We kick off another big weekend of GCW with Find You Again, and there were some big matches on the card. Alex Colon and Tony Deppen butted heads, Bussy defended their gold against Manders and Levi Everett, there was a seven-man scramble, and Jordan Oliver had a dream match with Alex Shelley. We were also treated to some Second Gear Crew as they fought Big Starkz Brand. and Nick Wayne battled Alex Zayne. First up, Blake Christian and Dante Leon kicked things off in style.

Blake Christian vs Dante Leon

GCW know how to kick off a PPV, and this one was a short and sweet classic. It was all guns blazing straight away, and Leon was the bullet as he hit a savage cutter off the turnbuckle and a Tope Suicida into the chairs. Christian retaliated with a kick combination that rocked Leon then landed a Tope Con Hilo before chopping Leon’s chest as he sat on a chair. All Heart missed a 450 which led to them locking knuckles and jumping onto the ropes on either side of a turnbuckle, where Leon landed another cutter. I don’t know how he does it, but Christian flew around the ring and took out Leon with a variety of offence that ended in a frog splash, but once again, Leon hit a third cutter for a two-count. Leon went up top, but Christian caught him with an Enzuigiri and hit a hurricanrana after a failed powerbomb by Leon. Leon connected with a Tiger Driver, but Christian fought back with a slingshot DDT and his finisher for the win. Afterwards, Christian addressed Johnny Gargano, and how the GCW fans want to see them go at it. I think my mind would explode if this match happened. Gargano has talked about Christian recently, and there’s been plenty of chatter from them on Twitter.

Tony Deppen vs Alex Colon

Deppen outclassed Colon on the mat with some nice submissions. Colon tried to throw some chairs in the ring, but Deppen threw them outside. Deppen dropkicked Colon outside, then connected with a long-range Tope Con Hilo deep into the crowd. After deciding he didn’t want any weapons in the match, Deppen hit Colon with a door before setting it up on a couple of chairs. Colon crossbodied Deppen into some chairs at ringside and beat him around a bit before throwing him into the ring. He climbed back inside and set up a chair in the corner, but Deppen dropped his head into it with a drop-toe hold. The Gatekeeper of GCW threw the chair at him, but Colon was able to knock him back outside and land a Tope Suicida. Colon put Deppen on the door and it broke, so he got another and placed him on it, but Deppen rolled inside. Deppen launched Colon into the apron off the turnbuckle, then onto the door. Back inside, Deppen landed a double stomp and set up a door in the corner, but Colon sent him through it instead. He drove his knees into Deppen’s chest as he sat on a chair to get a two-count. Colon landed a Code Red and almost got the win. Deppen landed a piledriver, but couldn’t get the job done either. It almost seemed like Deppen was going to win after powerbombing Colon through two chairs, but Colon rolled him up afterwards to steal the victory. It was an odd mix of styles, and both guys have had better matches, but it had some decent spots. Colon thanked Deppen for the match, then addressed John Wayne Murdoch and asked for his rematch right now. Murdoch didn’t show, so Colon said it didn’t matter when it was, he would get his belt back.

Nick Wayne vs Alex Zayne

Wayne was on fine form from the off, taking Zayne out with a head scissors, then a Tope Con Hilo. Zayne’s experience helped him get back into it as he suplexed Wayne onto the apron and continued the assault back in the ring. The Sauce God showed off some fancy footwork with a nice kick to the head, then locked in an arm lock while applying pressure to his chin. He smashed Wayne with a rolling elbow and an impressive springboard moonsault to the outside. Both guys traded blows back in the ring until Wayne landed a Poisonrana. Wayne landed a double underhook suplex and a modified Code Red to continue his assault, but Zayne stopped him in his tracks. Wayne landed a Spanish Fly for a two-count and went for a cutter, but Zayne blocked with a German suplex. Out of nowhere, Wayne was able to pin Zayne to pick up a surprise win. Fair play, Wayne. He gave as good as he got, and it was nice to see him beat the veteran Alex Zayne.

