Here is the case. What is a Rebellion? A Rebellion always starts in your heart and soul, it’s the process of forgetting everything you know and asking questions about what everything is again. Rebellion is not always pretty, it’s having the ability to stand up for what you believe in no matter the consequences. Do it with purpose, be fearless, don’t be afraid to risk everything to accomplish your dream, regret nothing. Do it with purpose, be fearless, regret nothing, there is only one solution to stand and fight.”
This year again, I chose to take those sentences that are nothing more than the ones of the Cold Open of the first Rebellion ever, in 2019. I’ve said again and again that, since the beginning of the year and Hard to Kill, we have been blessed with fantastic episodes and intensity in storylines. That led to the fantastic card we are going to be witnesses of. But, because your read all the reviews leading to this PPV, the main event of tonight is the aftermath of the last minutes of Bound For Glory. Josh Alexander became Champion to be defeated by Moose a few seconds after. The mind games that followed are giving to this match something epic. Six titles are going to be defended tonight, including the AAA Reina de Reinas one, three matches are involving women (maybe four…). This is Impact Wrestling at its best.
The major question of this PPV is: this card has everything to be a treat for the fans, but will it be? Will the wrestlers make the magic we know they are able to? As always, a lot of questions marks are on the menu. Who are the survivors and the winners of that great night, from Nashville, in a no-crowd arena? How many “I told you” and “I saw it coming”?  It’s time to find out, but your French Enygma Steph way… (I apologize again for being one day late but your Nygma has personal obligations in her “normal” life…)

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt welcomed the French announcers who were at ringside too, my dear friend Marc Blondin and Handsome JF. I’ve heard Marc’s voice since WCW time (that’s how you feel you are growing old…) and I’m just so Frenchily happy to know the French language remains a universal one in wrestling. Mesdames, Messieurs…

As you read on Friday, the match came a bit out of nowhere. Then, I’m not sure Eddie and Chris have already had a match together. If so, we can only be happy about it. And, of course, this match is made to fuel the fire between Honor No More and Bullet Club. Bey and Edwards talk a little bit of trash before circling and locking up, Bey connected with a hip toss. Bey showboated a bit and called for a test of strength, Eddie went for it and Bey gave the Too Sweet sign. Eddie kicked him in the gut and took Bay down. They went into the ropes and Bey connected with a hurricanrana from the ground but got slammed down right after. Edwards hit a big chop to Bey and an Irish whip, Bey flipped over the back and got sent into the corner but he came over onto the apron. He came in but got caught with an overhead belly-to-belly. Eddie connected with a knee, a headbutt, and a chop in the corner to Bey. Bey fought back and sent Eddie to the outside. He hit kicks to Eddie as he tried to get in, he dodged a kick off the second rope but was caught with a superkick that knocked him off the apron. Bey dove onto Eddie on the outside.

Eddie rolled back in, Bey laid into him in the corner. Whip reversed, Bey went for a kick but Eddie strangled the eyes and hit a knee strike to the chest. Eddie mocked the fans and then stomped on Bey’s knee and lower leg. The boot choke against the ropes was followed by another eyes strangling. Bey was off the ropes but he fought back. Eddie hit a chop but Bey knocked him back in the corner, a splash, an enzuigiri on the outside and a top-rope lariat. Bey went for a back suplex but Eddie blocked it with elbows and hit a big right. He came off the ropes right into a kick. Bey was up now, he kicked Eddie in the chest multiple times, Eddie dodged the last one and shoved Bey into the ropes, lifting him up to slam into the mat. The Tiger Driver attempt was reversed into a snap rana. Bey went up top but got caught with a kick and a Backpack Stunner. Eddie got Bey up, they started trading shots and came off the ropes, Bey took out the legs and hits a Superman Forearm, Eddie connected with his own before Bey hit a huge cutter off the ropes. He went for an Art of Finesse, Eddie dodged and hit the Tiger Driver for two and a half. The Die-Hard gave Eddie the win. GOOD MATCH.

