Welcome back to GCW and another weekend of wrestling madness. It’s one week since the Collective and everyone was back in action as GCW returned to the sun-soaked streets of LA and the Ukrainian Culture Centre. Bodies were still sore but now was to time to tell new stories, fight new challengers and make the company bigger than ever. Minoru Suzuki was still on his US tour so he had the main event slot against Blake Christian but on the road to that, we’d see The Briscoes vs BUSSY, ACH vs Nick Wayne, AJ Gray vs Kevin Blackwood, Chris Dickinson vs Masha Slamovich, Chris Bey vs Jack Cartwheel and so much more. Let’s get into the action.

Joey Janela defeated Gringo Loco via X-Factor Superkick

Tonight’s show opened with the Bad Boy Joey Janela. After being disenfranchised by the lack of respect he was getting for his efforts, Janela had gone chasing his flowers with an ever-escalating series of antics. He’d broken X-Pac, tried to derail the Clusterfuck and now, he was about to ruin another favourite by wrecking Gringo Loco. He wants that spotlight and no one else is allowed to have it. Gringo Loco was certainly going to try and change that. This was an ugly fight. Janela started cheap and tried to stay cheap as he beat down Loco. They took the fight around the building with Janela trying to brawl around the building and Loco fighting back and finding things to jump off. Even the ref couldn’t control it as Janela didn’t want to listen to a woman. Loco kept finding awesome ways to come back but Janela also kept finding ways to counter or weasel out. Nothing would keep either man down as finishers, drivers, and slams all met some two-counts. Even a door couldn’t stop them as they both crashed through it. This got so vicious they even beat each other with Loco’s chain and needed a second door, Loco breaking it with his double spring Moonsault. It all looked to be over but Janela spiked Loco with a Super-Poisonrana, hit the X-Factor, and won with a Superkick. The Bad Boy struck again, spoiling the fun for another GCW veteran enjoying the spotlight. It made for an exciting opener with some spectacular action and no matter what Janela thinks, he ain’t derailed anything here. The fans still love Loco and want to see Janela fall.

GCW Extreme Title: AJ Gray defeated Kevin Blackwood via Lariat

It was time to get physical as the Extreme Title was on the line next. AJ Gray, Black Death, the MF’N Truth was in the house and he was about to collide with the Aesthetic Crippler, Kevin Blackwood. We know these two love to throw hands and hit hard, so this should make something special. As expected, this way was pure unadulterated physicality as the pair worked to destroy the other’s arms, legs, backs, and chests with whatever came to mind. It was a wrestling and striking masterclass with these two just getting each other. It was a back-and-forth horror show of hard shots and harder wills. This was just one to sit back and enjoy as they went hell for leather for their run time. It was all left in the ring with the pair definitely giving the other some new bruises. The landings these two were taking were the stuff of nightmares. This was a tough bastard match for sure and another exceptional outing for both guys here. I want a rematch now because the chemistry on display leads me to think there’s more in the tank for these two. Do you want the old-school Hansen, Kobashi-level warring? These two got you covered.

Chris Bey defeated Jack Cartwheel via Kudo Driver

Time to fly. This next match came from nowhere but promised to deliver something unique. Chris Bey was back in GCW and was about to educate Jack Cartwheel in the art of finesse. Cartwheel is one of the new GCW favourites and Bey is Bullet Club’s newest soldier. There was a lot of pride on the line and cartwheels to be had, even if Bey didn’t want to play. We saw a meaner side of Bey here as he didn’t want to play games, he didn’t want to be taunted and he seemingly wanted to kill Jack Cartwheel. He even used the fan seats to choke out Cartwheel, bringing new inventions to the art of torture. Whilst Bey originally had no interest in comparing flash with Cartwheel, things just went wild as Cartwheel refused to be ground down and Bey still tried to outwork him. These two nailed it with Cartwheel being the underdog to Bey’s sadism. This was full of athleticism and aggression with Bey trying to be the killjoy to Cartwheel’s fire. It was an incredible watch and a big return win for Bey, he’s not here to play, he’s here to kill. I’m hoping he keeps coming back because the possibilities with him are endless at the moment. Bey might not be the bae with the GCW fans but he’s still going to steal the show. The action got so fast it even broke the stream.

Scramble: Dark Sheik defeated Jimmy Lloyd, B-Boy, Damian Drake, Jordan Oliver & Lucas Riley via Welcome to Die on Riley

It was scramble time. We had a whole host of West Coast standouts joining Jimmy Lloyd and the East Coast Ace Jordan Oliver for another GCW scramble. We had B-Boy, Damian Drake, Lucas Riley, and Dark Sheik all taking part here too meaning the stakes were high and the spots were guaranteed. Even Janela had his eyes on this one as Dark Sheik was his next opponent and scouting never hurts. As always with scrambles, this was a madcap montage of his greatest hits and innovation for all involved. B-Boy and Sheik looked to show their veteran experience, Lloyd did whatever he felt like doing and the younger generation all looked to steal the show. This was fast, furious, and full of fun moments with B-Boy continuing to show off his comeback and Sheik building a whole lot of momentum going into her match tomorrow. The scrambles are always fun and Oliver, Riley, and Drake certainly made the most of it with some spectacular showcases of skill. What’s not to love? It was a popcorn match full of popcorn moments.

