge on Yoya: The show opened big with a title match. The Tag Titles were on the line as Yokai came knocking on Cincinnati’s Most Wanted’s turf. They wanted those belts and they would happily go through Williams and Crewe to get them. This match had a lot of hype behind it and lived up to it. CMW and Yokai held nothing back and told a compelling tale full of stiff wrestling. it was a real Yoya murder of a fight until Kai could finally come into to kick some ass. This is the type of thing to open your show right. It was aggressive, horrifying, and full of terrifying kicks.

Lexus Montez defeated Kevin Blackwood & Bryan Keith via Shining Wizard on Blackwood: That stiff style continued as we had a triple-threat of heavy hitters and killer kickers coming out to play. It was Blackwood vs Prince of Sport Lexus vs The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith. This one was going to hurt. This was awesome. You knew all three guys could go and they just popped off, mixing together action sequences like nothing. It had a nice element of rough and tumble mixed with shit that looked like it could have come straight from a Hong Kong action movie. This show was really starting out strong.

Scramble Match: Ace Perry defeated Spyder Nate Webb, Philly Mike Swanson, Sam Stackhouse, Everett Cross & The Whisper via Black Diamond Cutter on Webb: It was scramble time. Nothing says indie match like a scramble and we had more hungry talents out to steal the spotlight and make some gifs. We had Nate Webb, Ace Perry, The Whisper, Everett Cross, Philly Mike Swanson, and Sam Stackhouse all battling for supremacy. It delivered nicely with good spots and a lot of fun clashes of personality. It filled its spot nicely and kept the pace up, leaving no drag.

Kristian Robinson defeated Billie Starkz via Border City Stretch: Well, time for more of the young generation to take over as Space Jesus Billie Starkz and the Psychedelic Psychonaut Kristian Robinson were about to burn down the building. This had every opportunity to steal the show and I feel the pair were damn well going to try. This was enjoyable enough. I don’t think it ever quite reached the levels it could but it was good for what it was and had Robinson getting superkicked off a skateboard? Not to mention that Robinson and Starkz still went all-out with the time they had. What’s not to love there?

Fuck Jeffrey John Memorial Gauntlet: Jeffrey John defeated Gorgeous Morgan Taylor & Rob Bass Jr; AKIRA defeated Jeffery John via Bundle to the Head: You shouldn’t piss off the companies you work for. You never know which one will try to kill you. The Babushka Baron had made a lot of enemies and now a lot of them were being brought into a gauntlet match to kill him. Simple as that, it was fight or die for John here. Gorgeous Morgan Taylor was the first out but he wasn’t able to do much. Ron Bass Jr was out next and mauled John half to death but got powder thrown in his eyes and rolled up. It fell to AKIRA, the final contestant to be the murderer. He succeeded with flying colours, mercilessly stomping and throwing John around before ending him with a bundle to the dome. It was a violent end to what was meant to be a murderous match so I’d say it succeeded. Plus, I won’t complain about seeing Ron Bass Jr.

Charlie Tiger defeated Robert Martyr via Tiger Driver: Time for something a bit more competitive. We were about to have another styles clash as the technique of Martyr met the raw power of Tiger. It was Poisoned Youth taking on the Young, Dumb n Broke. Both fought strong and smart, attempting to use the environment and their opponent’s momentum to their advantage. That led to a lot of gnarly spots from both as they threw everything they had into ending the other. It was brutal to watch and I swear by the end of it Tiger was out to give Martyr the John treatment. Excellent match and an excellent display for both in the ring. You love to see it.

OWA Ohio State Championship: Tre LaMar vs. T.I.M. via Froggy Bo: We were back to the speed as Tre Lamar was in the building ready to defeat his OWA Ohio State championship. His opponent T.I.M. is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the planet so I was looking forward to what these two were going to produce. This was a chess game of a match as the pair just kept testing each other. It had the striking factor, the flying factor, and a nasty edge throughout as they both wanted that gold. Lamar was going to do everything to keep his gold and T.I.M wanted to take it from him, no matter the pain Lamar inflicted or what he had to sacrifice in the process. There was a lot of heart and pride contained within this match.

Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight Championship: Cole Radrick defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey via Crackerjack Bomb: Title fever continued as the Unsanctioned Heavyweight title was on the line next as Cole Radrick battled one of the scene’s top stars, Speedball Mike Bailey. Radrick is no stranger to competition but was he ready for Bailey? We were about to find out. As expected this was a car crash clash of creativity and heavy hands and feet. These two know how to turn up the pace and intensity, bringing newfound energy to the show and firing people up. This went above and beyond here, stealing the show with just how much they were doing. This shit went hard.

