It was another packed Dynamite this week, with some big matches featuring Wardlow and Lance Archer, Blackpool Combat Club and The Factory, and Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida in a Philly Street Fight. The main event saw Scorpio Sky trying to reclaim the TNT Championship from Sammy Guevara in a Ladder match, and we also got a 10-man tag match as Undisputed Elite took on five talented up-and-comers in the form of Dante Martin, Brock Anderson, Lee Johnson, and Varsity Blonds. First up, we got a first-time-ever match as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler of FTR battled for a place in the Owen Hart Tournament.

Quick Results

Dax Harwood defeated Cash Wheeler via pinfall. ****

Blackpool Combat Club defeated The Factory via pinfall. **½

Wardlow defeated Lance Archer via pinfall. **½

Serena Deeb defeated Hikaru Shida via submission. ***½

Undisputed Elite defeated Varsity Blonds, Brock Anderson, Lee Johnson, & Dante Martin via pinfall. ***

Scorpio Sky defeated Sammy Guevara by grabbing the TNT Championship. ***½

The Matches

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match: Dax Harwood vs Cash Wheeler

CM Punk joined commentary as FTR went at it with each other for a spot in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. I wasn’t quite sure whether Harwood and Wheeler would hold back at all, but as soon as the bell rang they literally pulled no punches with some strong submissions and impressive countering. It was a fairly fair fight until Harwood poked Wheeler in the eye and he got frustrated. Harwood landed some big chops in the corner, then hit a superplex. Wheeler fought back and dropkicked Harwood out of the ring. Back inside they chopped the hell out of each other until Wheeler launched Harwood hard into the corner and followed up with three deadlift German suplexes. Harwood hit a German suplex of his own as both men landed duelling crossbodies. They both kept reversing moves and pin attempts until Harwood landed a slingshot Liger Bomb for a two-count that almost looked like it was over. Wheeler connected with a piledriver, but only managed a two-count as well. Harwood was able to counter a back body drop off the top turnbuckle for a two-count, and shortly afterwards they went tumbling to the outside. After escaping the 10-count, Harwood looked to lock in the Sharpshooter but hesitated. Wheeler went to roll him up, but Harwood reversed and rolled up Wheeler for the win. What a superb match, and thankfully they embraced afterwards. Ladies and gentlemen, this is wrestling.

Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta, & Jon Moxley) vs The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, & Aaron Solow)

The bell hadn’t even rung before all six men started brawling. When things had calmed down, The Factory were able to work on Yuta, as each man took turns to beat him down. Marshall decided to mock Danielson which allowed Yuta to nail a German suplex on him and tag in the American Dragon. Danielson slapped the hell out of Solow’s chest, and then unleashed a multitude of kicks. He took out Marshall and Comoroto with a Tope Suicida and got back in the ring to hit Solow with a shotgun dropkick. He locked in the LaBelle Lock, but Marshall broke it up, only to get caught with a half-and-half suplex. Yuta got back in the ring, but Comoroto floored him instantly. The entire BCC got in the ring as Yuta managed to pin Comoroto, while Danielson and Moxley stopped Solow and Marshall from getting involved. It was a bit of a weak match in all honesty. I get they’re trying to build Yuta as a star, but he was pretty horrendous until the last minute.

Lance Archer W/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Wardlow

MJF and Shawn Spears were in the rafters again. They made a joke about the women of Philadelphia before saying Archer was going to decimate Wardlow. These two beasts went to war. Archer threw himself at Wardlow off the apron before the bell, but Wardlow recovered to hit a spear in the corner. They fell to the mat after a double clothesline, then traded blows. Archer connected with a moonsault off the ropes and a chokeslam, but Wardlow kicked out. He landed Blackout, but Wardlow reversed into a roll-up for a two-count. Wardlow landed a senton off the top turnbuckle and ended it with four powerbombs in a row. Why isn’t this guy getting a title opportunity? He’s a phenomenal athlete that hit a goddamn senton better than anyone else in the company.

Philly Street Fight: Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida

Deeb blocked a knee strike off the apron by hitting Shida with the chair. Back in the ring, Deeb drove Shida knee first into the chair and hit a twisting neckbreaker for a two-count. She continued to work on Shida’s knee by locking a figure four in the ropes and smashing it with a chair. Deeb continued to keep up the punishment by throwing white powder in her eyes and smashing her with the kendo stick. Shida was able to get back in the game and dropkicked Deeb off the steel steps, shortly following up with an avalanche Falcon Arrow for a two-count. Although Shida tried her best to overpower Deeb, she was too good. She hit a Deebtox on a steel chair for a two-count and locked in the Serenity Lock. Neither worked, so she put Shida in a Texas Cloverleaf to make her tap. Thunder Rosa was shown watching from backstage, hopefully meaning we’re going to get some kind of rivalry between her and Deeb. I’d be pretty happy if it happened because we need something fresh for Deeb, and Rosa would be the perfect opponent for her.

Undisputed Elite (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) vs Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr), Brock Anderson, “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson, & Dante Martin W/ Julia Hart

It looked as though there was some confusion in the early stages as Matt and O’Reilly had some miscommunication which led them to fall over each other, and the young guys took to the ring and stood tall. reDRagon were able to gain their composure by working on Anderson with a double suplex and some vicious knee strikes from O’Reilly. Anderson managed to tag in Johnson, but the Young Bucks hit stereo superkicks on him. reDRagon wiped out Pillman as Nick hit an over the ropes X-Factor and a tornado over the ropes. Johnson then got stung with a four-way BTE Trigger which allowed Cole to connect with the Boom for the victory. Afterwards, Cole got out the new Undisputed Elite t-shirts and gave them to the Bucks who seemed happy enough to put them on. I’m still convinced they’re just biding their time to turn on Cole and reDRagon. Time will tell, I guess.

