Holy shit, guys. We were given a very violent GCW show as there were three weapon-filled matches towards the end. John Wayne Murdoch took on Hoodfoot and Alex Colon fought Jimmy Lloyd. The main event saw The Briscoes go to war with Second Gear Crew in a High Incident Match. Elsewhere, ACH fought Chris Dickinson, Bussy defended their gold against Gringo Loco and ASF, and Joey Janela went one-on-one with Bandido. We also got two legends fight as Minoru Suzuki and 2 Cold Scorpio went at it, and Alex Shelley battled Nick Wayne. First up, there was a five-way scramble between Steve Scott, Billie Starkz, Jordan Oliver, Yoya, and Tony Deppen.

Five-Way Scramble Match: Steve Scott vs Yoya vs Tony Deppen vs Billie Starkz vs Jordan Oliver

What a mental way to start The Old Me. There wasn’t a moment of this match that didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. Every single wrestler had a big moment, and they all worked well together to put on a show. Deppen superplexed Starkz as Yoya powerbombed Deppen from underneath. Oliver hit a Moonsault to the outside on Starkz and Deppen as Scott landed a Swanton on all of them. Yoya hit a huge crossbody from high up on top of the speakers to the floor below, taking out everyone in the process. The match ended when Oliver hit a Cloud Cutter on Scott, only for Deppen to throw Oliver out of the ring and make the cover.

Nick Wayne vs Alex Shelley

After last night’s war between Shelley and Jordan Oliver, it was Nick Wayne’s turn to try and pin the veteran. I enjoyed this encounter a lot more, as it felt more intense. Wayne hit a step-up Enzuigiri and booted Shelley in the face as he stood on the apron. Shelley got back into it with a dragon screw that looked to hurt Wayne’s knee. He took advantage of the injury by locking in the Figure-Four, but Wayne got out and hit a double stomp on Shelley’s arm from the top turnbuckle. He continued the assault with a stunner but missed a cutter to which Shelley countered with a Fisherman’s suplex for a two-count. Shelley landed some big chops and a dropkick to the stomach, but Wayne replied with a standing Moonsault and a Fujiwara Armbar. As the match entered its final stages, Shelley landed an atomic drop off the turnbuckle and an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex. He connected with Shellshock, but Wayne kicked out. Shelley locked in Border City Stretch, with Wayne nearly getting the upset after reversing with a roll-up. Shelley had had enough and hit a final Shellshock for the victory.

ACH vs Chris Dickinson

There was some aggressive mat work in the early stages as both guys locked in some strong head scissors, but when they got to their feet, the Dirty Daddy used his strength to take charge. Although Dickinson used some big chops to knock the wind out of ACH, he ended up getting caught by a Hurricanrana and some smart offence. These guys were throwing some strong forearms and the sweat was spraying into the air with everyone. They tried to knock each other off their feet, but neither wanted to falter. Dickinson hit a deadlift German suplex and a dragon screw then followed up with another German for a two-count. ACH hit a step-up Enzuigiri and two German suplexes of his own. Dickinson knocked ACH to the outside with a shotgun dropkick off the turnbuckle, and after almost losing momentum, he hit a dragon screw on the apron. Back in the ring, Dickinson locked in the Figure-Four. ACH got out and landed a brainbuster for another two-count. He went for a boot, but Dickinson grabbed his leg and connected with another dragon screw and a brainbuster. It was all over when Dickinson locked in an STF to make ACH tap out. A solid match from start to finish with both guys mirroring each other move for move. I’ve never seen ACH have a bad match, and tonight was no different. After the match, Dickinson called ACH back to the ring and heaped some praise on him. I had a feeling he might call out Jon Moxley, but it wasn’t to be.

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Gringo Loco & ASF vs Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) (C)

Bussy, baby. The fighting champs were in fine form again as they took on the team of Gringo Loco and ASF. Effy landed a pump kick after some showing off from Loco, then went for the Gayrantula. Loco and ASF got in some great teamwork. ASF jumped on Loco’s shoulders and took out Effy, then Loco landed a double arm drag. They individually flipped over the ropes onto Bussy, but the champs got back into it as Effy dropped Loco with a TKO and a dragon sleeper. He hit a backbreaker on ASF, blew raspberries on his stomach, then dropped him with a sidewalk slam as Katch came in and locked in a body-scissors. ASF took out Effy with a top turnbuckle Hurricanrana as Loco landed a frog splash. Effy fought back with a double blockbuster as Katch tagged in and delivered hip attacks and cannonballs all round. She wasn’t done, delivering a double Northern Lights suplex, then a Superplex and DVD on ASF. Effy hit Under the Rainbow on Loco but ended up getting dropped with a sit-down powerbomb from the turnbuckle. After some miscommunication from the challengers, Effy hit Sack Rider on Loco and a Doomsday Sack Rider on ASF to retain the belts. A superb match and another successful defence.

Joey Janela vs Bandido

As much of a dick Janela is, he still came out after injuring his foot. Oh, wait. It was all a lie? What a fucking shock? Janela’s foot was fine, and he was able to take full advantage of Bandido in the early stages, despite an impressive Tope Suicida from the Lucha machine. Bandido fought back, but Janela was on him constantly. Bandido showed why he’s one of the greatest as he landed a tornado and a one-armed Falcon Arrow. He continued to build momentum with a frog splash for a two-count and an over-the-ropes flip. Back in the ring, Janela was able to land a lariat that sent Bandido spinning as the two lay motionless on the mat. They got up and traded blows until Janela landed a jumping piledriver for a two-count. Janela disappeared for a brief moment and reappeared on the stage. He jumped towards the ring where Bandido hit a cutter. Bandido then connected with his signature snap German for a two-count. Janela then rolled up Bandido to pick up the cheating win as he grabbed his tights. Boo, Janela. As he walked to the back, the piss jug re-emerged from the crowd and he took a drink from it.