Unsanctioned Pro Hardcore Championship: Kevin Giza defeated Alex Colon via Cross Armbreaker: We’re were about to get hardcore. We’d seen tubes and doors but now it was time for a real hardcore showdown. All Balls Kevin Giza had come for Alex Colon’s Hardcore title and now he was going to have to contend with the Bloodfighter. This went by in a flash. It had some heavy door spots, bludgeoning duels, and flying but ended quickly once Giza went near the arm that got clocked at Planet Death. It was a shocking conclusion but further shows that Colon is still hurting from the Murdoch bout. He has lost two belts this weekend, he cannot be happy about that. It’s a massive gain for Giza though. He works his ass off so this was a well-earned boon.

Deathmatch: Casanova Valentine defeated Hoodfoot via Knife Board Stage 5 Clinger: Last but not least the main event. We were in for a hoss deathmatch. It would be Brooklyn Black Death Casanova Valentine giving us a surprise change to the card as his opponent was none other than his last Unsanctioned Collective foe, Hoodfoot. We know the score with these two. They were going to fuck each other up with the fuckery at hand and it was going to be fucking glorious. It was just that. It was a messy, gnarly brawl with a whole lot of ghoulish carnage. Just what we wanted and just the perfect way to end this show. There were tubes, barbed wire, and knives all used to devastating effect. It was a decent attempt at a wrestling snuff film and ended things on a bloody note and a big win for Valentine. He remains the arch-nemesis for Hoodfoot and I’m all for it. Those two in a fight be it teaming or opposing, is an excuse to print money. Overall, this show is hard to grade. It had great moments and decent matches but got screwed royally by its place in the schedule. There was a low turnout which led to a lack of atmosphere at times. I do hope people go back and watch though, a lot of people worked their asses off here and don’t deserve to be overlooked.

Black Label Pro: “Norm

Here we are. The grand finale. The show to send off the event in style. It was midnight. People had gone through 3 days of back-to-back-to-back wrestling and now it was up to Black Label Pro to make sure they ended it all happy. They seemed more than up to the task as they had assembled an absolute monster of a card with a gratuitous amount of names and matches jammed in. Let’s dive into this final dose of wrestling delirium.

The Barbarian defeated Calvin Tankman via Mafia Kick: The show started boldly with a dose of weirdness. Since the Faces of Fear couldn’t come together, The Barbarian was flying solo and had been pitted against a monster. We were getting Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman against The Barbarian. It was dumb but fun as hell with Tankman having a blast throwing around a veteran and getting the ref and fans to chop him. The Barbarian got his revenge and showed he too was no pushover by throwing Tankman around and ending things with a Mafia Kick. It made for great opening fun and some decent laughs.

Billie Starkz defeated Shazza McKenzie via Swanton: Next was a less random pairing as we saw Heartbreak-Core Shazza McKenzie was taking on the new crop of burgeoning talent in Billie Starkz. BLP was the home of Bully Starkz though so I don’t think McKenzie was in for the match she thought she was. As expected, once things weren’t going her way, Bully Starkz came out and the fan-favourite space Jesus was replaced by a goblin, taking whatever shortcut she needed. This made for a unique dynamic as the veteran found herself having to navigate a minefield. It led to an interesting match and a great watch. I take back what I said earlier, cheaters do sometimes win. Especially, if they’re using ref bumps and chairs.

EFFY defeated Charlie Haas via Sunset Flip: The EFFY Collective good-time tour concluded with a stop at BLP and a match with another veteran of the game. We’d seen him war with so many over the past few days and now Charlie Haas was entering the Make it Gayer Arena. Haas wanted the best of EFFY, regardless of what fans wanted. I don’t think he knew what he was in for. EFFY mauled Haas and managed to avoid most of Haas’ bullying tactics to steal a win with a Sunset Flip. Haas went home annoyed as hell and EFFY got to end the night happily, if sore and tired.

Kobe Durst defeated Jessica Troy via Piledriver: It was time for more international fire as Kobe Durst came out for his newly-added match. He was getting a proper challenge from one of Australia’s deadliest competitors, the Arm Collector, Jessica Troy. The Aussies had been sweeping the Collective and now Troy was going to give a new audience a big introduction. Jesus, this was a stiff one. These two just kept going and going and going, tanking so much and dishing out so much punishment. It took almost literal death by piledriver to end Troy here. This was so damn good and it makes me wonder why Troy wasn’t booked more.

Big Damo defeated WARHORSE via Vader Bomb: IT WAS TIME TO RULE ASS. WARHORSE was in action once again and he was taking on a monster-sized opponent in The Beast of Belfast, Big Damo. This was going to get heavy but would it venture into the territory of doom metal for one of these competitors? Yeah, I can’t lie. This rocked. Damo seems like a random addition to the card but he paired up perfectly with WARHORSE as they both found their signature style not being enough. They just kept trying to break each other and it made for the type of savagery you don’t want to look away from. It was pleasantly refreshing to see Damo being Damo again. He left here with a win over one of BLP’s staples. Perhaps, this isn’t the last the company has seen from Damo.

