In a video posted to Twitter, Maria Kanellis announced she is creating the ‘Women’s Wrestling Army’, a new project to help advance women in wrestling.

She says, “The journey. It’s 1,000 seemingly insignificant decisions. It’s the wrong turns, the dead ends, the climb, the process, the successes and the failures. It’s the word, ‘no.’ The next ‘no.’ A million beating drums inside your mind that say, ‘no’. A hated word, ‘diva,’ that defined your career. Can you small-town girl, Diva, turn that ‘no’ into a simple but almost unattainable word, ‘yes.’ Yes, you can transition from small-town girl turned Diva to manager, mother, producer — to produce change, changing ever so slightly, to keep up with my less experienced contemporaries to remain relevant for them, to create opportunities for them. Crafting a craft that is in the position with the possibility to overturn or overtake an industry with professional wrestling. What’s next? CEO, BOD. Let’s create an army. A Women’s Wrestling Army.”

Women’s Wrestling Army is set to hold its debut event at the start of next month. Kanellis announced earlier today that she was launching a new promotion, and in an Instagram post, the company revealed that its initial show will go down in Providence, Rhode Island on May 1st. The show is being hosted in conjunction with Women’s Wrestling Revolution.

Women’s Wrestling Army made its first talent announcement, revealing Trish Adora will be part of its first event. Maria Kanellis-Bennett said she expects to also bring some talent from AEW and Impact Wrestling into her new promotion. “We’re not gonna announce everybody,” Kanellis-Bennett said. “We want people to be excited and surprised. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves right now.” will be the only place to watch the promotion’s shows. Two to three episodes are being promised per month.

Pic courtesy of Women Wrestling Army

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