Big Starkz Brand (Cole Radrick, Calvin Tankman, & Billie Starkz) vs Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

Gutted that the Motherfucking Truth couldn’t be a part of this one. Even without AJ Gray, Second Gear Crew were still brutal as always. Starkz tagged Radrick in so she could start off against Justice, but he knocked her to the mat after a big forearm. Starkz wouldn’t let up, though. Warner tagged in and headbutted Starkz to the mat after Justice pulled her hair for the distraction. SGC slaughtered Tankman with a couple of chairs as Starkz and Radrick hit Tope Suicidas on them. Tankman attacked Warner with a chair as Starkz kept pounding Justice with one. Big Starkz Brand were taking charge at ringside until Radrick missed a slingshot front flip to allow Warner to smash Starkz with a chair. Justice knocked over some merch, so started to pick it up which made me smile. He then smashed a door onto Radrick and threw a chair on Tankman. SGC were taken out with a double clothesline by Tankman and a crossbody off the second turnbuckle. Radrick tagged in and beat the crap out of Warner before landing a cutter and German suplex combination with Starkz on Justice. Warner and Tankman traded chops in the ring until Tankman powerbombed Warner. Justice threw a door over the ropes to break up the pin. After some crazy back and forth by both teams, Justice accidentally hit Warner with a chair, then Starkz hit Justice with one. She landed a Swanton on Warner, but missed Justice. Warner slammed Starkz into a table, but only got a one-count. Justice came out of nowhere and speared Starkz before taking out Tankman and Radrick with a Tope Con Hilo. Warner then covered Starkz for the victory. What a great match by everyone. Big Starkz Brand ooze talent, but SGC were fantastic once again.

Seven-Way Scramble Match: “Spyder” Nate Webb vs Jimmy Lloyd vs Lucky 13 vs Gringo Loco vs Steve Scott vs ASF vs Yoya

It was chaos from the beginning. ASF landed a hurricanrana on Gringo Loco, then stood on his shoulders to jump into a DDT on Lloyd. He took out Loco with another hurricanrana and a stunner until Scott came in and went after him. Yoya landed a Spanish Fly on him until Lucky 13 hit a rising knee strike. Lloyd hit a Mexican arm drag on Lloyd and Webb, but Yoya took him out and hit everyone else with a Tope Con Hilo at ringside. ASF connected with a twister to the outside, and so did Lucky 13. Scott dumped Yoya on the apron as Loco jumped over him and took out everyone else at ringside. The insanity continued in the ring and wouldn’t stop. Loco hit his sit-down powerbomb on ASF off the top turnbuckle as Webb landed a Chairsault on Lucky 13 to pick up the win. It was a relatively short match, but if you’re going to watch anything from tonight, make sure this one is near the top of your list. It was filled with so many amazing spots and giving Webb the victory was the right call. After the match, Charles Mason ran out and attacked Webb with piano wire. What the actual fuck? What a psychopath. Why, Charles, why?

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Levi Everett & Manders vs Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch)

Bussy are the sexiest tag team in professional wrestling, and I can’t get enough. Effy and Manders slapped the shit out of each other as the bell rang until Everett tagged in following a successful bull ride by Effy. Effy started to churn Everett’s butter seductively, then tagged in Katch who splashed both of them until Everett connected with a running knee strike. Manders dropped Katch with a whirlwind suplex and wore her down along with Everett. Katch fought back with some right hands and a double DDT, then tagged Effy who hit a double blockbuster. He hit two huge pump kicks and a TKO on Everett on top of Manders. Effy set up a door in the corner of the ring, but Everett grabbed him and put him through it. Manders slammed Katch on Effy as Everett locked in a double churn submission. Manders and Everett set up a door on two chairs. Katch took out Everett, then Bussy went for a double team move through the door, but it went wrong. Manders drove Effy through another door, then clotheslined Katch who was about to powerbomb Everett. Everett landed a diving headbutt, but Katch kicked out of the pin. Effy smashed Everett and Manders with a chair as Katch did the same with part of the door. Effy hit a double Sack Rider as Katch finished the match with a piledriver to keep the belts. It wasn’t their best performance, but they pulled out all the stops to retain.