  •  Live Countdown to Rebellion – IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) (c) vs The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessica McKay)

The Champs attacked before the bell. Jess started with Madison, Cassie quickly got tagged in, double kick to Madison and a pose. Madison took over from the apron and sent Cassie into the turnbuckle, tagging in Tenille who took Lee down for a two-count. Tree of Woe for Cassie and Tenille kicked her, then mocked Jess with a pose. Madison tagged in and hit a Northern Lights Suplex. She continued with mounted punches. Cassie was put in the corner, Tenille tagged in and knocked Cassie to her knees. She slapped Cassie who fought back but got cut off. She was put into the ropes and came off with a kind of sunset flip. Backslide from Tenille and they both went down from a shot. Both partners tagged in, Jess put Madison in the corner, whipped Tenille into her and splashed them. She threw Tenille into Madison and kicked them both down.

Madison got a waist lock but Jess held on, Cassie tagged in without Madison’s knowledge and took her down. Dashwood tagged in and got control of Cassie but Jess threw her on the outside. Cassie went up top for a double-team move on Rayne but Tenille stopped Cassie and threw her into Jess. Tenille went up top, as Madison hit a backbreaker, and hit a crossbody on the IInspiration. Tenille then hit the Spotlight on Cassie. The belt got slid in by Madison, Tenille grabbed it but the referee caught it. As he took it out of the ring, Rayne slid the other belt in, but Lee grabbed it and nailed Tenille. The IInspiration went for the Idolizer, but Masidon Speared Cassie. The Influence hit the Collab for the win. MAIN CARD PLEASE.

  • Three-Way Match: Jay White vs Chris Sabin vs Steve Maclin

Maclin had a bad idea to attack Sabin after his match against White at Multiverse of Matches. It ended up with a NutCracker on Maclin, and to this match. White rolled out of the ring to start some mind games. He almost got in when Maclin and Sabin went to lock up but got chased out. He distracted Sabin and Maclin attacked him. Back elbow off the ropes by Maclin, followed by a big punch. Sabin replied with a dropkick and sent Maclin to the outside. He kicked Maclin and dove on White, then went back to the apron for a Senton on Maclin.

He hit a chop to Maclin, who got rolled back in. Sabin went up top for a crossbody, continued with a mounted punch and then a leaping back elbow onto White. Maclin knocked Sabin out of the ring, knocked down White and then dove onto Sabin on the outside. Back in, he hits a double underhook backbreaker. White was sent to the outside and Maclin followed for a chop, then a back suplex onto the apron. Maclin was onto the apron, but Sabin leapt up to dropkick the knee and send Maclin to the floor. Chop from Sabin onto White, but White sent him into the ring and picked Sabin up to drop him ribs-first into the apron. Maclin was sent into the ring post and ate a Saito suplex to the ringside floor.

White rolled Maclin in and followed, he charged in with an uppercut. Sabin’s clothesline was dodged, he hit Maclin and White hip-tossed him onto Maclin. A suplex attempt by White was blocked but he connected with a knee lift and backbreaker. Maclin on the apron but got knocked down, chop to Sabin by White and another sent him down in the corner. White sent Sabin across the ring, Maclin in and Sabin took both men down with shots, then hit a double crossbody. He hit chops to both Maclin and White until Maclin hit a kick and then clotheslined White. Sabin replied with a back elbow and a back body drop to Maclin, White in for a backdrop from Sabin as well. Sabin continued with an enzuigiri to Maclin and a DDT to White in one go. Sabin went for a Fireman’s carry, blocked by Maclin, they all traded knees and White hit a DDT on Maclin. All three men were down for now.

Sabin up first but ate a back elbow in the corner and a Blade Buster from White, who continued with a uranage on Maclin. He locked Sabin in a chinlock, but Sabin flipped him over before eating a chop. White got Sabin on the top and climbed, Maclin went for a powerbomb but was beaten down by both men. Maclin tried again but got fought off, White strangled the eyes on the top to Sabin. Sabin was fighting out of the superplex, headbutted him into a Tree of Woe, and hit a missile dropkick to Maclin. Maclin recovered and puts Sabin in the Tree of Woe. He Speared White and then went for Sabin who moved. Maclin went through the ropes to the outside. Sabin hit a charging boot to White and picked him up for the Cradle Shock, but White countered with a half and half. He went for the Blade Runner but Sabin countered. White countered the Cradle Shock. They kept reversing until Sabin hit the Cradle Shock but Maclin rolled him up for the win. SURPRISE WIN FOR AN EXCELLENT OPENER.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Josh Alexander, his wife Jade Chung and their son Jett were walking. Josh asked if they were ok, Jade said they were fine and to worry about himself. She said tonight has been 6 months in the making and he’s been working for this for 16 years. They want the world to see what they know, that Daddy is going to be an amazing champion. Alexander said it’s not just about BFG, it’s about Moose making this personal. He needs to teach Moose that there are consequences to his actions. D’Amore came in and said that Moose knows he isn’t better than Josh, so he’s getting in his head by using his family. He said to take what’s most valuable to Moose in the World Title, but not to be ruled by anger but by using his strengths. He told him to go out there, be the best and take what’s his.

  • AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Taya Valkyrie

The longest reigning Knockouts Champion ever was back on the Impact Zone but to defend AAA. La Wera Loca vs La Virtuosa, what a collision… Taya and Deonna circled and locked up, then broke. The same lock and break but Deonna hit a kick to the gut. They went into the ropes, Taya connected with a hip toss, a kick to the head, a crossbody and then a dropkick. Taya backed Deonna in the corner, hit a chop to the chest and a whip across the ring. Taya ran into a back elbow, she caught Deonna’s feet and tied her in the ropes, then slid under for a snap German suplex. She hit knees to Purrazzo from the outside, then tried to pull Deonna headfirst into the ring post but Deonna did it instead. Deonna, back in the ring, locked in a rear chinlock for a moment, then smacked Taya down and hit a clothesline. Taya fought her way back to her feet and took over, Deonna connected with a Flatliner into a Koji Clutch but Taya got Deonna’s shoulders on the mat. Back outside, Taya shoved Deonna to the floor from the apron and hit a knee lift and a chop. Deonna grabbed Taya’s arm and slammed her back first into the apron.

Both women were slow to get up as the ref began the count. Taya got in the ring, and Deonna as well, they yelled at each other and went face to face, standing up and trading shots. Taya took over with a big forearm and hit a short elbow off the ropes, a knee to the face and a clothesline. Taya went for Road for Valhalla but Deonna got free, came off the ropes, hit a pump kick and a standing moonsault to Taya. She then locked in the Fujiwara armbar. Taya struggled to grab the ropes, then managed to fend off Deonna and went up top but got slapped across the face. Deonna went up with her, they were jockeying for position but Taya slid down and under. Deonna leapt off but was caught into a powerbomb, followed by a cross-legged STF. Purrazzo grabbed the rope and Taya got kicked down, with Deonna locking in a Figure Four leglock but hitting a big clothesline instead. Deonna went for the Queen’s Gambit but Taya fought out, kicked her to the head, and hit the Road to Valhalla for the win. ¡ARRIBA LA WERA LOCA! AMAZING BOUT.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Gia Miller was with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Tasha welcomed Taya back and said she has A title, but Tasha has THE title. About tonight’s match, she told Gia she should be asking Rosemary how she’s going to feel taking an L from the woman who beat the greatest. Rosemary has been chasing Flava since 2020 and still is. She’s going to get a taste tonight, but the dragging will be done by Tasha, dragon her by her stupid demon edges through Pettyville and stand over her still Knockouts Champion. And she’ll then ask her how she likes her now.

  • Three-Way Match for the X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel (c) vs Ace Austin vs Speedball Mike Bailey

My casual fav opener that has come from the main card to the countdown to come back to the main card… Austin talked shit to start and got attacked by Trey and Bailey as a result. He got battered by both his opponents in succession, Bailey hit a snapmare and a kick to the back. Miguel hit a kick to the back of his own, then Bailey went for his too. High-low kicks by both men. Austin got involved and got kicked by Bailey, he doubled Trey over but got dropkicked to the corner by Bailey. Trey sent Ace out of the ring and flipped over Bailey, they traded some reversals until Austin yanked Bailey down. Trey dove onto Austin, Austin went for a hurricanrana but got caught and Bailey hit a springboard moonsault onto Ace.

Back in the ring, Bailey kicked Trey and then chopped him. The Irish whip was reversed, Trey with an inverted atomic drop then rolled into a Kimura lock but went for a leaping stomp. Austin was back in the ring and caught Austin, slamming him back-first onto Bailey. Bailey was on the outside as Austin worked over Trey, he caught Bailey coming in and nailed him. Chops in the corner, he then splashed Trey and charged at Bailey but got dumped outside. Bailey went for the Ultima Weapon but Miguel moved and Bailey landed on his feet. Trey leapt out through the ropes into a cutter on Ace. Trey back in got nailed by Bailey, but Austin tossed him. He lied in weight and charged in. Austin connected with a roundhouse to Trey but got sent to the outside by Bailey, who hit a springboard moonsault on Austin to the outside. Trey followed with a hurricanrana over the ropes to the outside on Bailey.

