Welcome back to REVOLVER and to a good old dose of gang warfare. The Unit had tried to rule REVOLVER with an iron fist but they’d ended up incurring the wrath of some of REVOLVER’s best and biggest as SW3RVE was joining Rich Swann and Matthew Palmer to take them down within the Cage of Horrors. That wasn’t the only big hit the show was bringing though as “Speedball” Mike Bailey was defending his Impact X Division Title against the 1 Called Manders, Billie Starkz was getting a dream fight against Ruby Soho, The OGK were coming for the P.O.S and those REVOLVER Tag Team Titles, Mance Warner and Jake Crist were going to have a bunkhouse brawl, The Switchblades were reuniting against the Wolves and much much more was on the way leading to the big Cage of Horrors main event. Let’s get into the carnage.

Impact X-Division Title: “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated 1 Called Manders via Ultima Weapon

The show was opening with something massive. The newly-minted X Division Champion “Speedball” Mike Bailey was back in REVOLVER and ready to defend that title. The opponent the company had picked for him, the home state hero Cornbelt Cowboy, the 1 Called Manders. This was going to be quite the fight for Bailey as he’s fought the vicious and the fast, now it was time for the SGC hoss’ turn. It was akin to watching Bailey fight a bull as Manders gored and slugged him around the ring, forcing Bailey to use his speed to get around the bombs being thrown. It was a great show of heart from Bailey as he took the shots and kept getting back up, bringing out more and more toys from his playbook as the match went on. The crowd was torn and Manders kept feeding on the home state advantage to come back and smash back. Manders would not be stopped but then again, neither would Bailey. Momentum was on the razor’s edge as Bailey kept dodging death and Manders kept powering through. It took everything Bailey had to knock down and knock out Manders for the three-count, the Ultima Weapon sealing the deal. It was an excellent first match with Manders showing why he deserved to be fighting for one of the most coveted titles in wrestling right now. The best of the best challenge for the X-Division Title and Manders showcased just why he belonged in contention. What a way to make an impact. It was stiff, dramatic, and had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Allie Katch (w/JT Dunn) defeated Jessicka Havok (w/Gail Kim) via Bottle to the head

Next up was the first match for The Unit’s newest weapon. Allie Katch had aligned herself with the Saviour and helped him secure his title back in Vegas, now it was time to see her in action against the Kaiju Queen, Jessicka Havok. This was going to get vicious as both Dunn and the legendary veteran Gail Kim watched on. As expected of The Unit, Katch spent the early moments trying to avoid combat and running away. Havok finally caught her and bludgeoned her down but Katch just needed an opportunity to stun Havok and start breaking down the Kaiju Queen. She wasn’t modest about this either, throwing out taunts, poses, and messages to Kim, even utilising Eat Defeat for a two-count. Dunn also kept getting involved, prompting Kim to punch the shit out of him. Even then, Katch was able to get the win by bottling Havok and taking the win. it was a strong showing for the Unit’s newest weapon and hopefully the start of Katch’s tear-through REVOLVER. She’s just picked up a big win here by besting one of the most dominant wrestlers in the company.

Just because everyone should see this shot, there is the nasty crack that Kim gave Dunn since he kept interfering in the fight. It’s such a funny moment. Kim says she misses wrestling, I’d love to see her do one final bout, maybe REVOLVER can play home to it? Katch certainly seemed to want to get under her skin.

Blake Christian defeated Crash Jaxon, Zachary Wentz & Gringo Loco via Head Stomp on Loco

Things refused to slow down as we prepared for a multi-man war. Originally Blake Christian and Crash Jaxon were going to be the ones welcoming Zachary Wentz back to REVOLVER but it turns out the company had a surprise. Gringo Loco, the Base God was joining Wentz, Graveheart, and a Whole Lotta Dude in this one. Things were going to get fucking crazy. We’ve seen Crash Jaxon go on a winning streak at the moment, would that survive the night? Sadly, not but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. He didn’t eat the L but he also didn’t get the win. Maybe we have a technicality there. This match was off the charts as all four men went to war. There were bodies flying everywhere as all four men bulldozed, flew, and sped through their opponents. It was an absolute mash-up of styles and striking with everyone getting all their best shots in. No one fell behind, no one was a weak link. Everyone brought it and had everyone eating the action up. Jaxon was the obvious juggernaut and continuously came back to interrupt everyone’s plans whilst Wentz, Loco and Christian zoomed in and fought around him. We had crowd brawling, scaffold dives and so much more as these four just went wild. This was an absolute riot with Christian picking up another victory. Graveheart remains unstoppable and seemed over the moon to be tangling with Wentz. So much energy in this one.

