Welcome back to VxS and the big finale to season 2. The Trap House was open and we were in for a multitude of dream matches and ridiculously fun fights. Despite some changes to the advertised card, the company had gone all out for the grand finale and was going to deliver. On the card, we’d see Nick Wayne vs Alec Price, Masha Slamovich vs Marcus Mathers under pure rules, Tony Deppen vs a mystery opponent, “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Arez, and much more leading to the main event warfare between the two VxS aces. It would be Jordan Oliver and Jimmy Lloyd in a Modern Warfare fight for supremacy. Let’s get into the action.

Bootleg Pre-Show: Dyln McKay defeated Everett Cross, Steve Sanders & Hello Hardbody via Assault Driver Neckbreaker on Sanders

To kick off the action, we had the Bootleg pre-show. This edition of the fuse lighting show brought us a four-way between some of the rising stars and former champs of the indie scene. It would be H2O standout, Dyln McKay taking on the God of Drivers Everett Cross, the Stoned Jabrone Steve Sanders, and my first time seeing Hello Hardbody, another name I’ve heard coming up a lot in recent conversations. They opened with a passing of the joint, bar McKay, the straight-edge one. That led to a crazy hurricane of four-way fighting between four young and hungry talents. Everyone showed out and kicked the show off with a bang. Everyone impressed and despite not winning Hardbody proved why his name has been on everyone’s lips. Sanders is making up for lost time and Cross was showing why they’re a former Unsanctioned Pro champ. McKay made sure he didn’t get left behind and got the win with a new move. This match is free so there’s no excuse not to watch this fun as hell pre-show stopper.

Nick Wayne defeated Alec Price via Super Cutter

The main card opened with a hot-shot contest between two of the fastest-rising stars on the scene. Alec Price, the Prize City OG, was still looking to make VxS his bitch, and this time he was getting a crack at Nick Wayne. As expected, the pair put on a sprint of a match that mixed Price’s domineering style with the gutsy underdog spirit of Wayne. It did everything it needed to do, giving us the best of both fighters and an excellent match to open the main card. Both these guys know exactly what they’re doing in the ring and how to execute it well. Price had so much of this match in the palm of his hand but his attitude cost him and gave Wayne the chance to come back and take the win. It all made for an exceptional opening gambit.

Yoya defeated Gabriel Skye & Jackson Drake via Dick Kick on Drake

The pace didn’t slow down as we went into a triple-threat between three hybrid fighters. Yoya is a legit MMA shooter with a whole lot in his arsenal, Gabriel Skye is one of the top dogs of VxS, and Jackson Drake, the Carolina Cannon. Yoya wasn’t coming to make friends, he was coming to kill and this was going to be his chance to make that happen, limp or no limp. Commentary was bigging up Drake and he was proving their praise valid as he took on both foes and wrecked them both. That mentality continued through the match as it ebbed and flowed into one-on-one bouts between the fighters and a car-wreck of triple-threat action. They all kept the pace up and used the time they had to make something fun. it was clever, vicious, and full of unique and fun multi-man spots. Yoya was working with a dodgy wheel but wouldn’t let it stop him, laying waste to his foes even with a limp. It all erupted into entertaining chaos with no one able to look away. The spectacle was there, the technique was there and the crowd loved it. Multi-man matches are all about making your moments and these three knew the assignment, getting it right on so many occasions. Yoya got to follow through on his mission statement and definitely left the other two furious with his tactics. He milked his injury for sympathy and waited for the dick kick opportunity. Well played Yoya, well played.

Reid Walker defeated Robert Martyr via Roll-up

The original pre-show match was bumped up to the main card and it’s hard to argue it didn’t belong. Reid Walker is another stand-out of the H2O Centre and has shown before what he is capable of in a VxS ring. Now, he was getting another challenge in the form of the Mat Bully, the Poisoned Youth, Robert Martyr. He would give Walker no quarter in this match so it was going to be a true test of his abilities. Martyr was originally caught out by Walker’s unorthodox, aerial antics but quickly found a way into the match and used his power and technique to bully Walker. He was relentless and as traditional as they come in his approach to the match but couldn’t quite find the ultimate weapon to keep Walker down. Because of that, Walker was able to find his footing in the match and bring the fight back. He had Martyr on the back foot and stole the win with a folding pin. It was a traditional technique to beat the ultimate traditionalist. It made for an excellent little match and a great win for Walker. Martyr still looked great in this one so whilst he may be pissed, he has nothing to be ashamed of here.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Arez via Ultima Weapon

Time for an international dream match as Mexico met Canada for a battle of two highly-unique fighters. It would be the King of Strange Style Arez taking on the Speedball Mike Bailey. I love Arez and all his intriguing little details but it was going to be an uphill battle going against someone as off the wall as Bailey. Yeah… this rocked. It was always going to be good but somehow these guys managed to make it even better than that. It was continuously innovative and shifted pace continuously, bringing out the best of both in high and low-speed exchanges. These two just got each other and meshed flawlessly throughout the match’s runtime. Both guys hit ridiculous moves and refused to hold back, mauling each other the whole time. Arez knows just how to twist things to be unique and weird whilst Bailey played the perfect foil to that. This was wild and definitely one of my favourites of the show. They knew there was a lot of hype behind this and they delivered. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we saw of these two. We need more of this wrestling madness.