Miguel rolled Bailey back inside and went up top, but was kicked by Austin on the apron. He got into the ring and went up top, nailing Trey, but Trey ducked a punch and went for a sunset flip powerbomb. Austin held on, Bailey jumped on Trey’s back for a German suplex on Ace. Trey went for a sunset flip but Bailey held on, he dropped Trey onto Austin and hit a flip double knee on both. Bailey hit a big kick to Austin, then the Ultima Weapon. Bailey and Trey slowly got up, Bailey kicked Trey through the ropes and waited for Ace. He faked a kick, then nailed it. Trey with a roll-up, Ace with a roll-up too, and Trey hit a brainbuster on Bailey. Trey went up top and hit the Meteora on Bailey. Ace unloaded a spin kick off the top before The Fold and the win. AWESOME.

Meanwhile, backstage…

Promo from Eddie and Honor No More, with Eddie saying from Day One no one told them what they were going to do. He said tonight was a perfect example when he beat Chris Bey. Taven said they forced their hands and tonight they’re putting a crown on the Kingdom. Bennett added they’re adding the Tag Titles to their resume, and when they do, they’re going to walk right to the Bullet Club and put it in their faces.

A 1970s-style “coming soon” preview for “EGV.” Thanks to everyone on Twitter who dissected the binary code in the video and EGV in Number Substitution Cypher (informatic language). So now, we know it means “SAMI on 07.05.22”. Mysterious…

  • JONAH vs Tomohiro Ishii

JONAH and Ishii started off and went forehead-to-forehead until Ishii laid in some punches. JONAH with a big shot back, and Ishii with chops. JONAH hit a chop of his own, Ishii replied with elbows and he came off all four ropes to collide with JONAH but he knocked Ishii down. JONAH went for some shots but Ishii ducked, he fired off but got laid out by JONAH who hit a headbutt, followed by a shot to the neck and another headbutt. Ishii went back up for a shot to the head and a hard whip into the corner. JONAH started stomping on the arm and then sent Ishii into the corner. Shot to the head, and JONAH locked in a headlock submission, forcing Ishii to the mat. Ishii fought out of it but got run over. JONAH laid in some punches and kicks and elbow to the ear, and Ishii asked for more. He got stagged a bit with a shot but stayed up An elbow by JONAH and Ishii answered with his own, and they traded some shots until Ishii was sent into the corner.

JONAH hit kicks to the chest and an Irish whip across the corner, Ishii came out with a shoulder tackle and went for a German suplex, but JONAH blocked it and backed Ishii into the corner. He went for a splash but Ishii moved. He went for the brainbuster but JONAH blocked it and hit a bodyslam. Ishii fought back again and laid in some chops to JONAH in the corner, but JONAH turned it around and nailed some of his own. They traded some reversals with chops and shoulder blocks, the latter of which from JONAH sent Ishii into the math. JONAH picked Ishii up, and hit a whip across the ring and an Avalanche, followed by a big bodyslam. JONAH got Ishii up on his shoulders (interview of his lumbar spine, please…), Ishii fought out but ate a kick. Ishii was powered back up, hit a big chop block, sending JONAH to his knees, and Ishi went for the brainbuster but couldn’t get him up. He went off the ropes and ended up on JONAH’s shoulders, a Samoan drop was followed by a Senton.

JONAH set him up for the Jonah Bomb, but Ishii fought out of it. Back elbow by JONAH but Ishii shoved him into the ropes and used the momentum for a release German suplex. Both men were slow to get up, Ishii came off the ropes with a big clothesline. Another one staggered JONAH, Ishii went off with once more. JONAH clotheslined Ishii twice but he was right back up, Ishii off the ropes to level JONAH with a clothesline. Ishii off the ropes again but JONAH blocked a clothesline until Ishii managed to knock him down. The basement lariat was caught by JONAH who hit a shoulder block. Ishii was unfazed and they traded shots until Ishii went down. JONAH Bomb, then a short-arm clothesline, but Ishii was still standing. JONAH got Ishii up and went for a brainbuster, Ishii blocked it but JONAH Speared him. JONAH went up top, but Ishii moved. Another Basement Lariat, some headbutts and finally the Brainbuster gave the win to Ishii. RIP TO THEIR BACKS…

  • 8-Team Elimination Challenge for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: Violent by Design (c) vs The Good Brothers vs Rhino & Heath vs Mack & Swann vs Honor No More vs ?? vs ?? vs ??