REVOLVER Tag Team Titles: The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) defeated Prisoners of Society (Steve Maclin & Westin Blake) via Head-kicking Backpack Stunner on Maclin

The title tide had come in again as the REVOLVER Tag Team Titles were on the line. The Prisoners of Society were back in action and ready to defend their belts against one of the deadliest teams in the game. The OGK had come to REVOLVER with Bennett and Taven looking to walk out new champions. This was going to be another hard one for the champs as the OGK are no strangers to tag team gold and aren’t afraid to do what needs to be done to win. It was an uphill battle for the P.O.S as OGK went right for Maclin and kept him trapped for a large portion of the match. Blake could do nothing but watch and get mad as Bennett and Taven pulverised his partner. Maclin refused to die though and eventually, he got back into things and we saw the full might of both teams beating the shit out of each other. The OGK shocked everyone by getting the win after what was an absolute car crash of a closing sequence as they kept working on Maclin and eventually did exactly what they needed to do to win. Both teams had brought it and made sure everyone got their money’s worth from this super-charged pairing. It was a brutal fight with the evil OGK walking away with the titles. This show just kept on giving. It was a very traditional good vs evil tag match with some excellent teamwork thrown in throughout.

Bunkhouse Brawl: Jake Crist (w/Bobby Olsen) defeated Mance Warner via Spinning Heel Kick

Who wants some violence? It was time for a Bunkhouse Brawl with Mance Warner returning to the company to unleash some Southern Psychopathy on Jake Crist. There would be plunder, there’d be brawling, and ultimately, some lariats and light beers throughout this one. Ol’ Mancer loves to fight and Crist was certainly going to give him one. The haybales, the doors and so much more were all there to be broken. That’s just what happened. We watched two guys beat the absolute fuck out of each other. There were fists, kicks and so much broken plunder. It started rough and just got rougher as the pair started breaking doors with Superplexes, Piledrivers, and throws. There were chairs galore, door fights and so much brawling. These two knew exactly what the fans wanted and delivered it. This was pure anarchy and so damn enjoyable. Crist has turned his back on the fans since he thinks they don’t care for him and now has a manager Bobby Olsen running interference. He certainly helped slow Mancer down and gave Crist the chance to pelt him with chairs and regain his bearings. All this combined to give us one hell of a physical brawl full of fun moments and frantic action. Jake Crist continues to shine no matter how reviled he wants to be and Mancer proves that there is no one better for a brawl than him.

Dan the Dad defeated Manscout Jake Manning via Small Package

Okay, intermission was over and it was time to return with one of the most hotly-contested contests in REVOLVER. The first time the company tried to run this epic encounter, Infrared ruined it. Now, we were going to see the uninterrupted second take of Dan the Dad vs Manscout Jake Manning. Would it be the scout’s guide to success or Dad’s wrestling parenting that would be the key to victory tonight? Dan the Dad got the win in this epic rematch as the pair tricked, trapped, and traded across the match’s runtime. The pair even traded shorts as they fought in a tent. It was a wildly funny match with the pair making the most of the time slot and offering something different. We had punch-outs, tent scrapping, and an egregious breaking of the scout’s code. Post-match, the pair made up but Damian Chambers tried to ruin the fun, only to get knocked out by a lariat from ring announcer Shawn T. You don’t fuck with REVOLVER Damian Chambers, one day you’ll learn this.

Ruby Soho defeated Billie Starkz via Pullback Head Spike

It was time for another special fight. Billie Starkz has been getting some of the best opponents she could hope for in REVOLVER and that trend was continuing as she looked to take on the Runaway Ruby Soho. Her destination this time was REVOLVER and she was going to give Starkz one of the dream matches she craves. This was going to be good even if Soho was fighting with a damaged arm. She wasn’t going to fight originally but Starkz had provoked her into the scrap, especially since you wanted Heidi Lovelace, not Ruby Soho. Ask and you shall receive, the fight was on. This was wild. Starkz and Soho were ruthless as emotions ran high and the pair looked to end each other. Soho had a hot start but Starkz kept going for the injured arm with merciless intent. The arm kept bothering Soho but that didn’t stop her from pulling out the moves and trying to kill off Space Jesus. Starkz kept kicking out and hurting her more but also couldn’t stop Soho from kicking out. When Deadly Nightshade and No Future couldn’t stop Starkz, Soho got creative and just whiplashed Starkz’s head right into the mat. It hadn’t been a win here but Starkz had taken one of her idols to the limit. It was an insanely good fight and hopefully, we get to see it happen again with Soho at one hundred percent. This one rocked but just imagine what they could come up with when there are no limitations.

