On Tuesday, April 5th, AdFreeShows.com will be adding to its already impressive stable of podcasts with the premiere of ‘Strictly Business,’ starring World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer and star of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff and hosted by Emmy-Award winner Jon Alba. ‘Strictly Business’ will be weekly bonus content and available to any AdFreeShows.com member at the $29 level or higher. To become an AdFreeShows.com member, or to upgrade an existing membership to make sure you don’t miss out on this event, go to AdFreeShows.com.

‘Strictly Business’ will take a deep dive and provide context to the current trends in professional wrestling, television production and the always highly debated ratings. The show promises to avoid the hot-take culture that has become commonplace in today’s society and to challenge topical narratives about the professional wrestling business.

“Two of the most frequent compliments I get from the 83 Weeks podcast are when I take a couple of minutes to get in the weeds about certain business decisions that needed to be made when I was running World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and when I add context to some of the ratings numbers of Nitro or Thunder,” said Bischoff. “’ Strictly Business’ will give me an opportunity to apply some of my experiences of producing television, running a real competitor to the WWE, understanding ratings and give a fair, unbiased evaluation of today’s landscape. Jon Alba and I are really going to emphasize covering the business of the business.”

“Eric is one of the greatest minds in the history of pro wrestling television, and has perspective few others can offer,” added Alba. “I am extremely excited to hear what he has to offer about the ‘business of the business.’ As someone who is heavily involved in today’s wrestling products, I look forward to playing devil’s advocate and finding areas to challenge Eric on. If you want to get an unfiltered, brutally honest understanding of the wrestling business, this will be for you.”

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By Steph Franchomme

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