#1 The Major Players vs #2 Morrissey and Jordynne Grace

Grace and Myers in the ring, she dodged a clothesline and decked Myers. She hit a kick to the gut, got up on Myers’ shoulder but kneed him repeatedly in the head before a suplex. Morrissey tagged in and so did Cardona who hit a shot to Morrissey but got run over off the ropes. Avalanche by Morrissey, another avalanche, then a sidewalk slam. Grace tagged in, Morrissey set Cardona on Grace’s shoulders for a clothesline/powerbomb combo. Morrissey chased Myers around the ring and Chelsea Green stopped him, Myers rolled Grace up for the win.
Afterwards, Grace and Morrissey attacked the Major Players, chokeslamming them and sending them to the outside. Grace dove onto them and Green attacked Grace. Morrissey went to chokeslam Cardona into a table, Green went for a NutCracker but Morrissey had a cup on. Grace nailed Green and tossed her over to Morrissey, who powerbombed Green through the table. Morrissey and Grace left with the Major Players in complete disarray. Funny fact, Myers stayed hidden under the ring until Morrissey left.

#2 vs #3 The Good Brothers

Anderson and Gallows came down to ringside and rolled in, the Players wouldn’t go in so the Brothers rolled out and went on the attack. Anderson threw Myers into a superkick by Gallows, they rolled into the ring where Cardona begged. Gallows picked Cardona up and Magic Killer 1-2-3.

#3 vs #4 Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Gallows immediately knocked Swinger and Dice’s heads together. Anderson and Gallows double-teamed Dice, Dice broke free and tried to nail Anderson, but he ducked and Swinger got nailed. Spinebuster and Magic Killer 1-2-3.

#3 vs #5 Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Swann and Mack ducked clotheslines on the outside and slid in, then dove onto the Good Brothers. Mack rolled Anderson in and Swann followed. Kick to Anderson and a slam into the turnbuckle, followed by a shot by Swann. Anderson fought back with a chop and punches. Swann went into the ropes and they went back and forth until Swann nailed a hurricanrana and then kicked Anderson in the back. Mack tagged in, he jabbed away at Anderson in the corner. Whip across the ring and Anderson went down. Mack mocked Gallows and then tagged in Swann, another whip across the ring and Swann with a diving clothesline in the corner, then Mack with a splash. Swann with a big smack to the face but Anderson powered him over and tagged in Gallows. Gallows sent Swann across the ring and charged, Swann dodged and hit a kick. Shots to the midsection and the head, Swann went off the ropes right into a big boot. Gallows shoved Swann into the corner and went in with the shots to the rib and then an uppercut to down Swann. Gallows nailed a delayed vertical suplex.

Gallows hit a shot to Swann and picked him up. Swann fought back but Gallows shrugged it off and knocked him down, stepping on his hand as he tagged Karl in. Chinlock on the ground, then they got back to their feet and Anderson hit a kick to the gut. He whipped Swann across the ring and went for a Bronco Buster but Swann moved and Karl was crotched in the corner. Gallows tagged in and hit an elbow drop to the back of the neck of Swann. He laid in elbows to the shoulders and locked in a chinlock. Swann got to his feet and broke it with a jawbreaker. Karl tagged in but Swann kicked him and tagged in Mack. Mack in hot grabbed Karl and hit a swinging bodyslam. He knocked Gallows off the apron and charged at Gallows but got kicked. Mack still hit a Samoan Drop and the Bread & Butter. Mack hit a kick to the gun, the Stunner was blocked and Anderson hit a Spinebuster. Gallows back in, they went for the Magic Killer but Swann broke it up. Gallows kicked Swann, Mack kicked Gallows and sent him over the top. Elevated punch to Anderson by Mack who then went up top, but Anderson went up quickly and decked Mack. Mounted punches to Mack, Anderson was all the way up but got knocked down by a headbutt. Anderson distracted Mack, then crotched him on the top rope and took out Swann. Magic Killer 1-2-3.

