Who knew how effective a Three Days Grace song could be at summing up a feud? The Dynasty was one of the most powerful groups in MLW once upon a time. Boasting the combined might of Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and MJF, briefly flirting with Gino Medina, and giving everyone the fleeting taste of rarefied air, it was a must-watch, must-experience group. Now, it’s dead because Richard Holliday has killed it. He has made Hammerstone’s life hell since then and now, he could potentially embarrass him again by taking his title for his own. That was the jewel in this season finale crown joining more women’s featherweight action as Brittany Blake fought Zoey Skye and an indie super fight as Matt Cross locked horns with ACH. The season finale fuse had been lit, now it was time to enjoy the fireworks.

Brittany Blake defeated Zoey Skye via Bad Omen

The show kicked off the action with a Women’s Featherweight Division match. Brittany Blake was back in MLW and ready to remind everyone why she was still one of the deadliest fighters in the division. She has no care for friends or fans and was about to put Zoey Skye through a world of hurt. Skye started hot and dropkicked Blake from the heavens before she could even react. Her hot start quickly fizzled out though and what followed was a back-and-forth battle for survival as Skye tried to fight off Blake’s efforts and keep taking her down. Skye just kept exploding off but Blake wouldn’t stay down. Blake kept chipping away, hitting the 609 and trying to slow things down but Skye just kept upping the temping. It couldn’t last and Blake dropped Skye with a Tornado DDT before ending things with the Bad Omen, tapping her out. This was an energetic opening fight with Skye getting to show a whole lot off. She had the dynamic move-set, energetic style, and great moments but all Blake needed was to get her hooks in and take the win. It was a great way to introduce/re-introduce some new contenders to the division after Holidead and Taya Valkyrie have dominated the screentime. Hopefully, we start to see more of them in the next season.

Matt Cross defeated ACH via Shooting Star Press

The show kicked into another gear as it prepared to present an indie super fight. It was a first-time meeting between ACH and MDogg 2020, Matt Cross. This was a meeting between two of the most innovative hybrid fighting veterans on the planet. Everyone was in for a treat here. These two absolutely delivered. It was a continuous showcase of the repertoires both men bring to the table. They mixed technique, striking, power, and high-flying to give the audience an absolute thrill ride of a match. I wish they’d gone longer but for what we got; it was worth the watch. The pair understood what they needed to do and did it. They put on one hell of a show, got to enjoy a full spotlight, and blew people away with their competitive spectacle of a match. There’s not too much to say, look at the names involved, remember how damn good they are, and watch the match. They didn’t waste a second of the time they had.

Between the matches:

  • The show opened with a recap of The Dynasty and the elements that had led to this breakup. Hammerstone got to climb the peaks of the mountain whilst Holliday was beaten, tortured, and forced to routinely pick up the pieces. His snap had been a long time coming and very well chronicled. We got impassioned statements from both during the broadcast and a shadowy figure was seen entering Holliday’s locker-room before the match.
  • Sam Leterna was the newest member of MLW’s broadcast team and was asking EJ Nduka about his thoughts on tonight’s title fight main event. Nduka listed his stats and explained that the Judge was watching and wanted in on that title scene. Leterna also interviewed the Clout Couple with Holliday hoping Hammerstone thinks of memory lane as he beats him. She too was grossed out by the Clout Couple’s public displays of affection.
  • The next season of MLW FUSION was given an update and scheduled for Fall, kicking off with the event in El Paso.
  • MLW has released a collection of clothing alongside Hot Topic.
  • MLW reminded us again that Mance Warner is on his way back to MLW. Everyone is looking forward to the return of Southern Psycho.

  • Myron Reed gave us a bit of an explanation about why he attacked Davey Richards and joined the Bomaye Fight Club. He joined Alex Kane to deliver some hot Fiyah on the mic about how they were going to dog-walk the American Pup.
  • The last minute of the show was once again dedicated to Mads Krügger. The Black Hand of CONTRA has been left horrifically disfigured after the Weapons of Mass Destruction match and was blindly crawling through the darkened halls of whatever facility he’d been taken to. Haunted by visions of the biohazard crate, we saw the troubled merc agonise in the darkness, getting a good look at some of the damage done. However, he wasn’t stumbling alone as a black-clad hand reached out of the shadows to offer some assistance before it all faded to black. Mads Krügger may be walking wounded, but he isn’t alone anymore.

MLW World Heavyweight Title: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Richard Holliday (w/Alicia Atout) via Nightmare Pendulum

Last but not least, is the fight to end the season. It was time for the hottest feud to come to an end. Richard Holliday had destroyed the Dynasty, ended a years-long friendship, and was now out for blood and the MLW World Heavyweight Title. With Alicia Atout by his side, Holliday prepared to destroy Muscle Mountain and take everything Hammerstone holds dear. Could the Bateman-Esque sole proprietor of the Dynasty end the season with a new championship or was he about to reap the consequences of the chaos he’d sown? Well damn, this was an awesome match. Gone was the overprivileged, petty boy Holliday and in his place was a focused, fierce and desperate psycho who wanted to kill Hammerstone. He’d been beaten half to hell and was grossly outpowered but he kept finding ways to put the hurting on Hammer, legally or otherwise. He stood across from his former friend, took the punches and throws, and kept coming back to target Hammerstone’s ankles and blindside him with shots both inside and outside of the ring. Even Atout was involved as a human shield, distraction, and weapons provider as her shoe once again became a weapon in Holliday’s hands. Even that wasn’t enough to stop Hammerstone, the title meant too much to him. Part-way through the match, Hammerstone tried to set up a TKO and caused a ref bump, allowing Cesar Duran and Azteca to interrupt, putting in place a corrupt masked goon ref that let Holliday do whatever he wanted. It wasn’t looking good for the champ.

After a 2008 was hit on a chair, Holliday thought he had the match won but the original referee dragged the Azteca goon out of the ring and retook control of his match. Hammerstone hulked up on the punishment from Holliday and continued to launch his foe around the ring before ending things with the Nightmare Pendulum. It had been a hard battle but Hammerstone had come out on top once again. Another challenger had fallen and Hammerstone had managed to prove that it wasn’t Holliday’s time. Even after chair shots and a crooked referee, Hammerstone had taken it all and come out on top. Holliday provided one hell of a convincing fight and would have gotten away with it against a lesser fighter. It was a sour end to the night for the Clout Couple but a major win for anyone supporting the champ. I said a long time ago that Hammerstone can’t have a bad match and I continue to be proven right. Holliday was an unexpected opponent but was perfect for the role here. He was the villain this arc needed and hopefully, the American Psycho style he has adopted sticks around. Surely one defeat isn’t going to be all it takes to stop the Sole Proprietor of the Dynasty, right? The season ended on a high note and it’s going to be interesting to see what we get in the Autumn when the next season kicks off. Only time will tell.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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