Post-match, VxS announced Better of Dying, a Vegas show taking place on May 26th, That’s not all, it’ll feature the VxS debut of international deathmatch fighter Drew Parker. Someone is getting fucked up.

Pure Rules: Masha Slamovich defeated Marcus Mathers via Cross Armbreaker

Time for a change of pace. It was time for pure rules and we had two fighters that should flourish under that ruleset. Masha Slamovich is no stranger to these rules and has all the brutality to make it work. Marcus Mathers on the other hand was going to have to get used to the restrictions and try to fight Masha Slamovich and remain living. This became an absolute chess game of a match. They both played it smart to waste rope breaks and beat the other silly. It was a technically-charged battle of attrition with both fighters knocking the hell out of each other. Mathers was able to navigate Slamovich’s playground even as Masha tried to break his limbs. He lost all his rope breaks and did everything in his power to avoid getting DQ’ed or locked up again. Whilst not being the first thought for a pure rules competition, Mathers silenced anyone who could criticise by knocking it out of the park. He pushed Masha to the limit but just couldn’t keep her down. The Russian Dynamite exploded and tapped him out with a Cross Armbreaker. Slamovich remains undefeated in VxS despite everyone’s best efforts. Mathers gave it a damn good attempt but Slamovich had his number. She powered through his strikes and submissions to tap him the hell out.

Tony Deppen defeated AJ Gray via Chicken Mutilation

This was originally billed as Tony Deppen vs Davey Richards. Sadly, Richards couldn’t make it but in his place was someone just as challenging. It had been left an open fight even though Deppen was happy to take the night off, so the MFN Truth, AJ Gray took up the mantle to beat the hell out of Tony Deppen. These two are no strangers to each other and were going to give the fans a show. It managed to mix Gray’s murderous power with an excellent base of chain grappling and wrestling with some comedy thrown in. They started off grappling and scrambling round the mat before escalating to nightmarish strikes and an unintentional toilet break. That toilet break left Gray in a bind as he’d accidentally left toilet paper with him that Deppen used as a weapon. Despite that, the pair kept going and wrecked each other with the most lethal of strikes. It was a devastating fight bringing out the best in both. For a match made on the fly, these two nailed it. Deppen got the big win but Gray reminded everyone he was more than doors, lariats, and deathmatches. Both guys will be feeling this one in the morning.

Joey Janela defeated Drago Kid via Superkick

The Bad Boy was back so it was time for more chaos. Joey Janela had returned to VxS and was going to ruin the night for another foe. This time he was taking on the diminutive dynamo into The Rasmus, Drago Kid. Janela loves picking people apart, how badly was he going to ground Drago Kid? As expected, Janela made sure this was his match. He bullied the Luchador mercilessly, making sure every blow hit with maximum impact. He was far from subtle about it either, having fun at his opponent’s expense. It was all to try and make sure Drago Kid couldn’t take flight. Drago Kid pulled out a lot of surprises and made sure Janela worked for his victory but it was never enough to stop the Bad Boy from ruining his momentum. it was a fight that went everywhere with blood and flying. It got pretty intense and neither fighter held back. Janela brought the pain and Drago Kid brought it right back. It got mean and made Janela look like quite the domineering devil whilst Drago Kid became the gutsiest of underdogs until finally giving out to a Superkick. This was bloody intense with the Bad Boy really living up to the moniker.

Modern Warfare: Jordan Oliver defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Flaming Door Crab

Last but not least, the main event. Jimmy Lloyd was the first-ever ace of VxS. He was the star of the show, the main event player, and the one with the high-profile wins. No matter who was put in the ring with him, they fell. Then Jordan Oliver came along. He started taking the big matches, getting the big matches, and eventually cemented himself as the new ace of VxS. That had never sat well with Lloyd so here we were the rematch. A violent ruleset would be the backdrop for this blood feud. No one could go for a pin until they’d been busted open. No blood, no victory. As you could imagine, the opening minutes of the match were all based around blood lust. Lloyd was busted open within the first couple of minutes so he was now eligible to be pinned. Oliver made full use of that and decimated Lloyd with kicks and pin attempts before taking the fight to the streets. Shit got violent fast as the plunder came out and more blood flowed. Once they were both bleeding, all bets were off and it just got nastier and nastier, taking the hurricane of hardcore around the venue, even breaking a merch table. Chairs, tacks, doors, and even fire entered the mix as these two just tried to kill each other. Neither man was staying down so they had to keep trying to find more and more lethal and ridiculous ways to keep the other down. The ring was a mess, and so were both fighters. It was a highly personal, highly painful bout to end the season that saw Oliver pull out all the stops with a flaming door Powerbomb, and Crab to end things. He’d taken the top dog status but it had taken its toll. Jimmy Lloyd gave Oliver the fight of his life, desperately clinging to life even when it seemed unbelievable. It had been his own contraption to kill him. Lloyd might not be the top dog anymore but he is still one of the strongest competitors in the company. Lloyd recognised what they’d built. It didn’t matter who was better, it was about what they’d done, built VxS up as a top-tier promotion. They ended the show with a plan to work together and keep making VxS bigger. They ended season 2 with a fucking bang. This show rocked despite the issues it faced and I’m looking forward to what season 3 brings once they hit Vegas.

All images courtesy of VxS, Jocay, Video courtesy of VxS YouTube

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