#3 vs #6 The Kingdom

Honor No More sneak-attacked and Maria grabbed Gallows’ foot as Taven covered him.

#6 vs #7 Heath & Rhino

Heath and Rhino attacked and sent Bennett into the ring. Rhino pounded on Mike in the corner, pulling his shirt over his head and hitting a chop. Heath in, double whip into the ropes and double back elbow. Mounted punches by Heath for a full ten. Whip reversed by Bennett, Maria tripped up Heath and as the ref’s back was turned, Maria choked Heath against the ropes. Bennett connected with a suplex on Heath. Taven tagged in, Bennett whipped Heath into a big boot, then dropkick by Taven and an Irish whip into a twisting neckbreaker. Bennett was in now, he locked in a chinlock on Heath. Heath fought his way out and they went into the ropes, taking each other out with some crossbodies. Tags were made by both, Rhino in hot nailed Taven in the corner. Rhino took out Bennett but Taven with a big shot, double superkick and it turned into chaos as all four men were in. But Rhino hits a Gore in the chaos for the 3-count.

#7 vs #8 Champions Violent By Design

Young was in first and got knocked down by Rhino. Irish whip, Young replied with a back elbow but got knocked down, Doering distracted him and Young took Rhino down. Tag by Doering, double kick to the head. Doering laid in some mounted punches and put Rhino in the corner, manhandling him a bit. Young tagged in and Doering held Rhino for a big shot. Rhino fought back against Young and went to tag out, but Young grabbed his head and yanked him down to the mat. He was put in the corner and Doering held him, Young taunted Heath and Young talked trash, but Rhino fought his way out. He laid in shots to both champions but got kicked in the gut by Young. Young charged in but was hit with an uppercut, double clothesline and both men were down.

Heath was tagged in hot and took out Young, Doering off the apron, clothesline on Young. He went for a piledriver and instead hit a Wakeup Call. Rhino ran over at Deaner but got knocked down by Doering. Heath whipped Young into the corner, he went over the top and climbed up, but Heath slammed him off the top. Rhino was in now and he nailed Doering, sending him to the outside. Rhino waited, Young got to his feet but Doering tripped Rhino and pulled him out off the ring, sending him into the ring post. Young went for a piledriver on Heath, he countered out and went for the Wakeup Call but Young blocked it. The Piledriver finished Heath and the champs retained. A 33-MINUTE WACKY RACE BUT A GREAT ONE. AND NO DEM BOYS…

  • IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Tasha Steelz (c) vs Rosemary

Rosemary attacked Tasha right as the bell rang from behind and flung her across the ring, then did it again. Mounted punches to the champion. Rosemary picked Tasha up, the Irish whip was reversed, Tasha ran into a back elbow and Rosemary locked in the Tarantula/ Upside Down. She climbed back in the ring and grabbed Tasha, clotheslining her and flipping her over into a submission hold. Tasha got her feet on the ropes and escaped to the outside. Tasha bumped into Havok and turned around, decking her. Havok snapped and grabbed Tasha by the throat, and the ref ejected her. Tasha took advantage of the situation and leapt onto Rosemary. Tasha hit shots to Rosemary from the floor and rolled in, then back out. She knocked Rosemary down and showboated, then rolled her in and followed to leap down on the challenger’s back a couple of times. Rosemary was sent into the corner and Steelz ran in with an uppercut, a snapmare and a kick off the ropes. Tasha tried a submission, Rosemary powered to her feet and broke the hold, but Tasha delivered a couple of knees to the face. Kick from Steelz to Rosemary’s chest, and another kick. Rosemary rose and got kicked down, then she rose up and bit Tasha on the ass.