The Switchblades (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) defeated The Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) via Rear-Naked Choke on Richards

Now, this makes me happy. The Switchblades were back. Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan were reuniting to bring the Switchblades back with a fury and unleash that on one of the scene’s best tag teams, The Wolves. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were about to contend with one of the most unpredictable and deadly units in wrestling. The years and mentalities may have changed but nothing was going to undermine that spirit that had linked the Switchblades all those years ago. Sami Callihan was going to make the most of his first proper match back. This had a lot of hype behind it and I can safely say it delivered. Sami became the unwilling punching bag of the match as Richards and Edwards trapped and pummelled him until the inevitable escape happened. We had some Mox vs Richards action and a whole lot of team fighting as this explosive match just kicked into more and more gear. It mixed traditional tag-team style with the uncontrollable heat these teams were bringing. Callihan was still all attitude and had not forgotten how much he hates the Wolves. It all combined to make one hell of a tag contest. It was a worthwhile reunion bringing back some old-school CZW attitude to the new era. I hope it’s not a one-time thing as this was great fun and I’d love to see how Mox and Callihan can stack against other teams. The Wolves had made the reunion something special by bringing their best and pushing the Switchblades to their limits. I love when big matches deliver and this most certainly did.

Cage of Horrors: The Unit (JT Dunn, Logan James & Tyler Matrix w/Phil Stamper) defeated The Crew (SW3RVE Strickland, Rich Swann & Matthew Palmer) via SW3RVE’s betrayal on Swann

Last but not least, the main event. This was going to be a territorial war for the company. At SW3RVE’s house, The Unit had tried to stamp the company into their own image but had been stopped by the Crew. Now, it was SW3RVE, Swann, and Palmer taking on Dunn and Infrared in a rumble-style hardcore match with cage fencing and fuckery aplenty. Things were going to get very nasty in this one. It opened with the heated contest that caused this match’s formation with Dunn vs Swann and would see a new entrant every two minutes until everyone was in the ring. They broke the first door of the match and Swann had to fend off two members of the Unit as Logan James was the next entrant. Matthew Palmer was out next to even the odds and hunt the monsters in the ring. The fuckery kept getting brought into play as the Crew just bullied the Unit. Matrix came in next and neutralised Swann instantly with powder and a ramp DDT. Infrared took full advantage and used their uninterrupted two minutes to make Palmer pay. Dunn joined in too, attacking Palmer with a wrench. SW3RVE was the last out and just smiled at the carnage he was about to wreak. The Crew was at full strength and the Unit needed to be ready. With all the pieces in play, this became an absolute massacre. Everyone fought everyone with doors, chairs, and barbed wire all coming into play as they did so. These two factions were out for blood and the amount of broken fuckery showed that. It was a battle of attrition with all six men just tearing chunks out of each other constantly. Infrared was working well together and using all their tag team experience but the Crew was working just as well.

We saw Swann and SW3RVE risk their own well-being with dives from the buckles and the SW3RVE Stomp off the scaffolding into barbed wire and horrors. Even Allie Katch tried to get involved but Palmer saw her off with a barbed-wire Door-VD. Stamper ended up being a difference-maker though as he choked out Palmer with another barbed-wire strand, removing him from the match. Swann and Dunn started things off so it was only fair they ended things too, fighting atop the scaffold as a sea of tables loomed below. SW3RVE came to the aid of Swann or at least it looked that way until SW3RVE broke his boot off in Swann’s balls. He threw Swann to his doom and Matrix rushed to make the cover. Dunn was left shocked on the scaffold and quickly fled as SW3RVE menacingly stood atop it. SW3RVE had swerved the Crew and cost them the match. No one is sure of SW3RVE’s intentions. He didn’t seem to be Unit aligned but that didn’t matter. The Unit had won the night thanks to his actions. That just heaped another layer of mystery onto an absolute killer main event. This rocked and delivered the hard-hitting horror show you’d want from the two groups. However, The Unit’s celebration was cut short as a video played and a clock ticked, Killer Kross is returning to REVOLVER at Tales from the Ring and he’s coming for Dunn. Tick Tock.

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