TNT Championship Ladder Match: Scorpio Sky vs Sammy Guevara (C) W/ Tay Conti

Before the match began, Sky launched Guevara into the guard rail in a multitude of ways to try and cause some damage. Guevara was able to fight back and land a German suplex on the ramps. Back in the ring, Guevara catapulted Sky into the ladder, but he grabbed on and tried to climb up. Sky fell off and Guevara went for some kind of 720 Splash, but missed and landed awkwardly. There was a bit of a pause to allow time to check on Guevara. Conti ended up attacking Sky from behind, but he shook it off and both guys climbed two separate ladders in the ring where Sky countered and hit a cutter from up high. Sky grabbed a ladder wrapped in barbed wire, only for Guevara to hit a standing Spanish Fly on top of it. Lambert got in the ring where Conti kicked him between the legs. As Conti and Guevara stood tall, Paige Van Zant ran down and attacked Conti. Sky and Guevara started climbing the ladders as Conti and Van Zant grabbed them around the necks, but they fell off at the top. Guevara stuck his middle finger up at Sky and he bit it, but Guevara knocked Sky off the ladder. He climbed back up and pushed Guevara off and onto the barbed wire ladder. It looked as though it was over, but Guevara returned. Thankfully, Sky knocked him off once more and grabbed the title to become a two-time TNT Champion. Ethan Page and Frankie Kazarian came out at the end to celebrate with the new champ. It’s amazing how much heat Guevara and Conti have gotten over recent weeks. Saying that, Guevara is so much better as a heel.

The Promos

After a look back to last week, Excalibur announced that “Hangman” Adam Page and CM Punk would face off at Double or Nothing. Punk left commentary and headed to the ring. He talked about there being plenty of talent in the AEW locker room before turning his attention to Hangman. He called himself a fan of Hangman, but he was just getting warm in AEW, and he would always give everything to the company. He thanked the fans for being behind him every step of the way and said he might not be a gambling man, but he will always bet on himself. Punk ended by saying he would always fight until the wheels fall off.

Scorpio Sky and Dan Lambert were backstage. Lambert said it was no coincidence he was fighting on Dynamite for the TNT Championship. Sky gave Guevara credit for what he’d done in AEW, but he would take back what was rightfully his.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Toni Storm. Storm said she was going to bring her friend in, and out walked Ruby Soho. She said the late, great Owen Hart once said, “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change,” but Hayter and Baker ended up just walking off.

Jurassic Express and Christian Cage were with Schiavone backstage. Jungle Boy said the loss last week stunned him and he felt like a loser. Cage called Jungle Boy a loser, but then Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs interrupted to ask for a match. Yes please, Tony Kahn. Get the gold on Team Taz right now.

The Jericho Appreciation Society made their way to the ring (oh, joy) to sit down with Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz. Parker said he gave his word to Tony Kahn there would be no violence, and he gives his word to the “AEW galaxy.” Are you kidding, me? Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz hit the ring and threw their chairs away. Jericho said the fans were lucky to be living in the Jericho era, then demanded Kingston apologise to the JAS. Ortiz said he deserved something better than an apology. He reached into his pocket and flipped the middle finger at him. Santana did the same, then said they were with Jericho in the beginning. Garcia poked fun at Kingston’s “perfectly manicured eyebrows,” then said they couldn’t hit them. Kingston said he hates this sports entertainment crap, and he would get them regardless. He wanted to fight, and that was it. Jericho said it was five on three, and they were too stupid to realise the odds before saying they would take them out one by one. Kingston asked if Jericho knew what a hit was because, in his world, a hit ends things. Jericho told Kingston to stand there and do what he’s told or else he’d get thrown out of another company. Kingston said he could smell the fear on him, and he would put him on the ground. Oh, boy. That was a terrifying promo by Kingston. Let’s get these two in a ring now.

A video aired featuring Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti kissing each other and talking about nothing of interest. You’ve probably guessed I could not care less about Guevara or Conti.

Lexi Nair was backstage with MJF and Shawn Spears. MJF called her Lindsay ‘by mistake,’ then told her to get the hell out after an amusing segment. He then said he had a smarter and stronger opponent, and you can’t teach that. Erm, did he just tease W. Morrissey aka Big Cass? He won’t be knocking on the forbidden door, he’ll be breaking it down.

House of Black appeared on the ramp as a lifeless Fuego Del Sol lay motionless. As they grabbed him, it appeared as though Alex Abrahantes was in the ring addressing them. When House of Black hit the ring, Penta and PAC’s music hit and out they walked. Abrahantes appeared beside them and the man in the ring pulled off his cloak to reveal it was Rey Fénix. Death Triangle stood united and beat up all three guys. I know this storyline’s been going for some time, but I was genuinely happy to see all three together again.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Swerve Strickland and Darby Allin as they talked about their qualifier match on Friday in the Owen Hart Tournament.

Matt Menard got the attention of a cameraman backstage to show everyone that the JAS had attacked Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana. As the JAS held Kingston, Jericho launched a fireball into Kingston’s eyes.

A hype video aired for Trent Berretta and Samoa Joe’s match on Rampage.

Match of the Night: Dax Harwood vs Cash Wheeler

Best in Show: FTR

Overall Rating: ***

All pictures and videos courtesy of AEW

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