Welcome back to DMDU and to the company’s return to the Geelong Palais. Last time the company visited here we had blood and balcony dives. This time they were bringing all that and more as there were going to be more deathmatches, more opportunities, more potential sacrifices, and most of all, more blood. The show boasted eight matches ranging from the traditional to the extreme as Callen Butcher looked to defend the Australian Deathmatch title against Felix Young, Tarlee took the fight to Matt Hayter, SGB battled the Blackroach Reserve and Big Dude Energy, Joel Bateman and Lochy Hendricks fought for the War Games advantage and so much more would happen en route to the main event chaos that would see Edward Dusk look to make a sacrifice out of Will Walker in a falls count anywhere match. Let’s get into the carnage.

DMDU Australian Deathmatch Title: Callen Butcher defeated Felix Young via The Executioner’s Elbow Rain

The show was kicking off with a bloodbath. Callen Butcher is the ultimate fighting champ and the company had given a title shot to newcomer Felix Young. There was a whole host of fuckery at the ready and a crowd baying for blood so the pair were going to get cut up and fucked up for that DMDU gold. These two did not waste any time. within seconds a gusset door had been broken and Butcher was bleeding from countless holes in his forehead. They ran the marathon through a ton of deathmatch favourites including staples, skewers, blocks, and doors with Butcher giving everyone a fright by consuming some syringes. Considering this was Young’s first proper deathmatch, he handled the fuckery like a pro and brought the champ to his knees on several occasions. It was a nasty fight and one hell of a bloody way to get everyone into the show. The champ never slacks on the violence and gave Young one hell of a baptism by fire. I’m never going to complain about a smash and dash fuckery fest and that was what this played out as. Butcher continuously fired up on the sight of his own blood and eventually bludgeoned Young to death with elbows since the Execution Elbow just earned him a flip of the bird. I loved this and the bloodthirsty fans did too.

Scramble: Kid Valiant defeated Jordan Samson, York, Tyson Reed, Rochelle Rogue & Hector Jones via Skylord Splash on Reed

The anarchy continued as we went into a scramble match. Six fighters were stepping into the ring but only one could walk away the winner. It would be a rogue’s gallery of DMDU favourites stepping up alongside the debuting Tyson Reed. This would be no cakewalk for Reed as he would have to contend with York, Jordan Samson, Kid Valiant, Rochelle Rogue, and the Anti-Deathmatch Party’s Cut Throat, Hector Jones. It opened with a gang fight as the ADMP and deathmatch scene collided in York and Jones whilst everyone else picked their moments to collide. York and Samson brought the big boy style to the fight, Valiant looked to rebound after his stint with the title, taking on anyone in his path, Rogue picked her moments for maximum impact and Reed wanted to make an enemy out of everyone. A scramble’s quality is always decided by the people taking part and everyone here managed to weave their own narratives in to bring the most out of the action. It gave everyone their moment and gave the gif-makers a lot to do. Valiant racked up the win here and will hope to take the momentum into his next title match.

Tarlee vs Matt Hayter ends in double count-out

Although the show had missed Father’s Day, Matt Hayter was coming out because everyone deserves time with their daddy, and with an ego like his, you never want to disappoint. This time, he wasn’t putting his title on the line but he was going to give Tarlee the chance to get some one-on-one fighting time with him. Tarlee didn’t need a title shot, she just wanted to fuck with him. This was bloody hilarious. Between the pair’s wrestling, they were taking swipes and shooting shots at each other as Hayter tried to keep things professional and Tarlee looked to get Hayter to call her mummy. She was shooting her shot and aimed to have Hayter spellbound by the end of things. It wasn’t all fun and games there was still some great wrestling threading the story along with both fighters surviving some nasty drops and moves. In the end, they were too distracted by each other to notice the referee counting them out and ended up in a no-contest. Instead of accepting that result, Tarlee got on the mic and straight-up asked Hayter on a date. He refused, citing she had to earn it. At the next event, if she could beat him in another match, she could take him out to dinner. Something tells me those mind games are gonna be ramped up in the next one.

Big Dude Energy (Big Dave & Rickie Gilmore) defeated SGB (Sam Yannis & Levi Nixon) & Blackroach Reserve (Xavier Black & Scotty Roach) via 3DE on SGB

Oh boy, we were being treated to some tag team warfare. Three teams were about to compete under the watchful gaze of one-half of the Tag Team Champions, Murdoch. Blackroach Reserve, SGB, and Big Dude Energy were all about to batter each other senseless for some personal glory and to potentially send a message to the champs. This was wild. SGB and the Blackroach eliminated BDE from the equation so they could slug it out with each other before BDE came back and wrecked the shop. It wasn’t very long but it sent the message. Blackroach and SGB got some time to shine but the real point of this one was to give BDE a big dude win to set up another big dude title match. I can’t hate on BDE, their matches are just so much fun and full of energy. The pair are so damn likeable and deserve all the success they’ve gotten thus far. It was also good to see Blackroach and SGB get more screen time too. All three teams brought something unique and this little match gave them all the time to show it. Murdoch didn’t just watch, he tried to get involved and ate a 3DE too before accepting a challenge from BDE. Big Dave and Gilmore have one more chance to get those belts at War Games but given both Murdoch and Aysha are now on the same page when it comes to being dickheads, the big dudes better be ready to enter hell.