Minoru Suzuki vs 2 Cold Scorpio

What a treat this was to see two icons standing across the ring from each other. Both were cautious at first, trying to find an opening without risk. Scorpio locked in a body stretch, but Suzuki reversed into one of his own. Suzuki landed a headbutt to knock Scorpio to the mat. When he got back to his feet, they traded some savage open palm strikes until Suzuki got knocked over. Scorpio got caught up in the over-the-ropes armbar by Suzuki. They fought at ringside where both guys landed some big strikes. Back in the ring, Suzuki landed a snap mare and a kick to the chest. He laughed as he wrenched Scorpio’s hand and wrist, taking pleasure once again at how fucking savage he is. Scorpio was able to hit a flip leg drop off the second turnbuckle followed by a splash off the turnbuckle, but only got a two-count. He continued to attack Suzuki with a step-up Enzuigiri but missed the Moonsault. Suzuki was able to capitalise and hit the Gotch-style Piledriver for the win.

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: Hoodfoot vs John Wayne Murdoch (C)

Murdoch smashed the shit out of Hoodfoot with light tubes to the back and the head. Outside the ring, Murdoch scraped the jagged edge of a light tube into Hoodfoot’s forehead to bust him open. Back inside the ring, Murdoch hit a standing senton on a light tube across the chest of Hoodfoot, then shoved a tube into his mouth. Hoodfoot retaliated by stabbing a light tube into Murdoch’s head, but the champ got up and smashed a couple more over Hoodfoot’s head. Both of their heads were busted open, but neither one of them stopped smashing tubes over each other. For a brief period, they lay motionless in the powdery white ring until Hoodfoot suplexed Murdoch for a two-count. He set up a glass pane in the corner of the ring, but Murdoch was the one to suplex him through it and pick up the win. I’ve missed the violence, and this was a perfect taster of what was to come. After the match, Murdoch grabbed the mic and addressed Colon again, saying he wasn’t going to win another Tournament of Survival as long as his heart was still beating.

TNT Extreme Division Championship Deathmatch: Alex Colon (C) vs Jimmy Lloyd

The ring was still covered in the glass from the previous deathmatch, and more glass tubes and panes were set up everywhere. Right off the bat, Colon landed a Tope Suicida while smashing multiple glass tubes into Lloyd. He went for another, but Lloyd caught him and landed a Death Valley Driver through a glass pane. Back in the ring, Lloyd drove a broken tube into Colon’s head, but the champ hit a stunner in retaliation. Lloyd hit a German suplex with a tube locked behind Colon’s head, smashing it on impact, then landed a standing senton on top of another tube. As Colon sat on the turnbuckle, Lloyd smashed a tube over his head and set up a pane on top of two chairs, then managed to pull Colon through the glass pane. Lloyd was able to continue the beating, but the champ fought back and drove his knees through a cross of glass tubes that was resting on Lloyd as he sat on a steel chair. Lloyd sent Colon through a glass pane with an Iconoclasm, but he kicked out. He landed a package piledriver on a bundle of tubes, but Colon kicked out again. In a last-ditch effort, Lloyd set up another glass pane on two chairs. They fought on the apron as Colon landed a DVD onto some glass at ringside. He then double-stomped Lloyd off the top turnbuckle as he lay under the glass pane to pick up the win. Fucking hell. Another brutal encounter that saw Colon retain once again. Afterwards, Colon called out Murdoch who headed out and said that Colon could either have the rematch or enter the Tournament of Survival. Colon said they’d battle at Cage of Survival on June 5th.

High Incident Match: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) vs Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)

The fact that the sole rule in the match is victory can only be achieved by throwing an opponent through a table off of the scaffolding is proof of just how mental it was going to be. Chairs were thrown at ringside by The Briscoes at the start. Mark put Justice through a table with a powerbomb after failing the first time. It was just utter chaos as all four guys beat the shit out of each other at ringside as there was barely any room to move between the ropes. Mark got some Redneck Kung Fu in on Warner as Jay beat down Justice. Mark climbed the scaffolding, but Justice hit him with a chair. Justice hit a Russian Leg Sweep off the scaffolding on Mark through two tables. He grabbed a table and put it on the stage, then continued to beat down the Briscoes with chairs. Jay was a bloody mess, and Mark wasn’t far behind him. The mad bastard Matthew Justice dived off the scaffolding again to take out The Briscoes. He then took Mark up towards the stage as Warner joined him with Jay. SGC Chokeslammed Mark through a table, but Jay got some payback by knocking Justice to the floor below. Warner tossed Mark off the stage through a table. Jay and Warner came face to face in the ring and traded blows until the chairs came out. Warner and Jay were placed on two tables as Justice and Mark climbed the scaffolding. They climbed to the top and then dived off at the same time, although it looked as though Justice landed first. Emil Jay announced at the end that it was a draw. Regardless of the result, that was fucking nuts, and a great way to end a top show from GCW.

All images courtesy of GCW. Thanks to Fite TV for the captures.

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