The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry) defeated Davey Richards & Speedball Mike Bailey via Compacter Double Stomp on Bailey: Now this is one to get excited for. We had the odd couple team of Speedball Mike Bailey taking on one of the indies’ final boss tag teams, The Workhorsemen. JD Drake and Anthony Henry were about to bring these two superstars into their domain. This meshing of personalities and styles made for an excellent tag team contest. I could watch JD Drake fight all day and Henry was as brutal as ever on Richards and Bailey. Despite the time and effort of prior matches, no one slouched here. Bloody hell, this was good. I hope we see them teaming again, Bailey and Richards were working so well despite having such different styles.

Anthony Greene defeated Alex Zayne, Blake Christian & Black Taurus via Shaker Heights Spike on Zayne: What happens when two matches become one? You get this star-studded four-way bout as Anthony Greene vs Alex Zayne and Blake Christian vs Black Taurus merged to form what had the potential to be an absolute clusterfuck of mind-blowing moments. This got real crazy, real fast. We had a multitude of flying, dives, and creative multi-man spots as all four went from broke. We even found Taurus’ weakness as Zayne was able to pull off the matador act with his red coat. These four directed a continuous highlight reel of insane action that more than made the merging worth it. The creativity from all four really earned these guys so many points with me.

Titus Alexander, Kevin Blackwood & Carlos Romo defeated Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) and Tom Lawlor via Double Stomp of Death on Lawlor: The odd couple teams continued as Titus Alexander joined Carlos Romo and the Aesthetic Crippler in a battle against one of the most fearsome of units, Team Filthy. Violence is Forever, Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku, were linking up with Filthy Tom Lawlor to put this mish-mash of talent through some torture. It was also being contested under Lucha rules so something told me this was going to get rather hectic. This was a battle of attrition as Team Filthy tried to keep the match in a stranglehold. The opposing team were forced to fight up and show all the heart they had to avoid the oppressive wear and tear of Team Filthy’s work. As the match reached boiling point, we saw everyone getting into it and the whole thing became much more gripping as it felt like the end was nigh at any second for either team. In a shocking turn of events, they would be the ones to win as Team Filthy seemed to fall apart and Lawlor was taken out by a combo of finishers. Blackwood scored a win over the BLP Midwestern Champion, does that mean he gets a title shot? That might be the least of Lawlor’s problems though as VIF turned on him for costing them the match. At least, Blackwood is a stand-up bloke, aiding Lawlor after the attack.

Dan the Dad’s Past Your Bedtime Scramble: Kody Lane defeated Dan the Dad, Devon Monroe, Shane Sabre, Jody Threat & Puf via Sleeper Reverse Pin on Dan: Dan the Dad was very cranky. After a long weekend of wrestling and family events, he was sunburnt tired, and ready to be done with it all. He issued a scrambling challenge to anyone who wanted a fight because he was feeling salty without his beauty sleep. Unfortunately for him, a whole of talent answered that call to arms. At least Puf had been nice enough to bring him a blanket and pillow, oh wait that was for him. Thankfully despite the hour and Dad’s crankiness, we got an excellent scramble that started off with dancing and devolved into a typical, pick your spot and moment scramble. It was fun for what it was and everyone brought their energy despite Dan’s bad mood.

Texas Deathmatch: Levi Everett defeated Big Beef via Ladder Drop Headbutt: Last but not least, the final match of the Collective. It promised to be violent. It promised to be brutal and it promised to be Beefy. It was a Texas Deathmatch and would be between two of the heaviest hitters in the company. Beef and Levi Everett were going to have to keep one another down for good if they wanted to walk away the winner here. Plus, they had a whole lot of plunder with their names on it. These two saw the rules and the options and chose violence. They were trying to kill each other from the start, taking risks, brawling around the venue, and bloodying each other. It was a satisfying and cathartic main event with BEEF going so wild that he accidentally fired Levi up and pushed him over the edge. The winning spot was ludicrous as Levi went for broke with a falling headbutt off a ladder but it’s what he needed to do to keep BEEF down for ten. Plus, it was sweet revenge after BEEF had tried to choke him out with a ladder. This was an excellent way to end everything and hell, show’s BEEF’s a main eventer! That brings the Collective to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my delirious ramblings of 12 super shows and go support the companies involved. Everyone worked their asses off and even if some things missed the mark, there is an absolute fuck ton to enjoy. It’s always a great time and hey, maybe you found some new favourites. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to copy Puf.

All images courtesy of GCW, Mission Pro, Unsanctioned, BLP, Ash Dabbath, HeyyImRob, Kayden

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