Deathmatch: Damian Rivers defeated Jake Wilder via Glass Pile Stump Puller Piledriver

Blood was back on the menu as it was time for the next deathmatch of the show. Damian Rivers, Australia’s deadliest man was back in action ahead of War Games and was going to be facing someone he’s known for a long time and done everything with, Jake Wilder. Nothing makes for better matches than seeing friends fight friends so I had high hopes for this one. Plus, there was a fuck ton of glassware to break in the process. This had a bit of everything here. You got some glass and barbed wire, brawling, high-flying, and just a whole lot of violence. The chemistry was clearly there and the pair were having fun braining each other with tubes and smashing glass. Wilder lived up to his name with a whole load of daredevil antics whilst Rivers used his deathmatch smarts to turn the fuckery to his advantage. It was a nice violent palette cleanser to reignite the bloodlust in the audience. DMDU had knocked it out of the park with tonight’s bloody offerings as team deathmatch continued to build momentum on the road to War Games.

DMDU Heavyweight Title: GORE (w/KrackerJak) defeated Delta via Dominator

Well shit, here come the monsters. It was a battle of the titans as The Dreadnaught Delta battled the Snuff King GORE for the DMDU World Heavyweight Championship. These two are some of the biggest and toughest bruisers on the roster so bodies could fly anywhere in this one as the pair unleashed their power. Yep, this was a car wreck. After starting with a gun show, Delta and GORE just beat the shit out of each other. It was a constant contest to outdo each other whilst KrackerJak watched on from the outside, interjecting when given the chance to ensure favour was always with the Bastard Brothers Snuff. Even then, Delta refused to be stopped. She kept kicking out and powering up to nail GORE with a whole host of slams and Suplexes. She was tossing him around like he was nothing and made sure KrackerJak got a taste of the pain by ironically hitting him with a spear. Despite all that fire, her win was all but denied by a ref bump and GORE made sure to put her down for good with the Dominator. It was another spectacle of strength from the Dreadnaught but right not between KrackerJak’s brains and GORE’s wrestling ability, no one is destroying the Snuff Machine at the top of the DMDU mountain.

War Games Advantage: “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks (w/Mr Wrestling Mitchell Wright & Hector Jones) defeated Joel Bateman via Chair Shot roll-up

The stakes raised again as we continued the heated ADMP vs deathmatch warfare. The Smash Hit Joel Bateman was colliding with The Loverboy Lochy Hendricks to determine who would have the advantage going into the War Games match. A win here could be pivotal in securing victory for either side when the big match came around so both guys were going to pull out all the stops here. Plus, Hendricks had a backup that was 100% going to get involved. Eurgh, so let’s address the obvious sore point instantly. Lochy Hendricks won. The ADMP has secured the advantage for War Games but it took several layers of pathetic tactics to do so. Mitchell Wright and Hector Jones had to get involved to save Hendricks from the initial beating and ended up getting the win for the Loverboy by braining Bateman with a chair. Typical, hypocritical ADMP win where the weaponry is only used by the side that claims to be so staunchly against it. Bateman fought like hell and Hendricks became an absolute savage once he started bathing in Bateman’s blood. The fight was as harsh as I’d expected it to be but damn, it hurts to see how the fight was won. A brawl ended the segment with Bateman promising to show ADMP Hell before sending them there for good.

Falls Count Anywhere: Edward Dusk defeated Will Walker via Barbed-Wire Wicked End

Nothing predates disaster quite like seeing your tag team partner getting powerbombed to hell. After his big Scramble win, Kid Valiant was back out to make a point. Instead, he got destroyed by the Brother’s Snuff. With one-half of the team bloody and broken, the odds were not looking good for the Main Character Will Walker. Edward Dusk, the Eternal one had marked him as his next sacrifice, and now, in a falls count anywhere match, he was going to fulfil his sacrifice. Walker has shown he will fight anyone and everyone in the most nightmarish of matches but we’ve seen what has become of Dusk since these sacrifices started and who knows just how far he’ll go or unhinged he’ll become to get his mark? Everyone awaited the carnage with bated breath. They’d trained together but now, Dusk had to kill him. Fucking hell. At first, it seemed Dusk had bitten off more than he could chew as Walker out-brawled him and busted him open with a wired bat. That trend continued until Dusk snapped and started using Walker’s weaponry against him. Once both men were in their element, this went off the rails in the best way. Dusk’s sadism was on full display as we saw him ignore traditional weaponry to give Walker paper cuts with branded cards as well as treating him to wire and blunt force trauma. Walker fought through it all and we ended up with a drawn-out battle of attrition that escalated with the desperation of both combatants. I knew Dusk could get unhinged but this was a new level of depravity as he needed to weaken Walker for sacrifice. It seems the Eternal Ones are the strongest of power sources as Dusk kept finding more and more energy to kick out and punish Walker. In the end, Dusk got his win but it was through a self-destructive Wicked End off the apron through a wired board. With a crown of thorns, Dusk stood tall, vilified by the crowd but confident in the knowledge he had once again served his gods. I state again this was amazing. Walker made the perfect underdog/fired-up hero whilst Dusk dragged him under and eventually broke him for the loss. A perfect way to end quite the intense show.

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