Welcome back to MLW and the wild world within it. With Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at the helm now, the company seems to be steering away from shady deals and onwards to more competition. With the best from around the world coming out to play, regulars within the company want to get in on the action. Tonight, we’ll see, TJP vs Matt Cross in a Middleweight showdown, the Women’s Featherweight division fire up with Shazza McKenzie vs Holidead, and in the main event, a four-way showdown for the National Openweight Title. Alex Kane keeps demanding more competition so the league is giving it to him in the form of three challengers, ACH, Myron Reed, and Mexico’s Puma King. Who is leaving that showdown as champion? Not to mention, the everyday intrigue around the league’s title scene and Cesar Duran’s investigation. Let’s get into the action.

Matt Cross defeated TJP via Shooting Star Press

Up first tonight was a middleweight super fight. Matt Cross might have been unsuccessful against Richard Holliday last week but opportunities were aplenty and he was going to redeem himself by shutting up the self-proclaimed top middleweight TJP. The big mouth had been given a mic and Cross had accepted the challenge. They were both dealing with losses and today offered a chance to rebound. TJP is a master of locking people down but would he be able to get one over on the super vet, MDogg 2020? This was everything you wanted it to be. Cross and TJP started technical and got faster with Cross taking to the air to fly as often as possible. TJP played it smart and grounded Cross for whatever hold he could lock on and whatever punishment he felt like dishing out. This was another mean showcase for TJP as he continued to build his reputation as the Bogeyman of the division. It became a real chess game as Cross continuously tried to work up and TJP had to find different ways to push him down. It was continuously back and forth with Cross showing his heart was bigger than TJP’s ego. There was a lot to love here and it made for perfect opening match material with Cross finally getting a big win. He’s done so many favours for the company, he’s earned the win. TJP will no doubt sulk for a bit then pick another target to try and break to prove his point.

Holidead (w/Dr Dax) defeated Shazza McKenzie via Killswitch

Next was some Women’s Featherweight Division action with Shazza McKenzie paying the company a visit on her tour of America. She was billed as the top woman in Australia and had been put into contention for the title rankings. However, she was going to have to rack up some points against one of the division’s deadliest, Holidead. We were in for a clash of styles and attitudes here and only one was going to walk away the victor. Even worse for McKenzie, Holidead had Dr. Dax and Gangrel backing her up. McKenzie did what she needed to do in the early stages of the match, launching herself and Holidead around the ring, using Dax as a crash mat outside. The tables turned as Holidead unleashed her power and Dax got his revenge, interfering as the ref was distracted. McKenzie kept on the pressure and showed off some of her signatures but couldn’t quite contend with the mean-spirited strength coming from Holidead. She kept trying to hit the Shazztastic Stunner but could never get it cinched in and ended up dropped on her face with a Killswitch. Holidead had claimed another soul and continued to stamp her ticket to the top of the division. She wants the title and she will run through anyone who comes for her. Plus, she’ll do it all with her entourage behind her. This was fine for what it was but I’d have like to see it go a bit longer just because I know how much both women can turn it up when given the chance.

Between the matches:

  • 5150 crashed the show’s opening proceedings. It was Rivera and Dr. Julius Smokes with Slice Boogie missing in action. He’d been carted off by the police. They rubbed salt into the Texan wounds and made sure to attack the Von Erichs. They came out to get physical but 5150 had a new weapon in Hernandez an LAX OG. He murdered the Von Erichs and Ross was thrown through a table with a Border Toss. Looks like two generations of the LAX are working together.
  • We got an update on the investigation into Cesar Duran. With witnesses disappearing left and right, it couldn’t hold water and Duran was back in control of the company. in celebration, he booked the four-way title match main event. He had pitted everyone against each other to find the top-tier fighting style. Mads Krügger interrupted the monologue to demand a new challenge. Bestia 666 had fallen. Jacob Fatu was annihilated. Now, he wanted Hammerstone. Duran was ready to give him what he wanted. Later in the show, Fatu demanded the same thing so Duran made a triple-threat, Krügger, Hammerstone, and Fatu. Though Fatu did warn Duran, he kept messing with him, he’d kill him. That triple-threat is next week.
  • MLW advertised the next edition of Kings of Colosseum. On May 13th, MLW invades Philly again with a Weapons of Mass Destruction match between Krügger and Fatu alongside nZo, Taya Valkyrie, Gangrel, Microman, The Blue Meanie, and a return for the Sandman. La Wera Loca was given a proper return video later in the broadcast. All divisions would be wise to fear Valkyrie.

  • Alex Hammerstone gave another special interview ahead of next week’s Intimidation Games special event. He recounted the friendship they’d formed during their time in the company throughout the Dynasty, even after MJF left. He’d been left hurt by all of this and now he was going to make Holliday pay for his jealousy. He was going to give Holliday his title shot in Philly if both men can make it there.
  • Ahead of the big main event, Alex Kane protested the match. He didn’t think there were enough challengers. He was ready to kill all those in front of him and demanded more. He threatened the company to put a super heavyweight in there because he was the ultimate hybrid athlete.
  • Another edition of the deep dive on Hammerstone came on to give us one final look into the champion’s headspace before his next big match. He still looks at the whole trip as a wild ride. He was at the top and now he wanted to make the company as big as he possibly could as their top champion. The problem was that this broadcast was hijacked by The Clout Couple. Alicia Atout and Richard Holliday couldn’t resist dishing some dirt and they were going to do it from their sofa. They don’t care about his upbringing, they wanted the spotlight and spread some nasty rumours in the process. Typical Dynastic behaviour. It also seems Atout has some sway over Duran as she was rather happy that he was back in control.

National Openweight Title: Alex Kane defeated Puma King, ACH, Myron Reed & Juicy Finau via Submission on King

Last but not least, the main event. Originally billed as a four-way, the champ had claimed it wasn’t challenging enough and so, another challenger was added. It would be Alex Kane taking on ACH, Myron Reed, and Puma King with Juicy Finau being drafted in for some super heavyweight horror. It was going to be the ultimate clash of styles for the ultimate amusement of both Alex Kane and Cesar Duran. Calvin Tankman had pitched a seat at commentary for this one as he wanted to keep his eyes on Kane and the Openweight Title. Reed too wanted to make an even bigger name for himself as a double champion. They were all in for a monstrous fight dealing with the Big Toko, Finau. He was a force to be reckoned with. This was pure anarchy. It was everyone vs Finau then everyone vs each other. Finau was throwing bodies like it was nothing and it took the combined efforts of Puma King, Reed, and ACH to take care of him. They turned on each other and went flying around the venue. It was a continuous spectacle with Kane and Finau taking turns to be a killjoy. Reed was dragged away by a masked man and in the ensuing confusion, Kane took control with a series of Suplexes into a submission hold on Puma King. The match was over just as quickly as it had begun with the champ taking the win with a well-time barrage of pain. His style had reigned supreme and he was going to brag about it again. The mission was submission and the mission had been successful. Tempers flared at commentary so Kane got the last laugh, bashing Tankman with the chair he was sitting on as Thomas, Tankman, Reed and EJ Nduka got into it. Bomaye Fight Club continues to be a thorn in Tankman’s side but one day the reckoning will come. Until next time, see you at Intimidation Games.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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