The two began trading shots, Rosemary went into the ropes and they nailed each other with clotheslines to drop. Rosemary was up first and she levelled the champ with clotheslines, followed by a Sling Blade, a charging knee in the corner and an Exploder suplex. Rosemary charged at the corner but Tasha moved. She tried a leaping DDT but Rosemary blocked it, she shoved the champ away with her foot and took her down. Tasha went for a springboard bulldog but Rosemary caught herself and slammed Tasha down. Rosemary charged into the corner, Tasha moved, and Rosemary blocked a cutter but got kicked and ate a Springboard Bulldog. Savannah distracted the ref, Tasha grabbed the belt and the ref blocked it. Savannah kicked Rosemary, Tasha hit the Blackout but Rosemary kicked out. Tasha went up top and leapt, but Rosemary dodged. Savannah grabbed Rosemary but got misted in the face. Spear by Rosemary to Tasha, Rosemary went for the double underhook, Tasha blocked it and got Rosemary in the corner, Rosemary went up top and got decked. A Springboard Cutter off the top rope and the Michinoku Driver gave the win to the Champ. NOT BAD BUT…

The next PPV will be “Slammiversary XX” on June 19, 2022, in Nashville, 20 years exactly after the first TNA PPV and in the same city. “Under Siege” Special Event will take place on May 7.

  • IMPACT World Championship Match: Moose (c) vs Josh Alexander

Alexander made his way to the ring with his son Jett, 4, who was wearing the same gear as his Dad. The competitors faced off in the middle of the ring and talked trash, Moose shoved Alexander and Alexander Fireman-carried Moose down. Elbows and then he got a waist lock, taking Moose down again. Both men to their feet, Moose powered out and reversed the waist lock, Alexander swept the leg and went for the anklelock but Moose quickly bailed to the outside. Moose slowly went back into the ring and he charged, Alexander ducked and hit a kidney shot. Short-arm knee lifts by the challenger, Moose hit a pump kick and charged, but Alexander dodged and sent Moose to the outside. Moose argued with Josh’s wife and Alexander went on the attack. The ref intervened and Moose took the chance to kick Alexander in the head. Alexander was sent into the ring post and then rolled into the ring, Moose followed and whipped Alexander hard into the corner chest-first.

Moose chopped Alexander hard in the corner, then moved him to another corner for another chop. Alexander hit a slap, then got moved to another corner for a chop. Same sequence but Alexander ducked and nailed several chops of his own. He went into the ropes and got hit with a back elbow, Alexander went off the ropes with a shot but got hit with a massive dropkick. Backdrop by Moose off the ropes, he went for it again but Alexander with a small package for two. Alexander got Moose on his shoulders but he escaped to the apron, Alexander hung him against the ropes and raced in. Moose caught him but Josh slid off and sent him into the ring post. Alexander went for a hurricanrana but Moose hung on and smashed Josh into the guardrail. Moose rolled in as Alexander slowly got to his feet.

Moose grabbed Josh and locked him in an abdominal stretch, with elbows to the midsection. Josh fought out and went for the wrist, Moose decked him and came off the ropes into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Both men were slow to get up, Moose came in but ate a back elbow. Alexander continued with charging kicks to the face, and Moose was down against the ropes. Alexander laid in a series of stomps until the ref pulled him off, he went back in and stomped until Moose fell out of the ring. Josh followed, decked him and rolled him in. Moose escaped to the other side and was hit with the diving crossbody, sending him to the floor. Josh sent Moose back inside and followed, standing over the champion. He stomped on Moose’s hand and smacked him, pulling him up for the C-4 Spike but Moose blocked it and backed into the corner, where Alexander laid in chops and stomps. The ref backed him off, Josh ducked a pump kick and took Moose to Alexander City with 10 Germans in a row.

Josh went back to his feet slowly, he grabbed Moose and was setting him up for the C-4 Spike but Moose countered with a backdrop. He charged into a boot by Alexander, Josh went up but got dropkicked. Moose connected with a Sky High. Moose went for a Spear but Josh dodged and set Moose into the corner, hit a German suplex and Moose was right back up for a kick. Josh dodged a shot and caught Moose in the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Moose scrambled and crawled, he got to the bottom rope for the break. Alexander was up now and he grabbed Moose’s leg but got kicked in the head a few times. He slapped Moose hard in the chest twice and Moose got up. They went forehead to forehead and started trading chops. Moose hit 3 chops but Josh fought back with one of his own. Moose took over with multiple chops, Josh responded with a forearm to the face and Moose dropped Josh with one of his own. Moose backed up and fired back but got knocked down again. He got to his feet and delivered a shot before being knocked down again. Josh just punched from the floor before Moose picked him up for a uranage.