Alex Shelley vs Jordan Oliver

Oliver did a solid job of showing off why he’s such a good up-and-comer, but he still has a lot to learn. Shelley had an answer for almost every offence, and after taking a dropkick to the knee, he fought back with a Border City Stretch, some arm snaps, and a big boot to the back. He continued to keep control with a modified backstabber until Oliver found his second wind. He hit Shelley with a suplex and running boot in the corner, then another couple of big boots off the ropes. Shelley caught Oliver with a facebuster and an Air Raid Crash, but only got a two-count. Shelley reversed a Cloud Cutter into the Border City Stretch but managed to grab the bottom rope. Oliver hit a powerbomb, then reversed into a Boston crab, but Shelley reversed into a pin for a two-count. They traded overhand chops until Oliver let loose with multiple strikes. Shelley hit a step-up Enzuigiri and drove Oliver face-first into the turnbuckle, then connected with Sliced Bread. Oliver landed a German suplex, but Shelley hit Shellshock. Oliver kicked out, so Shelley locked in Border City Stretch for the victory. Shelley was great as always, but Oliver put on a wonderful performance. After the match, Shelley grabbed the mic and said it was a special match for both of them because Jimmy Rave was Oliver’s trainer and his best friend.

Joey Janela vs John Wayne Murdoch

The match took ages to get going as Janela kept being a little bitch and leaving the ring. After drinking what could have very well been piss, he finally grew a pair and locked up with Murdoch. Murdoch landed an atomic drop and a shoulder tackle, then slapped Janela’s chest three times. Janela snapped Murdoch’s throat on the ropes, then hit a running knee strike in the corner. They traded chops until Janela poked him in the eye. He missed a splash in the corner which allowed Murdoch to take the action outside. After a senton off the apron, Murdoch grabbed the piss jug and took a swig before spitting it at Janela. Back in the ring, Janela took control. He locked in a Figure Four while taking thumbtacks out of Murdoch’s boot, shoving them in his forehead. The action spilled outside where Janela landed on a bunch of chairs after missing his target. Murdoch then crossbodied Janela on the chairs and began biting him. Back in the ring, Janela landed a dragon screw and a half crab, but Murdoch grabbed the bottom rope. Murdoch connected with a big lariat, but only got a two-count. They headed outside and Murdoch grabbed a chair. Back inside, Janela hit a Death Valley Driver after accidentally hitting a chair in his own face. He used the chair to drive it into Murdoch’s throat, then double stomped the chair which was on top of Murdoch’s face. He drove Murdoch head-first into the canvas and got a one-count. Murdoch got up and they traded forearms until Murdoch landed a half-and-half suplex. Janela landed a snap release German suplex but ran into a flying boot. He floored Murdoch with a brainbuster, but Murdoch landed a Canadian Destroyer. Outside the ring, Janela threw a chair at Murdoch and grabbed a door, setting it up between two chairs. He lay Murdoch on top of the door and climbed up high to drop an elbow into his ribs. They headed back into the ring where Janela smashed a chair across Murdoch’s back. Murdoch suplexed Janela through the chair, but only got a two-count. He set up a door between two chairs and hit a destroyer off the top turnbuckle through it to pick up the win. A great finish to a thoroughly enjoyable match. After his victory, Murdoch grabbed the mic and said he heard Colon call him a bitch earlier on. He told Colon to come to the ring and they went at it as officials and other wrestlers tried to separate them.

All images courtesy of GCW. Thanks to Fite TV for the captures.

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