Warhorse, Myron Reed and Microman will participate in the 40-wrestler Battle Riot as MLW returns to New York City’s Melrose Ballroom on June 23, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping.

The head-banging renegade Warhorse has entered the Battle Riot Fueled by horsepower and heavy metal, Warhorse plans on ruling ass at the Riot. Promising to bang heads and crack skulls when he hits the ring, Warhorse’s eye is on the prize: thrashing the competition and winning the Battle Riot. What happens when Warhorse dives into the 40-wrestler mosh pit that is the Battle Riot?

The World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed has his eyes set on winning the Battle Riot and punching his ticket to a title versus title match against Hammerstone. Having competed in all four Battle Riots, the Louisville middleweight has a level of experience that could be the x-factor in a win this Thursday in the Big Apple. Defined by creating a lasting legacy as the greatest of all time, Reed would forever cement his place in the league as the Young GOAT if he wins the Riot… but can he?

The world’s greatest wonder will make his New York City debut this Thursday as Microman has entered the Battle Riot. 3 feet of fury, the smallest wrestler in history has been an underdog all of his life but this micro-entrant’s gravity-defying attacks and evasive and compact fighting style could make him the true micro wildcard entrant. Will there be a micro-miracle in the Big Apple?


A mash-up of a battle royal, royal rumble and Anything-Goes Street Fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds. There will be surprises! There will be legends! There will be WTF entries… and there will be no disqualifications. Elimination is by pinfall, submission, or throwing an individual over the top rope. Anything is possible in a Battle Riot.


The winner gets a World Heavyweight Title Shot anywhere, anytime. It could be that night; it could be in 6 months. The challenger has the key to unlock an instant title shot against whoever the champion is.

MLW also announced Jacob Fatu vs. Real 1 as MLW presents Battle Riot IV at New York City’s Melrose Ballroom on June 23, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping.

The Real 1 says he is the toughest guy on the block — but he’s never stepped foot in the ring with a Samoan Werewolf… until this Thursday when the bell rings and Jacob Fatu and Real 1 collide. The Jersey brawler boasts of being the uncrowned champ of the streets, claiming to have toppled an endless list of victims in street fights. Vowing to now cross the river and add another victim to Real 1’s list, talk is cheap once Fatu hits the ring.

With Fatu’s war with CONTRA in the rearview mirror, the 280-pound “Samoan Smashing Machine” now readies to climb the rankings and rampage en route to another crack at reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship. A high-profile win over Real 1 would have Fatu circling the championship title picture.

A showcase of two distinct fighting styles, Real 1 looks to employ his unorthodox street fighting and dirty boxing skills while Fatu is a walking commotion of aerial attacks, brawling and moves you simply don’t see an athlete his size doing in a fight. What happens when Fatu collides with the Real 1 for the first time ever? Find out LIVE in New York City on June 23 at MLW Battle Riot IV.


World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone vs. Bandido (with Cesar Duran)

National Openweight Championship:
Alex Kane (champion) vs. Davey Richards

World Middleweight Championship 4-way:
Myron Reed (champion) vs. Lince Dorado vs. La Estrella vs. Arez

Samoan Swat Team vs. The Von Erichs

World Featherweight Title Match
Taya Valkyrie vs Brittany Blake

Scarlett Bordeaux vs Clara Carreras

First time ever!
Jacob Fatu vs. Real 1

Battle Riot Participants:
Lince DoradoMarshall Von ErichKiller KrossCalvin Tankman, Alex KaneJacob Fatu, EJ NdukaMatt Cross, Mini Abismo NegroRoss Von Erich, Richard HollidayJuicy Finau, Lance Anoa’i, KC Navarro, Ace Romero, La Estrella, José Maximo, Joel Maximo, Savio Vega, Little Guido, Real 1, Mads Krugger, Davey Richards, Myron Reed, Warhorse, Microman, and more to be announced in the days ahead.

All pics and videos courtesy of MLW

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