GCW Tag Team Titles: BUSSY (Allie Katch & EFFY) defeated The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) via BUSSY Piledriver on Mark

Post-intermission, it was back to the high-stakes matches. The Tag Titles were on the line as the newly-minted two-time champs, The Briscoes made their first defence of their second reign against the BUSSY. Allie Katch and EFFY got to live out some fantasies over the Collective and now, they had a chance at tag gold. All they had to do was beat the Briscoes… easier said than done. However, they achieved it. BUSSY just beat one of the best tag teams on the planet in one hell of a fight. They held nothing back as they went to work, hurt, and have some fun. They were in top form here and so were the Briscoes. Things soon got out of hand as the Briscoes brought out the brawling and the plunder, taking the match up a notch. BUSSY got just as deadly and started taking control of the match, using door contraptions and double-team to almost take the win. Chairs turned the tide and EFFY was assaulted by all the redneck kung-fu and horrifying hardcore the Briscoes wanted to throw at him. Katch met the same fate with a Door-VD and it seemed the Briscoes were going to do what they do best again, win. EFFY managed to fight for freedom and Katch was unleashed to show off all her fury, hitting a double Northern Lights. They kept trading and just as BUSSY had the match won after a Doomsday Device, Mark levelled the ref with a Froggy Bo. Jay landed the Jay Driller but due to the ref being out, no one was there to count it. They took out EFFY with the Razor’s Neckbreaker but again, no one to count, it was just damage. The Briscoes started taking their frustrations out on Katch but she wouldn’t break and with a little help from SGC, BUSSY turned the tide and won with a BUSSY Piledriver. They were the new tag team champions, dethroning one of the top teams out there and claiming some much-deserved gold. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next in the division as we have a very unique team leading the pack now.

Chris Dickinson defeated Masha Slamovich via Stalling Brainbuster

Well shit, this is going to be a painful one to watch. The Russian Dynamite was playing out her Russian Deathwish against the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson. Masha had new entrance gear and new music but she was still the same badass out to hurt and maim. She was going to need every bit of that psychotic sadism here as Dickinson was not going to hold back. After a flying start, we had a match of two angry bulls repeatedly charging in a very King’s Road meets Joshi slugfest. It was very physical, very exhausting, and thoroughly wince-inducing. Masha might just be one of the perfect opponents for Dickinson as she doesn’t give a fuck. Pain means nothing to her and she will use every bit inflicted on her to come back and hurt you more. She gave Dickinson everything and he dished it right back out. This was one for the ages. Slamovich kept rising from the dead to snap, lock up and lash out at Dickinson. It went from a one-sided fight to one of the most competitive slugfests of the show. Masha wasn’t going to go out with a whimper, Dickinson wasn’t going to have to kill her. If he didn’t, she was going to beat the shit out of him. We even got more masterclasses on submission wrestling from the pair with Masha taking Dickinson to the mat and forcing him to avoid her arm-breaking holds. This match stole the show. Masha is just as much a monster as Dickinson is so these two collided in the best way possible.

ACH defeated Nick Wayne via Sheer Drop Brainbuster

Hey look, it’s two wrestling prodigies in the ring together. ACH was back and this time he was going to put another fast-rising star through his limits. He had been booked against Nick Wayne and the world had lost its shit. ACH is one of the ultimate indie darlings, widely respected, and insanely good in the ring. If Wayne could beat him, that would be the ultimate feather in the cap. This was exactly what you’d want to see from the pair. It started fast and showed Wayne getting the better of ACH. Experience kicked in and ACH took Wayne out and started murdering him. Despite the punishment, Wayne wouldn’t give up and kept trying to fight back, often receiving even nastier treatment from ACH. When Wayne finally found that golden moment, things got ridiculously competitive as the pair picked up the pace and kept trying to find a killing blow. After even more powerful combos from the pair, it would be ACH that took the win with his sheer drop Brainbuster. It had been a frantic match with the pair playing cat and mouse with each other on the road to victory. It’s great seeing ACH back in action and he seemed to have a lot of fun in there against Nick Wayne.

Minoru Suzuki defeated Blake Christian via Gotch-Style Piledriver

Last but not least, the main event. Blake Christian has been on a mission since returning to GCW to show that he was one of the top guys in the company. He has continuously shown he is a master of the air but has always been fighting against purely being a flippy guy. He has striking and technique too. Tonight, that was going to be thoroughly tested. He was in the ring with Minoru Suzuki, the King. There were going to be very few chances to fly here as Suzuki was going to trap and torture the second he was given the opening. Yeah, Christian had to work for his moments in this one. Suzuki smelled blood and kept him locked up and grounded before focusing on his arm and trying to knock him out. We got moments of speed and flash with Christian holding his own but the match was moving at the whim of the King. If Suzuki wanted things slowed down, he’d just latch on another hold and break another limb. Christian could barely get anything going but the All-Heart mentality kicked in and he refused to quit, taking the punishment and trying to leave his mark. Every time he got something going, Suzuki punished him for trying. It was a battle of attrition that Christian was putting all his willpower into continuing. Suzuki was just having fun beating down another top star and Christian was going to make him notice. Christian finally managed to pick up the pace after trapping Suzuki in a Border City Stretch but his springboard 450 did nothing but draw laughter from Suzuki. Christian fought on for dear life but the inevitable was fast approaching and with a Sleeper Hold and Gotch-Style Piledriver, Suzuki took the win. The King wins again, snuffing out another of the GCW flames. It was an enjoyable main event with Suzuki putting Christian through his paces. Christian lasted longer than some and kept fighting on but it just wasn’t enough tonight. Suzuki gave him a hearty fuck you and left to another massive ovation. Suzuki is having a blast in GCW and it shows.

All images courtesy of GCW, HeyyImRob

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