The headgear was off and they traded shots, Moose hit a big headbutt before Alexander turned him inside out with a clothesline off the ropes. He hit the C-4 but Moose kicked out. Josh was back to his feet and he grabbed Moose, picking him up for another C-4, but Moose backed him into the corner. Repeated punches by Moose and he bit Josh right on the face. Josh set up on the top rope and Moose went up with him for the Superplex. Moose was up and waiting to hit a Spear on Alexander but he trapped him in a Styles Clash, then the anklelock from there. Moose was struggling, Alexander stomped him in the head. Moose crawled and scratched, he grabbed the turnbuckle pad and ripped it off. As the ref removed the turnbuckle, Moose got a cheap shot on Alexander. Moose threw Alexander’s neck into the exposed turnbuckle neck-first and hit a huge Spear, but Alexander kicked out at 2.999. Moose stomped at Alexander and limped his way to the corner, he pulled the top turnbuckle pad off. Moose picked Alexander up, he was going for a buckle bomb and he hit it. Moose went for the Spear and Alexander ducked with a knee to the head. Josh got Moose up, set him up and hit a winning C-4. After the match, Alexander celebrated with his family and got the belt strapped on him by his wife Jade. MONUMENTAL.

What am I supposed to say… After this sentence, usually, you read the absolute best or the worst. But you’ve read enough yet to understand that, of course, Rebellion was fantastic. Very few matches were disappointing, the main event was a mind-blowing moment, and as I felt it coming and said it, we, the fans, the IMPACT family, are the winners of the night. The family that Impact Wrestling is just thanked us the only way they could, with action, intensity and humanity. Kuddos to Rehwoldt and Hannifan who were just fantastic.
I kept the thoughts for the end, as always… One year ago, at the same Rebellion PPV, Josh Alexander was becoming X-Division Champion and was beginning his road to the top. Moose thought that Alexander’s emotions would be his distractions but Alexander knew there would be his motivations. When two men who are unable to deliver a bad match are in the same match like tonight, it couldn’t give something bad. Moose is an incredible wrestler and he proved it. But it was Alexander’s moment… 

The CountDown matches were good. Chris Sabin was so on fire I thought the smoke would once again surround him. Steve Maclin definitely set himself as an important member of the roster and a serious contender for any title. Taya Valkyrie surprisingly overcame all odds and stopped Deonna Purrazzo’s winning streak. The alchemy between these two ladies was incredible. I was suspecting Ace Austin would win for a reason I could not explain (Option C?). The match was brilliant and it makes sense when I relate it to the “Young Seeds” piece we put online on Saturday. Ace Austin will rule this business in the years to come, like Chris Bey or Jordynne Grace. As you know, I’m not very into Japanese wrestling but JONAH and Ishii did one hell of a match.
The Gauntlet match was pretty cool because of the different paces during the match. The Good Brothers did a great match but Violent By Design are so damn good. Tasha Steelz winning with the help of Savannah Evans made me cringe (again). The match had everything to be great and it turned out good because of the 2-on-1 situation. Rosemary still has that capacity to surprise me, even after 5 years…
Rebellion was 3 great hours of wrestling, even if some things went wrong here and there. There was something fantastic in the way all the matches, despite different, were matching so well. There was something special that kept all the roster together and allowed it to make something great. Despite what could happen, IMPACT stood tall, and will always stand tall. See you on Thursday for IMPACT, we don’t know yet what is going to happen but I’ll be there, for sure. ENYGMAtically yours…


Rebellion Full Results:

  • Countdown to Rebellion – Eddie Edwards defeated Chris Bey
  • Countdown to Rebellion – The Influence (c) defeated The IInspiration to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions
  • Steve Maclin defeated Jay White and Chris Sabin
  • Taya Valkyrie defeated Deonna Purrazzo (c) to become the new and 4-time AAA Reina de Reinas Champion
  • Ace Austin defeated Trey Miguel (c) and Mike Bailey to become the new and 3-time X-Division Champion
  • Tomohiro Ishii defeated JONAH
  • Violent By Design (Rhino, Deaner & Joe Doering) defeated Mack & Swann, Heath & Rhino, The Good Brothers, OGK, Swinger & Dice, Jordynne Grace & W. Morrissey, and the Major Players to retain the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship
  • Tasha Steelz (c) defeated Rosemary to retain the IMPACT Knockouts Championship
  • Josh Alexander defeated Moose to become the new and 2-time IMPACT World Champion

Very Nygma Thanks to Steve Slam and Mr Deathman – All pics, screenshots, and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Fite TV. All photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.  

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